LS – Chapter 328: Thus, shaken

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“…I see. There won’t be hindrances like that, and it would also take shape…huh. Nice. Let’s do that.” (Yugura)

“Why are you accepting so easily, Yugura?!” (Colorless)

Black Sis called this man to this parallel world to take away his body to begin with.

It should be possible to make Black Sis recover her consciousness in that man’s body with the help of Yugura.

Even if so, this man has almost no mana.

By almost, I am referring to the mana in his body to maintain the possession spell that serves to solve the language problem, and the mana that are the remnants of Black Sis’s mind.

It is a body that you would rather want to close your eyes and pick a random guy instead.

Forget the Green Lord, she might even lose to the Gold Lass!

“She doesn’t have to rampage herself. It should be enough as long as she has the strength to move with her own will. That power still remains in the Serende Nether after all.” (Yugura)

“No, they are…” (Colorless)

The comrades that Black Sis made into demons are in the Serende Nether.

Most of them were killed by Yugura when Black Sis was sealed, but the ones that survived have trained in preparation for Black Sis’ resurrection.

If I remember correctly, they are also related people of the same era as Black Sis.

Depending on how you put it, they are in a position where they were brought to this world by Yugura.

They are people that would accept the choice of Black Sis if it is to settle matters with the humans. But those people are already…

“There’s no need to worry, Tedoral. I am already aware of their situation. It might be a form that  Black wouldn’t be pleased with, but not everything goes according to plan. It works just fine as a handicap for humans. Her power is still present even if the inside becomes pitiful.”

“That’s true, but…” (Colorless)

“More importantly, you are the one who should be worried -you compatriot of mine. Your mind will be swallowed by hers when the authority of your body is given to Black. It may be a body that can’t use magic, but you will have to face her anger. It is questionable whether you can endure it as a normal person.” (Yugura)

“I am prepared for at least that much. It won’t be that long of a fight anyways.”

Yugura looked pensive for a moment.

He has noticed that man is scheming something, but is not trying to read what it is.

In other words, this shows that the game between this man and Yugura has begun.

Ritial’s observation skills and Haakudoku’s danger perception; Yugura has those things at a far higher realm. He would instinctively analyze the information he gets from sight and can instinctively recognize the result of things to deal with matters perfectly.

He doesn’t need to read the mind of the other party at every instance. There’s already a limit to the actions he would take that would lead to choice mistakes.

If he feels some sort of danger, it would lead to that man’s demise. He could just read his mind at that time and turn the tables around.

That’s why he is enjoying this match as an honest-to-word player. Also, it serves as proof that there’s not a single factor here that would threaten Yugura.

“But is that okay? I could tear Black away from you and send you back to Japan. I have no obligation to go that far for just an otherworlder, but I could do that at no price if Black is involved.” (Yugura)

“I am happy about that proposal, but I at least have connections in this world. I would like to repay them as much as I can.”

“…I see. Then, let’s begin preparations at once.” (Yugura)

Yugura hit thin air and countless machine parts appeared around. Yugura searched for the tool he wanted from within, and connected them.

“Are you not going to do this in a magic-like way?”

“It would be better to use a supercomputer for complicated calculations, right? Magic is also formed by its own set of logic. It is safer to compensate for the parts that can be and reduce accidents.” (Yugura)

“I see. That makes sense.”

“If we want to go at it in a more efficient manner, we should be creating a large-scale facility though. But if we create it in the continent, it would advance civilization unnecessarily, and creating too much mass inside an extempore dimension like this one could destabilize it. By the way, it will take a bit more time to finish preparations. Want to ask something in the meantime?” (Yugura)

Yugura continues working without looking aside, but it seems like he has surplus to talk.

That man seems to not feel anything about Yugura working, he is observing him with a damn calm expression.

Does he even know that each one of the tools lying around here would be able to advance magic civilization by centuries? It looks as if he does and doesn’t.

“Something I would like to ask, huh… Ah, about the Scarlet Demon Lord in stories.”

“About how he lost to me by a narrow margin? Every one of the Demon Lords was a weakling for me aside from Black, but their threat level would lower if I didn’t add that I struggled a bit, right? I have to at least make them imagine the strength of Demon Lords contrary to the Hero Index.” (Yugura)

“You are doing something like manipulating public perception.”

“I had a pretty hard time when founding the Yugura Church. I did stuff like investigating the Earth from the future with space-time magic. I mixed and matched a variety of religions I thought would work nicely.” (Yugura)

“You also made the currency unit pretty easy to understand.”

“It would be easier to adapt for people who come from the same planet, right?” (Yugura)

The two of them are talking in an awfully familiar manner even though they have met for the first time here, most likely because they are compatriots.

It is better than them being at each other’s throats, but I feel a bit conflicted as someone who had to work hard to get to that point.

“If you increased the supply of salt somewhat, I think their cuisine would have developed a bit more though.”

“I thought about that too, but the people of this world were made to not have interest in the sea, you know. I tried to make it efficient, but it didn’t go well. I lived close to the sea, so it was faster for me to make it myself.” (Yugura)

“I think their culinary skills might have developed a bit if you circulated a bit of it in the market.”

“Maybe. About that, I was a person from around the 1st World War, so I wasn’t that interested in such luxuries. Japan is impressive. Even though a bigger war happened afterwards and they lost, they still managed to develop to that degree.” (Yugura)

“I personally think you are more impressive as someone who can talk normally to a Japanese person from 100 years later.”

Yugura set something similar to a chair and directed him to sit.

You would normally make a displeased face when told to sit in this situation where you would normally hesitate even at a normal chair, but he sat deeply on it without a single change in his face.

“It is rare to meet a compatriot of mine, so it is sad that we can only get to talk on an occasion like this one.” (Yugura)

“You will only get complaints if it turns into a long talk.”

“Haha, sorry about that. Well then, wear this and close your eyes.” (Yugura)

Yugura gave him something like a helmet, he wore it, and entrusted everything to Yugura while keeping a relaxed posture.

Yugura sighed a bit and began to pour mana into the device.

“Hey, Yugura, what in the world are you going to do to this guy?” (Colorless)

“What’s inside him are the remnant thoughts of Black. It normally would have used the fluctuations in his emotions to encroach on him, increase its own mana, and form a method to take over the control of the body after creating enough resources. What I am going to do here is artificially completing that process. To be more precise, I am interfering with his soul coupled with space-time magic to create something similar to shamanism—” (Yugura)

“Please explain in a way that an average person could understand.” (Colorless)

“You want to explain to this man’s comrades that are in Taizu through your clone, right? I will have Black’s will, that’s in that mountain, through her mana that’s inside him.” (Yugura)

“Ooh…got exposed.” (Colorless)

Cold sweat flowed out from me.

The powers Yugura has employed since coming here should have only been to read this man’s mind and memories.

I was planning on undoing the clone immediately if I felt like he was investigating me in some way…

I was confident in my magic technique, but it is basically child’s play when faced against the very person that taught me, huh.

I have been working hard while he wasn’t around though…

“It is not magic. It was a speculation after taking into account the memories I read from him just before and your own personality. I personally won’t stop you, but Black will be coming soon. I recommend you undo it before you are considered a spy of the humans.” (Yugura)

“T-That’s true… I will explain to them some other day…” (Colorless)

“Better be quick. You will become a pawn of Black as well after all.” (Yugura)

“…Right.” (Colorless)

If Black Sis comes back, I will obviously be an ally of hers.

I will naturally dirty my hands together with Black Sis if she is going to be exterminating the humans. Even more so with Black Sis resurrecting in the body of a frail human.

I might even become a trump card of Black Sis.

Considering what Yugura is saying here, the curse I have been etched in this body as an observer will be undone.

Well, I am extremely grateful for that though.

I was thinking this and Yugura stopped his mana breathing, and took off the helmet-like device that man had on.

“Done.” (Yugura)

“Eh, already?” (Colorless)

“It is not like I am bringing the soul itself. I am basically moving the consciousness that’s in that mountain to the body here. It is like a TV… Do you understand that?” (Yugura)

“Yeah, the box that shows footage, right?” (Colorless)

I know a decent degree of the future culture in Yugura’s planet.

I personally prefer to show footage through something called movie theaters than televisions. I can make it on a big scale easier after all.

I hesitantly peek at that man’s face.

It looks as if he is asleep, but the inside is apparently already Black Sis.

The Black Demon Lord that’s sung as the strongest.

“No need to be scared. Black is in control of the body, but the body itself is still his. Even if she were to attack us all of a sudden, we wouldn’t lose no matter how much we struggle.” (Yugura)

“Not losing no matter how much we struggle… That’s the first time I hear tha—?!” (Colorless)

I moved my gaze to Yugura for an instant, and the moment I returned it, my spine froze.

His eyes were open, and he was looking straight at us.

Pitch black darkness that’s dyed in anger and hatred.

It is different from the eyes I have seen from that man until now.

It is the very eyes of Black Sis who I couldn’t stop at that time and could only see off.

He slowly got up while still looking at us.

His gaze was directed at us—no, at Yugura…


And punched the face of Yugura with no questions asked.

The speed was below average.

It was the punch of an average person that I would have been able to avoid 10 times before it landed, but Yugura didn’t avoid it.

Not only that, he didn’t even use mana strengthening. On the contrary, he took that on when his body was still weakened.

“Haha, it has been a while, Black. It is nice to see you’ve got the energy, but that body will break quickly if you push it too much, you know?” (Yugura)

“You…You bastard! Just how brazen can you be—!” (Black)

“S-Stooop! Stop, Black Sis! He is a pervert that would simply get happy when punched!” (Colorless)

I grab Black Sis, who was going to punch him again, from behind and restrain her.

It wasn’t hard since she is way too weak, but I don’t feel happy at all since it is the body of a man.

Yugura was watching Black Sis happily with a bloody nose.

This guy really is happy from being punched!

“Let go, Tedoral!” (Black)

“Calm down! You can’t do anything with that body! Let’s calm down and talk, Black Sis!” (Colorless)

“I am as calm as I can be! Even so, I have to gouge out an eye of his at least before we talk or I won’t feel satisfied!” (Black)

“That’s not called calm!” (Colorless)

The skin of Black Sis’ right hand is already split, and even the bone can be seen.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the body were to die from blood loss if I just let her do as she pleases.

How in the world am I going to calm her down…?

“Can’t be helped.” (Yugura)


Yugura put a hand on his own face and the raw sound of spurting blood made both me and Black Sis move.

Yugura then threw something that was in his hand towards us.

Something spheric rolled our way.

I felt goosebumps the moment I realized that was his eyeball.

“It is a borrowed body, so don’t be reckless, okay?” (Yugura)

I had let go by the time I noticed.

Black Sis didn’t jump at him, but she was still glaring at Yugura. As for me, I couldn’t look directly at Yugura’s face.

He is currently not even using mana strengthening. He should have pain receptors just the same as normal humans.

Just what kind of nerves does he have to gouge out your own eye with a smile on your face?

“…What are you trying to pull here?” (Black)

“A lot has changed, you see. For now, I have decided to not stop your revenge.” (Yugura)

“Then, why in the body of this man? You could have easily prepared a method to eliminate the Mana Eater.” (Black)

“If I were to unleash you in your prime, you would have harassed me to get back at me for betraying you, right? I have things I want to do, so I don’t want you to get in my way. Also, I don’t know about glaring at me in that appearance.” (Yugura)

Yugura snapped his finger and the eyeball that was on the ground exploded. The mist that happened from this enveloped Black Sis.

The mist steadily converged, and transformed into a temporary body.

When the transformation changed, the one standing in the place of that man was the Black Sis that I have seen before.

“Oooh…” (Colorless)

I unconsciously let out a weird voice.

It is a body recreated with magic, but the inside is without doubt Black Sis herself.

There may not be pressure with mana, but I can feel the peculiar aura of the person herself.

Even if not exactly the same, it is Black Sis who I wanted to see again…meet again. I can’t help but feel emotional.

“Are you saying I should take revenge while my power is still gone?” (Black)

“You still have your power, right? The Serende Nether… The Nether you created still has your allies. The awakened that have reached greater heights through your Omnipotent power.” (Yugura)


“Haha, you won’t say ‘that all?’, huh. Even the awakened are minuscule beings for you. Well, of course you can’t say that. They are beings that you created; the embodiment of your anger. Your limbs that were stirred up by your lament.” (Yugura)

Black Sis hates humans thoroughly, but it is not like she doesn’t have a sense of comradery.

It is because she cares about her comrades that she ended up being this stained in hatred after all.

I could have been able to make a clear delineation if she were simply a beast driven purely by hatred. But Black Sis is someone who leads while shouldering the hatred of everyone.

“I-I am also here, Black Sis.” (Colorless)

“So everyone is alive.” (Black)

(Ah, I have been ignored.) (Colorless)

“I have not killed anyone aside from the ones who tried to stop me. I don’t know what happened after that though.” (Yugura)

I am impressed that he can say that.

It is true that there’s a decent amount of monsters, and she has enough power to invade the human realm.

They are far above the army of Scarlet Beast, and there’s a high chance she could win even if the Green Lord were to become an enemy.

But calling them Black Sis’ limbs? Those shadows of their former selves…?!

“…Fine. The Serende Nether, huh. You named them that in the end.” (Black)

“I don’t have much naming sense after all. I got those from gems just like you suggested.” (Yugura)

“Nariya, I won’t ever forgive you for all eternity, but if you are not going to get in the way, I have nothing to say anymore. —Tedoral!” (Black)

“Y-Yesh!” (Colorless)

“We are heading to the Serende Nether. We are gathering everyone and blowing the horn of war.” (Black)

“Y-Yeah!” (Colorless)

The happiness of having been called by my name after a long time, and the sadness of Black Sis’ anger that hasn’t cooled down even after all these years.

But my heart has been moved intensely after centuries.

I don’t know what the Earthling saw when he led things to this development.

I do plan on helping out a bit, but that’s just to stop Yugura.

Sorry, but I will be moving as the limbs of Black Sis as well.



The siscon Tedoral.

The reason why he doesn’t hate humans just like the Black Demon Lord is because he was fine with just his sister coming back to life.

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