LS – Chapter 266: As such, decisive battle

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The assassin of Raheight we fought in Taizu, Pashuro. He was the disciple of Gradona, and his skills were extremely high. 

What was the most troublesome about him was his whimsical personality that allowed him to switch battle styles freely. 

My countermeasure for this was to do a handclap in the moments Pashuro’s mood changed. 

I am putting that to use. 

“—Again?!” (Arcreal)

Arcreal, who is bad at going on the offensive, can’t break through the defense of Ilias. 

That’s why he needs to pull some clever move in order to catch Ilias off-guard, but this gesture is for the sake of not allowing such eventualities. 

The side-effect of putting on the Superhuman Glasses that gives outstanding dynamic vision is that I can’t move my body. What I can barely do is blink, but that’s enough.

I would detect the moment when Arcreal would try to pull some sort of trick, close the eye that has the Superhuman Glasses, and then do a handclap after switching to the naked eye. 

I can also clap my hands with my eyes closed, but there’s no knowing what Arcreal would pull in that brief instant when my eyes are completely closed.


It is an action that requires switching eyesight from both eyes over and over.

My sense of balance is affected because my brain is trying to take in a varied amount of information, but getting away with just that much is a cheap price to pay. 

Ilias increases her wariness when Arcreal tries to make a move, so he can’t attack like he wants. 

I can tell that the vexation is increasing in his face despite one-sidedly attacking. 

“Such a petty way of fighting…!” (Arcreal)

“Who was the person that said he didn’t mind fighting everyone at the same time? You seem awfully disoriented with just his signals alone.” (Ilias)


Arcreal can’t defeat Ilias in this state where he is basically announcing that he will be attacking. 

What Arcreal should do here is to stop attacking Ilias and direct his sword at me. 

But his cheap pride is getting in his way and can’t do it. 

There’s nothing at stake for this man in this battle after all. 

Ritial and Raheight have something that they have resolved themselves to do even if it costs them their life. 

But Arcreal has nothing aside from his interest in fighting strong opponents. 

He doesn’t want to admit that the act of a man clapping his hands is enough to deal with him. 

He doesn’t want to create a limit to himself by having no choice but to eliminate him. 

That emotion is pushing away even his feelings of fighting for the sake of his comrades.

There won’t be any issues over here if it goes on like this.

What’s left is the members that rushed in, but…here it is…the 3 signals! 

“Arcreal, I have been contacted by all the members that raided your base! They have all broken through the mid layer, and have confirmed that all of them are dead-ends. 

“And what of it…?! Oi oi, are you saying Ritial lost?!” (Arcreal)

“That’s right.” 

Defeating Ritial is big. 

I thought about the composition of the raid members, but I gave up on thinking about who would be getting in the way of which team after all. 

I want to believe Haakudoku or someone like that stirred things up. 

I would definitely lose if I were to try to outread Ritial, so I decided with the plan to let each member act freely -leaving aside whether this can even be called a plan. 

Ritial may have been almost undefeated due to that talent of his, but I have also worked my way up. 

The amount of times I have lost to people that are more sly and can read my thoughts is the same as the amount I have won against them. 

The experience of the times when I won against them is present. 

Their reads would be sharp and would easily see through my predictions. 

But whenever my pieces did something arbitrary, those reads would often get messed up. 

Ritial imagined that I was controlling them as I wished, so he directed his attention way too much at reading me. Of course the possibility of having the rug pulled under your feet would be created with this. 

I would of course do something like abandoning a match for the sake of changing a battle with zero chance to one where there might be a chance. 

“Lies…or not. There’s no need to do pointless lies.” (Arcreal)

“Yeah, you would keep fighting here till the end anyways, right?” 

“You could say that. I am surprised that Ritial lost, but it seems like he still had other means to buy time.” (Arcreal)

There’s the need to put some sort of restriction -with something like contract magic- in the use of resurrection magic for when it is finished, in order to avoid him pulling the wool over them. 

They most likely made it so that he can’t use the resurrection magic until he has prepared a way so that Ritial and Raheight can obtain it too. 

Contract magic can’t be retracted one-sidedly. 

That’s why, in the case Ritial or Raheight’s routes are the correct ones, they wouldn’t be able to block that path. 

What I can think of is that the path of Seraes was the correct one. 

Seraes is in a cooperative relationship with Raheight, but his objective was to protect the order of the world. 

That’s why he most likely didn’t want Raheight and Ritial to obtain the resurrection magic. 

Ritial used that feeling of Seraes to lead him into burying the right path he had to prepare. 

“He used Seraes in order to fill up the hole in the contract magic. He really did close the hope, but…well, that’s within expectations.” 

“What…? It is not just you not wanting to admit defeat, right?” (Arcreal)

“I was not competing with Ritial to begin with. I have imagined what would happen after winning or losing. A decent amount of time has passed since the first team pulled the wrong path, so it should be about time for the blocked path to be broken through by brute force.” 

I instructed them that the teams that pulled the wrong path should dig through it until the right path is discovered. 

It would be one thing if it had been closed from the beginning, but if it is a hole that has been closed arbitrarily by Seraes after being stationed there, it shouldn’t be that deep. 

I have placed people that excel in digging through in each team with that possibility in consideration.

“…You normally wouldn’t think that far though.” (Arcreal)

“I think that far because I am a coward.” 

“Nektohal really might get his butt kicked at this rate. Well, I guess I will give him some words of comfort when that happens.” (Arcreal)

Arcreal’s state changed a bit.

The impatience from being tired of attacking is gone, and he seems to be truly calm. 

There’s no need for Arcreal to hurry now in this unclear situation where Ritial has lost and there’s no knowing if we will be reaching Nektohal. 

I would be grateful if he were to just back off here, but this man is the type of person who is dutiful to a certain degree. 

He will continue keeping the promise he has with Ritial to a degree where he can protect. 

But him losing the reason to head underground is convenient. With this, he will continue protecting his own pride until the end. 

Their strongest fighting force, Arcreal, is still fine, so we need Ilias to continue hanging on. 

“Ilias, we are moving to the next plan! I leave it to you!” 

“Yeah, leave it to me!” (Ilias)1


“Finally… It is finally done… Resurrection magic… It is without doubt…the same as the one Yugura created… But this is…!” 

Nektohal is speaking all alone… No, I am listening, so he is not, I guess? Aah, but it is not like he directed that at me. 

“Congratulations. To think a resident of this world would be able to complete resurrection magic by their own effort. Moreover, getting through the net Yugura set.” 

“—Colorless Demon Lord?!” (Nektohal)

“No need to get on guard. I simply came here to congratulate you. I am not going to put a hand on you. The resurrection magic construction plan you made was perfect. I am impressed.” (Colorless)

Here, I will clap for you. 

It is a bit lonely with just me alone, but I don’t want to go as far as making clones for this, so spare me with just this much, okay? 

“…Did you come here to laugh at me?” (Nektohal)

“That’s right. It is an impressive feat though, you know? With this, you can freely make new Demon Lords. He is a Demon Lord, she is a Demon Lord, everyone is a Demon Lord, kinda deal?” (Colorless)

“So you knew! You knew and yet…and yet…!” (Nektohal)

“Yeah, I knew. Resurrection magic can resurrect people into Demon Lords. That’s right, people.” (Colorless)

Nektohal’s objective was to become a Demon Lord himself. 

I am not interested in what he wanted to do once he stood in the same plane as the Green Demon Lord though. 

But that’s a wish that won’t come true. 

You can only use resurrection magic on people. You can’t receive the blessings of it with the body of a demon. 

Noticing this for the first time after using it on himself is truly saddening. 

Man, witnessing the hard work of someone else crumbling into dust is the best feeling! I should have brought food with me. It definitely would have tasted heavenly! 

“How ironic. You betrayed your master and threw everything away to grab ahold of this miracle, and yet, it is exclusive for others to use.” (Colorless)

“Then, for what did I do this…? For what…?” (Nektohal)

Oh, I was provoking him, but he is ignoring me and mumbling. Even though I could have had a bit of fun if he tried to kill me. 

“Ooi, are you listening? There are some nostalgic people coming here, you know~? …No good. He is completely broken.” (Colorless)

This Nektohal, there’s no shadow of the face overflowing with intelligence from just before. It won’t be difficult to get rid of him like this. 

The troublesome Ritial also safely dropped out, and Raheight has fallen into the hands of the Earthling. It seems like there won’t be a turn for me with this. 

That Yugura said ‘It is fine to just leave it be if he can get that far’, but I would like to avoid getting more things taken away than they already have for the sake of Black Sis fulfilling her revenge. 

I personally would find it troubling if more Demon Lords were to be added. 


“My Lord, the path is open now.” (Dyuvuleori)

“I see. It was shorter than I thought?” (Purple)

Dear told us to dig through the path in the case it is the wrong one until the correct path is ascertained, but this is what he meant, huh. 

Seraes blocked the path with the assumption he would be defeated? …No, it is more like he wanted to crush both us and Ritial’s plans with this, I guess. 

“Devils really are handy. My King’s monsters are all strong, but I can’t push the menial chores to them, so I am a bit jealous!” (Niru)

“You could have helped in digging a hole too, you know, Niruryates?” (Purple)

“I didn’t want to get caught in the rubble that those two were sending all over the place.” (Niru)

The work of Dyuvuleori and the others was really fast, but it was rough in a lot of edges because it prioritized speed. 

They are so dirty it makes me want to say ‘you are playing in the mud at this age?’.

“You two, let’s clean up the mud. Please stay put for a bit.” (Ban)

Ban used magic and cleaned up the mud of the two. 

As expected from an adventurer that fulfilled the role of scout. He can use a variety of convenient spells.

“Thank you very much, Ban-san!” (Wolfe)

“My clothes were weaved with mana. There was no need to do that.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Dyuvuleori, you were cleaned as an afterthought for Wolfe, you know? What’s with that attitude despite that?” (Purple)

“…My thanks, human.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Don’t worry about it. I didn’t think about it after all. I did something unnecessary there.” (Ban)

Ban is a good helper of Dear, so show the appropriate attitude. 

I sigh as I direct a gaze with that intention put into it. 

Looks like I will have to make him acclimate to human society a bit more or problems will happen. 

I should try entrusting Dyuvuleori to Nora. 

“…I can’t fight, but it seems like I have recovered enough to walk alone? Dyuvuleori, I give you permission to carry me.” (Purple)

“As you will.” (Dyuvuleori)

I may be able to walk, but it is hard to run. 

However, it should be possible to get enough speed if Dyuvuleori carries me. 

“So you won’t be walking yourself… But that’s nice. I would like to be carried by a gentleman.” (Niru)

“Oh my, should I tell Green to do that?” (Purple)

“I would die! He will slice me into pieces and then grab my head as if to sarcastically carry me! Please think of who you are saying that to! But I would like to refrain from doing that with anyone but My King.” (Niru)

“I also wouldn’t feel happiness from anyone aside from Dear.” (Purple)

“But I feel like he would be heaving just from carrying you alone.” (Niru)

“Oh, but that’s the good part about it, you know? Isn’t it wonderful that he would push himself for my sake?” (Purple)

It took time to open up the path that was blocked, but it is not that big of a loss if I consider this as having secured time to recover. 

We managed to reach the lower layer at a decently short time with Wolfe carrying Ban and running. 

We reached a spacious room with shining magic crystals and weird tools lined up. 

It is similar to the ones that I saw in the castle of Green, but these ones are awfully new. 

And then, at the center of this room, there’s a single man with black hair and black eyes like Niruryates, and dark skin. 

“Nektohal!” (Wolfe)

Wolfe shouted that name loudly, but Nektohal didn’t show any signs of reacting to this. 

Nektohal was staring at empty space and muttering something. 

“Hey, Niruryates, was Nektohal that kind of guy?” (Purple)

“His appearance and mana leaves no doubt that it is him though… He has decayed an awful lot in the time I haven’t seen him. *Cough* Nektohal, it has been a while!” (Niru)

“…I…to the peak…with that personage…” (Nektohal)

“Hey, I am giving you the luxury of a greeting when I would normally try to kill you no questions asked, you know?! Don’t ignore me~! Don’t~!” (Niru)

He is even ignoring the voice of Niruryates. 

Did a nutcase like this really command Ritial and Raheight? Should I think something happened? 

“What should we do, My Lord?” (Dyuvuleori)

“I am the one who wants to ask, you know? I thought for sure we would either be fighting or we would have to chase after him—” (Purple)

The head of Nektohal flew. 

Niruryates was calling for him, but lopped off the head of Nektohal using a sword hand without any preliminary motions. 

The hand of Niruryates had warped in a way as if it had been polished to be a weapon. 

Did she make use of her regeneration that allows her to immediately regenerate even after she was left with only a head to turn her arm into a weapon? 

“You show no hesitation even against a former colleague, huh?” (Purple)

“He won’t die with just this much regardless of hesitation -unless you crush his head cleanly.” (Niru)

It is true that Nektohal is still alive. 

He is still mumbling something despite his head having been lopped off. 

Niruryates walks towards the fallen head of Nektohal. 

This time around, she changed her arm into a hammer and raised it high. 

“I wanted to throw a complaint or two but, with this, there was no point in me having come. Haah, what a waste. I want to be healed by the gallant visage of My King quickly.” (Niru)

“…My King… My King… Ah, aaah… Aaaaaaaah!” (Nektohal)

Nektohal suddenly began screaming at a volume that made me want to cover my ears. 

The air and this room itself is shaking. 

He is unleashing this with a massive amount of mana carried in his voice. 

There’s no point to it. He is simply shouting out what’s welling up from inside of himself. 

“Shut up. Just go—?!” (Niru)

Countless spears protruded from the ground. 

They stabbed the whole body of Niruryates one after the other.

Holes were made one over the other, and the shape of her body couldn’t hang on and crumbled. 

I managed to see what laid ahead because the body of Niruryates crumbled on the ground. 

There were countless things resembling tentacles coming down from below the neck of Nektohal, and they pierced the body of Niruryates. 

This is far more removed from a human than Niruryates changing her arm into a weapon. 

His head and his remaining body lost their shape and swelled up as just plain meat. 

“Niruryates-san?!” (Ban)

“Ban, stand back.” (Wolfe)

Even though he showed no signs of having even noticed we appeared, he is now bathing us with killing intent so thick it feels like heated up mud. 

The demon that has lived for a long time is trying to direct his fangs at us. 

“My King… Why… Aah, something…must be taken away… What…? Something… Everything… Everything!” (Nektohal)

“My Lord…” (Dyuvuleori)

“You can tell even without asking, right? It is finally your turn. Rouse yourself.” (Purple)

“As you will.” (Dyuvuleori)

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