LS – Chapter 50: It has been exposed for now

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At the day of the banquet, I wore the formal clothes I haven’t worn in a while, and am inside a shaking carriage. 

That said, I thought I wouldn’t have any opportunity to go to a banquet for the upper class in this world. 

A lot of my facial muscles have stiffened because I have been living a relaxed life lately. Will I be able to make my outside smile?

I massage my own face. 

My companion looked at my state in worry and spoke to me.

“Uhm, Onii-san, these kinds of events really are a bit…” 

“What are you saying, Ruko? You work at the castle, so you should know about etiquette more than me. That dress also suits you a lot. You look pretty.” 

The person I invited was Ruko. 

She helped me out with the potted plant matter, so I invited her to the banquet. It is by no means because she was a convenient choice…probably. 

“But I don’t know if I can talk properly with the nobles…” (Ruko)

“It is okay. The person that you prepared the potted plant for is also coming. He was really happy about it, and most of all, he likes gardening like you. If you feel suffocated, you can talk with that person about the potted plant. If that doesn’t work, just enjoy the food and the drinks.” 

“Oh, your friend will be there too, Onii-san? I heard he is similar to His Majesty, but what other things can you tell me about him?” (Ruko)

Even if you ask me what other things, he is the king himself. Well, fine. 

“Let’s see. He is normally really level-headed, but he would interact with me casually and take a childish attitude.” 

“Ahaha, that sounds like a really amusing person. I think I will be able to relax if that’s the case.” (Ruko)

It will most likely be impossible, but that’s fine. 

Since I had the opportunity here, I asked her to teach me about etiquette in events like this as we headed to the venue which is the estate of a noble. 

This is a bit of an aside, but the ones who are chosen to hold banquets are those who have no daughters, or even if they have, they are already married or already have a set partner. It is because they don’t want them to prepare a location that favors their own daughter. 

Turning that around, it also means that there are a lot of nobles like this who are desperately cheering on for Marito’s queen search. In other words, they have properly gathered participants, but I think a one on one marriage interview would suit Marito better personality-wise, yup.

We arrived at our destination while I was thinking that. The carriage stopped at the gate and it was time to get off. I get off first in order to confirm the venue. 

Marito was already waiting there.

He ran happily over here when he noticed me. I don’t know about making a king wait outside the gate. The butler at the entrance is frozen stiff from nervousness.

“Heya there, friend. It would be too lonely to go in alone, you see. I was waiting with a vigilant eye.” (Marito)

“I am impressed that you can say that when you come to events like this one often.” 

“That can’t be helped. This is the first banquet I can take it easy in. Fresh expetiences really are good. It is to the point where I am giddy even in a suffocating banquet.” 

I understand that feeling. The feeling of being able to come with a friend to a super formal event that has a lot of hassles. 

Speaking of which, is he doing well? He was one of my few friends in Japan. The last time I met him was when I visited him at the hospital because he was stabbed from a love affair. 

After a light chat, a voice rang from the carriage.

“Excuse me, Onii-san. Can I get down now too?” (Ruko)

“Aah, sorry, sorry. It is okay. I ended up chatting here.” 

Ruko got down while worrying about her footing. It seems like she is having a hard time with the long skirt of the dress she is not used to wearing. She apparently tripped several times when she changed at Ban-san’s place. 

Even if she is learning etiquette, this is the first time she is participating in this type of outfit, so it can’t be helped.

“Uhm, you must be the acquaintance of Onii-san, my name is Ruko—” 

Ruko must have been relieved because I was talking with him in a relaxed manner and the other party was also speaking in a casual manner, she walked here while worrying about her feet and did her greetings, but once she saw his face, she froze. 

“…O-O-O-Onii-san?” (Ruko)

Ruko turned crankily here while sounding like a broken robot. Looks like she knows the face of the king. But I love faces like this, yup. 

“Hey, friend, could it possibly be that?” (Marito)

“Sorry, Marito. If I had mentioned your name, she was most likely going to run away, so I didn’t.” 

“Onii-san?! I-Isn’t that H-H-His Majesty?!” (Ruko)

“Yeah, didn’t I tell you he is like His Majesty?” 

“It is His Majesty in the flesh!” (Ruko)

Pointing at His Majesty and shouting is pretty comedic to look at. She moved back quickly and lowered her head deeply at Marito. 

“M-My deepest apologies, Your Majesty. Even if unaware, I have been rude—” (Ruko)

“Aah, it is okay. You can be informal he—well, can’t really do that, but it was out of a teasing heart. I shall ignore it.” (Marito)

“That’s right, Ruko. Your body won’t last if you are so stiff, you know? You will be spending your time with Marito in today’s banquet after all.” 


She is frozen with an incredible face. But this is a normal reaction. The attitude of Marito towards me is way too frank, so my sense has gone awry, but he is a king and, if you were to be impolite, it is on the level where you might not even be able to live in the country anymore. 

Seeing Ruko frozen, Marito crossed his arms with a baffled face and whispered to me.

“It is true that I could spend a day peacefully with a girl like this, but…there’s a limit, right? I don’t know about being together with a statue.” (Marito)

“That depends on your ability. I thought she would be a perfect conversation partner though.” 

Marito glanced at Ruko. Ruko is confused and isn’t moving an inch. 

“No, I don’t think speech is even possible. We would barely have any topics in common like this.” (Marito)

“Really? She is the girl that made the potted plant though.” 

“—Say that sooner.” (Marito)

Marito turned around and walks over to Ruko. He then gently held the hand of Ruko and smiled at her.

“So you are the one that made that potted plant? I was thinking I wanted to meet you once!” (Marito)

“Eh, uh, aah?! Onii-san?!” (Ruko)

Looks like she has noticed that the potted plant she prepared was sent to His Majesty. I give her a thumbs up to show her she is right. 

“That was a wonderful gift. I have thanked my friend who gave it to me, but I would like to thank you too.” (Marito)

“No, uhm…” (Ruko)

“Right, right, I read the instruction manual for the potted plant and there were a few points that I was curious about…” (Marito)

Marito’s tone was the usual, but his vigor is almost the same he directs at me. Ruko seems to be confused by the energy of Marito as she tries to be polite. 

“Marito, don’t just run it all out at the entrance.” 

“Aah, right. It would be rude to make you stand in the cold night. Then, let’s continue our talk inside.” (Marito)

Ruko was pulled by the hand and dragged in. I feel like she asked me for help there, but it must have been the wind. It should be okay to leave them to themselves.

“…By the way, get down already, Ilias.” 

After I said that, the sound of awkward footsteps were made as Ilias came down. It is a banquet, so Ilias has also changed clothes. 

Maybe she is shy here, she didn’t say a single word in the carriage. It seems like she didn’t have the courage to show up in front of Marito either, but it looks like she has finally resolved herself.

“What a guy you are… I feel bad for Ruko…” (Ilias)

Looks like she gave up on caring after witnessing the exchange of Marito and Ruko.

“I thought they were the perfect combination when considering my gratitude towards Ruko and the change of pace of Marito.” 

“If I were in her position, I would feel like my life is sapped away.” (Ilias)

“Wouldn’t it be more relaxing for you?” 

“So you say, but this is my first time in an outfit like this…” (Ilias)

The casual clothes that Saira made were not bad, but fancy outfits like this don’t look bad on Ilias either. It actually looks good. 

“It suits you. You normally are in an attire that reeks of countryside knight, so this is fresh.” 

“I see, thanks. I now know well just how you think of me normally.” (Ilias)

Ilias answered with a smile that made me feel like something cold ran down my spine. 

But lo-and-behold, Ilias has a sword at her waist fastened tightly with a holder. I feel like the dress is inclined here… Isn’t the fabric screaming in pain?

“Why are you carrying around a sword on a dress?” 

“I can’t help the outfit, but I am still your bodyguard, you know? Not carrying my sword would be the last thing to do. It might come to notice by His Majesty, right?” (Ilias)

I can’t really say anything back if she tells me that. But she stands out like a sore thumb.

“Give it to me. I will carry it.” 

“But…” (Ilias)

“There should be no issue as long as I am always close to you on the off-chance you need to draw it out, right?” 

“Yeah, but…” (Ilias)

“Who do you think is the one that has to reimburse that dress if it were to tear?” 

There’s no way Ilias would have a dress like this one. There might be a dress of her mom if she were to look for it, but the size of Ilias’s mom is apparently different from hers. And so, this is also a rented one from Ban-san. 

“Nuuh… It can’t be helped.” (Ilias)

I received her sword after she said this. 


Aren’t western swords 3 kilograms at most?! 

“Why is this one so heavy?! This is not on the level of the density of iron being above the norm! Is this made out of pure gold?!” 

“Normal steel can’t keep up with my full power, you see. It is made from extremely rare ores. It is the most expensive thing in my house.” (Ilias)

No matter how I measure it, this is close to 10 kilograms. Even though I would have trouble swinging around even a 2 kilogram dumbbell. This gorilla swings this thing around wildly. Moreover, depending on the occasion, even with one arm. 

Anyways, your pants would slide down if you were to have something like this on your waist. The dress of Ilias really did well. I put the holder around my shoulder instead of my waist and carry it on my back.

I explain the situation to the butler-san and we enter. Coming into a banquet while carrying a sword around like an adventurer is damn embarrassing! 

A lot may have happened at the entrance, but the banquet proceeded without any issues. The nobles were somewhat flustered at first by a person carrying a sword being here, but I am used to formalities. I went around having light chats and moving to the next one. 

It is a banquet where Marito is participating, so the girls were not showing much interest here, but I managed to get acquainted with their parents. 

As for Marito, young women were coming one after the other like the popular guy he is. But he is bringing Ruko around the whole time, so he isn’t continuing the conversations for too long. As such exchanges went on for a while, the ones around must have noticed the intention of Marito here. The amount of people forcefully approaching had decreased. 

It seems like they are currently having a lively talk about gardening. Ruko was all stiff from confusion and nervousness, but when it comes to talking about her hobbies, she can talk to Marito with a fun expression. With this, she won’t be coming later to complain—she will, but I doubt it will be too much.

But with the dressed up Ilias as my bodyguard, I can’t actively approach women. I should have considered this. Let’s just enjoy a break with Ilias rather than new meetings. 

“Hm? Musical instruments?” 

I directed my gaze at the direction where the melody came from and a small orchestra showed up. They are making preparations for a musical performance. 

The butlers were clearing up the tables at the center and, in just a few minutes, changed into a dance floor. And then, the banquet switched to a ball with the appearance of the conductor. 

The people around began to dance with their respective partners. The elegant scenery you would only see on television was unfolding in front of my eyes. I am honestly feeling the desire to join in. However, reality is a cruel mistress.

“…Hey, I don’t think there’s even the need to ask, but…you can’t dance, right?” 

“Yeah, I remember learning when I was a child, but I have completely forgotten how to already. What about you?” (Ilias)

“My only memory of it was with a drink in hand and imitating the people around.” 

“Figures. That’s just like you.” (Ilias)

Most of the young ones around are in the middle of dancing; we two who can’t dance were standing there. Even Marito has brought Ruko out there to dance. 

It has been a while since I have felt so left out. I rarely go to dance parties after all. 

“But I didn’t expect that not dancing would instead make us stand out.” 

“Yeah.” (Ilias)

“…Let’s learn next time.” 

“Yeah…” (Ilias)

The two country bumpkins made a sad resolution. 

With this and that going on, the banquet ended. The last part had a sad conclusion, but the food was decently good and I enjoyed the drinks plenty enough. 

Most of the noble ladies flowed over to Marito, but it was a sight for the sore eyes. Ilias in a dress wasn’t bad either. On our way back in the carriage, I basked in the afterglow silently—

“Onii-san, you are so cruel!” 

Or not. 

She really got angry here. By the way, Marito went back satisfied. Obviously. He didn’t have to be tied down by women for a long time, and managed to enjoy a talk about his hobbies after all. 

Ruko seemed to be having fun in the middle to a certain degree, but she is currently venting her anger on the culprit from having been set up. Ilias was watching this with a smile. No lifeboat.

By the way, Marito knew who Ruko was. It seems like he remembered that he had seen her somewhere. That said, he probably didn’t imagine that he would be dancing with a maid working at the castle.

Ruko suffered there, but it wasn’t all bad for her heart. She managed to properly keep up with the gardening maniac Marito, so he took a liking to her, and she can now take instructions from an artisan that works on the garden. 

It is most likely still far from the day where she can work on that garden herself, but her dream is closer to being a reality. If you think about that, I don’t know about being criticized this much. Shouldn’t it be okay to forgive the person who arranged a variety of things here? 

“That’s that, this is this!” (Ruko)

It didn’t work.

Looks like it was fatal that I got exposed enjoying watching the flustered Ruko. I was rained on with scolding, gratitude, and scolding again for a weird carrot and stick charade on our way back. 

The next day, Marito welcomed me with a beaming face. 

“That’s one hateful smile.” 

“This is the first time I have been told that by someone I welcomed with a smile. Anything bad happened?” (Marito)

“Ruko scolded my ears out. Thanks to that, I dreamed of being scolded too.” 

“Hahahaha! Can only say that you dug yourself into that one. But thanks to you, I managed to meet a good girl.” (Marito)

“Right on. Even though Ruko has now taken one step closer to her dream of working in gardening…” 

“Hm? You didn’t present her to me as a queen candidate?” (Marito)

“Eh? …Aah, now that you mention it, that’s how it worked.” 

Now that I think about it, presenting a girl to Marito came with that implication. I myself just wanted to pay back Ruko for her work of making Marito happy, and made it so she can get a good position from Marito.

“But Ruko is a maid working in this castle. I don’t think the people around would forgive that.” 

“As if I care. I don’t remember being given a list of restrictions for the candidates.” (Marito)

“Obviously. It is basically a silent agreement of sorts after all. Or more like, have you taken a liking to Ruko as a girl?” 

That’s the point I am curious about. It is not like there’s no noble ladies out there who enjoy gardening. 

“She has ambition but doesn’t have the intention of using people; she has a dream and doesn’t forget to put a lot of effort in making it a reality; her education and etiquette is higher than the minimum; when talking about my hobbies, she is not only not taken aback by this, but has knowledge that defeats me; about her appearance, she can shine plenty enough if dressed up and her smile when she talks gleefully is extremely bright; her flustered face is especially enticing. What part would I complain about?” (Marito)

So aside from her birth, she is full of plusses for Marito, huh. —Let’s hope the last one wasn’t the deciding factor. I don’t want a country where a king like that sits on the throne. 

“That said, she might have become a queen candidate, but I feel like Ruko herself might run away from the pressure.” 

“That’s true. But that can be solved if I win her over properly, right?” (Marito)

Marito said, full of confidence. Just how much confidence do you have? Who died and made you king? Yeah, that one doesn’t work here.

“But she is unexpectedly scary when she gets angry. Don’t corner her too much, okay?” 

“She is not you. I won’t give her the leeway to get angry.” (Marito)

Oh my, who is this handsome prince? …The king. 

Just what kind of shoujo manga story will Ruko be living after this? I am a bit curious, but poking at it carelessly would be dangerous. 

“For now, I leave her to you. What happens after is not on me.” 

“I know. But to think you would beat me to it.” (Marito)

You are the one that beat me to it though. Aah, no, he is talking about the agreement, huh.

“That was an agreement made because I didn’t like being tied down by forceful methods, not a competition of who readies an appropriate partner first.” 

“I thought of it as a competition internally. This is vexing.” (Marito)

“You… Right, if you lose, let’s have you listen to a request of mine.” 

“Of course. I don’t mind hearing a request of yours regardless of wins or losses though.” (Marito)

The love of my friend is heavy. Well, that will eventually be flowing over to Ruko, so I don’t mind.

“Can you forgive Ilias?” 


Yeah, his expression turned into that of a king in one go. It really was no mistake that there wouldn’t have been any room for negotiation if not in a circumstance like this one. 

“I am impressed you can forgive Lady Ratzel. Even though she prioritized the lives of others over yourself and exposed you to danger.” (Marito)

“I am the one who made her fight to protect the people around to begin with. The reason why I got caught was because I forgot to factor the possibility of a 3rd one and ended up isolated. I properly took responsibility for that one, you know.” 

“Lady Ratzel barely did anything fruitful there despite that though. Are you aware of that?” (Marito)

Well, it is true that the best scenario would have been for Ilias to defeat Girista though. If I were asked who from those 3 were stronger, I would have said either Ekdoik or Pashuro. The difference in compatibility showed up strongly for Ekdoik, and he completely lost to Rakura, but Pashuro had a hard time fighting Ilias with his full power. 

Wolfe was the one to settle the battle at the end, but it wouldn’t have been possible to defeat Pashuro without Ilias. 

“If Ilias wasn’t the biggest contributor, I may have not come to ask you to forgive her. Well, there’s no assurance I would be standing here alive in that case though.” 

“Big words. Well, if that had happened, Lady Ratzel wouldn’t even be a knight anymore by now.” (Marito)

That goes for you too. You are saying quite the scary thing as if nothing. You had her protect a glass character that would die instantly, and if she fails, her whole life goes downhill. There’s a limit to being merciless.

“But I wouldn’t want a bodyguard who would throw away the lives of others without hesitation. If you are going to be assigning a person like that as my bodyguard, I would rather go alone to Gahne.” 

“You say such naive things despite having torn apart the enemies from the inside. How about having a bit more of a core?” (Marito)

“I do have a core. The crooked core of wanting to live safely.” 

This won’t change even if the world does. Even if it is a normal lifestyle, even if I burn in a sense of justice, even if my ideals were to be dyed by lunatics, I don’t plan on changing that. Rather, it is something that I must not change at this point.

“…Haah, got it. Lady Ratzel will continue as a bodyguard for the near future. However, I will prepare one more bodyguard for when you go to Gahne. No complaints there, right?” (Marito)

“That’s good enough of a compromise. By the way, who are you planning on assigning?” 

“I will think of it until the appointed day. Leaving aside their skills, I plan on readying someone who will protect you above anything else.” (Marito)

Looks like he still holds a grudge despite having forgiven her. Let’s just hold hopes for Ilias in that front. 

“Lady Ratzel, come in!” (Marito)

Ilias entered the office a while after the call of Marito.

She doesn’t have a dejected face, but I could tell that she is nervous. 

“You must have heard that just now. Your bodyguard mission continues on, however, there’s no next time. Thus, face this with the chivalric code you hold as a core at stake!” (Marito)

“—Yes!” (Ilias)

“The pressure on me is rough if the life of Ilias is at stake though.” 

“If you think so, then please tread with utmost care yourself. How worried do you think I was when I heard that you were kidnapped?” (Marito)


I was pushed back by the serious eyes of Marito and apologized honestly. At times like this, I feel something of a different realm from the pressure of knights and lunatics. 

It reminds me of how Marito is also a monster in his own right in this world. The knights must have it rough being directed such pressure on the regular. 

“Now then, let’s get right into it. There was a report regarding Gahne. The result was ‘Nothing off’.” (Marito)

“I see. But with how the conversation went before, it sounded like it was fine for me to go to Gahne though.” 

If there was anything off in Gahne, Marito was supposed to officially allow me to head to Gahne, so there being nothing off was unexpected.

“Even if there’s nothing off, Gahne in itself is unique in a lot of areas. There being nothing off simply means that there are no changes in the ruling since the king of Gahne changed.” (Marito)

The king of Gahne changed a few years ago. So it is a ‘nothing off’ in the sense that there’s no issues. If I think about it too deeply, I feel like I will have a Gestaltzerfall, so let’s not. <if a subject reads or hears the same term over and over, that term ceases to have any meaning.>

“So you planned on giving your permission from the very beginning.” 

“You would have headed to Gahne regardless, right? In that case, I would choose the method that can chain you.” (Marito)

This guy really says things outright. Well, I don’t mind at this point. 

“So have you already begun negotiations there?” 

“I have already finished negotiations with the king of Gahne. You will be staying for a long period of time in Gahne as a talented individual that wants to learn there. I have gotten permission for you to enter most facilities. He said that he doesn’t mind you checking the military affairs documents as much as you want.” (Marito)

“That’s quite the great welcoming.” 

Hiding the information about military affairs if you are from the same rank is a matter of fact. If they are allowing it with open arms must mean that there wouldn’t be any issues even if they are disclosed, and no worries in being imitated. That’s just how much confidence they have in their own nation. 

But Marito is fast. To think he had already negotiated with the king from the very beginning. 

“That’s how it is, so I will ask you to inspect Gahne aside from pursuing the matter of Raheight. That way you can hide your main intention, right?” (Marito)

“You say it like an afterthought… It is not like I am that in the know of rulings though.” 

“I will be assigning you someone with a head for such areas as your extra bodyguard.” (Marito)

That would help. 

Even if you ask me to investigate the greatness of a neighboring country, I feel like I would only have enough vocabulary to say ‘it was amazing!’. Ilias may be knowledgeable in military, but…I feel like she would only be giving musclehead comments like ‘I could defeat them’.

“I won’t stop you from chasing the traces of Raheight, however, don’t go too deeply. I am even prepared to provide knights if you need power. Rely on our power, my friend.” (Marito)

“Yeah. If Raheight is walking in front of my eyes, I will have Ilias cut him down, but I will rely a whole ton on you on the other fronts, my friend.” 

And in this way, the preparations to investigate Gahne are done thanks to the help of Marito. 

The beginning of all this was a single book. By tracing that book, we have located the truth buried deep in that darkness. 

What awaits even further beyond are most likely truths that surpass that. I don’t want to get involved in it, but it is not like my peaceful life won’t be threatened any further even if I half-ass it here. 

I really don’t want to, but let’s work hard for the sake of world peace, or maybe, for the sake of a happy lifestyle that fulfills the peace in my heart. 


There’s no one here who knows correctly where this place is. 

It is a special space that was created by the Black Demon Lord that had the Almighty power. 

There’s a giant round table set. There’s no chairs, and 8 crystals of 8 different colors were spaced equally around it. 

The colors that were shining from those were: gold, blue, green, purple, colorless, and crimson. The black and white crystals alone had lost their shine and were quiet.

“The book in question has been sealed in Mejis again. End of the report.” 

A heavy voice echoed from the crimson crystal. It is the voice of the Crimson Demon Lord that was linked to Raheight. 

“So you couldn’t steal the book in the end… Even though it is the book that has things written about me… Aah, so embarrassing… I want to die…” 

The clear voice like that of ice as if it could fade at any moment echoed from the blue crystal. 

“That brat, Raheight, was it? It is because Crimson doesn’t turn him into a demon already. Crimson really doesn’t know how to handle his people.” 

The amused and teasing voice echoed from the gold crystal. 

“Gold, you shouldn’t say that. Demons are beings that become your next successor, you know? You have to be super discreet, tease them, and dangle it on them until they can’t endure it anymore.” 

The bewitching voice echoed from the purple crystal. The colorless and blue crystals were shining, but they maintained silence. 

“The mistake of Raheight doesn’t matter. It is a simple matter of, if there’s no result, there’s no reward. If his desire continues, he will eventually bring about results. However, I heard a bit of an interesting report.” (Crimson)

“Fumu, what is it?” (Gold)

“I have been told that someone who can decipher the book in question has shown up. Also that he is someone that comes from the same planet as Yugura.” (Crimson)

Silence took over the place for a while. 

It is a round table with no faces, but the emotions swirling around were varied. If there was a 3rd party there, they would have been on the verge of going crazy from the chaotic atmosphere. 

“That means…my everything has… Aah, I want to die…” (Blue)

“It is certainly true that it is rude to read the secrets of a maiden, right?” (Purple)

“This one doesn’t know how naked Yugura described ya all, but it is important for the time when it is known that ya can resurrect even when defeated.” (Gold)

“Yugura was an attentive one after all. It might be written.” (Purple)

“Even if that’s the case, the ones who currently know about this are only Taizu and Mejis. We just have to move if they move. There’s no weaklings here who would give out excuses like their bodies are dull and can’t move, right?” (Crimson)

“This one isn’t good at manual labor though… I don’t mind it for the ‘Day of Strife’, but this one doesn’t want to stand on the frontlines.” (Gold)

“Gold is noticeably weaker after all. You were defeated by Yugura in one hit, right?” (Purple)

“Umu, if it is in terms of running away, I have confidence that this one would be following right after the Black of Almighty.” (Gold)

“Stop the stupid self-deprecation, Yellow of Ruling.” (Crimson)

“It is Gold! This one has told ya to stop with the Yellow! Good grief, Yugura doesn’t know my likes!” (Gold)

“Is that the end of your talk, Crimson?” 

A clear voice resonated from the green crystal. That voice silenced the noise around in an instant. 

“What, ya were awake, Green?” (Gold)

“Of course I would speak if I find your noisiness to be displeasing while I am dozing off. If there’s nothing else to report, finish this already. Or do you want me to finish it?” (Green)

“…That’s all.” (Crimson)

The shine from the crimson crystal disappeared. The blue and purple disappear following that. 

“How scary. The only ones who can threaten the Demon Lords are Black and Green.” (Gold)


“What, Green? There’s no need for ya to stay till the very end. Just leave the job for the last one to this one who follows after Black. Ya can just continue enjoying your sleep.” (Gold)

There’s no knowing how those words were taken, but the shine of the green crystal disappeared too.

“Scary, scary. No matter what this one says, Green would find it displeasing after all. Can’t even smooth things over like that.” (Gold)

Silence took over the place. The only crystal emitting a voice was the gold one. 

“Hey, Colorless, ya can speak every now and then too, ya know?” (Gold)

Gold speaks to the colorless crystal that’s still shining. But the colorless crystal silently erased its shine without saying anything. 

“Muuh… Did this one say something to be hated over? All Demon Lords are hard to please as always. That said, a resident of the same planet as Yugura, huh. I am really curious. I heard he is in Taizu, but…won’t he visit my place in Gahne? Nfufufu!” (Gold)

The gold crystal also stopped shining after an amused laugh. There were no lights shining in the space anymore. The round table was swallowed by the darkness and only silence remained. 

Just when the otherworlder from Earth had discovered the existence of the Demon Lords, the Demon Lords were also made aware of his presence.

The 2nd Arc is over. 

The stage of the 3rd Arc will be taking place in the neighboring country of Gahne.

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