LS – Chapter 348: Thus, wavering

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Yugura…and his compatriot.

These two have created special worth in this world.

Yugura even has blessings from having come to this world. But we wouldn’t have been able to reach the level of Yugura even if we were to obtain those blessings he got.

The reason being that those blessings bloomed because of his own talent: having been raised in a parallel world.

It is because they have lived in a different world that they excel at perceiving the laws exclusive to this world as foreign.

Yugura is already perfected.

It is already impossible to learn sensitivity towards the laws from such a transcendental being. No matter how long I were to live, I wouldn’t be able to reach the level of that monstrosity.

But there’s countless ways to live without being his enemy, so there’s no need to feel down about it.

In that case, I should be putting my attention on the other one: the man that was the trigger to the resurrection of Black.

That man showed up in this world after being called by Black without the blessings of this world.

He had the advantages that we didn’t have, and yet, he doesn’t have the things we naturally had. Thus, he existed in this world while still in his way too weak position.

That feeling definitely is present even if he is an ordinary person. On the contrary, you could say he is in his best state for us residents of this world to learn from now that he is an ordinary person.

Moreover, I had Yugura, whose actions have been limited, to help out, and had him grant that man the ability to affect the laws of the world.

There’s no better opportunity to check him out.

“And so, did you get what you wanted, Ofaro?”

That’s how it should have been.

It is okay for me to lose. I didn’t care if that man were to surpass me with that natural sense of his as an otherworlder.

On the contrary, that happening would lead to obtaining more, filling me with curiosity.

But what’s with this result?

I am certainly losing.

He used the power that Yugura gave him and won against me, and yet, I couldn’t get anything from that.

What I requested from Yugura was for him to obtain equal power to me.

In that way, I would still be at an advantage as someone who is used to combat, and this man would need to put in some sort of added worth himself.

It is not possible that Yugura gave him more power than necessary.

What I felt when I fought this man was that ‘he is inexperienced’.

This man was given the same level of power as me, was clumsier than me, couldn’t master his power on my level, and yet, he managed to defeat me.

In other words, I lost to someone who was below me in all facets.

“You were way too caught up in him being an otherworlder. Good work on the waste of time. Fuuh…” (Yugura)

Yugura approached us while yawning. Tedoral is by his side.

He must have shared what happened here, his face was showing a smile of joy.

“This result…” (Ofaro)

“It is as Yugura said just now. It is true that I was raised in a parallel world in your eyes. I have my own perception about the laws of this world. I could have stepped into a realm that you guys couldn’t have reached just like Yugura Nariya. But you couldn’t understand the difference in human nature.”

“The difference in human nature…?” (Ofaro)

“When Yugura Nariya faced an issue, he dealt with them by creating a new power to overcome it. But I am different. I am the type to think of methods to overcome things with the strengths I already have.”

Those words are so specific to an annoying degree.

The powers that he used to rival mine were all within the realm of what I could understand.

That’s why there wasn’t anything at all I could gain from this.

“The result will be the same no matter how many times you redo it if you think you lost because he dealt with things better. He won’t ever grant your wish. He may be fulfilling the conditions in terms of qualities, but he is purposely repelling your wish.” (Colorless)

“Wa…” (Ofaro)

“He saw through your objective from the very beginning. That’s why he continued defeating you with means that you know. He continued overcoming you despite being equal to you, despite being below you.” (Colorless)

Even if I tried to deny that, the result doesn’t allow me to.

I am familiar with my own powers, its special traits, and its weaknesses.

That’s why I could think of countless methods to defeat myself under the same conditions.

But is that something someone else can do? Someone who was given a new power, is facing someone on the same level, and continues winning with only means within expected boundaries while holding back.

“Your face is saying you can’t believe it. That man there…can do it. He has been facing people far beyond his level in this world after comprehending them. He obviously can deal with an opponent on the same level. That’s why he stands here. That’s why he can challenge Yugura.” (Colorless)

I look at the eyes of the man. There’s no grudge from having killed his comrade, or the feeling of supremacy from defeating me.

He simply continued observing me.

Even though it is a pitch black that reflects nothing, it felt as if it were a mirror that had captured me.

“Ofaro, you are a good person.”


“Hah?! What are you saying? He is a bonafide bad guy that has killed a lot of people though?” (Colorless)

“He is a criminal. Ofaro is trying to be evil. He has to be evil, so he continues seeking for the evil way of being. But seeking something means to not have that something. His real nature is virtuous.”

The words of this man don’t have curse magic imbued in them.

Even though he is simply voicing things out from his vocal chords, I couldn’t feel worse disgust.

Just how much does this man comprehend? This heart that no one else could understand; these negative emotions rooted in me.

“You are saying…I am a good person?” (Ofaro)

“That’s right. Because…you wouldn’t have been able to endure it if you didn’t aim to become an evil person, right?”

It has been a while since I have felt serious killing intent.

Aah, so this is what it feels like for something I didn’t want to be touched upon, huh. This was educational.

And so, I managed to comprehend a number of things myself.

There’s no doubt about it, this man is me. There’s no way he would be able to comprehend me otherwise.

“Then, you are an evil guy? Or are you saying you are a good guy?” (Ofaro)

“Neither. I could be either. I don’t really care. The path of good and the path of evil are simply steps to a process anyways. They are paths to a destination, and it is way too tasteless to make it one’s goal. You can evaluate me as much as you want.”

“…Then, you are an evil guy. You are treating me as a good guy all on your own convenience after all. You are evil in my eyes.” (Ofaro)

I have thought about many things as an evil guy.

What do I do to make directing evil more effective and leave an impression, to burn it into them.

I have been thinking about it even when sleeping.

That’s why I can read the movements of others and their emotions. I can lead them into a trap.

That’s not talent, but the result of my hard work.

But this man understood it all.

He is reflecting all the emotions I have felt without any hesitation. When this man comprehends others, there’s no ego that would cause discrepancies in his will and sense of worth.

He kills his own will in order to protect himself. He is pulling off such a foolish action as if natural.

I see, this man is also a monstrosity. There’s no need for an ordinary monstrosity. It shouldn’t exist.

The only thing this man gives is destruction.

I now have more beings I have to get rid of.

This is a pretty difficult problem.

This man has been given power by Yugura. I at least can’t match him at this point in time.

But it should be fine.

This man said that he is not good or evil. In that case, he is both good and evil.

I just need to do the same as he has until now. I just have to make a plan to defeat him with the perception that he is above me.

There’s Yugura who I can’t do anything about, but that doesn’t matter right now.

That’s a natural disaster. It is not someone that a resident of this world should deal with.

I just need to leave him to the ones that should deal with him.

“Now then, it seems like Ofaro has reached an understanding, so let’s put an end to this space.” (Yugura)

“Right. Then, Yugura Nariya, can you retrieve this power?”


What did this man just say? Retrieve that power?

Is he saying this power to alter the laws of this world is unnecessary?

This man has been completely powerless anywhere aside from his thoughts.

The power he obtained just now is the kind of power that would be able to take advantage of his abilities to the best of its capabilities.

“I can reward you with at least that much power as service though.” (Yugura)

“I don’t need…such half-baked power. I don’t want to create even one bit of a reason for you to move.”

“I don’t think that will happen though. Well then, I will retrieve it when we are leaving.” (Yugura)

I can understand. This man is purely wary of Yugura alone.

This is natural.

Yugura is a natural disaster that no one can match. There’s no doubt he is a being that you should be wary of more than anything else.

But this man comprehends me. He has been given the same power.

In that case, he should be able to understand just how much of a threat I am.

He should be able to understand just as much as me that I am currently seeing him as a target for elimination, and that I would target his life once this is over.

And then, he returned his gaze to me and laughed lightly.

A smile that is different from a mocking one. A smile that gives off a strange sensation.

He spoke while I was thinking about the identity of this.

“…I would have shaken your heart a bit more if need be. This power was more outstanding than I imagined. It took time to understand it exactly because it was outstanding.”


I have been watching the battlefield until now through the eyes of the Black Demon Lord. She has a grasp of the situation to a decent degree even without using her powers. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine the developments of the future with this much power and information gathered.”

“What…are you trying to say?” (Ofaro)

“Ofaro, you and I won’t be fighting anymore. You will be disappearing from this battle while still feeling your jealousy.”

I couldn’t say anything back at those words that sounded like a prediction.

I can just move my mouth and throat a bit if it is just to voice out words of denial, but it seems like my body has forgotten how to do that for some reason.

I have grasped the state of the war correctly as well.

There’s a limit to how much information I can get since I am heading to the battlefield, contrary to Black, but the amount of information I have shouldn’t be that different.

Just how far can this man see? Just what kind of conclusion has he predicted?

What’s the difference between this man and me?

The information of humans, the information of a parallel world; are you telling me you can see my end with just those things?

No, he may have things I don’t have, but I also have things that he doesn’t have.

No matter how much he understands me, I definitely have an advantage in the information only I would be able to know.

“You really bark nicely for someone who will be returning to a powerless being again.” (Ofaro)

“Feeling uneasy? You, who is trying to choose a substitute?”


That’s impossible.

There’s no way he would be able to know that. This is something not even Yugura knows.

That’s guaranteed.

Even if this man has the same power as Yugura, he shouldn’t have been able to draw out that information from me.

Bluff? No, his way of choosing his words was way too specific.

I can’t question him here.

If Yugura were to show interest in that information, it would turn into quite a troublesome matter.

Yugura can’t obtain this information from me, but he can eliminate me when I have unclear information.

“Come on, you guys! You finished doing what you had to do, right? Let’s go back already! Or more like, Ofaro, you…! Just when I thought the advance of the Mejis side was strangely running late… You stopped leading them and came back, didn’t you?!” (Colorless)

Tedoral, who would normally pursue this, continued the conversation without noticing how off this felt.

I don’t see a reaction from Yugura either.

It is okay. There’s no lie in the assurance from that being.

Then, how did this man notice? Even though he didn’t use the power to alter the laws of the world… No, that’s exactly why, huh.

Even if that being’s influence towards the laws of the world is perfect, it is ineffective against pure perception?

“…Yeah, I am satisfied, so this is enough. I can just go kill them directly, right? It is okay. I will wield my power properly as a pawn of Black-sama.” (Ofaro)

I now understand that this man is a threat. Let’s be satisfied with just that.

Yugura will concentrate on space-time magic once this battle is over, and won’t be protecting this man.

I will kill him without reservations at that time.

He is simply a powerless man when everything is over…

I am evil and the sun. I am definitely not going to disappear. Never.

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