LS – Chapter 124: The choice taken next

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The record of Yugura that Dokora obtained in the past. There was the power of Annihilation and necromancy described in this book related to the Blue Demon Lord. 

If I try to infer the meaning behind the straightforward attack of the Blue Demon Lord on the walls and compare it to the contents of that book, it wasn’t that difficult to notice what she was trying to do beforehand. 

What’s needed when creating a gigantic undead is to set a startup point for the necromancy to activate. 

With the magic level of this world, there’s no means to observe the location at long range with video footage.

It is on the level where Mejis finally managed to do audio calls. In that case, the Blue Demon Lord needs to get the walls in her vision. 

Thus, I have taken measures with those factors in consideration. 

The speed of sound traveling in the air is around 340 meters per second, but the speed underwater is around 1500 meters per second. 

It is not that difficult of a concept if you just think about it as sound traveling faster the higher the density. 

In the case for mana, the traveling speed changes proportional to the amount of mana in the area.

If we go by the comparison of mana and water, the mana in the air is denser. In other words, mana travels faster on air. 

The Blue Demon Lord will be sending mana in some way when she acts. Be it necromancy or Annihilation, that doesn’t change. 

The point of the bathtub was in order to detect the mana that the Blue Demon Lord released with as much precision as possible. 

By being soaked in warm water where mana travels slowly, you drop down the speed of the mana when it reaches you, allowing for a more precise read on where the mana originated. 

I was thinking of burying Rakura in the ground for more efficiency, but that was rejected. 

After that, I drew a straight line towards the direction pointed, compared it to the map, and located where they were. 

But as expected of the two who excel in precision. They accurately detected the mana that was sent several times when making the giant undead. 

Especially Rakura. She managed to point in the same direction every time from the very beginning. It was as if she was steadfast there. 

Even though there was a margin of error in the directions of Ekdoik 5 times.

With this, we managed to skip the more troublesome calculations and finished pinpointing the location. 

The first one to rush there was Ekdoik. His acceleration is most likely Guinness Record level. 

Rakura also hurried, but because of a few happenings like falling down inside the tent, she is a bit late. 

Ekdoik went there alone, and Mix and Rakura are currently heading there together with me. 

I have wrapped a rope around Kutou with two hooks keeping it in place, and there’s an iron plate below set in a way that’s possible to sit on it. 

Basically, it is a swing. It swings to the sides though. 

Rakura and Mix are also riding this, so it is extremely slow compared to Ekdoik. 

“Mister Friend, you are making a face that says this is slow compared to Ekdoik-dono, but there are 3 people here. No, it is the weight of 2 and a half people, so it can’t be helped-desu zo!” (Mix)

“Mix-chan, who were you calculating as the half of a person?! Me and Counselor-sama aren’t the same weight, you know?!” (Rakura)

“Don’t make too much of a ruckus. We are up so high it is scary!” 

By the way, I don’t want to be smothered, so I am having Rakura and Mix hug me from behind. 

If they were to push me from behind at this altitude going ‘Geez, Counselor-sama!’ I will die. Also, it is scary since Rakura and Mix would do this depending on the mood. 

“But Mister Friend, is it okay to let Ekdoik-dono go ahead? The enemy is a Demon Lord, you know?” (Mix)

“It is okay. Ekdoik excels at surviving. If they are enemies that he can’t win against, he will buy time. If even that isn’t possible, he will run away immediately.” 

The Blue Demon Lord is the same as Gold and Purple in that she is not a direct combat oriented Demon Lord.

She must have some sort of defensive measure for this. She most likely has Unique rank undead as bodyguards.

Even if that’s the case, the Purple Demon Lord is still a few levels higher than her when it comes to the technique to strengthen monsters since she researched it herself. 

I doubt there will be a Dyuvuleori class enemy showing up. 

I am watching the place that Ekdoik headed to, but it seems like it will be taking a while for us to arrive. 

…It should be about time. Let’s switch.

“You two, it is about time for Ekdoik to give us the signal. Please pay attention and try not to miss it.” 

“—Ah, y-yes!” (Mix)

“Uwaah, it has been a while since I have seen Counselor-sama turn like that.” (Rakura)

“Rakura, I am going to be adjusting the plan for the rearguard for a while, so please be silent for a bit.” 

“Uuh, even though he gives off a calm and eloquent feel, he is several times scarier…” (Rakura)

What a terrible way of putting it. 

Now then, there’s several patterns I have prepared for Ekdoik’s signal. 

Regarding Raheight, the situation right after the battle began, and everything revolving that has been discussed beforehand. 

Let’s see…how are they going to move? 

I direct my gaze at the walls. 

Even if there’s distance to the walls, we are traveling on the air, so I can see its state. 

The giant undead has been finished, and it must have been ordered to attack the walls. 

But the walls have not been destroyed yet. We are not allowing it to. 

We have stationed our strongest fighting force there. 

The people themselves accepted readily. We should be able to expect a certain degree of time bought here. 

But we can’t just let them overdo it. 

I shall corner you properly, okay?


Raheight has run away, huh. But that’s within expectations. 

He lost his original body and moved his soul into that of a child’s body, so he shouldn’t be able to use magic at his max capability. 

But the activation of that spell just now was extremely smooth. It should be safe to assume that body has been tinkered with a lot. 

I avoid the attacks of the undead and hit them with lightning magic.

It is a spell I am not used to utilizing, but I put a decent amount of mana into it. The power should be enough. 

The undead got hit with a direct hit of what’s akin to a lightning bolt and its whole body was burnt, but it returned completely to normal after a few seconds. 

I unleash my chains as a follow up attack. The stake at the end easily and accurately pierced the opening of the undead’s armor, but the result was the same. 

It is an attack with purification magic included, but it regenerated almost instantly. 

And then, I once again avoid the attacks. 

The attack power of an undead that has had their limiter taken off is far above that of your normal human. 

But the devils that were not humans to begin with had far more physical capability than them. 

I would say the strength of these undead is one or two levels below that of the Great Devil Gugugeguderstaf who I defeated. 

Of course, they are not enemies I would be able to come out unscathed against if I were to receive a direct hit from them.

And so, I set up my chains to immediately bind an undead. 

The undead had its movements sealed with its arms and legs bound tightly by chains.

There’s no need to restrain them with a big move. As long as I succeed in binding them, the undead shouldn’t have the intelligence to get out of them.

…Is what I thought, but having someone controlling them really is troublesome. 

“Tch!” (Ekdoik)

One other undead came at me, aiming to cut me down together with the restrained undead. 

I had no issues avoiding that, but that attack easily crushed the restrained undead. 

And then, it succeeded in regenerating a little further away from the chains just a few seconds later. 

The devils utilize mana for defense as well, but they don’t have anything like that. They can crush each other with each other’s attacks. 

Even if I go through the trouble of restraining them, they can escape if they were to destroy themselves in the same fashion as now. 

There’s no doubt the one who is giving that order is the Blue Demon Lord.

I tried to shoot my chains to the Blue Demon Lord by slipping through the openings of the undead, but the undead would move to the defensive by using their bodies as shields. 

They would use mana strengthening and special barriers, so the attacks didn’t reach the Blue Demon Lord. 

It is the technique of sacrificing your own body to temporarily obtain explosive defense, huh.

For humans, that’s a technique that they can only use in do-or-die situations, but for enemies that can regenerate endlessly, they can become endless powerful expendable shields. 

The 3 undead are equipped with armor and swords, but their equipment is slightly different from each other. 

It must be the armor they had in their previous life. I can feel a difference in their ornaments, but it is armor that knights wear. 

It is the difference between a normal knight and a knight by profession, huh. 

And the armor of the last one is made extremely intricately. The helmet also stands out a strange lot. 

A general? No, if he is prioritizing appearances, maybe it was royalty? 

“These undead really protect you pretty diligently.” (Ekdoik)

“Of course. If I were to be defeated by a hindrance like you, these undead would continue being imprisoned in necromancy until I resurrect a few centuries later.” (Blue)

So that’s the faint off sensation I had, huh. I can feel something similar to will from those undead, but I don’t feel any loyalty towards the Blue Demon Lord. 

It is not just that they don’t have proper conscience, but that the fear towards necromancy has been etched in their bodies. 

“I see. One you saved, one you murdered, and one you ordered, huh.” (Ekdoik)

“—I see. So you know my origins. Aah, I want to die…” (Blue)

From the 3 undead, 1 is for attack, 1 for defense, and 1 shifts depending on the situation. 

It shouldn’t be that difficult to avoid against 2. In that case, should I restrain 2 of them at the same time and aim for the moment when the 3rd one tries to help them recover? 

I avoided the 1st one’s attack narrowly, and then the 2nd one came at me without missing a beat. 

But that was an opening I created on purpose. I have already finished setting my chains around. 

I send the order to the chains and restrain the 2 in one go. 

I will aim for the moment when the 3rd one moves to free them and attack the Blue Demon Lord…no, this is bad. 

The 3rd one isn’t moving at all. It is standing there as if covering the Blue Demon Lord. 

My instincts are telling me this spot is dangerous.

“There’s no way I would get caught by such a telegraphed move.” (Blue)

The two restrained undead suddenly self-destructed. 

I tried to avoid on the moment, but I was caught in the shockwave of it and was sent flying. 

The damage…I would say it is a moderate degree.

By the time my head had cleared up, the two restrained undead had already regenerated to normal. 

There’s no signs of the armor being damaged either. 

The armor of the high ranked undead are things that have a connection with the person, so they regenerate together, but…this is really troublesome. 

They can make lacerations on me with the fragments that fly from the armor destroyed by the explosion. It may be possible to close the wounds with magic, but the blood you bleed can’t be brought back easily.

“I see. So you can readily make them self-destruct since they are undead. That’s efficient.” (Ekdoik)

The undead that have proper intelligence can use magic. Them using each other to escape left such a big impression on me the thought of them escaping by themselves had left my mind. 

The undead I am currently facing have the intelligence called the Blue Demon Lord. I must not forget that. 

My body can still move, but now that they have used the surprise element of the self-destruct, they will most likely not hesitate to use it in a more unreserved manner. 

They will charge at me, and when they see an opening, they will explode. My stamina won’t last if they fight like that. 

I can avoid deep wounds if I defend against the explosion using mana, but challenging these guys against a battle of attrition would be pointless. 

I can only use my Eyes of Blindness on one target. For the True one, I need to use it only when I am sure I can settle the fight with it since the cost of it is high, but…what should I do? 

I remember the information Comrade told me beforehand and think whether there’s anything I can use. 

That combination should be possible? 

I lower both arms and let go of my strength. One of them tried to attack me at that time. 

The second one is following right behind. If I mess up the direction to avoid, I will most likely be caught in an explosion again.

Then, the method I should take is…

The first undead raised its sword, but I didn’t move. 

The sword is swung down.


What manner of joke is this? 

The giant undead swung down its arm and tried to destroy the walls.

But that arm wasn’t smashed onto the walls. 

It bounced off as if it had been repelled in midair. 

Just what happened? Something landed on the defense walls while everyone was dumbstruck. 

A woman. A long haired female knight. 

“W-Who are you?!” 

“Ilias Ratzel from the Ragudo Division of Taizu’s Chivalric Order. I shall join you in defending the walls!” (Ilias)

“Eh, wait, oi, you…!” 

That female knight that introduced herself as Ilias didn’t wait for my words and jumped from the walls to the giant undead. 

The giant undead is already unleashing its next attack. If you get caught in an attack with such mass, you will be turned into smashed potatoes in one hit! 

The female knight and the arm of the giant undead clash. When she did, the arm of the giant undead bounced off just like before. 

Could it be that…she was repelling that with her sword?! 

I felt an overwhelming torrent of mana when they clashed. If it had been just a normal attack clad with mana, a part of the giant undead’s arm would have been destroyed and the female knight would be caught up in the attack just like that. 

At the moment of the clash, she unleashed a wide range shockwave, and bounced it off instead of trying to destroy it… No, no, we are talking about that mass, you know? Just how much power does she pack?! 

She landed on the walls again and jumped the moment the giant undead tried to attack. 

And then, displayed that godly technique for a third time. 

But she must have failed in trying to return with the recoil, she is pretty high up in the air. 

At this rate, she is going to fall on the other side of the walls! 

“Wolfe, counting on you!” (Ilias)

A different person that was on the walls at some point in time jumped to the female knight, most likely reacting to her voice.

That’s…a white demi-human?

The demi-human with light-looking armor catches the female knight in midair. And then, the female knight gets sent flying towards the giant undead the very next instant. 

The female knight crashes onto the head of the giant undead just like that. She must have done the attack from before. 

The giant undead’s head snaps to the back and falls to the back after losing its balance. 

The demi-human from before landed nearby while I was watching this dumbstruck. 

She is extremely young. Around the same age as my daughter? 

I don’t feel even a shred of fear coming from her in her expression towards the giant undead. On the contrary, she is overflowing with motivation.

The female knight landed on top of the walls a few seconds later. 

“Thanks for the help. It is not difficult if it is just repelling the attacks, but adjusting it so that I can return to the walls with the recoil is unexpectedly hard.” (Ilias)

“Ilias, it is going to be hard to catch you if you fall to the front, so jump with a bit more power! Wolfe will properly catch you!” (Wolfe)

“Yeah, making it fall buys more time, so I will go a bit stronger. Is that okay?” (Ilias)

“It is okay! But you will fly off if you go too strong, Ilias.” (Wolfe)

“That’s what I am worried about. I am trying to disperse the impact as much as possible, but its resistance is pretty low, you see.” (Ilias)

“In that case, Wolfe will buy time. Ilias, you do your best climbing up!” (Wolfe)

“I can’t do something so unsightly.” (Ilias)

The giant undead began to get up again in the middle of the conversation and the two were about to resume their attacks. 

It moves in a truly limber manner despite its size. But what’s even more unbelievable are these two that are numbing my common sense. 

The girl that called herself Wolfe looked over here after the female knight jumped off. 

“Ilias is terrible at holding back. The walls might break a bit when she lands and stuff like that, so please prepare to evacuate!” (Wolfe)


It is true that there’s no way she would be able to adjust the strength when returning after a clash against such mass. 

She said she would increase the power, but in that case…


The female knight flew to the walls with a speed as if she were an arrow. 

The ballista that was set there was smashed to pieces because of the impact of it. 

“…S-Sorry.” (Ilias)

“N-No, what’s most important is that you seem to be fine.” 

“Ilias, the one who has to reimburse that is Shishou!” (Wolfe)

“I will be careful… Alright. Let’s try this again!” (Ilias)

…Alright, let’s evacuate. 

There’s no way we can avoid a female knight that’s returning like a shot arrow. 


The swung sword sliced the body of the man called Ekdoik deeply. 

Blood sprays and the man vomits blood. 

It seemed like he was planning on doing something, but to think he would abandon evasion…

Did he give up fighting? No, he didn’t show such signs. 

You can’t lower your guard against these types of people until they are dead. Should I self-destruct them? 

“You are hesitating.” (Ekdoik)

The man grabbed the shoulder of Gresto. When he did, Gresto suddenly turned into dust. 

Some sort of purification magic? He shouldn’t be able to use something like that unless he applied quite the high amount of mana… But I barely felt anything there. 

He is using an unknown technique. But it is not that big of an issue. 

Gresto became dust, but I just have to regenerate him. 

I cast necromancy on the dust again and have Gresto regene—?

“I…can’t regenerate him?” (Blue)

“Obviously.” (Ekdoik)

The man walks forward. His wound had closed almost completely. 

Healing magic… No, it is way too fast for that. 

It is a speed as if he used necromancy to regenerate. It is impossible for a living person. 

I resumed the attack with Taves who I stopped the follow up attack from and had him on standby, but the man stopped the attack of Taves with one hand. 

The sword sliced his hand slightly, but the man wasn’t too bothered by this and placed a hand on Taves. 

And he turned him into dust just like Gresto. 

Regenerate… I really can’t.

I only have Waphroi remaining, but if he gets through him, my defense will…no, this is…

“This is…an illusion?!” (Blue)

It would be a pain if I were to give an order to each one respectively whenever I give an order to the 3. 

That’s why whenever I order one to attack, I have the others either defend or assist. 

Just now when I ordered Waphroi to intercept him, Gresto and Taves, who should be dust, reacted.

In other words, these 2 haven’t been destroyed. It just looked like they did. 

The reason why the order to regenerate didn’t happen was because they were already at full health. 

“So you noticed. As expected.” (Ekdoik)

The scenery shown before me changed.

Gresto and Taves are okay, but their position and the direction they are facing is weird. 

And the man had moved slightly back to a safe position. 

No, what’s most noticeable here is that the chains creeping about have surrounded us. 

This mass… He must have used the time he was showing me an illusion to its utmost degree. 

“This is my strongest technique. Try enduring it if you can.” (Ekdoik)

The chains rushed towards us from all directions. It is true that chains of this mass would be able to break the defense of one…but he undid the illusion a bit too soon. He gave me time to collect my thoughts. 

I give the 3 the order in case of emergencies. When I did, the 3 swiftly jumped to my side.

I have made them use a spell that provides them impenetrable defense for a certain period of time at the cost of their bodies crumbling down at the times when they are protecting me. 

But there’s a method beyond that. 

The spell that crumbles the body of the user when used is the same, but there’s also a ritual barrier spell that can be activated when the 3 are together.

As long as their protection target doesn’t tell them to undo it, there’s no attack that can get through that defense. It is the impenetrable defense I prepared for the sake of Yugura. 

I have them activate the barrier magic. 

A pyramid barrier appeared around me and blocked the attack of chains. 

The chains continued being repelled by the toughness of that defense. Not even the shockwaves of it are getting through. 

No issues. The barrier is working properly. 

If I had been hit by this while I was in the illusion, I might have been too late to react, but it seems like it just wasn’t enough. 

After a while, the chains around couldn’t endure their own power and crumbled. 

I managed to secure vision and saw the man again. 

He hasn’t moved from there. It seems like it was a big move just as he said. 

He is breathing quite heavily and looking at me with a pretty pained expression… What’s with those eyes? 

There was something strange about that man. There’s blood coming out from his eyes. 

Not only that, the shape of the pupils in his wide open eyes has changed. 

It is like a devil’s… Something is wrong here. 

He is doing something…but I can’t see anything. 

I have to set a barrier. The order—! 

“You really are inexperienced when it comes to battle, Blue Demon Lord. You hesitate way too much.” (Ekdoik)

The 3 were suddenly restrained. No, not only that. 

My body can’t move freely either. It is as if I am being restrained by invisible chains. 

I can feel them. It is not an illusion. 

I can’t order the 3 either. The mana inside of me has been completely restrained. 

There’s several layers of seals on it. It is most likely some sort of sealing technique. 

“It is called the Six Towers of Binding. You can’t see them, but there’s 6 towers knit with chains around you, and I have restrained you with the chains extending from those. You won’t be able to use your mana anymore.” (Ekdoik)

The man unleashed a single chain at me. That chain pierced the heads of the 3 and changed them into dust through purification magic. 

And then, the chains crept about endlessly, and formed 6 towers. 

“This one is a lot harder to maintain, so I will restrain you with normal chains.” (Ekdoik)

The chains extending from the 6 towers wrap around me. 

The restrain I couldn’t see was undone at the same time, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am still sealed.

The eyes of the man return to their previous state. 

“…You were aiming for the 3 to gather around me, weren’t you?” (Blue)

“I could tell that you were ordering the undead. But it is not like you yourself know how to fight. You must have given them orders in a somewhat systematic manner to order them all at once. That’s why I predicted that you would gather all 3 of them around you if an emergency happened all of a sudden to defend you.” (Ekdoik)

“There are a number of things that don’t make sense. Leaving me aside, the 3 shouldn’t be affected by illusions. How were you escaping the attacks while preparing your big move?” (Blue)

“I doubt undead have eyesight. There were signs of the undead reacting to the soldiers above the walls even though they shouldn’t be visible to them, so I thought they were most likely detecting their mana. That’s why I did this after I casted the illusion on you.” (Ekdoik)

The man said this and shaped up a simple human form with chains.

“Human shaped with my mana in it. And then, I subdued my mana as much as possible like the times when I am trying to conceal myself. The undead were attacking the human doll, you know?” (Ekdoik)

So that’s why the direction Gresto and Taves were facing was weird, huh…

“As for the invisible chains of just now, let’s just say it is the power of the Eyes of Blindness.” (Ekdoik)

“Being able to use even more power even in the middle of such attacks, you are quite an unbelievable one, you know.” (Blue)

“If you are referring to the attack coming from all directions, that was an attack just for show. I can’t control it properly while I am using the Eyes of Blindness after all. The power was pretty subdued.” (Ekdoik)

I used my full power barrier magic on an attack that he held back on, huh. 

I couldn’t detect how strong the attack was because of how impenetrable the barrier magic was. So I was led by the ear with the words ‘strongest technique’. 

If I had dealt with it without getting agitated, the state of the battle probably wouldn’t have changed even now. But he took advantage of my lack of battle experience perfectly…

“I was thoroughly defeated. I thought this was a good opportunity since Yugura is not present… So I will be shackled by this world for several centuries again, huh… Aah, I want to die…” (Blue)

“I would like you to stop the giant undead currently attacking the walls though.” (Ekdoik)

Speaking of which, I forgot about it after I gave it the order to attack, but what’s happening over there…? The walls are still fine. They must have taken countermeasures of some sort. 

They managed to even pinpoint this location, so it might be natural for them to have prepared a countermeasure for that undead too. 

“I have no obligation to do that. If I become as much of a threat to the humans, they will one day end me… Right, I should have the remaining undead rampage until the very end.” (Blue)

That’s right. Even if I am killed temporarily, the order given to them will stay. 

I don’t know if the gigantified undead and the succeeding soldier undead can break through the walls, but they can give them a lot of trouble. 

When that happens, it will make it easier for Scarlet to move, and this will in turn etch hatred in the humans towards me. 

“Of course, I am not telling you to stop it for free. We have the ingredients for a negotiation.” (Ekdoik)

“The only thing I wish for is eternal death. Are you telling me you can grant me that?” (Blue)

“…Yeah, we can.” (Ekdoik)

…What did this man just say? 

He said he can…at what I said just now? 

“That’s my life’s desire. I wouldn’t like you to say you can do it so easily.” (Blue)

“You know about the book written down by Yugura that was stolen from Mejis and brought to Taizu, right?” (Ekdoik)

“…Yeah.” (Blue)

It is information I heard from Scarlet. Yugura had investigated our origins before he made us into Demon Lords. 

A part of those books have been stored in Mejis, and it was stolen not that long ago and brought to Taizu. 

The past I wanted to erase has been passed from hand to hand… Aah, It really makes me want to die…

“There’s things written about you in the language of Yugura’s planet… Your name, too.” (Ekdoik)

“My…name…” (Blue)

I forgot my own name when I became a Demon Lord. 

Not only that. I don’t know what method they used to pull this off, but everyone forgot my name. 

I investigated the books that should have my name written down, but they were empty as if there was nothing written there to begin with.

I thought it had disappeared from this world completely, but…it must have been left behind in the intonation of the parallel world language. 

“And…what of it?” (Blue)

“You guys lost your names when you became Demon Lords as a price for the resurrection magic. But if you get back your name, the resurrection magic will lose its effect…is what the Colorless Demon Lord said.” (Ekdoik)

To think I would hear that name here. 

There’s honestly a lot I don’t know about Colorless. 

It is true that I lost my name as a price for the resurrection magic. This is the first time I see the possibility of undoing this curse…but no, I shouldn’t hold hope. 

There’s nothing assuring me what this man is saying is true. What’s the point of overlapping even more despair?

“If that’s the case, try killing me right this instant. Or are you going to use the excuse that you can’t read the language of Yugura’s planet?” (Blue)

“…It is true that I can’t read the language of Yugura’s planet.” (Ekdoik)


That’s right, this is a crafty enticement to deceive me. 

“Then the negotiations are over. I won’t stop the invasi—” (Blue)

“But Comrade…no, the resident of Yugura’s planet has taught me the intonation of it.” (Ekdoik)


“Pinpointing this location was possible because he read the aforementioned book and learned about your Annihilation power and your necromancy.” (Ekdoik)

The resident of Yugura’s planet… I heard he was in Taizu, but…he is currently in Kuama? 

But that makes sense. If they know about my power, they would be able to know that I can create a giant undead and that I need to be in a place with direct vision.

That’s not enough to pinpoint my location, but the resident of Yugura’s planet should be able to squeeze out his brain on that one. 

No, that’s of no importance right now. 

The man in front of me knows my name. He has the method to undo the resurrection magic on me. 

“And that man said this… If I use that name, I can negotiate with you.” (Ekdoik)

If he knows my origins, he would also know that my objective is to die. 

That’s right. I want to die. I would do anything for the sake of that. 

However, that has bore no fruit… But… But…! 

“…In that case, I will accept the negotiation.” (Blue)

“But I am against it.” (Ekdoik)

“…What do you mean by that? The man that told you my name told you to negotiate with that name, right?” (Blue)

“If I tell you your name, you will die.” (Ekdoik)

“Of course. Me dying should be desirable for humans, right?” (Blue)

“I don’t.” (Ekdoik)

What is this guy saying? 

Humans wish for my death; I wish for my death. 

Is there a reason to be against that? 

…No, there’s one. 

There’s a reason why my wish cannot be fulfilled. 

“Do you want to make me suffer that much? You would go so far as to even turn the other humans into enemies?” (Blue)

“No.” (Ekdoik)

“Then why?!” (Blue)

I unconsciously raised my voice.

Not knowing the reason is vexing. 

Why are you not letting me die?! Why?! Why?! 

I tried to struggle, but the restraints are not undoing. I doubt there’s many who can break out of these restraints. 

The man looked straight at me and spoke. 

“…When I heard your name from the resident of Yugura’s planet, I heard about your past. The story of the demi-human race called the onis that lived in a remote land.” (Ekdoik)

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