LS – Chapter 187: And so, rise

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82, 88, 93… It is beginning to turn into a pain to count the enemies I have defeated. It is true that they are faster than devils and look strong, but they are not that big of a deal compared to the Great Devils of the Purple Demon Lord-san, so it is pretty much the usual.

But I was told to reduce their numbers as much as possible and as fast as I can, so I have to defeat the enemies in a more simplified manner than usual.

“War isn’t that different from your regular devil subjugation.” (Rakura)

If the enemies were humans, I would have definitely hesitated in killing them and would be busy trying to hold back to not kill them, but the monsters are coming at me without fearing death just like they normally do.

There’s no need for me to hesitate against enemies that are not hesitating in taking my life, so I am grateful on that front.

But a number of them are heading towards the Blue Demon Lord-san and the villagers which is something that bothers me.

But if I were to move away from here, even more monsters would be flowing there. I would need to fight while worrying about my surroundings if I did that.

People like Ilias-san and Wolfe-chan would be able to fight without worries, but they would have to fight while trying not to get the average holy knights and villagers nearby dragged into it… Ah, I imagined something bad for a moment there.

“Oops, concentrate, concentrate.” (Rakura)

What I can do is defeat as many enemies as possible here. That will decrease the burden of the Blue Demon Lord-san and will lead to securing the safety of the villagers.

Don’t think about unnecessary stuff and just continue fighting while maintaining this state.

“You are good, human! To think there would be a powerhouse like you. It looks like luck is on my side! My name is—”

Hm? Was I spoken to just now? But there’s no person nearby. The only thing around me are the corpses of monsters turning into dust.

What’s this monster in the first place? I can’t differentiate monsters as it is, so I can differentiate them less when their heads are severed… Hallucination? Not good. I have to drive away the noise.

I shake my head and look up at the sky. There’s something coming here at astounding speed.

Is that Ekdoik-san?

Did he finish defeating the ones in the village? He is not going down, so he must be heading to the Blue Demon Lord-san instead of me…

“Could it be that the Blue Demon Lord-san is in trouble?” (Rakura)

Should I go there, too?

But even if I did, it would take time with my running speed, and most of all, there’s still monsters around.

Even I know that leaving these guys would be dangerous. What should I do? I have more idle thoughts than usual. It is as if I am carrying worries…

“Ah, is it because Mother is there?” (Rakura)

It is true that I have obtained the resolve to talk to Mother after being told by Counselor-sama.

Counselor-sama went that far to ascertain me it will be okay. But if we can’t protect Mother in this battle…

“No, I have to trust the Blue Demon Lord-san and Ekdoik-san. Those two will surely be able to do it!” (Rakura)

I will just do what I can do.

Counselor-sama said that’s what will help out everyone the most, so I just have to believe him.


Me being able to feel that I will die is of no use at all. Because it will already be late by the time I feel it, and I myself won’t be able to do anything about it.

The next time I regain consciousness will be after more than 100 years. That’s why, my brain spinning like this means that I am already…

“Wait, huh?”

There’s a hammer being swung down right in front of my eyes.

Tamasshafozea will kill me no doubt. And yet, why is it that I can look up at it this whole time?

“Nuh? You use strange techni—?!” (Tamassha)

“Heh?” (Blue)

I thought time had stopped, but now that I look closely, the arm of Tamasshafozea is trembling.

Judging from how swelled his muscles are, he is trying to swing down his hammer even now.

He can’t move?

Just when I thought this, the first thing I thought of was the ‘Eyes of Blinding’ from Ekdoik.

That technique can explain this situation.

Does that mean he made it in time?!

I direct my gaze to the surroundings, but I don’t see him.

Where… Where is he?!

I don’t see him at the front or the sides. If he is not above either, the only place left is behind me.

I look back and see—

“…Eh?” (Blue)

How many times should I let out a dumbfounded voice? It can’t be helped. The one who was there was not Ekdoik who I was waiting for or Rakura.

It was their mother, Natora-san.

Why is she here at a dangerous place like this?

“This your doing?! Seems to be barrier, but something like this…!” (Tamassha)

Tamasshafozea raised his hammer once again and swung it down at me. But that attack stopped cleanly right before me as if stopped by an invisible wall.

Could this possibly be…?

I returned my gaze to Natora-san and concentrated on her eyes.

What was reflected in her eyes between me and Tamasshafozea was a big shield that covered the figure of Tamasshafozea.

“Natora-san, that power…!” (Blue)

I saw the shield in her eyes break.

At the same time as this happened, a vast amount of blood began to flow from both of her eyes.

She covered both of her eyes, unable to endure it, and sat in place. This power is without doubt the power that was granted to Ekdoik by the Great Devil, right?

A single guess showed in my mind.

This power can be used by Rakura for some reason. That man said that it might be influenced by their blood.

In that case, I can understand that Natora-san, who exists in between Ekdoik and Rakura, should be affected by it too. But I heard that even the magic expert Ekdoik bled from his eyes the first time he used it. The burden on someone with no battle experience should be immeasurable.

There’s fortunately no following attack.

I ran to Natora-san and checked her state. Her internal mana is in disarray and the peculiar mana of monsters she shouldn’t have was overflowing near her eyes.

She couldn’t speak most likely because of the effect of this. She is trembling in pain.

This is bad. Natora-san can’t control her internal mana and that’s too dangerous.

I use magic that absorbs mana from the target, and absorb the mana accumulated in her head. Absorbing it all would be dangerous in its own way, but this is as much as I can do right now.

“Aah…haaah…haah…!” (Natora)

“Looks like she has the leeway to breathe now. Using a power that you cannot control is way too reckless!” (Blue)

“Haah…haaah… What’s…this? Just when I thought a shield…had suddenly shown up…it broke and…” (Natora)

Looks like she doesn’t know about her power. But how did she manage to do that in such a state…?

Hmm, I can only think of one reason. The power activated in a state where it could be used. This means Natora-san herself wanted to make a shield appear. In other words, her power went out of control because of her sole desire to protect me.

“It is the power a devil gave to Ekdoik. A part of this curse must have gone to you because of your blood relation. It is the power to manifest objects that only exist in your eyes. It is an extremely strong power, but if you use it without mana strengthening…” (Blue)

“…I see… I did feel something off with my eyes one day… So this is what it was… I thought you were in danger…but I couldn’t do anything… I wanted to do something regardless… I am sorry… I caused you trouble instead…” (Natora)

“There’s no way you caused me trouble! More importantly, is your body okay?!” (Blue)

“You…did something, didn’t you? I can’t put any strength in my body, but it has gotten a lot better…” (Natora)

So she says, but she is clearly in a bad state. We have to treat her quickly or it might turn into something irreversible.

But the current situation is not so kind as to wait for such a thing.

Not only that, I am also in danger here.

Tamasshafozea must have judged that the invisible wall has disappeared and is trying to resume his attack.

This is obvious, but I have no means to do anything in my sta—



Daruagestia jumped in and sent Tamasshafozea flying with a body blow.

Daruagestia collapsed in front of me with that momentum and struggled to get up.

This child…its leg has been broken and shouldn’t be able to stand up properly, and yet…

“Blue Demon Lord…-san. Don’t bother about me…and run…  I can’t move…in this state anyways…” (Natora)

“Don’t joke around! Why should I abandon the very reason I am fighting here?!” (Blue)

“…You are…a very important person for him… More than me…” (Natora)

Argh, are you seriously going to say that at a time like this?! There’s no way I can abandon you! How would I face him if I did that?! It would be one thing if it were for the rest of a human life, but I would have to carry such guilt for practically an eternity, you know?! To hell with that!

I checked Tamasshafozea.

He has already gotten up and is walking here confidently.

He is going to finish Daruagestia and then kill us without doubt.

It is impossible to wait for the miracle of being saved by Ekdoik and Rakura. I am the only one who can get us out of this situation. Even if I were to try to use my last means, the preparations are not done yet.

But that’s the only thing that has any possibility.

Should I buy time?

That won’t be possible.

Then what…?

<<Oi, can you hear me?>>

“Hiyooh?!” (Blue)

A voice suddenly rang from the communication crystal.

I let out a weird voice reflexively.

Calling at a time like this?! Can’t you read the atmosphere?!

No, wait a moment. Isn’t this actually the best moment?!

Maybe this man has a way to get out of this situation?!

<<Don’t let out a weird voice. That gave me a fright.>>

“That’s what I should be saying! Lend me your wits without saying anything! I am in trouble!” (Blue)

<<—Explain the situation briefly.>>

“In the middle of fighting a Unique! Ekdoik and the others are not nearby! Daruagestia has been defeated! I am definitely going to die before preparations are done!! Also, Natora-san is here, so I can’t move!” (Blue)

<<Then finish preparations at once.>>

“I am troubled here because it won’t make it in time!” (Blue)

<<If it won’t make it in time, have it make it in time.>>

“As I said—” (Blue)

<<Die. That will solve it.>>

“Hah?! What are you suddenly—ah.” (Blue)

No, that wasn’t directed at me.

So that’s what he meant! That certainly would allow me to make it in time…!

I hear some ruckus from the communication crystal, but I ignore it. I now know what I should do, so I have no time to talk with him.

I cast a barrier around the whole body of Natora-san just in case.

I carry her, jump over Daruagestia who is down, and speak.

“Calm down, Daruagestia. Entrust your being, your everything, to my words!” (Blue)

Daruagestia was forcing itself to get up, but stopped struggling once I got on top.

I connect my own mana to Daruagestia.

This allowed me to feel the will of Daruagestia.

Aah, this child is still raring to go. It is okay, you can still fight.

No, you will be able to from here on.

I will grant you that power…!

I look down at Tamasshafozea who is heading this way.

“Hoh, that’s a face with resolve.” (Tamassha)

“Right. You have seen quite the unsightly appearance from me, but now that I see a way for victory, there’s no need to get agitated here.” (Blue)

“Fuhahahaha! You may be acting tough here, but it is way too comical! Weak Demon Lord, what more can you do?” (Tamassha)

“Right, I myself am weak. But I am a Demon Lord. That’s why I will simply do what only a Demon Lord can do… Skeleton soldiers, ready your weapons!” (Blue)

All the skeleton soldiers hold their weapons tightly at my order and take a stance.

Tamasshafozea looked at this and snorted.

“What can small fry do at this—” (Tamassha)

“—All hands, kill yourself.” (Blue)

“?!” (Tamassha)

The skeleton soldiers stab their weapons on their own bodies at my words. There’s also those who dropped their weapons and grabbed their cranium with both hands and crushed it.

They are destroying their bodies without an ounce of hesitation.

The bodies that have received damage to a certain threshold were visibly crumbling and rolled down.

“High loyalty! But that all!” (Tamassha)

“Right, it is true that they are loyal. It is truly a waste that the soldiers I went through the trouble of gathering and training have died with a single order of mine. But I finally have the numbers necessary!” (Blue)

I activate the power of Annihilation through Daruagestia. The power of Annihilation calls the soul of a human into their corpse as the core to create an undead.

But I will be using Daruagestia as the core.

But what I will be infusing to him are all the corpses of the skeleton soldiers around here which are a mass of mana.

I pour my power in one go -the mana that you normally would have to take a long time to absorb.

Just pouring the mana of a Demon Lord into a monster is not enough to raise their rank as a Unique. They have to accumulate enough power to be able to endure the mana of the Demon Lord.

Daruagestia required more mana than your regular monster because of its giant body -to the point where it would match the total number of skeleton soldiers I have.

The body of Daruagestia was recovering at a fast rate, and its body grew thicker and was being rebuilt into a giant skeleton.

“Now, roar, Daruagestia! Let it be known to the whole world the full power of the Blue Demon Lord!” (Blue)


The roar of Daruagestia made the air and the ground tremble. The monsters that were roused by the power of Strife had no choice but to stop at the shockwave of it.

The skeleton dragon that was only the size of a hill had become a giant mountain that covered all the monsters here in its shadow.

“Wa… This…! U-Uooooh!”

As expected of the direct subordinate of Scarlet. Tamasshafozea was shocked by the evolved form of Daruagestia, but he roared and charged.

“Annihilate, Daruagestia!” (Blue)


Daruagestia raised its front legs widely and smashed with all its might without any technique to it. The earth cracked and boulders flew in the sky.

There were several scraps of ogres within all that, falling onto the ground and mixing with the earth.

Tamasshafozea was never to be found again.


That said, the one who is facing the most unreasonable situation is the protagonist.

The original Daruagestia < Defensive walls of Kuama < Giant Undead < Current Daruagestia.

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