LS – Chapter 28: It pains my heart for now

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I was helping in the search for the book together with Wolfe on the next day. Helping out in the search for it in order to not find it.

“Now then, after consulting with His Majesty regarding setting the barriers, I received permission from him that it is fine as long as it is just for a set period of time.” 

“Oh my!” (Rakura)

“But there’s already several barriers set in the castle, so he can’t give you permission on that one.” 

“I see…” (Rakura) 

After consulting with Marito, it was decided that setting a barrier at the castle should be avoided. 

They might take forceful methods if left be, so the objective is to deal with the ones under their nose first. 

“In the case an anomaly happens, it will be immediately removed. Also, he wants us to avoid setting them in the whole city at first just in case. The front is that it is a barrier that provides healing after all.” 

“But if we don’t use it in the whole city, we won’t be able to confirm…” (Rakura)

“Just expand it as the days progress. Rakura, you already know where to set it first, right?” 

“…Hmm?” (Rakura)

“Don’t think you will be forgiven just for doing a cute gesture.” 

I might have forgiven her with this if it were in a normal scenario.

“*Sob* Please tell me.” (Rakura)

“We are moving with the assumption that the book is in Taizu. It would be troubling if the book were to be brought out while we are expanding the barrier for the search. We have to set them in a way where the gates of the ramparts are within the range, and then encircle the city with that as the starting point.” 

“Fumu fumu.” (Rakura)

“But before expanding to the inside, we go around the walls as if surrounding them. They might go over the walls after all. Do you think you have enough tools?” 

“All around the capital, huh… I think it is barely enough, but I feel like there wouldn’t be enough for the inside…” (Rakura)

“Setting it all at once hasn’t been approved anyways. You can just proceed with the setup as you get them ready.” 

“Understood. Then that means today will be setting them around the gates and the walls!” (Rakura)

“If the preparations of the tools for the barrier are fast, we could set them inside the capital as well as the travel route to Gahne. I would also like to investigate the bases of the bandits directly after that.” 

“Exploring the mountains and forests, huh… That sounds like a lot of work.” (Rakura)

“But you need to investigate the places Maya-san has in order to clear the suspicions of Maya-san. I am giving you this, so make a copy.” 

I say this and give the map of Dokora I got from Marito.

“This is?” (Rakura)

“The map of Taizu that Dokora used. The lairs he used, lairs he didn’t use, and marks of caves that could serve as candidates. The knights have already investigated them, so it wasn’t that difficult to borrow this.” 

“Oh my, our search will be a lot more efficient with this!” (Rakura)

“But the excuse I used to borrow the map was that I wanted to do a cave resource investigation for the merchant Ban-san who I am cooperating with. We are going to be going around both the lairs and the caves, so it will take a decent amount of time.” 

“Right. But it might be hidden in the caves, so it works just fine.” (Rakura)

“There should be no issues with setting barriers temporarily in the lairs and the caves, so there should be some leeway in your materials.” 

This is to buy time with Rakura. 

We will have her set barriers around the capital, and have her take a whole lot of time to encircle the city.

We will also occupy her with the lairs and caves of the bandits at the same time, and delay the search in the castle. 

I will proceed with the decoding of the book in my free time. Marito’s plan is that it should be fine to return the book if the decoding of the book is done. 

In the perspective of Rakura, this will take time, but with the assumption that it is within the territory of Taizu, she must do her search while reducing the risks of the book being brought out of the nation. 

The true objective of Mejis is not clear, but their pretext is to impede necromancy from spreading. She shouldn’t be able to deny this plan. 

The next issue would be to dig out the identity of the other searchers that must be working in the shadows. We have no choice but to manage somehow on this one.


“Fuuuh, we are done!” (Rakura)

We set the barrier in front of the gate and went outside. We went around the capital with horses and set barriers in a way so that there won’t be any holes.

We began in the morning and it will already be evening in a bit more. I am understandably tired now.

We borrowed 2 horses from the barracks. Rakura rode on one and the other one was me and Wolfe. 

I learned how to ride a horse together with Wolfe, but Wolfe managed to learn faster than me, and a certain someone still has to ride together with someone else.

No, these horses are scary, you know? They are a size bigger than the horses in horse racing, and they don’t lose in speed against them.

A total beginner running with a thoroughbred is just impossible. It is like asking you to run a scooter on a highway at 80km/h. 

We met Ilias while on our way to return the horses to the barracks.

“Ilias, huh. It is rare to see you here when you are normally patrolling the city.” 

“The barracks outside the walls are under the jurisdiction of the Ragudo Division after all. Even if we are leaving it to the sentries, I come here every now and then to check on their state. What about you?” (Ilias)

“I borrowed horses and went around the walls with Rakura. She said she wanted to see the difference here with Mejis.” 

“I see. How was it?” (Ilias)

“Mejis doesn’t have ramparts this wonderful. They don’t make walls so that it is easier for the believers to see the Grand Church in the holy grounds.” (Rakura)

“That’s careless for a place with a lot of monsters.” (Ilias)

“We have several layers of barriers deployed instead, and monsters can’t get close unless it is a pretty large sized one.” (Rakura)

I see. Barriers can be handy in a lot of scenarios. It is also big enough that they can preserve the scenery with this. 

“Speaking of which, I was thinking about exploring caves tomorrow. Can you have normal battles against beasts, Rakura?” 

“Yeah, it is okay. I am strong.” (Rakura)

I can’t bring myself to trust her. Let’s show it on my face.

“Ah, your face is telling me you don’t trust me!” (Rakura)

“Considering everything that has happened until now…” 

“Muuh! Then I will prove it to you!” (Rakura)

Is what Rakura said as she deployed a barrier around immediately. 

The cubic barrier that was deployed in almost no time around Rakura gave me the impression of a thick half-transparent glass.

“This is the defense magic I am proud of! It won’t budge one bit from your average attacks!” (Rakura)

“Then, Wolfe, try going all out.” 

“Yes, Shishou~!” (Wolfe)

Wolfe spun her arm and stood in front of Rakura. She then inhaled and dashed forward.

It is a simple lunging attack that mixes magic emission, but her power shoots up drastically from that sheer output of hers. 

“Taaah!” (Wolfe)

The thunderous sound and impact resonated in the air as her fist made contact with the barrier, but her fist didn’t get further than that. 


“Shishou, my hand, it hurts.” (Wolfe)

“Makes sense.” 

I pat the head of the teary-eyed Wolfe. Rakura puffed her chest out with a smug face. 

“How’s that?! This toughness despite no incantation!” (Wolfe)

“It is certainly impressive. How is it, Ilias?” 

“Yeah, it is great. The construction of the spell uses the caster as the main constituent, so it would be hard to deal with if you allow it to be deployed. It would be difficult to dispel it with a small magic seal stone.” (Ilias)

“So a big one can.” 

“Well, yeah. A military level size would be pushing it a bit, but…beasts and monsters don’t use magic seal stones anyways!” (Rakura)

“Rakura, can I test it out too?” (Ilias)

Looks like Ilias is also interested in its toughness. 

“Yeah, I don’t mind.” (Rakura)

“Alright. I should go with the scabbard on just in case.” (Ilias)

Ilias picked up her sword -with the scabbard still on. If she were to hit a way too hard barrier with an unsheathed sword, it might even chip the blade. 

Ilias stopped in front of the barrier and brandished her sword.

“If I am correct, Wolfe’s attack was around that much, so…alright, somewhere around here!” (Ilias)

She swung down in a straight line, but it was stopped by the barrier.

“Muh, it really is hard.” (Ilias)


Rakura’s face stiffened. Ah, now that I look closely, the sword has stabbed into the barrier. 

The sword broke a part of the cubic barrier and lost its momentum from the resistance of it.

“That’s an impressive barrier. I would have to get pretty serious in order to destroy this.” (Ilias)

“Don’t try it. You would most likely send both the barrier and Rakura flying.” 

“A-As expected of Ilias-san. You certainly do have the skills to be in the top 5 of Taizu…” (Rakura)

Even Ilias can’t hurt Rakura if it is with a simple attack. But if she were to get serious, the attacks would be dealt at a speed faster than the eye can see. 

Ilias really is on a different level even in Rakura’s eyes.

“But I should have been able to prove to you, Counselor-sama. Leaving aside Ilias-san, this barrier wouldn’t be broken by someone like Counselor-sama!” (Rakura)

Rakura spun inside the barrier. That’s true, but it kind of annoys me. 

“Then, since the opportunity is there, can I test it out?” 

“Hmhm, of course!” (Rakura)

I look around for now and find something nice. I grab a shovel leaning against the wall. 

“There’s no way you can break my barrier with something like that. This barrier is set even at my feet. There’s no point digging!” (Rakura)

“Hmm, this should work just fine.” 

I leave the shovel on the ground for now and grab a somewhat big rock nearby. 

“Huh? Are you switching to rock throwing?” (Rakura)

“No, that would be bad for my waist, so I won’t do something like that.” 

I put the rock by my side and grab the shovel. I thrust the shovel towards the location where I got the rock from.

“Counselor-sama?” (Rakura)

“Alright, this should be enough.” 

I raise the shovel in front of the barrier. And then, I pour the contents of the shovel onto the top of the barrier. The contents are obviously stopped by the barrier.

“What in the world are you trying to—oh?!” (Rakura)

There’s earth on the barrier above Rakura. The earth spreads on top without spilling because it is cubic. 

It is half-transparent and the inside can be seen clearly, so that must be the same from the inside -she most likely can see the many insects and earthworms hidden, squirming below the rocks.

“E-E-Excuse me, Counselor-sama?!” (Rakura)

Now then, Rakura could move inside the barrier. She can deploy it instantly, so it is centered around her and there’s no need to move it constantly. Turning that around, it means the barrier doesn’t move. 

In other words, for the person herself to move away from here,  she would have no option but to undo the barrier. 

“Man, it really is sturdy~. Let’s go then.” 

“I am impressed at how you do horrible things as naturally as you breathe.” (Ilias)

“P-Please wait! Please move this away! At least the bugs!” (Rakura)

Rakura smacked the barrier from the inside over and over, and begged for help.**

“It would get my hands dirty.” 

“I will wash them! I will bring out clean water and wash them with joy!” (Rakura)

“Can’t you just redeploy a cone shaped barrier inside?” 

“I can only use barriers of this shape!” (Rakura)

“Aah, then that. If you use wind magic as soon as you undo it?” 

“If I mess up the timing, magic will be unleashed inside this closed space, you know?!” (Rakura)

“If you undo the barrier in an instant, you can do it. Never give up.” 

“I might be able to, but…it really is impossible!” (Rakura)

She tried to work hard for an instant there, but she imagined the risks of messing up, and her concentration has crumbled into shambles.

“But in a cubic barrier that can’t move, wouldn’t you get checkmated if a monster that spits out poison shows up?” 

“True. You would be able to stop it temporarily, but what remains on top of it…” (Ilias)

“You should make it cone shaped or spherical. Also, make it so that it is easily malleable.” 

“Umu, that would be nice.” (Ilias)

“You two stop your sound conversation and do something about this, please!” (Rakura)

After that, I was seriously about to leave Rakura there and she began to cry. Wolfe said she couldn’t leave her, so I asked Ilias and she washed it off with water magic.

But well, she ended up getting poured water on her head with the water that still remained above the barrier. 

“You are so horrible. Counselor-sama, you are a horrible person!” (Rakura)

We sat at the chairs inside the barracks and Rakura complained as she dried herself with the warm air Ilias was casting with magic. 

“Even though I pointed out a fault in the barrier you were so proud of. I am hurt.” 

“No, I think that’s questionable as a human being…” (Ilias)

“Shishou, bullying, not good.” (Wolfe)

“As if I am being a bully. Rakura is far beyond me in terms of ability. I simply surpassed that with smarts.” 

“I am saying what you did afterwards is horrible! Even though I was seriously troubled, you left me there as if you didn’t care at all from the bottom of your heart!” (Rakura)

“My sourness lowered after all. I was satisfied.” 

“I wanted to spend the day together with the kind Counselor-sama I met the first day…” (Rakura)

“What a coincidence. I miss the Rakura that had a mature charm.” 

“What a sad agreement in sentiments… Alright, you are dried now, Rakura.” (Ilias)

“Thank you very much, Ilias-san!” (Rakura)

Speaking of which, hasn’t the distance between the two shortened? There must be attraction between these two kindred souls. 

However, a muscle-brain and an airhead may be similar but are different. If you don’t understand that difference, you will be in a world of hurt -mainly by the hands of Ilias. 

“Now then, let’s head to Dog’s Bone to have dinner. What will you do, Rakura?” 

“Uhm…my pocket is currently…” (Rakura)

“I can treat you if it is just that much. More importantly, can a cleric eat meat?” 

“Yeah. Is there a reason why we wouldn’t be able to?” (Rakura)

Oops, not good. This world doesn’t have Hinduism which reveres cows and Islamism which finds eating pig as taboo. 

“I had the preconception that religious people were apprehensive about killing and eating living beings.” 

“It is true that life is a precious thing. That’s why we show gratitude to their lives until now.” (Rakura)

So they technically don’t have restrictions as a religion, and they simply show their gratitude to the food? It resembles the itadakimasu of Japan.

“Then there’s no issues. This place is the establishment you need to go to if you come to Taizu. Let’s go.” 

I grab the hand of Rakura who tilted her head and bring her to Dog’s Bone half forcefully. 

Taizu which is surrounded by nature, the neighboring country of Gahne which has plains spread far and vast, and the wasteland that’s located by the side of this including Mejis; all of these are not by the side of the sea. 

That said, when we go as far as Mejis, there’s actually a neighboring country that comes in contact with the sea, so the price of salt is apparently around twice cheaper than here.

But it doesn’t change the fact that salt is still a luxury good and it is expensive. 

Rakura smacked her lips at the dishes that took advantage of salt. Of course, it is not only because of the salt. Taizu is surrounded by mountains and forests, so the herbs and spices are more varied compared to other nations. 

There’s also the recently discovered rare forest that has a lot of mana where black wolfkin live. If the special herbs there were to spread to the market, the cuisine of the surroundings would expand even further. 

And so, things were fine until the part where Rakura enjoyed the Taizu’s food culture in the middle of development.

It is not like Rakura is weak to alcohol, but her self-control wasn’t working. 

Tasty food and tasty alcohol; she was so happy with those that she forgot she was eating under the pocket of someone else and continued ordering. 

The result was that the dead drunk airheaded cleric was now being piggybacked by me, and we are taking the long route home that has the church of Maya-san on the way. 

Her body is a lot more mature than that of Ilias and Wolfe, but she is still a child on the inside.

“She is completely smashed here.” (Maya)

“Seeing how she drank, it didn’t look like it was her first time though. She collapsed the moment I took my eyes off her.” 

“I would say it is better than overdrinking. Her emotions rose up in the middle of it and once she goes over a threshold, she gets assailed by sleepiness. I think that’s the kind of girl she is.” (Maya)

It is true that it seems more like she is sleeping peacefully rather than being neck-deep drunk. In other words, maybe we would have been able to wake her up if we smacked her awake. Give me back my hard work.

“You could have brought her back home.” (Maya)

“She has no place to stay in.” 

“I was referring to your home obviously, boy.” (Maya)

“I am not so hungry as to put my hand on a woman that drank herself to sleep -especially so if it is someone I will be working with in the future. That’s why, don’t glare at me with those eyes, Ilias.” 

“You are without a doubt a man. I don’t mind you having a deep relationship with women, but I wouldn’t be able to have a peaceful sleep if it is right by my neighboring room.” (Ilias)

Of course that would be the case. I myself don’t have a special kink like letting my neighbor hear the sounds. 

“It has been a while since I have begun living under the same roof and I have not caused a single problem. I would like you to believe me on that front.” 

I am actually being reserved here in a variety of ways. I am living together with 2 girls of age after all.

Knocking before entering the toilet, the bathroom, and their bedroom is a matter of course, but I am also being careful not to cause any troubles to them when I myself am using those places. 

Imagine a lucky pervert situation were to happen. It would be Dead End -literally- with the unrestrained fist of Ilias. 

“Well, that is…you are right. Yeah.” (Ilias)

“I am borrowing a room from the owner, so I can’t go bringing trouble. I would be staying the night elsewhere at such times.” 

“That’s a good stance… By the way, there were times when you stayed the night elsewhere though…or am I remembering wrong?” (Ilias)

“Now then, let’s head home, Wolfe.” 

“Yes, Shishou!” (Wolfe)

“Oi, why are you ending the conversation so abruptly? Oi, wait!” (Ilias)

I am not a child, so I would like you to refrain from prying on my private time. 


The place is a vacant house in the capital of Taizu. After the elderly person that was the owner of the house died, this building was given respite for a brief period of time, so there shouldn’t be anyone here, and yet, there is. 

The man went through the closed door without even touching it. 

The man advanced through the dusty floor without leaving footprints. 

This man with his whole body wrapped in dark cloth was advancing through the open room as if he were a ghost with no substance. 

The place he arrived at was the place that was once his room. But there’s no traces of people staying there, and there was simply one coarse crystal in this place. 

The secret art used by the Yugura Church. It is the same one Maya and Rakura use to contact headquarters. 

The man touched the crystal and it released a faint light. 

“Let’s hear your report.” 

A voice resonated from the crystal. It is the voice of the person that spoke to Ukka after the report of Rakura. 

“Rakura went around the gates and the outer walls with the helper in the previous report to set the detection barriers.” 

“I see. It will take time but it is a sound method. It seems like it was true that she met a proper helper.” 

“They are apparently going to be searching the lairstomorrow with the map that Dokora left behind.” 

“So she won’t expand the barrier immediately, huh. Does she not have enough tools or is she planning on spreading the circumference as she gauges the situation?” 

“Any additional orders?” 

“It should be fine to just keep observing Rakura for now. Please prioritize not getting found until we know the whereabouts of the book. Also, I have dispatched your comrades to that place. Convene first and finish preparations.” 

“I am grateful for that. Then I will concentrate on staying in the shadows for a while.” 

“Don’t forget to confirm the frequencies of the mana waves released by the barriers set by Rakura.” 

“I have already done so.” 

“That was unnecessary confirmation then. Do you have anything else to report?” 

“The appearance of the helper is somewhat peculiar. He has black hair and black eyes. I barely feel any mana in him, but I don’t sense any signs of him hiding it.” 

“Fumu, it is an appearance you find in demons, but judging from this, maybe it is just rare?” 

“Also, it seems like they have a white black wolfkin girl close to them as a bodyguard. Her skill isn’t even worth mentioning, but the mana inside of her is unfathomable.” 

“I have heard that Taizu has recently begun having exchanges with the black wolfkins. Maybe they hired a skilled one as a bodyguard?” 

“Also, it seems like he interacts with Ilias Ratzel too.” 

“That’s the thing we should be the most cautious of. She is the female knight that won the swordsmanship tournament in Taizu after all.” 

“Right. The very person that defeated Dokora. I wouldn’t want to fight her head-on even with all my comrades together. That’s all for my report.” 

“Understood. Contact me at any eventuality.” 


The transmission was hung up. The man placed a cloth on top of the crystal that had faint light remaining. 

The moment the cloth covered the crystal completely, the man had already melted into the darkness. 


We are currently in the middle of hiking a mountain.

Today we are heading to the cave that was the first bandit lair me and Ilias conquered.

The base where the giant man called Gidou was the boss at. Being the closest base, we might be able to arrive at noon after we gathered in the morning. 

The participants are: Ilias, Wolfe, and Rakura.

Thanks to Ilias mowing down the weed at the front, we are advancing more smoothly than before. 

We had to advance silently the last time because it was a surprise attack, but we are advancing this time around with the intention of creating a path. 

“My memories of yesterday are cleanly gone in the middle…” (Rakura)

“Please put yourself in my shoes as the one that had to carry you. It was rough with how heavy you were.” 

“I-I am not heavy!” (Rakura)

“It is not a matter of being thin or fat; an adult woman sleeping is plenty heavy alone!” 

“Hiiin!” (Rakura)

Ilias could have carried her, but when I tried to make her, the wife of Cara-jii scolded me saying ‘carrying a girl is the job of a man!’ and I ended up having to carry her. 

I felt like I was profiting at first, but after walking a few hundred meters, such leeway was gone from me!

We climbed up the mountain while chatting and we arrived in the blink of an eye. The intrusive vegetation on our way was almost all sliced away by the sword of Ilias. 

The way she advanced steadily while making loud sounds reminded me of heavy machinery, yup. 

“Alright, rest for a while, Ilias. I am going to check the inside for a bit.” 

“…Okay. Call me if anything happens.” (Ilias)

I go inside. It is a nostalgic sight. The corpses that Dokora retrieved to use necromancy on are gone, but it still smells a bit. Hmm, is the stain in the ground a bloodstain? 

“The air is a bit dirty. Should I purify it?” (Rakura)

“You can do that?” 

“Of course!” (Rakura)

When Rakura used magic, I felt as if air was flowing around me. And then, the use of magic was stopped after a while.

I see, this is pretty convenient. Not only did it get rid of the stench around, it even changed the quality of the air. 

Even though we are inside a musty cave, I feel refreshed as if we were in a clean and sterilized room.

“The air is tastier now!” 

“The mana in the air also stagnates in places where people have died, so you can return it to its original environment in this fashion.” (Rakura)

“Speaking of which, there were scars left by the Demon Lords remaining in Mejis.” 

“Yes. When it gets to that point, it is pretty hard to progress with the purification, but we are slowly getting to that point.” (Rakura)

Magic that improves the environment, huh. It is one of the spells Earth would like to have. 

I would like to teach this mainly to the countries that have factories flooding them. 

After that, we set a temporary barrier, but it obviously didn’t yield results. We achieved our objective, so I am going to be doing my job here now. 

I check the inside of the cave and take note of the ores that are protruding from the walls. It is being used as a base, so I most likely won’t be finding anything valuable, but it can’t be helped. 

There were no spontaneous finds, but I found a few articles left by the bandits. 

Looks like most of the worn out miscellaneous products were left here. It seems like they just retrieved whatever might be worth a coin. I also found a wooden box filled with magic seal stones.

Magic seal stones cost some money if you want to buy them, but most of the ones here are small and of bad quality. 

You would need to throw the magic seal stone itself inside the range of the spell in order to make this one work. 

It is used to disrupt detection magic, so small ones are enough, but it seems like it would be difficult to use them for anything else.

For example; the magic seal stones used in the equipment of the knights are beautifully cut and polished into a spherical shape. Their size is decent too. 

Is there one in a size that can be processed…? None. There’s certainly no use for them at a glance, but let’s take some. 

I throw a few in my pocket and reconvene with Rakura. Let’s put it inside my treasure container when I go back. 

I haven’t had much of an increase in personal possessions since coming to this world. Only the wooden stick that’s my partner, my clothes, and the small wooden box that I safekeep at home stealthily -also known as the treasure container. 

This curious world makes me want to pick up stuff, so this container fulfills that childish desire of mine. 

As of now, there’s a big acorn and a pretty stone I picked up in the middle of my walks. 

I would like to prepare a big box in the future and gather commemorative items from my adventures in this world.

After that, we headed to investigate the small caves that served as markers. The ones here were not big enough for people to live in, but there was a place that had underground water spouting out from. 

Let’s scoop it with a canteen, bring it back, and check out its properties. 

“There were no results in the end… What a waste of effort…” (Rakura)

“The places of today were lairs of bandits outside of Dokora after all.” 

I spoke with Rakura in a low voice on our way back. I haven’t told Ilias about the book.

Rakura said it was fine to tell her, but it would be somewhat troubling for me. 

Ilias has heard my conversation with Dokora, so she knows that Dokora has left me a parting gift. 

She may not know about me and Cara-jii heading off to get the book, but if she were to hear about the book, there’s a high chance she might be able to connect the dots. If that happens, a variety of info would be exposed. 

As long as Ilias is a knight, she has the duty to report to her superiors, and if we were to explain the situation to her carelessly, we would end up having her carry the burden of secret information -is what I explained to Rakura and had her keep the information on wraps. 

I have told them that the exploration this time around is for the sake of searching for resources. I would like to tell her one day, but the details of the book are something that we are hiding from Maya-san too. 

On top of that, the talk of deciphering the book together with Marito is something that Ilias wouldn’t find desirable. 

The fact that I might move to a path of evil is not a prospect she finds pleasing. Rather than a knight, this is most likely her feelings as a housemate and a friend. 

But since this is something that Marito has decided on, it would be hard for Ilias to say anything against it. When that happens, the only one she would be able to consult with is Maya-san who she is close with. 

Maya-san is tolerant, but it is a different story when it comes to taboos like necromancy. She would have to do her job as an archbishop of the Yugura Church.

Shouldering a secret brings a lot of pain to the heart. If it were to be discovered before I explain things, it might even worsen our relationship.

As someone who wants to live safely, I shouldn’t be holding a big secret. That said, I understand the standing of Marito and sympathize with it. 

Does Mejis simply have these books sealed and keep them in check, or are they researching them in secret? 

The truth that they are managing the books was confirmed with the existence of Rakura, but we still don’t know just how dangerous it is even now. 


I observe him as we go back. He is talking with Rakura in a low voice. 

I can’t hear what he is saying, but I hesitate in asking what it is. The two of them must have their own secrets. 

Rakura is a good person. She is straightforward and has skills as a cleric. Even if she has a lot of cute parts, she is a charming woman. 

They were keeping a strange distance from each other at first, but now they have an equivalent relationship. 

His way of acting changes depending on the person like a mirror. My relationship with him is just on the level where we can have casual talks even now.

There are times when he pissess me off, but if I think of it as him showing less restraint around me, it doesn’t feel bad. 

His relationship with Rakura must have had a similar change. 

The amount of people he can speak casually with has increased. That’s something good, but…

“Ilias, are you tired?” (Wolfe)

Wolfe peeked at my face and spoke to me. Rakura and him are talking in a low voice, so she must have come to me. She is pretty perceptive on a lot of fronts. No, she is way too good at it.

Considering her upbringing, it wouldn’t be strange for her to live in a more upfront manner. She is most likely desperate to not let her current lifestyle spill out from her hands. 

That’s how much fear she has of her past. The reality is that Wolfe would tremble at times when she crawled in my bed. 

“Right. I would like to go back quickly and take it easy.” (Ilias)

“Won’t you talk to Shishou, Ilias?” (Wolfe)

“Talk about what?” (Ilias)

“Shishou is thinking about many things. Just like the time when he brought Wolfe out of the village.” (Wolfe)

Fumu. I begin pondering. I know that he is always thinking about many things at all times. 

He is not good with manual labor, so that must have become his way of living. 

But judging from the way Wolfe said this, should I judge this as him scheming something as of present? 

“Together with Rakura?” (Ilias)

“No, Rakura is not thinking anything.” (Wolfe)

That sounds horrible when phrased like that. But he is scheming something that he is hiding from Rakura too? Then him interacting with Rakura right now is also…

No no, they might simply be getting along. 

“…Umu.” (Ilias)

So vexing. He tends to hate excessive interference. I am aware he is relying on me despite that. Destroying that relationship would be…

I have maintained a close relationship with Maya as a friend of my mother, but I have not had experience with a personal relationship I have met by myself. 

I can’t tell how much I can step in. But if I can step in, I would like to…

I am confident in my swordsmanship, but I am not acquainted with matters like this one. 

“If I could get along better with someone by slicing them, I would slice them in a heartbeat though.” (Ilias)

“Ilias, that’s scary.” (Wolfe)

I scared her. I would like to avoid scaring this girl. It really hit me hard when this girl ended up getting scared of me after that one bout of ours. I have to be careful. 

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