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The shockwave of Ekdoik’s attack broke the windows, and the wall I am leaning on had cracks run through it. 

Being able to make a chain as thick as a back alley is pretty insane. But that’s within expectations still. There’s no issues with the plan I gave to Komiha. 

“The attack range of Ekdoik’s chain attack is expansive, and the damage it deals when imbued with poisons and curses is outstanding. But if it were to hit the strings of Komiha, he would be lacking in penetrating power, so he would have to rely on a big move. He either has to make the chains thicker or increase their numbers massively; whichever the case, Komiha would disappear from sight. When that happens, it would be easy to make contact with the chains.” 

Ekdoik excels at adjusting how many various effects to add in his attacks. If he increases its mass or increases the amount, the amount of poisons and curses he has imbued on the chains will decrease. 

The result was that Komiha succeeded in setting the conditions to make contact with the chains. 

When things reach that point, it will be a battle of stealing the control rights. 

There’s no one who can win against Komiha who is on the same level as Yugura. 

“It has gotten silent… Did she manage to finish him?” 

The chain that was covering the whole back alley was steadily returning to its original size. 

I see Komiha coming out from the hole in the back alley filled with cracks, holding a chain. 

What lay ahead of the chains was Ekdoik collapsed on the ground, his whole body constricted by chains, and not moving an inch. 

That’s one. We safely managed to defeat Ekdoik who we wanted to defeat the most. 

He is the one I wanted to fight the least because of my battle style. 

“Alright, alright, nicely done, Komi—” (Soraid)

“Please don’t come out yet! It is true that I stole the control rights of the chains. I ordered the chains and wrapped them around the whole body of Ekdoik, and wrung him with everything I got. But the only thing I get is the feeling of having crushed his arm!” (Komiha)

I stop from coming out to the back alley with the shout of Komiha. 

The reason Ekdoik isn’t moving isn’t in order to make Komiha lower her guard. 

It was in order to draw out the idiot who assumed Komiha had won from watching on the sidelines. 

(Nice judgment, Komiha. A decent amount of time has passed since the battle began. It wouldn’t be strange for there to be reinforcements anytime soon.) (Soraid)

Ekdoik must have judged that his attempt to draw me out failed after hearing what Komiha said, he slowly got up. 

He seems to be in discomfort from his whole body being tied up by chains, but it doesn’t look like he is injured anywhere aside from his arms.

“So you were even aware of the sensation of the chains, huh. You are more careful than I thought.” (Ekdoik)

“…I can’t tighten the chains further than this. It is as if they were fixed in place… What’s…” (Komiha)

“The Eyes of Blindness can create matter within my vision alone. It has to be chains since I am most familiar with those though. I already knew that you would try to take away the control rights of the chains, and kill me with them. That’s why I created chains and sewed them on the existing openings of the chains as if covering my whole body. It is like having an invisible chainmail in some parts. But I crushed the newly created chains to fix them in place, so that it doesn’t overwhelm my body.” (Ekdoik)

If what he said just now is true, he created chains around his whole body in the time his arms were being crushed and his whole body was about to be attacked. 

Would you be able to pull something like that off even if you can utilize several spells at the same time? 

“There’s no way you would make it in time. I wrapped the chains haphazardly. The angle, directions, and positions were all scattered. There’s no way you could create something that could protect your whole body in an instant in such a manner…” (Komiha)

“I can. I trained this weaving beforehand after all. It would be one thing if this were my first time, but I can deal with a pattern that I have gotten used to. Comrade said: ‘if you were to fight properly, the control rights of your chains will be stolen. When that happens, her attacks will become simple. She will try to squeeze you to death with the chains’.” (Ekdoik)

Comrade… The resident of Yugura’s planet! 

Are you telling me he even read how Komiha would try to defeat Ekdoik? 

He should only have information from Komiha through Smythos. He read this far with just that information?

He is currently in his past mental state, so he shouldn’t even have a correct grasp of even the ability of Ekdoik. 

“No way…” (Komiha)

“I would have wanted to win with my chains if possible though. The result was that my arms were crushed and my control rights were stolen. It is my complete defeat no matter how you see it. But my defeat was a part of the plan of Comrade from the very beginning!” (Ekdoik)

The right arm of Komiha that was holding the chain was sent flying. 


There shouldn’t have been anyone within vision. 

The attacker is most likely Rakura Salf who excels in slicing with barrier magic. Just where…?! 

“Ah…Aaah…Aaaaaah?!” (Komiha) 

“That attack just now was not in order to defeat you. It was also a signal for my allies to attack.”(Ekdoik)


“I had chains stretched out high above the sky, had them locate my coordinates, and had them approach to a certain degree, and adjusted a rough aim for them. That’s why Rakura, who has the same eyes as me, could tell your location like the palm of her hand!” (Ekdoik)

The moment Komiha retreated, she was too late and her right leg was sliced off. 

Komiha lost her posture and fell forward just like that. 

Seeing the attack twice allowed me to get a grasp of the location. 

But that attack is coming from a different back alley that’s being blocked by a private house, so I can’t find them. 

The thin vertical barrier also manages to slip through the magic seal stones scattered around. 

“I-It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!” (Komiha)

“Even if our reinforcements were to appear, if the ambush of Soraid were to succeed, you might have been able to continue fighting without losing your advantage while being able to retreat safely. That’s why we also set an ambush. How is it, Soraid? Can you come out?” (Ekdoik)

This is bad. There’s no way I can jump out in this situation. 

Ekdoik has already regained the control of his chains and Rakura has already prepared to attack from long range.

Even if we were to fight with my position shifted a bit, Rakura will simply come directly. 

As for fighting together with Komiha in her injured state and being able to escape…that won’t be possible. 

“I had the confidence to manage somehow if you didn’t take the initiative, but it seems like you won’t even allow that, huh… Not bad, resident of Yugura’s planet.” (Soraid)

He is the man that managed to read just how much Komiha could fight. 

There’s no doubt he has also read that he had a chance for victory even if I were to ambush Rakura. 

Aah, I completely lost as a commander. 

“Soraid! Help me, help me!” (Komiha)

That idiot. I was impressed when she warned me not to come out, and yet, why is she asking for help while facing my direction? 

Ekdoik has noticed and is preparing to attack. 

Gotta run at once here. 


I change the chains that I created above and signal Rakura to stop attacking. 

Komiha has already lost her will to fight, and Soraid…according to the read of Comrade, he should be escaping. 

I need to restrain Komiha first and treat her wounds. 

I could bind her with chains, but there would be no point if she were to take the control away from me. 

I take out a paralyzing poison knife I borrowed from Mix and throw it towards the thigh of Komiha. 

“Hiih?! Please…stop already! I can’t fight anymore! I admit defeat!” (Komiha)

Even though Komiha was trying to kill me just a few moments ago, she is acting awfully weak here. 

According to Smythos, her personality isn’t suitable for battle, but it seems like that was true. 

She must have squeezed out her courage to stand here for the sake of her comrades. 

“…Don’t worry, that’s paralyzing poison. You won’t be able to move your body freely after a while and your sense of pain will dull too. I will treat your wounds once I confirm that. Undo the mana strengthening on your whole body so that the paralyzing poison can circulate more easily. Concentrate only on stopping the bleeding.” (Ekdoik)

“G-Got it. Please don’t hurt me anymore…higuh!” (Komiha)

“It is a situation where we can’t tell if Soraid has completely retreated. Rakura is still targeting you from afar, but just endure until the other reinforcements come.” (Ekdoik)

It is most likely not an act, but I can’t relax just in case. 

There’s the possibility she will think it is her opportunity to fight back if I show an opening. 

Let’s finish emergency treatment on my arm first. 

“I had accepted damage to a certain degree since the moment the control of the chains was taken for the sake of drawing Soraid out, but…an arm, huh…” (Ekdoik)

This degree of damage would have left lasting effects, but Barastos said that my current demon body should be able to return to normal. 

Niruryates was completely fine even though everything aside from her head was crushed, but I don’t have the courage to try that degree of destruction as of present. 

“—I am starting to become a monster. But it is great that the reckless things I can pull off have increased thanks to that.” (Ekdoik)

“You must not move with the assumption that you will be reckless, Ekdoik-niisan.” 

I had noticed because of her presence, but Rakura had shown up here after being given the order to stop attacking. 

She is wearing a black robe in order to make it harder to be found by Soraid, but it must be uncomfortable, she took it off while walking. 

“Rakura, huh. It would have been better to not regroup until Haakudoku came.” (Ekdoik)

“I couldn’t tell what was happening here since the magic seal stones were scattered about. To keep attacking a place I can’t see while relying solely on signs is pretty scary, you know? I could slice someone in two if I were to miss for even a bit.” (Rakura)

Rakura approached Komiha and began the treatment.

The paralyzing poison had circulated a decent degree already and she isn’t showing any resistance, but I observe things nearby just in case.

“You managed to take away the will to fight of someone by using attacks in a location you couldn’t see and managed to do so without killing her. That’s exemplary work.” (Ekdoik)

“You say it is exemplary, but your arm is in a horrible state! I can’t even tell it is an arm with its shape!” (Rakura)

“It is a good opportunity to test out the healing power of a demon. It is not a bad result if I think of it in that way.” (Ekdoik)

“Geez… Melia-chan and Blue won’t be making good faces from this, you know?” (Rakura)

Rakura is glaring at me, displeased. 

Melia-chan…? When did they get that close? 

“Muh, is that so? I get Melia, but wouldn’t Blue be happy if I were to grow as a demon?” (Ekdoik)

“If you think so, please watch inte~ntly the face of Blue-san when she sees that arm for the first time.” (Rakura)

“O-Okay…” (Ekdoik)

I honestly want to pursue Soraid as it is, but Comrade told us to prioritize shaving off the fighting force of the enemy. 

If I were to leave Rakura here alone and Soraid were to return, there’s the possibility of her being defeated. 

Soraid attacks with sound. 

The barrier of Rakura has the weakness of letting sound in. 

She might be able to fight him beyond equal level if it is a straight-on battle, but it would be difficult to deal with him if it is an ambush. 

Soraid has enough resourcefulness to utilize Komiha who is not suitable for battle to defeat me.

His ability for strategy should be above Haakudoku who has defeated Rakura.

 “By the way, does it not hurt?” (Rakura)

“It hurts, but it is only on that part. I will have you know that the bones in my whole body were broken when I was defeated by you.” (Ekdoik)

The chains that I increased to the very limits and put overwhelming mass on were sliced off, and I was crushed under the weight of all of that. It has become a good experience now. 

But this would make it the second time I lost after having my chains used on me, huh… 

I should make proper countermeasures for that.

“Now that I think about it, I am impressed that you survived that. That fortunately saved me from delivering bad news to Mother though.” (Rakura)

“I feel the same. If my chains had grazed you even a bit at that time, you would have become a ghostly corpse with no discernible shape.” (Ekdoik)

“It is truly wonderful that I won, right?!” (Rakura)

“Right. Learning that there are times when losing is better is a good experience.” (Ekdoik)

Rakura and I tried to kill each other in the past, but now I think we have formed a not so bad relationship as normal siblings. 

We are still somewhat competitive towards each other, but the part of me wanting to support her wins over it. 

“But Counselor-sama is using pretty forceful methods. One wrong read and you might have died, Ekdoik-niisan!” (Rakura)

“I trained under Barastos so that it wouldn’t happen. Having chains wrapped around me over and over to train how to create a chainmail was a fresh experience.” (Ekdoik)

“Blue-san was wondering just what in the world you were doing, you know…? Also, your arm is in that state even after doing that much…” (Rakura)

“I was told beforehand I needed suitable resolve here. Also, losing a single arm that has the possibility of recovering is cheap.” (Ekdoik)

I was flustered by the control of my chains being taken and I actually didn’t manage to make it in time to protect my arm. Moreover, I was cornered to a degree where I was on the verge of being squeezed to death. 

Comrade had read all the way here and spurred on my resolve…no, guided me. 

“That’s true, but…it makes me wonder if it is okay to trust him when he is being that cold…” (Rakura)

“…So even you can worry that much, huh.” (Ekdoik)

“Obviously! Not worrying would be weird!” (Rakura)

“Sorry, I put it badly there. But the current Comrade is…” (Ekdoik)

I noticed after speaking about it to a certain degree. 

Even though this is something that Mix said she wanted to notice herself. 

Rakura was making an incredibly complicated expression as expected.

“T-That’s…but thinking about it in that way does make some things clear… Why didn’t I notice…?” (Rakura)

“We are talking about Comrade here. He might have made it so that the people in question can’t tell.” (Ekdoik)

“Then there’s no way I would be able to get it… That’s not fair…” (Rakura)

Muh, that’s true. 

Was it an impossible task to tell Mix to notice by herself because even I noticed? 

Let’s tell her once things have wrapped up. 

Comrade is already making a move on Soraid who escaped. 

Then, I should go check on the state of Melia. 

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