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A strategy meeting with my friend included.

The room has 3 Demon Lords along with the demon of the Green Demon Lord called Niruryates.

That said, this demon is directing a pretty passionate gaze at me.

“Aah, to think you would look this similar to My King. Guess that means humans are not that hopeless!” (Niru)

“Do I resemble him that much?” (Marito)

Everyone who headed to the Taizu Nether nodded.

It reminds me of the ghost story that my friend told me before; something about doppelgangers.

Is one of them going to die if they meet?

“Ah, but My King has colder eyes, so I get more excited with him.” (Niru)

“Can that be called a strong point? That’s enough of that. And so, I have heard the basic gist of things, but do you have a method to find Leitis…no, Nektohal?” (Marito)

“This is my personal opinion, but I think people like Raheight and Ritial know about the existence of this Nektohal. We gotta go from there.”

“Reason being?” (Marito)

“I know that the objective of those two is to gather Illegitimate. They most likely have a connection with Nektohal who knows the most about the Illegitimate, and it is because they sympathize with that objective that they are cooperating.”

If they were just subordinates, they would be doing the search in a disinterested manner, but both of them seemed to be doing a lot of stealthy moves aside from that.

It wouldn’t be strange for them to be in the standing of executives in terms of an organization.

Especially Raheight. He was moving as a subordinate of the Scarlet Demon Lord. There’s no doubt he has a connection with someone who knows about the resurrection of the Demon Lords.

“A search for those two, huh… According to the reports of the Taizu and Mejis anbus, there haven’t been any noteworthy results.” (Marito)

“It should be safe to assume they are not in those two countries, and Gahne and Kuama which have vast diplomatic relations.”

“Can’t deny the possibility that they might be hiding in a remote region though.” (Marito)

That said, if it is a country with diplomatic relations, it should be possible to search by using the simulated world of the Gold Demon Lord.

In that case, the chances of it being Torin or Serende, which are hard to stretch our hands towards even in the simulated world, are the highest possibilities.

“We could attack Torin and Serende in the simulated world. We might be able to obtain some sort of result.”

“This is weird of this one to say it, but yer not a decent person.” (Gold)

My friend destroyed this Taizu in the simulated world.

It was apparently with the condition that he could use any means, but I have mixed feelings as a king. Maybe the precision of me in the simulated world is low? But it is my friend we are talking about.

“If we can find even one trace of them, it should be possible to negotiate. But information obtained from the power of a Demon Lord doesn’t have much credibility. I would like some sort of foundation in the real world too.” (Marito)

“That’s the thing. If Torin and Serende have not joined hands with Nektohal, it would make things a lot easier if we can obtain the cooperation of the king in that place.”

“Then, should we separate and search both nations at the same time?” (Marito)

“There’s a saying ‘the one that chases two rabbits gets none’. The difficulty will increase with the decrease of people.”

My friend had sent Ekdoik and the others to Mejis at the time when we fought against the Scarlet Demon Lord.

The result was that we were hit with the solo charge of the Scarlet Demon Lord, and we were on the verge of facing a tragedy.

Separating the people you can coordinate with has such downsides which is vexing.

“And so, you have already decided on what to do internally, right?” (Purple)

“You jumped right in, Purple. This conversation is also useful to confirm the current state of affairs.”

“I know, but it only looks like you are having fun talking with the Taizu King, just the two of you, you know? We are going to match your plans anyways, so we can have a detailed talk later, you know?” (Purple)

“Well then, about plans for the future… First, we will have Archbishop Seraes take responsibility for what he did. Marito, contact Pope Euparo as soon as tomorrow to have him move.”

“I don’t mind that, but didn’t you say that if Pope Euparo captures Archbishop Seraes, we wouldn’t be able to obtain information?” (Marito)

Archbishop Seraes is currently in Mejis.

If Pope Euparo were to know about what happened here, he would surround Archbishop Seraes by that same day.

“I will finish preparations at once. You sent Haakudoku back to Kuama with that intention, right, Marito?”

“…Oh? From where did the information leak?” (Marito)

“I contacted Gestaf just now and heard that Haakudoku had come to Taizu and is in the middle of returning. Considering the personality of Haakudoku, he would have been cleaning the house of Ilias or something to wait.”

“I would like my plan to not be seen through with just that…” (Marito)

Well, I was acting impulsively out of anger after seeing that appearance of my friend, but I don’t know how to feel about being seen through to this degree.

I am happy about being understood, and also uneasy that I am shallow.

“Excuse me, it is nice that you are progressing smoothly between you two, but can you explain in a way so that I can understand, too?” (Niru)

“Niruryates, these two are always like this. Ya can only understand hazily while listening from the outside.” (Gold)

“You would look more intelligent if you feign a composed expression and act as if you understand, you know?” (Purple)

I do the method of the Purple Demon Lord sometimes.

I would buy time to think in that frame of time, and if I can bring it to the correct answer, I would make it look like I reached the answer on the moment. My friend probably does the same.


“Seraes-sama! The Holy Knights of Mejis are heading this way!”

The flustered report of my disciple.

I could tell with just this that that’s how thorny their atmosphere was.

There’s a limit to the people who can send Holy Knights to my place.

It is most likely Pope Euparo. His business must be with the resident of Yugura’s planet. I was being careful so that information wouldn’t leak, but it is not like I was certain it would never leak.

“…We have to carry that man. Make the preparations.” (Seraes)

He is that injured. If we were to move him carelessly, the chances of him dying are high, but I can’t just let go of him.

I have thought of some ways to conceal him, but Pope Euparo moving must mean that he is sure to a certain degree.

It should be safe to assume deceiving him carelessly won’t work.

“S-Seraes-sama, that man is not there!”

“What?” (Seraes)

I headed to the room where that man was lying in. The man that was on the bed had disappeared without any trace.

This is…

What’s going on?

Did the ones leading already infiltrated this place and finished rescuing him?

No, even an anbu of Mejis wouldn’t be able to infiltrate this place easily.

Even if there is, bringing out an incapacitated human without leaving any traces to this degree is practically impossible.

In that case, the possibility left would be…

“I can feel traces of mana. This is…from that devil, huh.” (Seraes)

The first thing that came to mind was the subordinate of the Purple Demon Lord, the Unique Great Devil.

But even that shouldn’t be able to act in broad daylight.

In that case, it had already switched him a few days before?

That would make sense.

It should be possible to make a shape similar to the human if it is one that is in a state that can’t be healed with magic.

“W-What should we do?!”

“Looks like this was set beforehand. The Holy Knights heading this way are not coming to save that man, but to capture me.” (Seraes)

I should reflect on underestimating their searching capabilities later. What I should prioritize right now is to get out of this place.

I managed to see through the intentions of the Holy Knights beforehand, so we have a decent amount of time to get ready to escape.

Not all of us will be able to run away, but we should be able to manage somehow against the mere encirclement of Holy Knights.

I am sorry for my disciple, but the most efficient method would be to have him buy time.

“Let’s separate and concentrate on getting out of here. We will go via the rendezvous point and head to that location in Kuama.” (Seraes)

“Then, I will stay here!”

“…I don’t mind you buying time with words, but make sure to avoid fighting. You should be able to avoid capital punishment with that.” (Seraes)

Considering the personality of Pope Euparo, I would be the only target for execution.

My disciples will be punished to a decent degree, but as long as there’s no strong resistance, they should come out with their lives.

I gather the bare minimum luggage and head to the pathway I prepared underground.

Only the ones who are going to receive them and the ones who will try to escape from the backdoor have remained.

“Let’s hurry. If they notice the low amount of people, they will also notice the existence of this path—” (Seraes)

A thunderous sound rang in the direction of the facility.

This is not an attack from the Holy Knights; that’s a magic attack. Moreover, I hear that from several locations.

“Seraes-sama, that sound just now…”

“You idiots, I told you to avoid battle.” (Seraes)

The disciples remaining aboveground must have purposely resisted. With this, they have bought enough time to have them not notice the existence of this pathway.

“But I understand how they feel. If it is to protect Seraes-sama…”

“I am not worth protecting with your life. You all should know just how dirty these hands are already.” (Seraes)

“We know. That’s exactly why. Losing you who is resolute about dirtying your hands, not for your self-interest, but for the sake of this world would be the same as losing the order of this world.”

“…And I am saying that’s stupid.” (Seraes)

“We don’t mind being stupid. We have the resolve to dirty our hands, but we don’t know how to dirty them in a way that brings about results like you do. This is our way of using our lives as idiots.”

One of my disciples stopped his feet as he said this.

“…There’s no need to stop here.” (Seraes)

“No, there’s the off-chance. I will remain here and protect your back. I will take this pathway with me if need be…”

My disciple said this as he smiled.

My disciples show no hesitation at throwing their lives away for my sake.

This means one more thing I have to shoulder has been added, but I already don’t have the qualifications to be happy or grieve about it.

“I won’t forget your name even until my dying breath. That’s all I can do for you, but I will promise you at least that.” (Seraes)

“Thank you very much. That’s enough for me.”

I advance through the tunnel together with the remaining people.

The thunderous sounds were getting clearer than before.

There was no one looking back at that sound. Everyone here understood that looking back and lamenting it would make the worth of the fallen lives pointless after all.

“Have you finished contacting the people in Kuama?” (Seraes)

“Already. It seems like they have confirmed Holy Knights and Kuama soldiers as well.”

“I see, so it is not possible to enjoy the flowers I planted in the church of Kuama, huh.” (Seraes)

“I will learn gardening if necessary. Please tell me if you have flowers you would like.”

“I will look forward to it. I will contact Raheight once we arrive at that place.”

I have dirtied my hands with the blood of many to protect the order of this world.

But flowers bloom beautifully even with these dirty hands of mine.

Even if these hands are dyed black with blood, the world I protected the order of will surely be beautiful.

In that case, there’s no reason to stop.


“Archbishop Seraes got through the encirclement of Holy Knights and successfully escaped, huh.”

<<Taizu King, Seraes is no longer an Archbishop. He imprisoned an important individual from an allied nation, and performed inhumane acts. We of the Yugura Church don’t intend to protect this.>>

The voice of Pope Euparo I could hear from the crystal was indifferent.

Pope Euparo must have known just how much Archbishop Seraes has dirtied his hands in the past, and how much he has moved in the darkness to maintain order.

People who have taken on such dirty work never get a happy ending. Even the act of pitying them would be insulting to them.

“Then, I will call him Seraes. Do you know where he escaped to?” (Marito)

<<It should be safe to assume it is somewhere in Kuama where his influence is the strongest. But the noteworthy facilities and the church in the capital have already been seized under the cooperation of Kuama. What I can think of is a facility that is not known to the public just like the place where he was confined. My apologies for letting him escape.>> (Euparo)

“I am aware you moved as swiftly as possible. Taizu and the other Demon Lords have no intention of blaming the Yugura Church. We will also continue searching for Seraes.” (Marito)

<<I won’t ask you to capture him alive, but I would like you to contact us if you do get him. We have the duty to judge him.>> (Euparo)

“Duty…huh. Having to judge someone that helped you out in the past must leave a lot of mixed feelings.” (Marito)

<<I am grateful for that, but right now Seraes is a criminal trapped in order. No matter his past, it doesn’t become a reason to shut one’s eye to excessive sin.>> (Euparo)

The call ended and Marito turned back this way with the serious face of a Wise King.

“It seems like Seraes has escaped just like you planned.” (Marito)

“It was also your plan though.”

At the time when Raheight was imprisoned in Kuama, there wasn’t anyone who tried to rescue him.

That means it is not like someone with teleport magic can just teleport wherever.

Thus, the chances of them suddenly cooperating with Seraes in his escape are low.

It would also be impossible to call Raheight and ask for his help after seeing the Holy Knights because of the short frame of time he had.

What I can infer here is that Seraes will escape to a temporal evacuation area, contact Raheight there, and try to group up with Nektohal.

“Erasing the fake you that Dyuvuleori prepared before the trouble with the Holy Knights happened to increase Seraes’s chance of escape. And then, wait for Seraes to make contact with Raheight. Do you think we will be able to fish them out?” (Marito)

“Judging from the personality of Raheight, he will pick up Seraes if he asks for help. He would be able to bring in a powerful contributor after all.”

“I am half-half in that maybe he will be disappointed in him though. I can only believe in you who has analyzed the personality of Raheight.” (Marito)

“Even if they move with Teleport in the location they meet, it is possible to capture them if we anticipate the location.”

There was a time lag until the escape of Ritial when he was facing Purple.

We have also confirmed that the user of the Teleport said ‘Preparations are done’.

Basically, there’s fitting preparation required to use Teleport.

Our objective this time is to aim for that opening.

Dyuvuleori, who was listening from behind, speaks.

“I got a call from the Butler Army. They have succeeded in tailing one of the subordinates of Seraes. The regrouping of Haakudoku, and Ekdoik, who is heading to Kuama, should make it in time.” (Dyuvuleori)

“It was worth having King Zenotta loosen up a number of spots in the encirclement.”

It might be hard to tail Seraes himself, but it should be possible for the Butler Army to trail the people that are trying to regroup with Seraes.

Now, if they can group up with Ekdoik and the others, they should have enough battle power.

“Alright, I will head to Kuama now.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Will you make it in time?”

“Who are you talking to? My top speed would allow me to reach them faster than you leaving this castle and going back to that house.” (Dyuvuleori)

If he says he can, he can, but I would like him to treasure the sense of distance a bit more.

Ekdoik and Rakura are already heading to Kuama, along with Mix. I did call Girista too, but she is the type that travels on foot after all.

“Right, let me give this back first.” (Dyuvuleori)


Dyuvuleori opened his Stomach of Perplexion.

His abdomen split open and I saw countless teeth making the shape of a mouth. It is several times more grotesque than the one of Feibyushasu.

Yup, it might have been fortunate that I didn’t see myself being stored inside of it.

Dyuvuleori shoved an arm inside of it and brought out a wooden sword.

“Master! Master!”

“Oh, Kutou.”

Speaking of which, I completely forgot that I had left it at the Gahne Nether before heading to the Scarlet Demon Lord’s base.

“Kutou not forgotten, right?!” (Kutou)

“Sorry, I did for a bit.”

“I remembered just now, too.” (Dyuvuleori)

“So cruel! But Master, I glad you safe! Don’t leave behind anymore!” (Kutou)

“Yeah, I won’t deliberately leave you behind anymore. Spare me at the times when you might get stolen.”

“I have theft alarm, so it okay!” (Kutou)

My transportation means are solved with Kutou.

It is far from the movement speed of Dyuvuleori, but I would like to travel at such speeds on vehicles like airplanes.

“Alright, go vindicate yourself for the time when you let them escape.”

“No need to tell me.” (Dyuvuleori)

Dyuvuleori said this and exited through the door.

I thought he would jump out from the window, but it seems like he has manners in that front.

He ended up going against Purple over a certain someone, so I would like him to get some sort of contributions quickly so he can get some clear forgiveness.

“Now then, I will also prepare to go out. Ilias, are you ready?”

“I am ready anytime. At most, it would be to go call Wolfe. We need our usual partner after all.” (Ilias)


“Within those, Kutou, Master’s best partner!” (Kutou)

“No, I am more…” (Ilias)

Ilias, don’t compete with a wooden sword. No, it is a devil but, you know…

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