LS – Chapter 201: That’s why, I stand in the way

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That man was found. 

I tried to head there immediately once I heard this report. But Lord Ragudo forbade me from heading to where he is. 

Lord Ragudo told me the reason without hiding anything. 

—“Ilias, you will definitely regret not having been able to protect him. As a captain, I can’t make you do something that would end up having a knight let go of their sword.” (Ragudo)

I couldn’t say anything back. 

I was feeling my own lack of skill all the time when he was missing. 

I was regretting it to a degree unlike any time before even after my battle against the Scarlet Demon Lord. 

If I were to see his tragic state right now, just how far down would I fall?

Wolfe is also shocked in a different form from me. 

She tried to jump in, but Gradona showed up together with Lord Ragudo and seized her. 

— “Little Wol, what can you do even if you go? You would just get in the way of the doctors.” (Gradona)

This is my first time seeing the cold eyes of Gradona, but Wolfe and I were easily pushed away. 

We want to see him, but we would only be a hindrance. 

To think it would hit this hard to not be allowed to even see someone. 

That reality pushed a terribly painful reality on us. 

Wolfe wasn’t in the mindset to train and has shut herself up in her room alone. 

I would have done the same if I didn’t have my job as a knight. 

I look up at the room he should be in from the grounds of the Taizu Castle. 

“Even though he is right there…” (Ilias)

I am not the only one who can’t meet him. 

Ekdoik and the others have been contacted too, but they have been given identical treatment. 

Even Mix-sama has not been allowed to meet him. 

I haven’t seen her since the information of him was spread, but I wonder how worried she is about him. 

I couldn’t bring myself to train, so I continued cleaning the equipment with my heart still a mess, and the entrance of the Taizu Castle was noisy for some reason. 

My body moved in that direction without thinking out of habit. 

“That’s…the Gold Demon Lord and Purple Demon Lord?” (Ilias)

They even contacted me, so it would be natural for them to have been told, too. 

The two seem to be in a dispute with the knights. 

I can pretty much tell the reason though…

“As I said, why is it okay for Gold, but I can’t?” (Purple)

“Orders of His Majesty.” 

“I am asking for the reason, you know?” (Purple)

“…Purple, calm down a bit. Yer—” (Gold)

“You shut up!” (Purple)

The Gold Demon Lord is being overwhelmed by the threatening attitude of the Purple Demon Lord. 

The Purple Demon Lord is clearly different from her usual self. 

She must be seriously worried about him as well. 

It is the same reason as to why Lord Ragudo didn’t allow us to meet him. No, considering her position as a Demon Lord, I can tell there’s even more complicated reasons behind it. 

The Gold Demon Lord glances at the knights while sighing. 

“…Hey, it is impossible for this one to stop her. There’s skilled ones inside, right? How about letting her in?” (Gold)

“We have to fulfill our duty as knights that protect this place.” 

“Is that so? Then fine? If you are not going to listen, there’s only one method to take, right?” (Purple)

I could feel her anger change to killing intent. 

What was I watching all absentminded? I immediately grab my sword and approach. 

But giant arms appeared from the clothes of the Purple Demon Lord faster than I did and swept the knights away. 

I confirm the state of the knights that were smashed onto the walls with my gaze.

They managed to defend and their wounds are not life-threatening. 

But the attack of the Purple Demon Lord just now was one that had no restraint at all, intending to kill them. 

“Wait! What do you think will happen if you rampage here?!” (Ilias)

“Ooh, Ilias? Good timing. Can ya stop her?” (Gold)

“No need to tell me. Purple Demon Lord, what can you do even if you were to go there?!” (Ilias)

“—And what of it? I want to see him. Why do I have to be stopped by others? Are you telling me you have the right to stop me as someone who couldn’t even protect him?” (Purple)

“That’s…” (Ilias)

I understand to a painful degree the feelings of her wanting to meet him. I am sure she definitely wouldn’t give up with my words. 

Then, what should I do? Do I have to cut down the Purple Demon Lord? 

What would he think if he were to learn about this? 

My hands holding my sword were not raising as I wanted them to. 

“No, she has. We are inside Taizu grounds.” (Gold)

“Shut up.” (Purple)

The devil arms that are serving as her clothes fling the Gold Demon Lord away. 

The Gold Demon Lord was sent flying my way and I reflexively caught her. 

“Oi, Gold Demon Lord! What happened to your defensive barrier?!” (Ilias)

“It was on. That Purple, she sent this one flying along with my footing.” (Gold)

The place the Gold Demon Lord was standing on had been cleanly gouged out. 

It is true that the barrier of the Gold Demon Lord doesn’t work properly on attacks that target the footing of the Gold Demon Lord. 

You can send her flying even if you can’t deal damage to the person herself. 

The Purple Demon Lord didn’t even look at me and entered the castle. 

“! I have to stop her!” (Ilias)

“Haah… Ilias, ya have become pretty cowardly.” (Gold)

“What?!” (Ilias)

“Yer losing the initiative in every single move. With ya being in such a state, ya will just be getting one-upped by Purple.” (Gold)

“That’s not—” (Ilias)

“Enough. The Taizu King should have predicted this. Hwop.” (Gold)

The Gold Demon Lord shook my arm away and walked off. 

I can’t see her hurrying at all.

“Thanks for yer work. Would it be better for me to call someone?” (Gold)

“No… We can treat ourselves.” 

“A harsh role yer taking. Ilias, get yet butt moving already. This one doesn’t like setups like this, ya know.” (Gold)

“…?” (Ilias)

I move together with the Gold Demon Lord as told. 

It is true that if the Purple Demon Lord were to learn about him, it would be clear that things would end up like this. 

The knights protected themselves with precision as if they knew this would happen beforehand. 

But I doubt even His Majesty would be able to stop her with words.

Then, the one ahead would be…

“This is… What are you trying to pull here?” (Purple)

We find the Purple Demon Lord in the pathway.

The one ahead of her was -as expected- Lord Ragudo. But Lord Ragudo isn’t in a position that’s blocking the path of the Purple Demon Lord, and the one who was standing there instead was Dyuvuleori. 

“It is as you see. I can’t let you meet that human right now, My Lord.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Dyuvuleori, are you aware about what you are doing right now?” (Purple)

I forgot that Dyuvuleori was always present by the side of the Purple Demon Lord.

But it is normal to assume he is hiding in the shadow of the Purple Demon Lord even if there’s no presence of him. 

And yet, why are things looking like this? 

Lord Ragudo was watching the state of the two silently. 

“I am sure you will not be able to stay sane if you see the state of that human. You will be imprisoned by anger and you will become an enemy of the humans as a Demon Lord.” (Dyuvuleori)

“And what of it?” (Purple)

“I must stop that.” (Dyuvuleori)

“…I don’t get you at all though?” (Purple)

“Even more reason in that case.” (Dyuvuleori)

The Purple Demon Lord attacked Dyuvuleori without hesitation. 

Dyuvuleori took on that attack without moving from his place. 

“You are in the way. Move.” (Purple)

“I can’t.” (Dyuvuleori)

A fearsome amount of blades came out from the clothes and gems of the Purple Demon Lord, and stabbed Dyuvuleori. 

But Dyuvuleori didn’t budge an inch and didn’t move from where he stood. 

“—! I am telling you to move!” (Purple)

“I can’t. You have offered your everything to that human, My Lord. You tried to be the Purple Demon Lord that human wished. I must respect that will of yours.” (Dyuvuleori)

The Purple Demon Lord poured all of her strength into Dyuvuleori exactly because she understood the absolute loyalty he had. 

It is impossible for the Purple Demon Lord to defeat Dyuvuleori with the strength she has. 

She won’t be able to go ahead as long as Dyuvuleori doesn’t open the path for her. 

“…Please…move…” (Purple)

“I can’t. I serve to protect you. I must protect your heart, body, and future. I will take on the anger of My Lord until this body perishes for the sake of that.” (Dyuvuleori)

“I…simply want to meet him…” (Purple)

“I don’t understand completely what that human thinks. But I at least know that that human wouldn’t want My Lord to become the enemy of humans. I must not allow My Lord to do something that would disappoint that human. I know that this is something that My Lord must avoid the most.” (Dyuvuleori)

“…” (Purple)

The Purple Demon Lord falls on her knees in place. 

Her anger and killing intent was already gone. Only grief showed in her face. 

“It is over, huh.” 

“—Your Majesty?!” (Ilias)

I don’t know since when His Majesty was watching, but he appeared from behind me. 

He didn’t even look at me and moved to where the Gold Demon Lord is. 

“Ye’ve got a nasty personality, Taizu King. Are ya imitating Ser?” (Gold)

“That wasn’t my intention. But I would like you to check the state of my friend, Gold Demon Lord.” (Marito)

“—So it is to a point where a human can’t do anything about it, huh. Alright.” (Gold)

The two go deeper in together with Lord Ragudo. 

The Purple Demon Lord didn’t even see that and was just staring at empty space. 

Dyuvuleori was watching that Purple Demon Lord with a bitter expression. 

“Dyuvuleori, you…” (Ilias)

“Ilias, I exist solely to protect My Lord. If I were to let My Lord get past here, she would have turned not only Salvet into an enemy, but all the knights hiding around. Depending on the case, even the man behind Marito.” (Dyuvuleori)

“How do you…” (Ilias)

“Marito told me himself when I told him about the action I was about to take. I couldn’t see him, but I could smell that he wasn’t someone I could match just from feeling a portion of him.” (Dyuvuleori)

It must have been in part to hold down the threat of Dyuvuleori obeying the order of the Purple Demon Lord, but…even so, His Majesty trusted Dyuvuleori.

“…Thanks…for finding him, Dyuvuleori.” (Ilias)

“I simply performed the order of My Lord. And that’s also the case even now.” (Dyuvuleori)

Dyuvuleori always lacks expressiveness, but I could understand his internal sentiments right now. That’s how much the face of that Great Devil was overflowing with humanity. 

I just stood there, not having any more words to speak, and His Majesty and the others returned. 

The face of the usually carefree Gold Demon Lord was looking grim. 

“And so, how is it, Gold Demon Lord?” (Marito)

“I am angered by the person that pushed him to that point, but this one is pretty displeased by ya who thought I would be able to do something about it.” (Gold)

“I simply chose the more reasonable one.” (Marito)

“Well…that’s true. It is honestly not something we can do anything about.” (Gold)

“Can’t you prolong his life by turning him into a demon?” (Marito)

I was startled by the statement of His Majesty. 

His Majesty didn’t want him to become a demon, and yet, he still said that. Is that how dire the situation is? 

“Not possible. The contract can’t be made without the will of the person himself. Even if we had it, I doubt he would accept. But I do have an idea of a way that might make it possible if it is by any means possible.” (Gold)

“You have a way?! This is not the time to be questioning the means if there’s a way!” (Marito)

“It is a method this one would have done regardless of yer agreement. Hey, Purple, how long are ya going to space out for? Get ready already.” (Gold)

“…Ready?” (Purple)

“His state isn’t something we can heal at all. But there’s one -one person who can control living beings itself. The more negotiation chips there are, the better. We must call back Blue too.” (Gold)

“…I see. So we are going to rely on that?” (Purple)

“Gold Demon Lord, explain in a way so that a 3rd party can understand, too.” (Marito)

“We will negotiate with one of the Demon Lords who has been given the power of Prosperity -the Green Demon Lord.” (Gold)

The Green Demon Lord; the Demon Lord that rules the Taizu Nether that’s adjacent to Taizu. 

I heard the Green Demon Lord himself is not hostile towards humans, but the harm caused by the monsters that overflowed from that Nether have been etched in the history of Taizu. 

And most of all, he is the very culprit that sent demons to Taizu, aiming for the anbu protecting His Majesty. 

“Is it possible?” (Marito)

“The power that Yugura gave him surpasses the realm of magic. Also, the power of Green specializes in affecting living beings. There’s a high possibility. Green doesn’t take orders from people to begin with. However, he has agreed to trades often in the past. It all depends on us, I guess.” (Gold)

It is true that the Gold Demon Lord managed to send that man to her simulated world with her Ruling despite him not being affected by mana. 

If the power of the Green Demon Lord can affect living beings, it might be possible to save him from the brink of death. 

“Right… If it is Green, no matter who it is, as long as they are alive… King of Taizu, put him inside Dyuvuleori’s stomach. I promise I won’t look. You can prepare as many lookouts as you want, okay?” (Purple)

“Right… Green definitely won’t be coming all the way to Taizu, so we have to bring Ser to him.” (Gold)

“…Fine. We will ready our selection by the time the Blue Demon Lord arrives. Lady Ratzel, you were listening, right?” (Marito)

His Majesty looked at me. 

I stiffened up just from that. 

“Y-Yes!” (Ilias)

“Call the ones who can be called the comrades of my friend. You will accompany them as the leader.” (Marito)

“I…” (Ilias)

“I understand that you have your own thoughts about this, but the number one priority is the life of my friend. I believe you can do that.” (Marito)

“…Yes!” (Ilias)

The next day, we departed to the Taizu Nether on the back of the Blue Demon Lord’s subordinate, Daruagestia. 

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