LS – Chapter 337: Thus, wear down

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After I grabbed Yox and Maya, and checked the state of the Mejis army from the sky, a call came from Marito.

We were told that communication with a village that was being turned into a supply station had been cut off, so I changed directions to the village, and arrived at a location where we could see it from the sky.

“…That’s horrible.” (Yox)

Yox leaked those words with anger.

It was a village we inspected before the battle began, but there’s no shadow of that anymore.

The only thing there is is an empty field with just burned charcoal scattered around. It is as if a giant fire that could burn the earth had engulfed it.

“Judging from the remains of charcoal, it is not an explosion type of spell. It feels as if they drastically increased the temperature in the air to make it burn.” (Maya)

We analyze the remains of the village and move our gazes to the center of the village.

We could tell immediately after seeing from the sky that the heat originated from the center of the village.

And we also found the one who created this sight pretty soon.

We headed to the center of the village while descending, and there was a single unscathed person standing there.

A lean man that’s different from a soldier and a civilian.

What’s most telling is that he is not changing his expression at all despite this strange sight.

“That was awfully fast. The Ruling of the Gold Demon Lord, was it? That’s a convenient power.”

“No intention to hide, huh.” (Maya)

“I would be interested in a way to lie that could deceive you in this situation.”

“Is that a way to show your confidence, Demon-san?” (Maya)

“Aah, I see. I have to introduce myself again if I just kill them immediately. Hello, my name is Ofaro. I am just a sun that will eat the world away… This isn’t something I should be saying several times a day. Share this information, okay?” (Ofaro)

Ofaro looked at us, and then moved his gaze to the surroundings again.

He is full of openings, but I don’t feel like attacking carelessly.

My nose that should be able to sniff out the strength of my opponent is not giving me any information.

It must be some sort of concealment magic, but it is to a degree where it can surpass the detection power of a Great Devil. I have no choice but to be wary.

“Are you enjoying the afterglow?” (Maya)

“I want to make sure I don’t forget the scars I left myself. I want to sear into my memories the things I injured, destroyed, by my own will. Cause, doesn’t that make sense? Obviously you would feel more worth in what you have done over the things that others have done, right?” (Ofaro)

“I don’t want to bring about worth in killing people.” (Maya)

“Human hunters also boast proudly about the prey they hunt. I am a demon. I am different from a human and a beast. It is the same as how you humans don’t see Demon Lords and demons as people.” (Ofaro)

“….Right, the ego of the human side.” (Maya)

Ofaro looked at Maya, and made a smile with narrowed eyes.

It is not one shown for the sake of a person, but an expression that shows his own happiness and interest.

“Nice. I like how you don’t decorate it. You do listen to my words, but I can feel the determination to eliminate me as an enemy.” (Ofaro)

“I simply have come to terms that you are someone who doesn’t listen to reason.” (Maya)

The moment Maya was going to attack Ofaro, the rubble of a building nearby moved.

The burning around that part was weak despite being in a place near the center of the attack. It feels as if that place alone was protected by the attack.

Everyone’s gazes moved, and we saw a moving shadow from below the rubble.

Moving charcoal… No, their whole body is burned, but it is the shape of a person.

“Ukka!” (Maya)

Maya shouted in all that and ran towards the humanoid thing.

I also felt the faint mana leaking out and managed to recognize it as Archbishop Ukka.

I am above Maya when it comes to perceiving mana. Even so, Maya managed to notice that the person on the ground there was Archbishop Ukka faster than me.

There must have been some other factor that contributed to this.

Ofaro looks at Maya casting healing magic on Ukka, but he isn’t showing any signs of moving.

It is not because me and Yox haven’t lowered our guards, but because he has no intention to attack.

“I may have lit the place on the weak side, but there was still a human who survived, huh. Aah, the man that spoke to me. You put up a barrier by reflex, but you managed to endure.” (Ofaro)

“Maya-sama, how’s Ukka-sama?!” (Yox)

“He is breathing! But we have to bring him quickly to a place where he can get proper treatment…!” (Maya)

The state of Ukka is extremely unstable. In human standards, it is a miracle that he is alive.

But if he is alive, it is possible to keep him alive and save him.

Maya understands this and is prioritizing maintaining his internal functions over the external wounds.

He might be saved if she continues treating him and brings him out of here. But…

“You want to escape? I don’t mind. I don’t really have any particular person I want to kill, and I don’t really have any adherence to finishing people I didn’t manage to. But let me ask one thing.” (Ofaro)

Ofaro turned his head and looked up at the distant sky.

His gaze is directed at the center of Mejis.

“I will go around burning down Mejis. I will easily burn down one or two villages in the time you are bringing that man out. Still any meaning in saving that dredge?” (Ofaro)

Letting Ofaro escape here means creating more harm.

Choosing to save Ukka means to expose the people nearby to danger.

It is normally us who should be the ones throwing that question. It is by no means Ofaro, who is aiming to eradicate humans.

Then, what’s the meaning of this?

“What a nasty personality. Do you want to see us conflicted that much?” (Maya)

“That’s right. A human with a strong will like yours would suffer. I want to see that.” (Ofaro)

“…Then, I will tell you my answer. Yox, take over the treatment of Ukka.” (Maya)

“Y-Yes!” (Yox)

Maya left the treatment to Yox, stood up, and faced Ofaro.

“Don’t just throw two choices at us at your own convenience. We will save Ukka and we won’t let you go. As if I can let a fallen child like you free.” (Maya)

“It is easy to say. But if you fight here, you won’t be able to—” (Ofaro)

Maya suddenly disappeared.

The moment I noticed this was a combination of illusion magic, Maya had grabbed the face of Ofaro, and threw him far with all her strength.

Ofaro was sent flying far without any resistance.

I returned my gaze to where Maya was, and she wasn’t there anymore.

She must have moved to where Ofaro is heading.

“Yox, once you finish the emergency treatment of that man, move him to a place where he can get treatment. I will follow Maya.” (Dyuvuleori)

“…Got it. Count on you with Maya-sama.” (Yox)

I bring out wings and fly in the direction Ofaro was thrown to.

Maya was already unleashing fierce attacks on Ofaro there.

She would close the distance with illusions and control of tempo, and punched him with fists that were strengthened with purification magic.

She grabbed the arm that was going to be used to defend, and landed a kick on the now opened side.

She grabbed his hair after his posture crumbled, and forcefully lowered his head to knee his face.

Those wild moves were not from training but technique and experience that she built up from actual combat.

She might be above me when it comes to physical combat alone.

But I could feel the intention of separating Ofaro from Yox and the others within those intense attacks.

“A fighting style that doesn’t have a shred of elegance.” (Ofaro)

“If elegance made devils suffer, I might have included it… Dyuvuleori!” (Maya)

“Understood.” (Dyuvuleori)

I match the floating body of Ofaro with the Right Leg of Roaring.

His body was light and he was shot to the village, unable to kill the momentum.

“That was a nice kick.” (Maya)

“This should be enough distance. I will aim for big moves. I leave breaking his posture to you.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Count on me.” (Maya)

I chase after Ofaro and head to the outside of the village.

He began standing up and vomited the blood that accumulated inside his mouth.

His body being able to endure an intense barrage of attacks like that is expected, but we certainly have dealt damage.

We should be able to create enough of a chance for victory compared to Arcreal who we couldn’t even touch.

But there’s one point that bothers me.

“Hn, a tooth is broken. It has been a while since I felt this.” (Ofaro)

“…Why don’t you seem like you have any intention of fighting back?” (Maya)

That’s right.

He hasn’t retaliated even once until now.

He did move his limbs as if covering his own body, but he didn’t try to eliminate us as enemies.

“I can just push the blind murdering to Lazarikata and Zahava. But I have to kill as well since Black-sama has ordered me to. If I am going to be leaving memories, I would like to make them memorable ones when I look back at them. Just killing would not even remain as memories after all.” (Ofaro)

We know that Zahava refers to the demon that’s under the Black Demon Lord through the information we got from the communication crystal.

In that case, Lazarikata must be that too.

Ofaro is getting hit on purpose, and there’s no strategic meaning to it.

This conceit must come from his absolute confidence in his strength.

“I see. Oh well, my friend was killed by a demon. I will be doing this without showing mercy regardless of your plans.” (Maya)

“Do as you please. I will also eat into you as I please.” (Ofaro)

I match the dash of Maya and get behind Ofaro.

Maya punched him a number of times, and sent him flying my way with a kick, so I pierced him with my Left Arm of Gouging.


I felt something off from my arm, so I took it out and checked it.

My arm that had returned to its original shape had smoke coming out from it, and the meat was burned.

Both of Maya’s fists were red as well, and the shoe from the leg she used to kick had a burn mark.

The air around Ofaro was undulating.

Even though he should be far away, I could still feel the abnormal heat on my skin.

And then, I began to feel the ominous mana I couldn’t before from a variety of senses.

“…The demon named Zahava called herself a spider, and used spider legs as her weapon.” (Maya)

“Ofaro called himself a sun… Basically, that’s what it means.” (Dyuvuleori)

The ground around the feet of Ofaro began to melt because of the heat.

It is not that he controls fire and heat. He is a mass of heat in itself.

He must have increased his own temperature to cover the whole village in his heat.

“I will hold back the range of the heat so that you can still breathe. But don’t give up if possible, okay? I will end it immediately if you do.” (Ofaro)


I wave through the intense barrage of Zahava, and accumulate the damage with attacks that destroy the body.

She seems to be wary about her head being cut off, but there’s no wariness when it comes to retaliating against the spider legs.

She may be aware that her stamina is being shaved off, but she probably doesn’t have the surplus to block the attacks against her legs.

“Annoying, annoying, annoying! Using only techniques that protect your body in such an unsightly manner! So annoying!” (Zahava)

“That’s what I should be saying. You keep regenerating with a bloop bloop no matter how much we cut. Oh well, I don’t plan on letting this turn into a drawn out battle though!” (Arcreal)

Girista jumped to the back the moment Arcreal was cutting down the spider legs.

She unsealed the greatsword that opened and closed like the mouth of a beast, and made it bite the chest of Zahava.


“Aha~! This feels better than crunching humans~!” (Girista)

Zahava undid her mana strengthening to purposely let her body be split, and escaped her greatsword.

She took distance while regenerating, and directed a begrudging gaze at Girista.

It is not like me and Arcreal were prioritizing a defensive battle style for a drawn out battle.

We were creating an opportunity for Girista to slash at Zahava.

Girista’s demonic sword eats the mana of the opponent it attacks.

That attack just now must have led to a lot more damage than she imagined.

“…Aah, that sword, I thought I had seen it before. Isn’t that the sword of Poshimakku? So it was retrieved by a human.” (Zahava)

“Oh my, so the name of the previous owner was called Poshimakku. That’s a cute name.” (Girista)

“Only the name. He was also a battle junkie like you and reeked of sweat. A fallen palace guard and a sweltering idiot.” (Zahava)

“I like muscular gentlemen though?” (Girista)

“Who cares. I have no interest at all in your tastes. But that sword is seriously annoying.” (Zahava)

Zahava isn’t hiding her annoyance.

Arcreal and I lined up by the sides of Girista and got ready for her attacks.

My whole body managed to get acclimated to her movements with the exchanges until now.

I should be able to fight decently even while protecting Girista.

I deflect the attacks of Zahava, seal her attack means, and have Girista slash her. She should weaken and her movements should dull if we continue this flow.

Once that happens, we should be able to obtain an opportunity to aim for her head again.

The flow is definitely going our way, but there’s still worries.

For example; even though Zahava is having a hard time attacking, she still hasn’t used a demonic tool.

It doesn’t look like she has a weapon on her as far as I can see, but it is possible she is hiding it somewhere.

“Then, how about you use your demonic tool, too? I heard each demon of the Black Demon Lord was given a demonic tool. It is not like you lost it, right?” (Arcreal)

“Yeah, I do have one. But my ring isn’t something you use as a weapon.” (Zahava)

Zahava stuck her tongue out and showed it to us.

She had a hole in her tongue, and had a ring in it.

It has no jewels embedded. A black wing with a simple shape. It was showing its brilliance with the saliva of Zahava.

I was a bit taken aback by how easily Zahava exposed her hand, but one worry was taken away thanks to Arcreal.

If she is not going to be using it as a weapon, that ring must be something that’s used for defense or requires special conditions.

I am grateful that it won’t be increasing her means to attack, but I should be wary about a tool that I don’t know when will be used.

“Hooh, I thought for sure you were all distributed a weapon each.” (Arcreal)

“You lack imagination. I was originally a normal village girl. There’s no way I would be able to use a weapon.” (Zahava)

“A normal village girl can use gravity magic and spider legs?” (Arcreal)

“For fun.” (Zahava)

“You can do that for fun? Ordinary life is impressive.” (Arcreal)

Zahava directed her gaze at the monsters fighting in the distance.

There’s also the knights of Taizu fighting strenuously, and we are at the advantage against the monsters.

It is a situation where the numbers are being reduced steadily.

“Doesn’t seem like the flow will change even if we continue like this. Looks like I really have to be the one to make a change.” (Zahava)

“Oh, are you going to bring out your hidden trump card? You don’t need to increase your limbs more, you know?” (Arcreal)

“It is enough with just 8. I won’t increase them anymore. But just for a bit…” (Zahava)

Zahava dashed in.

Girista jumped far back and Arcreal stepped to the front.

I moved a bit back, and took a position that would allow me to stop a surprise attack of Zahava on Girista.

But her aim was Arcreal.

Zahava thrusted with all her four spider legs.

Arcreal avoided those attacks and sliced all of them off in flowing motions.

“That length is wasted if you are going to only be using them after getting close. On the contrary, at this distance, your neck is—!” (Arcreal)

The sword Arcreal was holding broke, and Arcreal’s body was sent flying to the side.

My brain was about to blank out for an instant at that sight, but I returned to my senses and saw the identity of that attack.

Zahava’s spider legs are still in the middle of regenerating. What was swung was the human arms…?!

“Aaah, this is it. This is the feeling! How…How wonderful!” (Zahava)

“This is…” (Ilias)

Zahava’s arm transformed into a warped shape.

The muscles and the bones changed, transforming into something akin to insect legs.

It is not only the arms. Her legs and even her torso was forsaking its human shape.

The spider legs that regenerated had now regained their original purpose. They stab on the ground and support her body.

From a humanoid that had spider legs to a spider with a humanoid torso. She has changed into an even more inhuman and repulsive appearance.

“I will introduce myself again! I am Zahava! A single spider that will eradicate the pests called humans for the sake of the Demon Lord-sama!” (Zahava)

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