LS – Chapter 291: As such, allow me to partake

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<<…That’s how it is. That would be the end of my report as of present.>> (Mix)

“Fumu. Mix, please be careful of that man called Murshto.” (Marito)

I confirm the emergency report of my friend from Mix and end the call.

Soon after investigating the royalty of Serende, the bodyguard of Princess Hilmera called Murshto made contact with my friend. 

That Murshto has been coming every day to the base where my friend is for close to 1 week. 

I honestly only have a bad feeling about this, so I would like them to negotiate with him so that he leaves quickly though… Hngugu…

“Uhm…Your Majesty? You seem to be in a pretty bad mood there.” (Ruko)

“Muh, sorry about that, Ruko. So it showed in my face to the point of being noticeable.” (Marito)

There has been no official ceremony yet, so Ruko is still a maid working in the castle. 

Even if so, I don’t plan on making her do miscellaneous chores when the engagement has already been set. 

And so, I am currently keeping her nearby as much as possible so that she can have a grasp of my current work. 

The person herself said that it is better to stay in her maid outfit, so she is looking after me as a maid on paper… But once the ceremony is done, I won’t be able to see Ruko in her maid outfit. 

Let’s just let her do as she wants. 

Well, I might have her put it on depending on how I feel. 

“I am sorry for basically listening-in to your call with Mix-sama, but…are you that worried about Onii-san?” (Ruko)

“There was no listening-in. I had that call with the intention of you listening to it, so you don’t have to mind it. But well…it does worry me. Evaluating my friend highly most often means that the other party is skilled.” (Marito)

“It is rare to see someone fall in love at first sight with a person that has such a bad glare.” (Ruko)

I ended up nodding at that, but is that okay for me to do as a friend? Oh well.

I am not saying this because my friend is outstanding. 

For Serende, my friend’s group is a gathering of powerhouses that defeated a demon. 

That’s why, when you make contact with them with the evaluation that they are powerhouses, the ones that would stand out the most would be Lady Ratzel and Wolfe-chan. 

If Murshto has fallen in love at first sight with my friend within all those people, he is most likely the type of person that doesn’t fall for someone because of the strength in their body or mind, but the uniqueness of that person. 

No, there’s also a high possibility that the appearance of my friend is to his liking though.

But according to the information gathered by Mix, Murshto apparently has no relation with men or women. 

He apparently said that he would have fallen in love with my friend regardless if he was a man or a woman. 

“We have to be careful of a person who directs their sole attention to my friend in a situation where powerhouses like Lady Ratzel are present. It is possible that they have a peculiar perspective like those of an Illegitimate akin to Ritial and Haakudoku.” (Marito)

“So you are worried about Onii-san.” (Ruko)

“…Jealous?” (Marito)

Ruko and my friend get along extremely well. 

It is to the point where I would get jealous seeing Ruko scolding my friend. 

Ruko might be jealous of my friend in that same fashion.

“T-That’s not true!” (Ruko)

“I understand how you feel. I have also felt jealous when seeing your relationship with my friend. Even a king gets jealous, so there’s no need to be embarrassed about it.” (Marito)

“I-Is that so… Wait, it is still embarrassing though!” (Ruko)

If my friend was a girl -is what I have thought a long time ago. I treasure my friendship, but I have no hesitation in placing the person I love as my number one. 

I should shower more love towards Ruko so that she doesn’t feel jealous towards my friend. 

The problem is that she would get embarrassed and try to run away though. Measuring the intensity is hard. 

I honestly have the confidence to go really far with momentum alone, but I have no choice but to refrain in order to respect her ideals. 

It is a bit vexing, but it is not bad if I just think of this innocence as a valuable experience. 

Well, it is true that the matter of my friend is bothering me a who~le ton though! Seriously, what’s with that Murshto guy?! 

…Not good. Let’s calm down a bit.

“Your Majesty! We have a problem!” 

At the times when you want to calm down, the world often moves in a way that doesn’t allow it. 

There have been no knights who would enter carelessly since Ruko began staying in my office. 

They are probably reading the room, but I also feel like they are telling me ‘hurry and make an heir’. 

In that case, a knight intruding in this manner means there’s a high chance there really is something bad going on.

“Report it calmly even if it is a matter that requires haste. There’s no point explaining quickly if it takes time for me to make sense of it.” (Marito)

“Yes! Uhm…the Green Demon Lord said he wanted to have an audience with you!” 

“…I see. Of course you would be flustered here.” (Marito)

The Green Demon Lord looks the same as me. The knights would obviously be flustered if he were to suddenly say he wants to meet me. 

I had him guide the Green Demon Lord to the reception room and I headed there too. 

I was troubled about whether to leave Ruko behind, but there should be no issues if I have both Lord Ragudo and Haiya. 

Ruko agreed immediately and said she would brew some tea, so we have separated for now. 

I met up with Lord Ragudo and arrived at the reception room, and the Green Demon Lord was already sitting there, waiting with an impudent air.

The face of the knight that guided him there was extremely pale. 

Well, it makes sense that he would end up with that face if someone with my face had that expression. 

“My knights will end up trembling if you glare at them with that face. How about making a more peaceful face if you are coming as a guest?” (Marito)

The knight made a relieved face when I showed up and left the room immediately. 

I am a bit conflicted that you are looking so happy about escaping my face. 

“Hmph, to think you would complain about faces when you are the one that had the same face as me later. I am in a position that should be thanked for overlooking your lineage, not blamed.” (Green)

“It is not like I am your direct descendant.” (Marito)

“Right. You are almost certainly the descendant of my little sister. Looks like the blood of a king from this body is pretty strong.” (Green)

The little sister of the Green Demon Lord, huh. 

Judging from the reaction of Niruryates and what my friend said, the appearance of Mix resembles that of his little sister. You could say I am pretty blessed if we go by circumstances alone.

“Speaking of which, it was pretty silent today aside from the knight that rushed in.” (Marito)

“You said I should come by foot, so I simply did as told.” (Green)

This is a shocker.

That was a joke filled with sarcasm. I didn’t expect him to take it seriously. 

I got pretty toxic at that time because of how similar we looked. 

“How obedient.” (Marito)

“Yeah, I obediently did as told. I went out of my way to walk all the way from outside the walls to this castle.” (Green)

“Buh?!” (Marito)

You walked in the city with that sour face of yours?! How do you think it looked like to the populace that doesn’t know the circumstances?! 

It would be beyond problematic if rumors that the king of Taizu was walking around the city with a sour face were to spread! 

“That’s a nice face. Aah, that’s a face I can’t make. I am happy to see differences.” (Green)

“You… I also can’t imitate your nasty personality.” (Marito)

“So, the king of this country can’t even offer tea?” (Green)

“I will of course bring it out if I judge you as a guest.” (Marito)

Well, Ruko is already preparing it though. 

Me being the only one drinking the tea is also an option. 

Distancing people with bad personalities like this one by harassing them is the fastest method. 

Or more like, I want to warp that face as much as possible…

Not good. My way of thinking has turned extremely pitiful just for the fact that we have the same face. 

Let’s calm down for now. 

I am fine with showing a pathetic sight to Lord Ragudo, but I must avoid disappointing Ruko. 

I have to be conscious about being a good king while looking at her face. 

I was thinking this and Ruko entered the reception room in a timely fashion after she finished preparing the tea.

She must have baked pastries a bit before coming to the office, a sweet scent spread in the reception room.

“Excuse the intrusion. Your Majesty, I have finished the preparations of the tea—” (Ruko)

Ruko saw the face of the Green Demon Lord and froze.

I told her we look the same beforehand, but she probably didn’t imagine it would be to this degree…

Hm? I understand Ruko freezing, but why is the Green Demon Lord also freezing after looking at Ruko?

“…Who in the world is that maid?” (Green)

“My fiancee. We are engaged, but we haven’t done the ceremony. I am allowing her to stay looking the same as her previous job. Have a problem with that?” (Marito)

“Engaged…? …Haha…Hahahahaha!” (Green)

Everyone is most likely dumbstruck by this sight. 

The Green Demon Lord, who was thought to have a sour expression in the face permanently, was laughing out loudly while covering his mouth. 

Even I haven’t laughed that loudly. 

It even impresses me that he can make a face like this one.

“Eh, u-uhm…Your Majesty? Did I do something weird?” (Ruko)

“No, that’s not it. Oi, Green Demon Lord…” (Marito)

“Aah, forgive me. That woman isn’t at fault at all. That’s right, none at all.” (Green)


The Green Demon Lord exhaled deeply and fixed his breathing. 

Just what was so funny that it even threw his breathing in disarray? 

I am honestly curious about it, but contrary to my friend, I don’t want to get that involved with this guy. 

Ruko respectfully lined up the tea and pastries on the table in front of me and the Green Demon Lord while still confused. 

The Green Demon Lord observed this for a while, but he spoke when their eyes made contact.

“The woman there, what’s your name?” (Green)

“M-My name is Ruko!” (Ruko)

“Ruko, huh. Makes sense that the name at least would be different… Do you like plants?” (Green)

“Eh, y-yes…” (Ruko)

I can’t see disgust in the eyes and tone the Green Demon Lord uses towards Ruko. 

Don’t tell me it is not only the same face, we also have the same taste in women? 

I can’t overlook him trying to seduce my wife right in my face. 

“Can you stop trying to seduce my wife?” (Marito)

“You idiot, how about getting a hint with the flow of the conversation?” (Green)

“…You had a maid that looked like Ruko?” (Marito)

“She was a weirdo that dug the earth of the flower beds the whole time to the point of even forgetting to greet me, but…to think she became the wife of that man. You should be grateful towards me.” (Green)

“Why?” (Marito)

“I turned the people that were loyal to me into demons when I became a Demon Lord. The person who had the same face as Ruko was also within those people. But I didn’t turn her into a demon on a whim.” (Green)

If I am to take what he is saying seriously, there’s a high chance Ruko and that woman are blood related. 

He is trying to say that Ruko wouldn’t have been born if that girl had stopped being human…

“If you didn’t do it because of a whim, that’s just a coincidence. I don’t think there’s a need to thank you for that.” (Marito)

“Maybe. I can make plants grow in the shape I want with my Prosperity, so I didn’t need a gardener.” (Green)

What’s with that? I am jealous. 

Leaving aside the matter of how powerful that ability is, that’s an ability that’s suitable for gardening… No, even if so, I really don’t need that power. 

That kills the fun of raising them.

“Whether she is blood related or not is not certain, but I thank you for not making that girl into a demon. I wouldn’t want to imagine someone with the same face as Ruko having her heart shaven away as a demon after all.” (Marito)

“…I shall accept your gratitude. And so, the main topic. When is that man coming back?” (Green)

“My friend? He is currently searching for the person that cooperated with Raheight and Nektohal. He said he would come back depending on the result. Didn’t Niruryates tell you?” (Marito)

If I remember correctly, he told Niruryates to show up when she returned to Taizu. And yet, he went out of his way to come here and confirm. Meaning that Niruryates didn’t bring back any other information. 

“If I were to confirm with Niruryates, I might end up creating a situation where that man would have no choice but to return.” (Green)

“Having blindly loyal subordinates is tough.” (Marito)

“It is exactly because of her blindness that she didn’t have to directly see how the hearts of the others broke.” (Green)

From what I am hearing here, my friend’s analysis of Nektohal was most likely not wrong. 

The people respected the Green Demon Lord and became demons. 

But they couldn’t live as inhuman beings. 

Their hearts withered from having to live the life of an inhuman being despite having the hearts of a human. Leading to their hearts breaking one after the other. 

The Green Demon Lord himself was the one who brought judgment to this after getting tired of seeing this. 

A pitiful king that put an end to the people that respected him and stopped being humans.

“Do you regret becoming a Demon Lord?” (Marito)

“This is my second life to clear the regrets left from my previous life anyways. I may leave things, but nothing new will be born. That said, it is a new life, so I had to cut off my old connections though.” (Green)

If I had become a Demon Lord like this man, there would most likely be people who would go as far as becoming demons to live together with me. 

But they respect me as a human. It is not like they would respect me when I live as a Demon Lord. 

They wouldn’t notice the difference at first. 

But after 100 years, the gap will get wider and wider, and it might create irreversible results. 

“Let’s just hope it ends in a safe relationship as a human king.” (Marito)

I have the same opinion as a Demon Lord. It is not like I have given up on creating my own country. I have simply judged there’s no need for that as of present. The time I feel like there’s the need to is the time that I am disappointed in humanity after all.” (Green)

The Green Demon Lord created the sublimation of human talent that are Illegitimate together with Yugura. 

For this man, the populace of that country will most likely be those Illegitimate. 

If the humans evade Illegitimate, stop seeing them as human, and discriminate against them…they might end up gathering under this Demon Lord.

“We got off topic there. No, it is just that your business wasn’t that big of a matter to begin with, huh.” (Marito)

“I would like to secure a person that I can leave the simple tasks to aside from Niruryates.” (Green)


The king showing up himself to check when the person he wants to thank is coming is beyond lacking people. 

I definitely won’t lend him people though.

“How about going around this country since you have the opportunity? Knowing the lifestyle of the people in this era would serve as reference, right? Of course, I will have you hide your face though.” (Marito)

“It is not much different. Your bloodline has been bad at taking in change since way before anyways.” (Green)

“That’s quite the advanced self-deprecation you have. But there are a number of places that my friend has tinkered with. I personally recommend the public bath house.” (Marito)

“When I feel like it.” (Green)

The Green Demon Lord ate the pastries and drank the tea. 

The reason why that alone is enough to make it look amusing must be because of how strong of an impression he gave on his entrance. 

“…Uhm, did it suit your palate?” (Ruko)

“Were you the one who made this?” (Green)

“Y-Yes!” (Ruko)

“I honestly don’t feel like tasting it together with this man.” (Green)

I feel the same. 

The tea and pastries there were originally for me, you know. 

“O-Okay…” (Ruko)

“…Wrap up a few of them for me to take back.” (Green)

“—! Yes!” (Ruko)

As I said, those are mine! …Well, Ruko seems to be happy, so that’s fine though.

Ruko swiftly stuffed the pastries in a bag and gave them to the Green Demon Lord. 

The Green Demon Lord puts it in his pocket, slowly gets up, and tries to exit the room. 

Right, I have to warn him about his face.

“Oi, Green Demon Lord, that face—” (Marito)

“You idiot, I obviously used a carriage all the way to the castle.” (Green)

“Hngh.” (Marito)

This guy could seriously walk all the way here just to harass me… 

It is true that he made me dance with his words. 

“Treasure that woman. I am a bit interested in the conclusion of the path that I didn’t choose.” (Green)

“You don’t need to tell me. I won’t let a Demon Lord do anything to her anymore.” (Marito)

The Green Demon Lord turned around and showed a dubious face. 

Ah, I can tell what this is.

I have been in a similar state after all. 

I can tell that the Green Demon Lord is angry. 

“…Who tried something on her?” (Green)

“Colorless.” (Marito)

The Green Demon Lord observed Ruko emotionlessly, in contrast to before, and sighed. 

He must have noticed the curse that the Colorless Demon Lord cast on her heart. 

“I have a general idea of how it happened, but…you have a child researcher?” (Green)

“The disciple of the Great Sage Barastos.” (Marito)

If Nora completes the forbidden technique that she was researching, the curse cast on the heart of Ruko will activate. 

The Green Demon Lord must have completely understood the workings of it, but the reason why Ruko ended up being a target of this must have been purely speculation from him. 

Ruko protected someone and ended up being cursed in their place. 

Someone the weak Ruko would protect is someone that’s even weaker than her. It would have to be someone like my friend or a child in order for it to make sense. 

“…That man is a being that has been embedded in the system of this world. That curse is pretty much nonexistent as long as you aren’t involved with the forbidden. Make sure to keep an eye on that researcher.” (Green)

The Green Demon Lord left this time for sure. 

I was hoping he would help Ruko out in some way out of nostalgia, but…it was just a warning, huh.

But judging from that state of his, there’s no doubt he felt some sort of negative emotion towards the Colorless Demon Lord. 

Let’s believe there was enough meaning in that. 

“Uhm, Your Majesty… I was surprised…” (Ruko)

“Anyone who knows me would be surprised. I was surprised too.” (Marito)

“I hope…he liked the pastries…” (Ruko)

“If his palate is the same, there’s no need to worry. He wouldn’t have asked to wrap some up for him if he didn’t like them. I shall enjoy the taste too.” (Marito)

There’s less now, but that can also heighten the taste in a way. Let’s just say that’s the case.

“…By the way, Lord Ragudo, is there none for us?” 

“Haiya-dono, it is better not to mention that. We are talking about the kind Ruko-sama, so she would give us if we mention it though.” (Ragudo)

“O-Of course, I will prepare a share for you two!” (Ruko)

Decreasing too much is also bad though! Yeah! 


Author: Marito might have been thornier if Ruko-sama wasn’t present. 

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