LS – Chapter 254: As such, we hurry

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According to the report of Tsudwali, 10 or so people have invaded. 

It seems like they have divided in 3 teams of 3-4 people. 

There should be a few more considering the devils hiding in the shadows, but that’s pretty much the numbers I expected. 

I don’t see knights of Taizu or holy knights of Mejis. 

They must have stationed them in the surroundings to prevent us from escaping. 

If they were to bring numbers in the places where traps are set, the chances of them being wiped out all together would be higher. 

They must be trying to break through with a few elites that can protect themselves. 

“What bothers me is…the people who are hiding themselves with robes. Is this…a countermeasure against me?” 

The resident of Yugura’s planet has anticipated that I will be switching plans depending on the situation. 

That’s why he is hiding information in order to not have a grasp of the team composition. 

The only one who can grasp the information of the ruins is Tsudwali. 

I have to analyze things under that information, so it is vexing that I can’t obtain precise information. 

“That said, it won’t be that difficult considering the affinity with the person that’s at the front though.” 

The one leading the 1st team is Ekdoik. Behind him there’s the Blue Demon Lord, and the robed person for a total of 3. 

The one leading the 2nd team is a robed person. Behind that person there’s Wolfe, the Purple Demon Lord, and a robed person for a total of 4. 

The one leading the 3rd team is Haakudoku. Behind him there’s 3 robed people for a total of 4 people. 

“The one leading the 2nd team must be Mix. They must be advancing in a corridor where traps are awaiting, so if they were to try and fake that, they wouldn’t be able to deal with the traps and would end up shouldering risks unnecessarily.” 

I also consider the compatibility with the people accompanying them to identify the remaining people. 

Rakura Salf and Masetta Noitch must definitely be there. If we go by the assumption that they have a connection with the Green Demon Lord, there’s a high chance his demon -Niruryates- is also included here. 

The Great Devil Dyuvuleori…could be hiding in the shadow of the Purple Demon Lord. 

I have judged that it is not possible that Molari and Yasutet are there. Those two wouldn’t betray me completely and would act in order to protect me in the case I am defeated. 

They could ask for the help of Arcreal if they were to make contact with him after all. 

Those two must have been brought to Serende, but they must be on standby outside the ruins. 

And then, once I am defeated, they will call them with a communication crystal, and will have them move me away. 

“…This is just as I thought, huh. They must want to pit the 3rd team against me.” 

I can imagine what the 1st and 2nd team’s composition is. But the only one showing his face in the 3rd team is Haakudoku, and they have eliminated as many factors to identify them as possible. 

That would be the place to sneak in an unexpected irregular. 

We can lead them to their respective mid floor routes if I have Tsudwali properly limit the routes in the upper floor. 

The resident of Yugura’s planet has decided on this composition after predicting everything he can. Moreover, he even stayed by the side of Arcreal to appeal that ‘there’s no other changes’.

If he had joined one of those teams, it would be too much for Raheight and Seraes. 

I was thinking about facing them personally, but I didn’t expect this battle formation. 

“My prediction was that he would leave Ilias and Wolfe, or one or two other people and invade. Making my prediction miss is not that difficult in itself, but if that’s all there is, he would simply be throwing away his chances at victory.” 

What I tried to predict was their possible route for victory. There’s no need to even attempt to try and predict the losing developments. 

This is simply a pattern that I imagined in my mind and removed from my thoughts because I judged ‘they can’t win’.

It is true that if that man were to stay on the surface, he would have the means to buy time against Arcreal. 

But that also means that he won’t be able to get involved in any uncertain factors awaiting underground. 

He obviously should be able to understand just what kind of result this would bring about. 

“…There’s no point in pondering all this here. We just have to take the best course of action.” 

First will be to hurry and identify the people that are hiding their identities to get a full grasp of their pieces. 

If we can do that, even if the resident of Yugura’s planet were to have a plan that surpasses mine, I should be able to notice it and create a countermeasure for it.

They will need to set the groundwork if they are going to use a plan that turns the tables. 

Even if they manage to implement a novel plan that betrays all expectations, if they get hit hard, they will be out of breath for the following developments. 

He is most likely also trying to bait carelessness too, but what people who use sly tricks hate the most is to push through with classic tactics. 

I definitely must not allow him to fight at his pace. 


“Hey, Ekdoik, aren’t there way too many traps?!” 

There are traps set here and there in the underground ruins. 

All of them are set ingeniously, and there are some that we finally notice their existence only after they have been activated.

I heard the talent of the Illegitimate called Tsudwali excels in stealth, but it seems like it affects the setting of traps to a certain degree. 

“Try to consciously advance through the places I have stepped on. I will shorten my strides.” (Ekdoik)

“We are not on mud, so there’s no way I can pull off something like that!” (Blue)

“You can. I have left my mana on my footprints even if faint. You should be able to see it if you concentrate a bit.” (Ekdoik)

There’s quite a variety of traps. 

There’s ones that are set with strings, and also ones that activate by making contact with the ground or wall. There’s some that can be detected with mana, some that can’t, and even if you can, it is hard to get used to the big difference in the ones that are hard to detect. 

“W-Wait a moment please, Ekdoik-oniisan! Go a bit slower…!” (Rakura)

“Ekdoik, Rakura is lagging behind!” (Blue)

The robed person following behind us is Rakura. 

Rather than following behind us, it’s more like she is simply not keeping up. 

Rakura is bad at doing many things at the same time. 

She is trying to be careful not to show her face while being careful of the traps. This must be pretty taxing on her. 

Even if so, we don’t have the leeway to stop moving.

The resurrection magic is on its way to be completed at this very moment. 

We must hurry as much as possible. 

“Don’t worry about the traps, Rakura. Just run while following my footsteps!” (Ekdoik)

“B-But—” (Rakura)

“I can deal with everything else as long as you don’t activate the traps. I will definitely protect you, so don’t worry!” (Ekdoik)

“O-Okay! But please say that to Blue-san, not to me!” (Rakura)

“So you do have some leisure, huh!” (Blue)

Comrade said that Ritial is observing what’s going on in the ruins at all times and tinkering with stuff like the positioning of the enemies. 

If that’s true, it wouldn’t be strange for him to poke at an opening in our perception. 

It is mostly traps, but there would be times when people, who seem like believers of Leitis, would attack us. 

The believers wouldn’t attack us from the front. They would instead attack us while matching the activation of the traps. 

But they aren’t really that troublesome compared to the Illegitimate, so it was possible for us to deal with it. 

I was thinking this as I avoided the spears that came out from the ground and retaliated against the believers that ambushed us from above. 


“But them attacking us with such exquisite timing forces me to deal with it carefully no matter what.” (Ekdoik)

That said, I must avoid judging the enemies as weaklings without measuring their skills. 

If I were to act in such a fashion, Ritial will definitely set strong opponents in that moment. 

“Right. But there should be no issue for you, right, Ekdoik? You have been concentrating on your sense of sight, hearing, smelling, and mana perception while using detection magic the whole time to check the front and the back after all.” (Blue)

“I am having a pretty hard time with the detection magic though.” (Ekdoik)

I have confirmed that there are magic seal stones buried here and there in the corridors. 

The believers of Leitis would want to ambush us, but there would be no point in that if their positions were discovered with detection magic. 

And so, there’s magic seal stones at corners, and most of the detection magic is erased before the turn. 

We have fortunately only been attacked twice in those moments, and we have successfully avoided them both without issues. 

“I am worried about the other teams…” (Rakura)

“It should be fine. Mix knows a lot about traps, and Haakudoku has his instinct as an Illegitimate. Most traps would be pointless against Wolfe and Dyuvuleori.” (Ekdoik)

The traps on the upper floor are most likely simply a means to buy time for Ritial. 

His current objective should be to buy time as he confirms our composition to see through the hand of Comrade. 

That’s why I must head to the mid floor with the shortest route possible while hiding Rakura. 

“Well, what worries me the most are the two that were left on the surface. His talent may only be his skills in the sword, but it is on the same level as Yugura, right? Is it something they can manage?” (Blue)

Ilias was polishing her swordsmanship while we were fighting in Torin. 

But no matter how elevated the skills, it is not like it can invalidate the gap between her and Arcreal. 

I would have been worried as well if Ilias had been left alone. 

But Comrade is by the side of Ilias. Moreover, by the will of Comrade. 

“…If those two can’t do it, then no one can stop Arcreal. That’s all there is to it.” (Ekdoik)

“Basically, run if you have the time to worry, right? I got it.” (Blue)

If there’s time to worry, then we just have to stop the research of Nektohal as soon as possible and return to Comrade. 

Let’s hurry. 

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