LS – Chapter 34: It has become cramped for now

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Man, it has been a while since I have felt so refreshed! 

I stretch my hand towards the blue sky. I stretched heavily just like that and yawned.

It is a rare walk alone while forgetting about stuff like the book and the Demon Lords.

Ilias is doing her work as a knight and Wolfe is training at the castle. Wolfe has already blended into this city. Not only that, she has even been issued a transit permit for the castle. 

The members of the Ragudo Division have also taken a liking to her, and she gives energy to the training, so Lord Ragudo went out of his way to issue that permit. 

It is a lower grade than mine, but she is still a civilian. No, you could even say it is favorable treatment to a point it is an exceptional case within black wolfkin. 

According to the group of old men, she is apparently really worth teaching with her techniques showing polish. She might eventually be able to use a variety of weapons. How fearsome. 

But I am sure Wolfe will be able to hold back that power. She is different from Ilias.

“Anyways, this is good weather…” 

“*Sob* *Sob*” 

I sit on the bench readied at the plaza and bask in the sun. We had our fight with the Anbus here before, but not a single trace of that remains.

The broken points have also been fixed cleanly. The power of magic is incredible. 

That’s right, magic, magic. When I came to this world, I was told my mana was despairingly low, and not only using magic, I was told even casting magic on me was impossible. Can’t I use some sort of magic regardless? 

Like, it is okay for the first one to just be something like the fire of a match. Mana is the same as stamina. If you continue using it, the amount you recover and the total amount you have increases. In that case, wouldn’t it grow to a decent degree depending on training?

If I get some mana, I could use magic circles or use the assistance of catalysts to use large-scale spells. 

But who will I get to instruct me? Ilias is out of the question. It seems like Maya-san will soon be getting busy. The preparations for the festival have begun after all.

There’s apparently a person that specializes in magic in the castle, so it might be good to form a connection with them.

“Aah, what good weather…” 

“*Sob* *Sob*”

Speaking of which, I haven’t been able to communicate with people since coming to this world.

There’s a big gap between a king and the tavern of a city. 

That said, going out of my way to increase the amount of relationships where I would just exchange contacts and end it there or go through the motions of inviting them to drinks as a formality is also, you know…

I don’t want to feel that stiffness in this world. There’s no need to feel it after all. 

Even so, I do miss the warmth of the average person. Is there a girl that I can hang out with? 

“Good weather. Man, it really is good weather…” 

“*Sob* *Sob*”


“*Sob* *Sob*”

“Now then, let’s go eat lunch.” 

“You are ignoring me completely?!” 

My leg was grabbed tightly. The weight of one person was added to my leg. 

“Let go, Rakura. Today is a feel good day.” 

“In that case, please don’t abandon this troubled soul here, Counselor-sama!” (Rakura)

Rakura has been weeping for a while now. I obviously wanted to keep ignoring her, but now that it has come to this, escaping would be too much effort too. It is not like I don’t feel a bit bad either. 

I deceived her a whole lot in the matter of the book and used her. Marito and I apologized to her later on, but I should do a bit of a follow-up here. 

By the way, I was in the end officially appointed as a counselor candidate, so her way of calling me hasn’t changed.

“Actually, I was driven away from the church of Maya-sama…” (Rakura)

“Don’t tell me when I haven’t asked. I see, so you were excommunicated from the Yugura Church. My condolences.” 

“It is not to that degree!” (Rakura)

“What. You were probably told to stay on standby until Pope Euparo comes, but didn’t have a place to go, so you were being taken care of at Maya-san’s place, but because it has gotten busy due to the harvest festival’s preparation, you tried to help out, messed up a whole ton, caused trouble, and ended up being a bother instead, so you were told to leave, right?” 

“You said that in one breath?! How can you tell?!” (Rakura)

“So I got it, huh.” 

The church of Maya-san is currently filled to the brim with Yugura Church people. A lot of people are coming and going as the harvest festival approaches. 

Rakura is clumsy everywhere aside from battles. She set barriers in the book matter, so I thought she could do chores to a certain degree, but when I asked Maya-san later, a normal cleric apparently would have been able to set it in a tenth of the time. I am ashamed that I thought it took an incredible deal of time. 

Anyways, having Rakura help out would instead make them slower. I heard a scream from inside the other day when I was heading to the church to pick up Wolfe after all.

“Counselor-sama, please help me~.” (Rakura)

“What do you want me to do? I am not so skilled as to cure your airheadedness, you know?” 

“That part is fine! No, it is not though!” (Rakura)

“By the way, I won’t let you borrow our abode.” 

“Why?! Aren’t we friends here, Counselor-sama?!” (Rakura)

“I am freeloading in the house of Ilias, you know. As if I can just increase the freeloaders as I please!” 

“Oh my!” (Rakura)

Rakura showed a face of surprise and embarrassment. I can pretty much imagine what she will say after this.

“A man and a woman living under the same roof is just…!” (Rakura)

“There’s also Wolfe.” 

“Carnage?!” (Rakura)

“Did you cast charm magic on yourself?” 

“*Cough* That should not be! What would you do if a mistake were to happen with those two, Counselor-sama?!” (Rakura)

“The only mistake that could happen is a murder from failing to hold back enough. That goes the same if I were to cause a mistake.” 

“…Well, that might be true. But those girls are barely 20, you know?!” (Rakura)

“Tough apples, right?” 

“No, I should keep an eye on you! I will protect those two from the ulterior motives of Counselor-sama!” (Rakura)

“You are the one with the ulterior motive. Just camp out obediently.” 

“Sleeping under the night sky is lonely, you know?! It is scary, you know?!” (Rakura)

“I have slept in the mountains, so I get you. But it will be a good memory.” 

“I don’t want to sleep on the bench of the plaza anymore!” (Rakura)

Since when were you by my side? Now that I look closely, there’s a mat below the chair. Isn’t this girl a priestess? Maya-san is an Archbishop, but isn’t it quite impressive that she drove away a priestess from a church? 

“It seems like you won’t listen, so let’s have Ilias reject you directly…” 

It can’t be helped. Rakura seems to be awfully close to me, so any half-baked persuasion will have the opposite effect. 

Let her be thoroughly rejected by Ilias who has etched a bit of fear in her. 

“Fine.” (Ilias)

“Yaaay!” (Rakura)

“Don’t joke around!” 

“Why are you getting angry?!” (Rakura)

We encountered Ilias who was having lunch at a stall in the market. The result was an instant OK.

“Just imagine having a cleric be seen sleeping in the plaza. It could turn into an issue with the Yugura Church. Also, there’s no way a knight can just allow a woman to sleep under the cold night sky.” (Ilias)

“Listen here, just think about it calmly. There’s only 3 rooms.” 

“Right.” (Ilias)

“Considering the mental state of the freeloaders, you wouldn’t be able to provide the same room as the landlord, right?” 

“That’s true. I can’t have Ilias-san go that far when I am going to be under her care…” (Rakura)

“I don’t mind, but it certainly would be troubling if the other party is withered by this.” (Ilias)

“Next, a man and woman in a room should be avoided, right?” 

“Right. There’s no one you would be able to put a hand on, but it would go against public morals.” (Ilias)

“In other words, you naturally won’t be able to give up 2 rooms.” 

“Isn’t it okay to share the room with Wolfe?” (Ilias)

“Wolfe-chan wouldn’t mind it!” (Rakura)

“You idiot, what are you going to do if she infects her with her airheadedness?!” 

“Aren’t you cruel?!” (Rakura)


“Ilias-san?!” (Rakura)

It is on a level where even Ilias has to worry with a straight face. Well, your muscle-headedness is also pretty serious too. 

“Then, you sleep in the attic or something.” (Ilias)

“Alright, thanks for your care. I am taking Wolfe with me.” 

“Wait, it was a joke. If we clear up the room that’s serving as storage, we would have an open room, right?” (Ilias)

“There’s a lot of heavy stuff, so I won’t help.” 

“What. You plan on making the owner of the house do the heavy labor despite being a freeloader?” (Ilias)


“Wolfe would help out without a complaint.” (Ilias)


“Hmhm, the tides have turned.” (Rakura)

Rakura puffed out her chest as if victorious. My caste rank in the abode might lower at this rate. Maybe I really should consider changing my residence? No, that would look like I am running from Rakura and I don’t like that. 

“I simply want to bring regret and despair to Rakura.” 

“You are saying that from the heart!” (Rakura)

Ilias will be doing her knight work after this. I will bring Rakura to our home—well, I can’t just go doing that. 

In the 2nd floor storage room there’s things the parents of Ilias used when they were alive aside from the big shelves. The storage room in the 1st floor has other articles of theirs as well as sundries. 

There’s spears, swords, armor, and other gear. She said she wanted to carry those and arrange them. 

From what she said, she apparently just randomly brought whatever she had in her previous house when she vacated it, so she hasn’t even organized them properly. She wants to use this opportunity to separate them. 

It is obviously going to be heavy work. I can slave away Rakura here, but she is definitely going to mess up. We need muscle. And so, we are going to go get Wolfe.

“Ah, Shishou.” (Wolfe)

“Sorry about bothering you while you are training, Wolfe.” 

“No worries, we already finished a round!” (Wolfe)

“I see, I am sorry for bringing this out all of a sudden, but there’s sad news.” 

“Sad…” (Wolfe)

“Rakura is coming to our house.” 

“What part of that is sad?!” (Rakura)

It is sad. The ratio of men and women is getting even more skewed. It is going to get even more cramped now. 

I would be happy if it were a harem, but I don’t even have a single one with a relationship like that. No, even in a harem story, the man also feels stiffened unless there’s quite the power balance.

“Rakura coming…is sad?” (Wolfe)

“That’s not true, Wolfe-chan! It is just the personality of Counselor-sama being horrible!” (Rakura)

“If you go by that logic, Maya-san, who drove you away, also has a horrible personality.” 

“…Maya-sama is also a bit on the bad side too.” (Rakura)

“Wolfe likes Rakura. It is okay.” (Wolfe)

“What a good girl!” (Rakura)

“Rakura, it hurts.” (Wolfe)

Damn it, the generosity of Wolfe is on a whole other level after all. It would be hard to drive her away with the violence of democracy, huh. 

Looks like I have to give up. I tell Wolfe about sorting out the storage room as we return.

“I am home~.” (Wolfe)

“I am home.” 

“I am home!” (Rakura)

There’s already someone acting like an inhabitant. Even Wolfe was reserved the first day. But complaining about every little thing won’t get us anywhere. Let’s finish this quickly. 

“Well then, please carry the things I instruct you to the living room on the 1st floor, Wolfe. There’s important stuff for Ilias, so carry them carefully, okay?” 

“Okay!” (Wolfe)

“What should I do?” (Rakura)


“Cruel!” (Rakura)

“That wasn’t a joke. Carrying stuff like weapons and armor to the 1st floor would be too heavy and dangerous for anyone aside from Wolfe. We might be able to manage somehow if we two carry it, but I don’t want to do it with you.” 

“I was convinced for a moment there. So horrible!” (Rakura)

I ran the simulations a number of times in my head, but they all ended in injuries. I feel bad for Wolfe, but I will leave the physical work to her. 

“But not doing anything is a bit…” (Rakura)

“Then go take a bath. You have been sleeping out, right?” 

“…You won’t peek?” (Rakura)

“Trust me. I endured your temptation and I will throw bugs at you.” 

“Can you not?!” (Rakura)

And so, work began after successfully locking the dangerous Rakura up in the bathroom. 

The articles of her parents are mostly clothes, weapons, and armor, and work tools intended for clerics. There’s also daily use items. They are left around scattered to a certain degree, so let’s organize them as we put them down. 

“Wolfe, please gather the weapons and armor around the right corner of the living room for now; the clothes shelves at the left; the daily use items at the center -well, I will carry those ones.” 

“Got it!” (Wolfe)

Now then, if we are going to do this, let’s do this quickly and thoroughly. I roll up my sleeves and carry the tools to the entrance to make them easier for Wolfe to transport them. 

I did that alone before, but having someone else to help really makes it a lot easier. Especially with Wolfe having learned mana strengthening. She can carry heavy furniture without any issues. 

I am so jealous. Even though it has been a daily battle against muscle pain for me. 

“Kyaaaa! B-Bug?! Curse you, Counselor-sama!” (Rakura)

I heard a scream from the bathroom. Moreover, it seems like I am being falsely accused. I could oppose her, but I can easily see that it won’t lead to anything decent. 

“Go help her, Wolfe. Also, explain to her that I didn’t do anything.” 

“Yes! Shishou definitely has an alibi!” (Wolfe)

Where did you learn that word? Moreover, the way you say it sounds like I am the culprit.

I just hope she comes back okay…is what I thought, but as I expected, Wolfe must have been hugged by a drenched someone, she was wet here and there. 

“I am beyond impressed that she managed to get in our way even when locked in the bathroom…” 

Looks like it would be better to hurry. It might turn terrible if she were to regroup with us and try to help out. It has been a while, but let’s get serious.


“—Alright, we are done.” 

“Done!” (Wolfe)

We safely finished carrying the things. Next is cleaning. That said, I did some rough cleaning of the house before, so there’s no need for too much effort here. 

Rakura had come out from the bathroom and declared she could do at least this much, so I decided to leave it to her. 

She is most likely going to drop a bucket of water, and by the time she is done, she will be all dirty. I ignored the screams I could hear from the 2nd floor, and clean away the dirt in the bathroom. 

After that, I had Wolfe take a bath, and prepare some tea while ignoring the sobbing coming from the 2nd floor. 

“I am done, Shishou!” (Wolfe)

“Ooh, good work. I made some tea, so drink.” 

“Thanks!” (Wolfe)

“I am done cleaning…” (Rakura)

“Ooh, we have left the bath as it is, so go take a bath once more.” 

Even though Rakura took a bath once already, she was dirtier than before she arrived here, so I pushed her into the bathroom.

“Don’t throw bugs in anymore, okay?!” (Rakura)

“I haven’t even done it once yet.” 

I was wondering what to do next. There’s no bed yet, but let’s have her give up on that for today. We can buy it at the company of Ban-san tomorrow or something. She probably needs a variety of daily essentials anyways. 

In that case, Rakura doesn’t matter anymore. What’s left to do is how to deal with the things lined up in the living room. 

Wolfe is watching the daily items with interest. There’s a lot of things that aristocrats use, so there must be a lot of rare stuff for Wolfe who began her life as a commoner.

Ilias apparently lived in a pretty big house when she was young. But now she is living like a monk on a pilgrimage. If we just judge it in training alone, she would be in mountain hermit class. 

I grab the smallest sword out of curiosity, but the weight it had really did remind me of how out of place this is in daily life.

I tried to unsheathe it as a test, but it got stuck and I can’t draw it out properly. I struggled for close to a minute and finally managed to draw it, and managed to see its blade.

“—It is a good sword.” 

I can tell even as a novice. 

There’s not a single blemish in this maintained blade. Is it a ceremonial sword that’s barely used in actual combat? It is simple, but the blade has beautiful ornaments, and the polished blade was reflecting me as if it were a mirror. 

“That’s nostalgic. It is the sword that was given to my father by the previous king.” 

I was surprised by the voice of Ilias that came from my back and I was on the verge of dropping the sword. But thanks to the weight of the sword, it didn’t rampage in my hand. 

“Don’t talk to me all of a sudden. It is dangerous.” 

“I did call you though.” (Ilias)

“So I was entranced, huh. Welcome back, Ilias.” 

“Yeah, I am home. But now that I look at them like this, there really was a lot there.” (Ilias)

Ilias sighed at the many things lined up in the living room. At the very least, it won’t be possible to have a proper meal like this. 

“There are still memories attached to them even if we are to dispose of them, right? What are you planning on doing?” 

“It is vexing, but I do have to select which ones to keep to a certain degree. I might end up wearing the clothes of my mother in the future after all. I will store them after casting pesticide magic on them and…my father’s clothes…you want them?” (Ilias)

“Right. They fit me just right in terms of size. It also suits me in the sense that they are not flashy.” 

“My father was a strict knight after all. It would be nice if you were to wear the clothes of my father and get influenced by him.” (Ilias)

“Articles of the deceased that have such effects are called cursed.” 

Who would wear clothes that would change your personality just from wearing them? But thinking about it calmly, the suit of a salaryman does serve as a sort of personality switch. Yup.

“You can choose whichever gear you so wish.” (Ilias)

“I don’t have the stamina to wear armor. I don’t have the strength to swing a weapon either. This one should be enough.” 

What I have equipped at my waist is my wooden partner that I picked up in the forest before. Since I had the chance, I reworked it into a wooden sword.

“That won’t even serve for training. It would break in one swing.” (Ilias)

“That’s fine. The other party would be stiffened if I had a sword hanging.” 

In Japan, your job evaluation would be hit just from carrying a wooden sword around! The pedestrians would look at you with incredulous eyes and take distance from you! 

“It would be decently useful if you infused mana to it? Hmm, no, it would still break in one hit, huh.” (Ilias)

“For now, I definitely won’t be lending you this partner of mine.” 

“How about choosing a bit of a better life partner…? That’s practically a child’s toy.” (Ilias)

Just as Ilias says, there are times when I would be treated like a child carrying a wooden sword in this world, but I don’t care about that. 

“This is in order to not forget my beginnings when I came to this world. It is a weapon to fight against my own ego.” 

“…I see. It can’t be helped then.” (Ilias)

This is the only weapon I can swing around. No matter how strong my allies are, this is just how strong I am. 

I must not forget that. I must not rely too much on my comrades. I am a weakling in this world. 

“I actually wanted to carry around the first generation though…” 

“I think the ashes still remain though. Want me to bring them from the barracks?” (Ilias)

“I feel like it could be useful as fertilizer for the vegetables.” 

Eat the vegetables that I grew using the ashes of my partner. It would shock people if I were to tell them. 

Anyways, we are done dealing with the clothes. We store the ceremonial gear as they are. We ended up donating the gear we are not going to use to the Ragudo Division. The professional tools of her mother will be donated to Maya-san. As for the daily items, we entrusted them to the firm, however, some of the things -especially the ones her parents used- have been stored in the room of Ilias.

“I don’t mind you taking anything you want. The things would be happier being used.” (Ilias)

“The clothes are enough. It would get bulky the time I leave if my luggage increases.” 

Moving alone is already a big chore. I plan on living the minimalist life in this world. The treasure box where I am storing memorable things will be making my luggage pretty bulky already, but let’s close my eyes in that area.

“…You plan on leaving?” (Ilias)

“It is not like it will be immediately. If either of us marries and forms a family, we can’t go living together. You are still in your early adulthood, but I am at a good age already.” 

Having an adult man living together with Ilias after she marries and has a family would be questionable. The same goes the other way around.

“T-That’s true.” (Ilias)

“Also, if there’s no need to stay in the country, I think it would be a good idea to go visit other countries.” 

“Feeling dissatisfied with Taizu?” (Ilias)

“No. There’s only good people within the ones I know, and even the king is treating me well. I doubt there will be such a good environment in other countries.” 

Someone who would provide me lodging conveniently, a store that will provide me the food I like, an understanding merchant, a king that takes me in; it is honestly way too good. 

I doubt this is going to continue forever. I don’t know if this is just me being too careful or because I am a worrywart —maybe both. The scenery changes completely in modern Japan if you give it 10 years. 

“Then why are you saying you want to leave the coun—” (Ilias)

“Because I want to search for a way to return to my world.” 

I don’t think it is a bad idea to live in this world, but it is not like I have given up on my world. I have finished deciphering the book, but there wasn’t a single thing about a way to return to my world. 

But an Earthling managed to create a resurrection spell which is a peak in this world. It can’t be said that there’s no way to return to my world.

However, there isn’t any more information sleeping in Taizu. It might come one day, but that’s questionable too. 

“…Do you have friends and family on Earth?” (Ilias)

“I wonder. In terms of human relationships, this side might be better.” 

“Despite that, you still want to search for a way to return to your world?” (Ilias)

“I am enjoying this lifestyle. I also want to look after Wolfe and repay you, Ilias. But I don’t know what will happen in the future. I might end up missing the former convenience, and I might end up losing the motivation to continue living in this world.

The reality is that this world doesn’t suit me. Even when I have come to a fantasy world, it doesn’t change that I am a realist. 

The people around me are all superhumans, and a single mishap might end up in a fatal injury. 

In modern Japan, such incidents can be wrapped up with just being an accident. There’s also crimes like scams and thefts, but the  legislative administration works to a decent degree. 

It is clear that the latter is the one that will allow me to protect myself the most with the skills I have. 

“It is not like I have a way of living I have decided on like you, Ilias. But I might be able to see a path like that one day. Being able to have as many options as possible for the sake of that time is a habit of mine on Earth.” 

Going straight for your dreams and ambitions is fine. But it is not like everyone has a set path. That’s why I prepare myself -so that I can be at as much of an advantageous position when I have found the path I want to walk in.

“Well, I won’t do something like forgetting to repay a debt or irresponsibly throw things away and simply return. Leaving a bad aftertaste isn’t a way to live safely after all.” 

“That’s not what I am worried about. It is just…” (Ilias)

“What is it?” 

“…Wolfe would be sad if you were to be gone.” (Ilias)

“Maybe. I would most likely be sad too. I would like to have her experience even better meetings and events until then.” 

Wolfe has grown attached to me. She might end up saying she wants to come with me if I go back to my world.

That’s why I should have her mature and create a reason for her to remain in this world. I will take at least that much of a responsibility. 

“—What will you do when Wolfe wishes for you the most?” (Ilias)

“That would mean I still haven’t taught her about the world completely. I will bring her around patiently. Of course, I won’t hand Wolfe over to a useless bum though.” 

I am most likely the number one of Wolfe. But the one who is closest in age is Ilias. I am sure the two of them will be even closer to each other in a not so far future. 

When she gets used to human relations, she will most likely not only learn about friendship but also love. When that happens, she will most likely be able to find an even better man. 

“Haah…you really are like a father.” (Ilias)

“I am the older one here after all. I resolved myself to look after her.” 

“I would like you to at least act in a way that fits the clothes of my father.” (Ilias)

“That will be hard. If I had met him personally, I might have been able to mimic him though.” 

After that we separated the remaining things and decided to dispose of them at a later day, so we finished our work. Rakura still wanted to sleep on a bed, so she ended up sleeping in Wolfe’s room. 

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