LS – Chapter 30: I give in for now

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The morning of the next day, Rakura came to our home. 

When I asked her what was the matter, she said there was an emergency contact from Mejis. It was apparently to explain the situation to the Taizu King and ask them to help out in the search for the book.

I tilted my head at the sudden change in stance from the Yugura Church at first, but the reason was made clear after I listened to the situation in more detail from Rakura. 

Rakura apparently reported to her superior in Mejis stupidly honestly that she has requested my help as the counselor candidate. 

I did agree to keep silent, but not to them after all. Now that they know about our relationship, they would obviously have to relay this matter to the higher-ups. 

By the way, according to Rakura, there was a discrepancy of 1 day between report and orders. It should be safe to assume that the person that gave Rakura the order is a different one from the person that made the decision.

The one currently giving orders to Rakura is the archbishop called Ukka. The person that can give orders to someone like that would be Pope Euparo.

With this, I can roughly see the standing of the people ordering Rakura at the Yugura Church. Their perception of the book is simply that it is about information regarding necromancy. It should be natural to think that. 

But that at the same time brings up a troubling point. The book is currently in the Taizu Castle. 

The ultimate objective here would be to have a barrier of Rakura find the book, bring this to the negotiation table, and return the book. We would finish deciphering the book in that time, but it is troubling now that it has come to this. 

Now that we have been asked for cooperation directly, we either open up regarding the book and return it immediately, or we hide its existence. It should be possible to hide it for the duration, but the timing to return it would get more difficult. 

It would also mean that we are deceiving Mejis who brought out the negotiations honestly. It is not like Taizu wants to pick a fight with Mejis. We want to confirm the danger of the book.

Also, the danger of the book is pretty high as of present. It has gone beyond dangerous. 

Well, there’s no point worrying about it alone. Marito holds the last say in this. I am sure Marito will make a responsible choice. Since the situation has turned out like this, I immediately went to the castle alone. 

“I thought they already asked for the help of your higher-ups since the point they asked you to help us out as the counselor candidate.” (Marito)

“Now that you mention it, that’s true.” 

“How long will it take to decipher it?” (Marito)

“Let’s see. I would like 2 days to read everything and tell you about it.” 

“Considering how much remains, that makes sense. Do you think you can manage to do it in 1 day if it is just a rough translation?” (Marito)

“Well, I think I can.” 

“It is not like I would like to read the methods of necromancy completely. Let’s just be content with knowing what’s written here.” (Marito)

And so, it was decided that we will be accepting the request for assistance from Rakura. Then, we will return it to them with the excuse that we found the book stored in the treasury room the next day. 

We will use someone who doesn’t know about the situation to tell this to Rakura since she can see through lies. Rakura sometimes asks questions in a pretty dangerous manner, so I thought I might mess up somewhere. I am glad I don’t have to go through such a scary experience.

“But there’s something that bothers me.” 

“Allow me to guess. It is about the other searchers, right?” (Marito)

“Yeah, I asked Rakura subtly, and she said she didn’t know. Well, even the person that chose Rakura would know that telling this to Rakura would be bad.” 

“But there’s no explanation for that, right? Is it simply because it is her, or that their existence is not made public, so they plan on keeping it hidden?” (Marito)

“I think it is the latter. If it is personnel that can move in secret, the chances are high that it would be the Anbus of the country. If Anbus have been sent to a foreign country, even if they were to confess this honestly, it would be impossible to avoid friction between both countries.” 

“I would like to point out that they definitely must have them in our country, but with us hiding the book in question, I don’t want to come out too strongly.” (Marito)

“That said, instead of clearing the suspicions of Maya-san, there’s no doubt they prioritized finding the book and their relationship with Taizu. If they are going to disappear by themselves, there’s no need to poke the tiger.” 

This should wrap things up for now. After translating most of the book, we will return it to Mejis. We will consider the threat of it in the future.

There was no need to warn Gazen to not walk at night. 

He has his own lifestyle, so I should revoke it at once. And so, I parted with Marito and headed to the back alley. 

“Gazen, are you there?” 

“What, if it is about the money, I still haven’t used it all.” (Gazen)

Gazen was reading a book slowly as he sipped through the alcohol I gave him yesterday. He is drinking while tasting it so much. I understand why it was recommended by Gozu. 

The book Gazen is reading is…is it related to agriculture? 

“No, it is about yesterday. It seems like it will end as unnecessary worry.” 

“I see. But even if you tell me to give you back the gold, I have already used a good deal of it.” (Gazen)

“That book, huh. I one-sidedly pushed that request through, so I won’t tell you to give it back.” 

“I am glad you are generous.” (Gazen)

“Are you planning on growing crops?” 

“I will bring soil from somewhere random, stuff it into a box or something, and maybe I could make a small cultivation field.” (Gazen)

A vegetable garden using planters, huh. You would be able to make food, so that wouldn’t be bad. I should suggest this to Wolfe too. It would be good for her education.

“Open holes to that and stuff pumice stones to them. It would serve to improve the water drainage and would make it more difficult for the roots to rot.” 

“Hoh, you know a lot about that?” (Gazen)

“An acquaintance of mine was raising plants as a hobby. I simply obtained a bit of knowledge at that time.” 

“Plants don’t complain at every single instance, and they won’t avoid people after all. It should work just fine for someone like me.” (Gazen)

“It is true that they won’t complain. But they will wither without a word if you don’t look after them properly though.” 

“True. I would have to look after them at least that much. Might as well pick up some rocks as you said.” (Gazen)

Gazen lazily got up and walked off. Planters on a back alley, huh. If he makes just food, there might be complaints. 

It would be better to advise him to think of the scenery too, but considering how Gazen is, he most likely won’t be growing things that will murder his surroundings. 

“Make it with my money. If you get a decent harvest, share a bit with me, okay?” 

“Just a bit. Hehe.” (Gazen)

After parting with Gazen, I finished lunch, and met up with Rakura. It seems like Marito acted quickly while I had a detour, and a messenger had already been sent to Rakura to tell her that they are agreeing to help out. 

Now that they have requested the search of the book to the country, it should be fine to explain to Ilias too.

“—And so, Rakura has come to Taizu in order to find the book that’s suspected Dokora has stolen.” 

“I see. That’s the reason why you were guiding her around the outer walls and going up the mountains together with her, huh.” (Ilias)

“The reason why I didn’t tell you was because Rakura did ask me to not tell anyone. You could say it is a national secret.” 

“My apologies, but there were a lot of circumstances behind this…” (Rakura)

“No, it is enough that I know the reason why. It is true that the Yugura Church would want to hide the reality that they are safekeeping books regarding necromancy.” (Ilias)

“By the way, about the reason why I learned about this first. This happened when we went around the villages—” 

“Waaah! Waaah! Waaah!” (Rakura)

“So noisy!” 

I explain to Ilias about my relationship with Rakura without hiding anything -including a thorough recounting of how she casted charm magic on me. 

However, I hide the fact that Marito has the book. This is information that Rakura must not know either after all. I am only sharing the same amount of information I am sharing with Rakura.

“Counselor-sama, you promised you would keep it a secret…” (Rakura)

“I don’t even need to compare what’s better between keeping it a secret from Ilias and worsening my relationship with her, or her opinion of you worsening.” 

“Uuuh…” (Rakura)

“I-I see. Well, I will keep it a secret, so don’t worry.” 

“How kind of you, Ilias-san…! In comparison…” (Rakura)

“Because a certain someone reported to her higher-ups stupidly honestly, the nation ended up getting involved.” 

“*Sob* Communicating, reporting, and consulting is important, you know?!” (Rakura)

After Ilias listened to it all, she began thinking. She must be remembering Dokora. If she does, that topic will obviously be brought up.

“If I remember correctly, Dokora said he would be leaving a parting gift to you, and to check the lair, right?” (Ilias)

See, it did come. Ilias is a muscle-brain but not a bird-brain. 

She is a prodigy that managed to learn all basic spells, and also the type to immediately voice out what she has noticed. 

She tags along with you if you settle things with her beforehand, so it is not like she doesn’t have flexibility though.

But I don’t like making Ilias lie or have her conceal things. 

“Yeah, the searches for the lairs were done the next day and the stolen and valuable things were retrieved. The chances are high that it is stored in the castle.” 

“You were making me lay barriers outside despite the fact that the chances of it being in the castle are high…?” (Rakura)

“Stolen goods can end up flowing outside the country if there’s no owner. Should I have invited you to infiltrate the castle because it was the highest possibility?” 

“That’s…uuh…” (Rakura)

“I would have stopped you from that.” (Ilias)

“Right.” (Rakura) 

“It seems like the investigation of the treasury room will end tomorrow, so let’s finish the preparations of the barriers today at least.” 

I can’t tell her that’s pointless effort. I am sorry when you are all motivated, but let’s pray she doesn’t pursue the topic too much.

“…Hmm, speaking of which, why did Dokora want to give a parting gift to Counselor-sama?” (Rakura)

“Because he was the one who cornered Dokora, and Dokora acknowledged him.” (Ilias)

“What?!” (Rakura)

Telling her unnecessary things… I felt like this would end up being trouble, so I hid the fact that I had a connection with Dokora, and yet…

“I simply managed to luckily read his actions. The one who defeated Dokora and mowed down his undead together with the forest was you, Ilias.” 

“That’s true, but…” (Ilias)

“If that was the case, you could have said so.” (Rakura)

This is bad. What should I say here…? I have to answer without mixing lies. Like this, and like that, huh.

“I hate standing out. I am helping you out, Rakura, but I didn’t want Mejis to know about my identity too much. That’s why I wanted to help you out while hiding the fact that I was involved in the subjugation of Dokora. Sorry.” 

“I see… No, don’t worry about it. Due to my position, you have to answer everything truthfully without hiding anything when asked, so it can’t be helped if you would think like that.” (Rakura)

“I am glad to hear that.” 

Rakura returned to Maya-san’s church and began preparations for the tools to set the barriers. I entrust Wolfe to them while at it.

Ilias will be returning to work, so I head to the castle together with her to finish translating the book. Of course, I have only told them I am going there because Marito called for me.

“By the way, I have to apologize to you too, Ilias.” 

“Me?” (Ilias)

“I am a housemate under your care after all, Ilias. It would have been better to consult with you a bit, right?” 

“You were made to promise to keep silent by Rakura, right? I did feel sad, but it is better than breaking a promise.” (Ilias)

“So you did feel sad.” 

“N-No, how to say it, I could tell you two had a shared secret, but I felt left out from not being included in that…” (Ilias)

“Basically, you were sad.” 

“Argh, shut up! Also, it wasn’t just me, Wolfe was also worried about it!” (Ilias)

Wolfe is pretty sharp herself after all. But in Wolfe’s case, she was most likely worried about Ilias. When you see someone close to you troubled, you will feel worried. That’s the kind of girl Wolfe is.

After that, I resumed my translation work with Marito. We changed our objective and I explained to him roughly what’s written there. We would then dig down the areas that Marito and Lord Ragudo point out.

But, even with that, it still took time. The sun went down, and I ended up having to stay at the castle to continue the work. I asked Ilias to pick up Wolfe, and I finished having dinner at the castle. 

“Speaking of which, this is the first time I have had a meal in this fashion. Working all night feels fresh and nice!” (Marito)

“When I was a minor, I had the stamina to last all-nighters, but it is pretty rough, you know…” 

“You do look like you don’t have stamina.” (Marito)

“It is not only about stamina, your mental health too. Concentration normally doesn’t last the whole night.” 

That said, I only need to read. I am leaving the understanding to the others. 

The ones who are actually understanding this and memorizing it are Marito and Lord Ragudo. Right right, Anbu-kun too. 

We wolfed down the late-night snack that Lord Ragudo made which was so good it could be priced by Gozu and Saira, as we continued working through the night. 


“Hm~hmhm~, fuufufu~.” 

I walk through the night city with a hum. I feel nice today. It is natural to be in a good mood after things have gone well. 

“Aah, there’s no booze anymore… Well, it is enough if it lasts for 2 days.” 

I held the leather bag that’s now empty. That was tasty booze. Can’t that brat bring more?

It is not like I can’t buy more with the money I have at hand, but the booze I got was outstanding. 

At any rate, he is quite the peculiar fella. Even though every single person out there directs eyes and attitude of alienation…

He gives me booze, money, and would talk to me as a person. If he had just given me money, I would have given him information outright. He really is way too naive at dealing with homeless people. 

“If I get tasty vegetables…I will at least give him enough to show my appreciation.” 

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the last bit of booze in my system as I moved. 

The backalleys are my garden. That’s why I can walk in it even with my eyes closed. What entered my ears were the faint voices of people even when it was night. 

Aah, the couple there is having a stupid argument again. Today it is about how to cut the vegetables. Just munch on it as it is.

The granny in the house there is mumbling by herself again, huh. Your grandson is coming to check on you in a few days, so just go to sleep already. 

What I can hear from here is…what, this is an unfamiliar voice.

I opened my eyes and looked at the house where I heard the voice. The old man should have died a few days ago. It is weird that there’s people inside.

I remember the words of that brat. He said someone from outside has come, right? Is it them? 

Even I am refraining from using a vacant house. These guys really like to mess around. 

There’s a window in my vision. I move and peek inside… Who are these guys? 

There’s several men in full black robes. Tch, the kind of guys you better not get involved with. I move away from the window and silently distance myself from the vacant house.

What should I do? Should I snitch to that brat and get money? 

Right, I am sure he would give me money. When that happens, my vegetable cultivation plan will progress too. 

Hm? My vision suddenly—

“Oi oi, did you kill him?” 

“He was peeking inside the house. Judging from his attire and smell, he must be homeless trash.” 

“Aah aah, breaking the bone in his neck cleanly. They would discover it was a murder like this.” 

“Look at what he is holding in his hand. It is alcohol.” 

“Aah, then, we get him up like this and…squash!” 

“Are you insane to make noise?!” 

“Sorry sorry, but that will make it look like an accident, right? Well then, retreat.” 


It is now morning. The decoding has gone well to a point where it is finally okay to return it. I have been given permission to return home. 

If I hadn’t told Ilias that I would be staying at the castle, I would have given her an unnecessary misunderstanding at this point. The gaze of Ilias has been strict lately when I am acting unhealthily. She must be worried about Wolfe imitating me. 

While I was thinking that, I coincidentally saw her. There’s someone with her. 

The body sticking out from the back alley has a familiar attire; if I remember correctly, that’s a sentry. I think it is a knight in training that is receiving instruction from the Ragudo Division. 

…It is different from the usual Ilias. Did something happen?

“Ilias, you are making a sour face there. Did something happen?” 

“It is you, huh. It is nothing, I simply saw an unpleasant sight from the very morning…” (Ilias)

“What happened?” 

Two sentries show up from the back alley. What they were carrying was a stretcher with a cloth on top of it. 

Judging from the abnormal bulge, someone must be on top of it. Did someone die? Of course you wouldn’t like to see a corpse early in the morning. 

The corpse on the stretcher is covered completely in cloth, so I can’t see them. 

Well, I don’t want to see it though. But when I averted my gaze, what entered my vision was something that had fallen on the alley, and my breath got taken away. 

It is a leather bag you put alcohol in and it is one I have seen recently. I ran towards the stretcher, ignored the sentries that shouted at me to stop, and lift the cloth. 

“Oi, what are you—” (Ilias)

The one there was Gazen, who was alive yesterday, and showed a sarcastic smile. 

“…Gazen. No way.” 

“An acquaintance?” (Ilias)

“…Yeah, a man that doesn’t have a home and lives in the back alleys around here.” 

We didn’t really have a deep relationship. We weren’t close either. But it is not like we were complete strangers.

I know his likes in alcohol, I know what he tried to accomplish, and yet…

—So fleeting. That’s the only emotion that welled up in me. 

“He apparently fell from drinking too much. He smashed his head hard on the wall because of  it…” (Ilias)

“I see…” 

He was drinking alcohol from the very morning. It is not wei—no, wait. I gave him this alcohol two days ago. 

I picked up the leather bag. It is empty. The smell inside…is definitely the alcohol I gave him.

It is the one I left Gozu to decide on, but it is a brand that’s rare in Taizu. The chances he bought it again are low. 

It would mean that Gazen has only drank from this since the morning of two days ago till yesterday night. I also know that this alcohol isn’t so strong as I have sampled it myself. 

How was Gazen yesterday? He certainly was drinking, but his steps were…

I entered the back alley Gazen had fallen in and found the wall that’s apparently where he knocked his head. 

There’s a bloodstain. He must have bleeded a good deal. There’s no doubt Gazen died here, but…I looked around and noticed how abnormal this is.

“Ilias, where are you carrying Gazen to?” 

“There’s already too many people coming and going from outside. We wouldn’t like too many people to see this. We are going to be carrying him to Maya’s church for now.” (Ilias)

“I see, not to someone I don’t know. Can I come along?” 

“O-Okay.” (Ilias)

The corpse of Gazen was carried over to the church of Maya-san.

—It should be fine here. I whisper in the ear of Ilias.

“Can you please investigate his body thoroughly? There’s strange points.” 

“What do you mean by that?” (Ilias)

“There’s the possibility this man was killed.” 

“What?” (Ilias)

“In the first place, the alcohol he was drinking was something I presented to him two days ago. He was drinking it for more than a whole day, and there’s no sign of him having drank any other. He was drinking yesterday too, but his footsteps were proper. Secondly, the place where he fell. I don’t see anything he could trip on. It is not a place where you would trip unless you have unsteady feet.” 

“That…does bother me, but it is not like the possibility of him falling by coincidence isn’t there, right?” (Ilias)

“Yeah, but the impact on his head was strong enough to kill him -to the point where blood remained on the wall. Despite falling in such a grand fashion, there were no injuries on his hand. Even though you would try to protect your body by reflex if you are conscious.” 

“…Got it. I will try to investigate a bit.” (Ilias)

Saying this, Ilias went to the place where the body of Gazen is stored and began to investigate it. I watch from behind. Ilias eventually spoke with a grim face.

“The bone on his neck is broken… This isn’t from hitting his head hard. It was most likely snapped directly.” (Ilias)

“…I see. Got it.” 

My guess is beginning to look more real. In that case, I must act.

I turned around and left the room. Ilias chased after me when she saw this. 

“Wait a moment. Where do you plan on going?” (Ilias)

“The castle. There’s something I want to consult with Marito now.” 

“…And you won’t consult with me?” (Ilias)

I stopped my feet, turned my head back, and looked at Ilias. She is looking straight at me. 

I was silent for a moment and thought…about the people that we will be facing here on, the existence of Ilias, and her position. 

This kind of path doesn’t suit her. It is exactly because of this that I should push her away. 

But this is not to be left vague. I have to perform this with firm belief. 

“It will turn into a musty conversation. I wouldn’t want you to get involved in this as a knight.” 

“I am already involved.” (Ilias)

“…I don’t want you to shoulder the burden of hiding things from others.” 

“If you are telling me to silently watch as you shoulder it, I refuse. Let me shoulder it together with you.” (Ilias)

“…You will definitely regret it if you get involved.” 

“I would rather have that than having you regret it alone. Let’s regret it together.” (Ilias)

Damn it, are you a playboy? You answered immediately without missing a beat. 

If you do that…I can’t tear you away. 

“Do you seriously think there’s that much worth in going so far? I haven’t told you clearly yet, you know?” 

“I am the one who decides how much you are worth to me. Don’t go deciding for me.” (Ilias)

I scratch my head. No good. I need the fitting resolve to have her give up. The kind where I would never get involved with Ilias ever again. 

Can I do that…? No…

“If you want to get involved, defeat me first, is what I would like to say, but…I feel like I would be murdered in an instant, so…no, wait, don’t just go unsheathing your sword in a heartbeat. That was just a figure of speech.” 

“Muh, sorry. But how about giving up already?” (Ilias)

“That’s what I should be saying… Can’t be helped. I won’t be responsible for whatever happens, okay?” 

“It is okay. I will make you do so.” (Ilias)

“Can you please not get involved?!” 

This is my mistake for moving emotionally. I am the one at fault. 

I can’t take it back now that I have done it. At the very least, I can’t do anything about it on my side. 

If Marito learned about this and she was ordered by him not to, she might have yielded, but I have no choice but to bring her with me right now.

“Let’s go. We have to head there before Rakura is sent there.” 

“O-Okay.” (Ilias)


His state changed since the moment he saw the death of the man called Gazen. 

This is a familiar feeling. It resembles the atmosphere he gave off at that time when he cornered Dokora. 

However, this is even darker and thicker than what I felt before. 

I investigated the corpse as he asked, and when I told him that the chances Gazen might have been killed were high, he switched completely. 

He changed…no, I saw a side of him that he has been hiding from us until now. 

I had mistaken that his stance was heading our way from him being together with me and Wolfe. 

He has both. Both of his faces are him. 

At the time with the bandit subjugation, due to my position as his guardian, it has now become difficult to hold the reins of this guy. 

But the one that is holding his reins right now is His Majesty. I don’t know where His Majesty is guiding him. But His Majesty is a king, not a knight. I don’t know which face he is going to prioritize. 

I must not leave him alone. That’s what my intuition as a knight told me countless times when I was interacting with him.

That’s why those words ended up coming out from me. 

“…And you won’t consult with me?” (Ilias)

He looked back at me. Yeah, it is those eyes. Those eyes are no good. I don’t like them. Please don’t look at the world with eyes like that. 

“It will turn into a musty conversation. I wouldn’t want you to get involved in this as a knight.” 

He threw those words at me in an attempt to distance me. 

“I am already involved.” (Ilias)

I must not pull back. If I take distance from him here, I am sure I won’t ever be able to get close to him anymore. That’s why I immediately spoke out the words I thought. 

I can tell he is annoyed. I must have already stepped over the boundary that’s allowed. 

“…I don’t want you to shoulder the burden of hiding things from others.” 

“If you are telling me to silently watch as you shoulder it, I refuse. Let me shoulder it together with you.” (Ilias)

I am uneasy, not knowing whether our relationship will end.

“…You will definitely regret it if you get involved.” 

“I would rather have that than having you regret it alone. Let’s regret it together.” (Ilias)

I feel fear at the prospect of him turning his back on me. I feel like I would end up giving up if he were to say any more words of rejection towards me.

…But the nature of his words suddenly changed.

“Do you seriously think there’s that much worth in going so far? I haven’t told you clearly yet, you know?” 

Him trying to use my position as a weapon to tear me away is a manifestation of his own weakness. 

He is also swaying here. I must not falter. Push through with words.

“I am the one who decides how much you are worth to me. Don’t go deciding for me.” (Ilias)

I can feel his poison going away. Aah, that’s a relief. He has returned to his usual self. My figure is showing in his heart. 

I unsheath my sword when he told me to try and defeat him. Aah, it seems that was figurative speech.

Looks like he has given up on pushing me away. That’s a relief. I managed to win against him… Since when did I think about it as a match…? Muh.

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