LS – Chapter 166: And so, calming down

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“It has been a while since we have been in this manor.” 

We arrived at the manor that we borrowed at the time when we were in Gahne. The servants are also the same, but they understandably look overwhelmed by this number of knights. There were only a few before, but now there are more than a dozen of them after all. 

The knights of the chivalric order checked the inside of the manor first. It is the place the king will be staying a few days in. They are careful something might happen. It is the residence that a Demon Lord prepared, so it can’t be helped.

That said, it seems like that Demon Lord escaped when we weren’t looking. She is most likely wiping her tears in the Gahne Castle. 

“Your Majesty, we have finished investigating the premises.” 

The ones who showed up were the Knight Captains: Lord Leano and Lord Fohl. I have gotten used to Lord Leano, but I haven’t really gotten used to the scary face of Lord Fohl. 

It is the same kind of scary face as Gozu, but the personality of this one is also strict. We have interacted to a certain degree, but he hasn’t opened his heart like Lord Leano. 

“Good work. But having this many people staying in this place would be too much.” (Marito)

“No issues there. We will be arranging for stays in several inns in the vicinity.” (Ludfein)

Ludfein-san was about to give the orders to the servants at once, but Lord Fohl stopped that. 

“No need. We are knights that came here to protect His Majesty. The ones that can’t get rooms will be setting up camp in the garden and taking shifts all day.” (Fohl)

“I see. Then, please ask the servants nearby if there’s anything you need.” (Ludfein)

“…O-Okay.” (Fohl)

“Any issues?” (Ludfein)

“No, it is weird to say this myself, but I was wondering about how you are not bothered that guests will be sleeping in the garden.” (Fohl)

You are seriously not the person qualified to say that. Well, we are talking about Lord Fohl here, so he must have thought about what to say once Ludfein-san responded with ‘But we can’t let people who have come to visit our country do something like that…’.

“‘Knights are good guests that abide to order as long as you fulfill their demands’ -are the words of our king.” (Ludfein)

“Ludfein-san, the way you put it…” (Fohl)

“My apologies. ‘The knights have unquestionable meaning to their actions. Abide by them as much as possible’ -was the public statement, right.” (Ludfein)

“…I am kind of unsatisfied by that.” (Fohl)

Ludfein-san doesn’t falter at all even when facing knights. Lord Fohl is making a face as if saying he can’t get angry even if he wants to. Well, the reality is that she is a cabinet minister of this country, so she is above in standing compared to Lord Fohl. 

That Ludfein-san said she had guests from other nations to attend to, so she left swiftly from the manor. 

“And so, about the room of His Majesty…” (Fohl)

“I am fine staying in the same room as my friend. Prepare neighboring rooms for Lady Ratzel and the others.” (Marito)

“B-But—” (Fohl)

“Lord Fohl, don’t make me waste my breath.” (Marito)

Marito glared at Lord Fohl, irritated, and he stepped back, overwhelmed by his pressure. 

Lord Fohl glanced at Ilias before he spoke. The reason why he tried to cling onto it was out of opposition for prioritizing Ilias staying by his side rather than them. 

For Marito, that was basically: ‘It is only natural for Lady Ratzel to be by our side as the bodyguard of my friend. Moreover, I have the strongest anbu as a bodyguard, so don’t go acting up pointlessly’.

The Knight Captains know about the existence of Anbu-kun. They don’t know about his strength, but there’s no room for doubt when Lord Ragudo has acknowledged him. 

Aah, one more thing. It feels like he is saying ‘if you are worried about me staying with a certain someone all alone, it would mean you are mocking that certain someone’.

“…My sincerest apologies.” (Fohl)

“Don’t let selfishness cloud your vision. Do as you please with the allotment of the other rooms. At least let the requests of Mix go through.” (Marito)

“As you will.” (Fohl)

The two knights lowered their heads deeply and left the place. 

Marito sighed after seeing them off.

“Good grief. Refusing to lose is not a bad thing though.” (Marito)

“A knight wanting to protect you from nearby is a natural thing after all.” 

“Yeah… *Cough* Lady Ratzel, there will be the eyes of other knights this time around. You will obviously protect my friend, but make sure to act in an appropriate manner as you do.” (Marito)

“Yes!” (Ilias)

Ilias seems to be nervous. She must have been thinking about herself when she was on the verge of being scolded by Lord Fohl.

It seems like it will be a little later before she can notice that what Marito said was half in order to smooth things out for her. 

We moved to the room just like that and lowered our luggage. It is the same arrangement as the room I stayed before, but the difference is that there’s 2 beds.

“I didn’t mind one bed though.” (Marito)

“Don’t say such scary things.” 

“No, no, that’s not what I meant. We would be able to sleep if we were to put together a bed this size, right? I was looking forward to it since it would feel like staying the night in the house of a friend.” (Marito)

Speaking of which, when I spoke about girl’s nights and such night stays in our isekai exchanges, he was pretty into the topic. 

When he said ‘Alright, let’s stay in the house of Lady Ratzel’, Ilias groveled at stunning speed and begged him not to. 

If a king were to stay in her own house, moreover, at a neighboring room, she would be stressed beyond limits. 

“I have stayed several times in the castle though.” 

“Yeah, but we didn’t sleep in the same room, right? We would welcome the morning together at most.” (Marito)

“Phrasing, phrasing.” 

We spent all nighters decoding the book Yugura left, but it seems like Marito liked the experience at that time quite a lot. 

There’s apparently a hard to describe allure in hanging out with a friend till late in the night when you normally only meet them at noon. But Marito, just how old are you? You should be in your late twenties. 

“But there was no need to glare at Lord Fohl there. You could have just said you were happy with the sentiment.” 

“But you also wouldn’t have liked it if Lord Fohl and the others were to stay in this room from morning to night with weapons ready, right? You gotta push him away with conviction. The chances of that happening would have been high otherwise.” (Marito)

“I am confident I would be lacking sleep if that happened.” 

Having the gazes of several old men on edge inside the room would be torture. I don’t feel like I would be able to sleep comfortably even if it were Ilias and Wolfe. 

“It would be one thing if he was simply comparing himself to Lady Ratzel. They are both knights after all. But thinking about the fact that he was even complaining about me staying alone with you just made me snap, you see.” (Marito)

“You really treasure your friends.” 

“…Treasure my friends, huh…” (Marito)

Marito collapses onto the bed while facing the ceiling. This is giving off a sentimental atmosphere. What should I do? 

“What’s with you all of a sudden?” 

“You know, there are times when I wonder if I am acting properly as a friend of yours.” (Marito)

“That’s a bit late considering you are calling me a friend the whole time.” 

“I have a lot of achievements as a king. That’s why I can be confident when performing my duties. But you are my only friend. There’s no way I can tell easily whether I am doing it correctly, right?” (Marito)

This guy doesn’t have friends after all. That way of putting it would be bad. It is true that it can’t be helped since he is a king, but Marito is still a human. He must long for things he doesn’t have just like any other normal person. 

“If you are worried about standings and such, just get along with kings of other countries.” 

“Friendship comes second no matter what when it comes to a relationship between rulers. Well, they are people who are targeting you, so I have no intention of getting along with them though.” (Marito)

“A way too restrictive friend is a bit…” 

“Yeah, I did question it a bit after saying it myself. But it is true that my time with you would decrease if you were to go to other countries. It should be fine for me to be a bit greedy, right?” (Marito)

“As long as there is no actual harm…” 

I fell by the side of Marito just like he did. It is true that a bed this size would be spacious for two adults. I don’t really want to sleep on the same bed though. 

I couldn’t think of any topic, so I continued staring at the ceiling in a daze. Marito did the same, but he began muttering something. 

“…Even staring at the ceiling like this brings about many thoughts.” (Marito)

“It is just a ceiling though.” 

“Even a normal sight is made special when seeing it together with someone.” (Marito)

Those words reminded me of the time when I stared at the ceiling in the Taizu Castle with the matter of Purple. 

The standing of Taizu and Mejis, the feelings of Purple; at the time when I was pushed down by a variety of things and buckled, Marito punched me. 

It was an event where I was punched very hard to the point of breaking my teeth. I can clearly remember that time -even the completely normal sight of the room. 

For Marito, just staring at the ceiling together with someone must be a special event on the level of that. 

“You are one easy to please king.” 

“Right? I would be happy if you were to hang out a whole ton with me.” (Marito)

“…Well, I will at least try to answer that request, but there’s no correct way in a relationship with a friend, you know? 100 friends, 100 different ways.” 

“100 friends, huh… That sounds like a lot of fun…” (Marito)

“Your relationships will thin out just as much though. Spreading your net too wide is also an issue.” 

“That’s true. Then having just you alone isn’t that bad… Yup, I am glad it is only you, my friend.” (Marito)

That’s a sad thing to even hear -in a lot of meanings. 

“One person is way too little though.” 

“I am a king in front of others after all. The time I get to enjoy as a person is limited. Then, don’t you think you would want to make that limited time as dense as possible?” (Marito)

“I will try to understand that, but I am not a king.” 

“It is great that you are even trying to understand a king, my friend. Seriously.” (Marito)

“Is that so. Well, you are a good friend in my eyes -that includes the awkwardness.” 

“Hahaha, such a hard critic.” (Marito)

I could feel that the state of Marito was strange from way before. I also understand the reason to a certain degree. 

The nations will be cooperating with each other and facing the Scarlet Demon Lord. Marito is feeling uneasy about this. 

Even if he is called the Wise King at a young age, it is not like he has experience in war. 

But considering the military power of each nation, the position of Taizu is pretty important. That’s why Marito can’t voice any weakness. He is not allowed to -even towards someone who he calls a friend. 

That’s the reason why we are having this aimless talk. He is trying to fulfill himself and maintain peace in his heart. It is naturally awkward. It is completely obvious that he is uneasy here. 

“But this is the correct way of using a friend. Use me without worries in that sense.” 

“…Thanks. I will definitely repay you one day.” (Marito)

“What are you saying? You punched me before and rekindled me, right? I am the one repaying you.” 

“Eeh. Didn’t we settle that one with you getting stronger one day and punching me?” (Marito)

“Are we seriously going with that…?” 

“I am looking forward to pain that I won’t forget in a lifetime.” (Marito)

“If I were to punch you on that level, I would be killed by Anbu-kun!” 

“It is okay… It is okay…right?” (Marito)

It is most likely not okay. Anbu-kun is bound by contract magic to protect him, so I am confident I would die even from a reflexive move. 

“As of present, the contract magic won’t even twitch at the attacks of Close Friend-san.” (Anbu-kun)

“Of course you are here.” 

“I am.” (Anbu-kun)

Moreover, considering the direction of his voice, he is standing near my pillow. Are you my ancestor? 

“My apologies for interrupting your intimate bonding.” (Anbu-kun)

“Phrasing, phrasing.” 

“I don’t mind. I am plenty satisfied already. Just watching must have been painful, right?” (Marito)

“Phrasing, phrasing.” 

“Don’t worry. I am the type that can be satisfied with just watching.” (Anbu-kun)

“You guys are doing this on purpose, aren’t you?!” 


“Haah…this really cleanses the heart…” 

“Is that so…” 

After we decided on the division of rooms, Mix-sama said she was fine with being in the same room as us and forcefully entered. 

Lord Fohl was flustered at first, but he couldn’t refuse the request of Mix-sama…

The result was that we ended up staying in a room for 2 with 4 people including Rakura. 

What should I do? I can’t help but be nervous. Wolfe and Rakura seem unfazed, but I am a knight. 

Being in the same room as the little sister of His Majesty, Mix-sama… His Majesty told me just recently to be careful about my way of acting, and yet… Is this going to be okay? 

As for Mix-sama herself, she is placing an ear on the wall and is listening in on the conversation of His Majesty and the others in the neighboring room. 

I doubt she can hear them with how thick the walls are, but she must be enhancing her hearing with magic. She has the skills for that. 

She is making a super ecstatic expression, but are they having such a great conversation over there? There are times when he would speak of topics that are beneficial for you. That does make me want to listen a bit. 

“Mix-chan, is Counselor-sama having an interesting conversation?” (Rakura)

“They are having aimless ramblings!” (Mix)

I suddenly don’t feel like listening. Let’s do some maintenance to my sword. 

“You must be jealous about that.” (Rakura)

“Yeah, but happiness surpasses my jealousy. I gained a wide array of experiences when I threw away my social standing and became an adventurer. I can partly sympathize with Ani-sama. I am really happy!” (Mix)

I see. Such conversations must look special when you think of it in that manner, and the only one who can pull that off at this point is him. 

I feel bad for thinking he might be a bad influence for His Majesty. Forget bad influence, he is providing irreplaceable experiences to His Majesty. 

…No, thinking about it calmly, he is the reason why His Majesty said he wanted to go stay in my house. 

There is indeed bad influence. I must not lower my guard. Yup.

That said, whenever I think about the relationship between him and His Majesty, I end up remembering Saira. Let’s invite her to go shopping when I have the time. 

“Hm?! This atmosphere…Mister Friend…could it possibly be that you are in the same bed as Ani-sama?!” (Mix)

“Oh my! I want to listen, too!” (Rakura)

If they are just rambling, they would simply sit nearby. His Majesty would mostly sit by his side when talking to him. Why is Mix-sama getting excited by this? 

I can’t understand. It is most likely something only she can understand from her own set of values. That said, her expressions are changing so often. She is truly one busy person. 

“…I am truly glad, Ani-sama.” (Mix)

Mix-sama’s expression suddenly turned into a really soft one. That expression is truly gentle and filled with affection. 

My breathing stopped for a moment when I saw that face, and I felt as if my chest tightened. 

I didn’t expect to be flustered by that gentle expression… It reminds of the times when His Majesty would put pressure on us. As expected of the little sister of His Majesty. She excels at showing her emotions on her face. 

But her being able to show a face like that from the bottom of her heart must mean that something truly wonderful happened. I am a bit jealous that she can show her emotions to this degree. 

That man is in an important position for His Majesty and Mix-sama, huh.

“…Kuh, an hindrance…!” (Mix)

Uwa, she is making a super displeased face. I don’t feel anyone entering or exiting the room. The anbu of His Majesty must have joined the conversation.

“No, this is good in its own right…!” 

Yup, just watching her emotions change is already amusing in itself. 

Now that I look closely, Wolfe is also enjoying the reactions of Mix-sama and Rakura. This is an ethically better time killer than eavesdropping. 

In the end, I also enjoyed the reactions of Mix-sama and Rakura as I killed time. 

Anbu-kun: (By the way, the little sister of His Majesty and Rakura-san are eavesdropping in the neighboring room. Oh well, it should be fine.) 

Marito: (I feel as if Mix is eavesdropping in the neighboring room. Oh well.) 

Protagonist: (Speaking of which, I feel like Mix or Rakura would be eavesdropping here. Oh well.)


This time around I will also be introducing the rough design of a character to double as an ad for the light novel. The second one is the poster girl of Dog’s Bone: Saira. 

A girl with an energetic appearance and also a rare person of the same age for Ilias. 

Also, the matching Dog’s Bone apron she has with Gozu was handmade by Saira herself. 

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