LS – Chapter 225: That’s why, unshaken

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According to the call from the communication crystal, Comrade and Melia encountered an enemy while Rakura and I were getting a diagnosis at Barastos’s place.

I was told they battled even if for a short period of time, and I hurriedly returned to Torin. 

Mix brought back the two to the house of Odyus. 

She took into consideration that Melia was being tailed once she returned from the Holstear Company, so using the dwelling of a general from the Torin army, which would be hard for them to put a hand on, is a good idea. 

We left the base to Haakudoku and Masetta, and I arrived at the destination with Rakura and Blue. 

“Comrade, Melia, are you alright?!” (Ekdoik)

“Oh, Ekdoik-dono, I have been waiting!” (Mix)

The ones who welcomed us were Mix and Odyus. 

I don’t see Comrade and Melia. 

But I could tell immediately after seeing the gloom expression of Mix. 

“Mix, I heard that the two had a weird change. What situation are they in?” (Ekdoik)

“Melia-dono is currently resting. As for Mister Friend…it would be faster for you to meet him yourself.” (Mix)

Comrade was in one room I was guided to. 

I don’t see any changes, but he immediately turned his eyes into those ones the moment he saw me and observed me. 

It has been a while since I have been looked at with those eyes, but it really chills my spine. 

“Is this that Ekdoik you were speaking of before? The one behind him must be Rakura and…the Blue Demon Lord? She seems like a normal demi-human despite being called a Demon Lord.” 

“…You don’t remember me?” (Ekdoik)

“No, I don’t. Is that how I should put it? I am at least in a state where I don’t know you all.” 

“Counselor-sama seems to be somewhat normal… His atmosphere is pretty different though…” (Rakura)

“It is hard to completely believe the current situation, but I have no choice but to believe this is an isekai with magic and demi-humans existing. I for now understand that you guys are not out to harm me. Mix, thanks for explaining to me. Let’s sum up what has happened for now.” 

Comrade began explaining what had happened to himself and Melia.

Comrade and Melia have apparently lost their memories from the present all the way to a certain point due to the spell of an Illegitimate called Soraid. 

Comrade has lost the memories of a few years while Melia has gone back around a decade. 

The difference here is most likely because Melia was the target and Comrade was simply caught up in it. 

“In that case, Melia has been returned to the time not long after she lost her big sister…” (Ekdoik)

“As for me, I am suddenly in an isekai when I thought I was in Japan just a few moments ago. Moreover, a wonderful development where I am surrounded by people who know me. Anyways, my body has gotten pretty burly. I can tell just how inconvenient the lifestyle in an isekai is.” 

Comrade moves his body as if confirming its state. 

It seems like his stamina and physical strength has increased a lot compared to when he arrived in this world.

“I explained to Mister Friend about the circumstances to the best of my knowledge, but he has adapted to a shocking degree.” (Mix)

“I am feeling conflicted internally though. But easily breaking through the walls of language is pretty convenient.” 

“Anyways, the power to take away memories, huh… That’s quite the dangerous power…” (Ekdoik)

It hasn’t shown changes in the body, but losing the memories of the things you have experienced until now leads to weakening your target to a great extent. People learn many things in a decade and grow. 

Comrade may be fine since he didn’t have battle skills to begin with, but Melia…

“But what’s exactly the power of Soraid? We are still not clear about that yet. Does he steal memories or erase them? Can you get them back? There will be the need to change how to deal with it depending on the details. Barastos, was it? The Great Sage should be able to investigate it a bit more.” 

“Fumu… Does that mean we will be investigating that for now?” (Mix)

“Right. But Soraid saw through your identity, right, Mix? Him seeing through your disguise means that you must have given off enough of a presence for that. Now they know we have disguised ourselves as demi-humans -including me.” 

Now that Soraid knows that Mix is in a demi-human form, it wouldn’t be strange for him to be certain that the one he attacked was Comrade. 

It should be safe to assume that the plan of infiltrating as a merchant has collapsed. 

“Now then, let’s head to the place of Barastos at once.” (Mix)

“Before that, there should be personal possessions of mine in our base, right? I would like someone to retrieve them. I am still me despite the years. There should be information arranged there that will be necessary in order to think about our future moves.” 

“Then, I will bring Mister Friend and Melia-dono with me, so Ekdoik-dono, can you take care of Haakudoku-dono and Masetta-dono as well?” (Mix)

“Got it. But can Comrade fly in his current state?” (Ekdoik)

I feel like the orders he gave Kutou were somewhat complicated. Won’t it be difficult for Comrade to fly satisfactorily when he doesn’t have the memories. 

“The devil that is possessing this wooden sword is Kutou?” 

“Yes, Master. Kutou, best partner!” (Kutou)

“I don’t know how to use you at all though.” 

“Ooh… Kutou can’t do arbitrary actions. Orders of Master. I’m yes-man.” (Kutou)

Kutou is a devil. He obviously has a sense of self. 

But Kutou has been restricted from doing spontaneous actions by the Purple Demon Lord. 

This is more consideration towards Marito and such allies of Comrade rather than for the sake of Comrade himself. 

It is an insurance in case Kutou were to begin moving for its own benefit when always carried around by Comrade. 

“Is it okay to just tell you to carry us and fly?” 

“Bit different. But should be okay. I somehow tell the nuance!” (Kutou)

“That response worries me quite a lot.” 

“It would be overloaded with just Kutou anyways. I had Daruagestia hide outside the capital of Torin. Let’s move with that child.” (Blue)

That would be the best choice. 

Flying with Kutou makes it harder to stand out, but there’s the possibility the forces of the enemy are approaching. 

They won’t be able to put a hand on us that easily against Daruagestia who has high combat power. 

“Mister Friend should have made a manual for the orders of Kutou if I remember correctly. You should confirm that later.” (Mix)

“Aah, I have made something like that. My future self has adapted more than I thought.” 


Comrade and the others headed to Baratos’s place. 

I don’t know how much effect it has had on him after losing his present memories, but I feel like Comrade hasn’t lost his abilities that much. 

But strangers are telling him that they have been friends of his for a long time. It must be putting quite a lot of burden on him. 

I can tell clearly that there’s far more distance between us. 

Also, Melia…

She has been returned to her mental state of when she just recently lost her beloved big sister after her father. 

It would be great if there’s a way to return her to normal, but if she stays in a state of having lost all the memories until now… It would mean that all the words and memories we had would be gone. 

It is because she aimed to become a holy knight and trained her heart that she ended up forgiving a man like me. 

Would I be forgiven if I were to apologize in the same fashion? 

“…No, I didn’t think she would forgive me in the first place. I have to atone for the sin as I should.” (Ekdoik)

I was saved by Melia; in that case, it is my turn to save her. 

I wouldn’t be able to face Leishia otherwise. 

I might be thought of as conceited for this, but protecting what Leishia was trying to protect is the atonement I can do. 


I returned to my room and Ritial was in the middle of pouring tea. 

Seeing him like this made me think he really has had a lot of time as the tea brewer of Nektohal. 

“I prepared it since I thought it would be about time for you to return.” (Ritial)

“My throat is not really parched though. However, there were results. I made contact with the resident of Yugura’s planet.” (Soraid)

“Oh, so you succeeded in finding him.” (Ritial)

“It wasn’t that difficult. It is true that in a battle of deception, I would lose against the resident of Yugura’s planet, but it is not like he does everything himself. It was easier than I thought when I concentrated on targeting his allies.” (Soraid)

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. 

The reason why the resident of Yugura’s planet is the centerpiece of it all is because of how ingenious he is. 

Then there’s a high chance the people around specialize in fields other than that. 

Having two ingenious types in one place makes it hard for things to operate well. 

“That’s great to hear. Means there won’t be a turn for me.” (Ritial)

“I thought he was a black wolfkin at first, but he had demi-humans ears and a tail by using some sort of spell.” (Soraid)

That Blade of Annihilation, Mix Taizu, having those ears and tail made me notice this. 

I wouldn’t have been able to erase my doubts that he may have been a black wolfkin helper. 

“So, what’s the result?” (Ritial)

“I used my power on one of his comrades. It ended up dragging the resident of Yugura’s planet as well. She was turned back to the time when she was a child, but I don’t know how far that man was turned back to.” (Soraid)

“That curse power of yours is scary. The ability to affect memories. Even though it is originally just a talent to maintain your memories clear and cleanly forget the memories you don’t need. You use sound as a medium to forcefully alter them and adapt them to it.” (Ritial)

“I personally find it more scary that you understand it that much despite me not having explained it to you.” (Soraid)

This power was originally one that I polished in order to forget the bad experiences and escape from reality. 

I was fine with just spending a painless life. 

But one day I thought: ‘Why do I have to forget about the ones that created a bitter experience for me?’. 

It was simple after thinking like that. 

I will make all of their lives worthless by taking away their memories and experiences. 

I managed to obtain a convenient weapon like that. 

“But Soraid, I heard from Nektohal that your power is finite though.” (Ritial)

“Yeah, it is more like a curse for the other party after all. It will be the end if the curse is undone. But it won’t be as long as I  don’t undo it or they have Yugura with them.” (Soraid)

I use my staff as an intermediary to drive a wedge into the target’s past memories. 

If I do that, the target will lose all the memories from that point in the past to the present and will have to obtain new memories again. 

Using this curse requires mana to activate, but doesn’t require mana to maintain. 

I just have to keep the wedge through the staff and the effect will continue. 

“They would have to destroy the staff or until you die, huh. Is it affected by magic seal stones?” (Ritial)

“My wedge is not a magic construction. It is like directly endowing a concept. It is not impossible to nullify the spell at the time when I am casting the curse, but it is not like they can undo the wedge.” (Soraid)

“The talents of Illegitimate really go beyond the realms of magic. It is like the transcendent power given to Demon Lords.” (Ritial)

“It was done by the same person after all. It is a shame I couldn’t finish them, but having gotten the resident of Yugura’s planet as well is big. Their cards have been revealed and have been weakened. They are most likely suspicious towards their unknown allies and losing it.” (Soraid)

My power doesn’t only take away the experiences of the target. It is possible to instill the seed of discord. 

Even though the people around know you, you don’t remember a single one of them. 

That fear should be enough to dull your legs. 

A resourceful guy who can’t do proper teamwork with the people around is nothing. 

“It would be best to not relax too much. The true nature of humans has not changed since the day they were born. Even if the memories of the resident of Yugura’s planet have been returned to the past, it is not like you have incapacitated him.” (Ritial)

“I am not relaxing. That’s why I avoided fighting Mix and returned.” (Soraid)

I have heard about that woman. 

A powerhouse that managed to reach Rank 2 in the highly reputable adventurer guild, Morgana, while hiding her social status. 

Tales of her wiping out several bandit dens alone are famous. 

I would definitely be the one dead if we were to fight normally. 

It is not only Mix. The resident of Yugura’s planet having recovered and showing up in Torin means that people like: the demon of the Blue Demon Lord, Ekdoik; the winner of the swordsmanship tournament in Taizu, Ilias Ratzel; the cleric of the Yugura Church that subjugated several Great Devils, Rakura Salf, could be present. 

I can incapacitate those guys with my power if I were to trap them. 

I don’t know how much work they put in order to reach that point, but I can turn it worthless. 

My power can deal with anyone as long as I win the prediction battle.

Hoodlums alone are already not reliable enough. It is about time I utilize guys that I can use as fighting force too. 

“I don’t mind you borrowing the help of other Illegitimate, but make sure to avoid working them to the ground. They are our brethren after all.” (Ritial)

“Ritial, I shouldn’t worry since you are reading my thoughts, right?” (Soraid)

“It is because I can read them that I am worried.” (Ritial)

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