LS – Chapter 245: As such, we go

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Author: This is a bit complicated, so I have written the general idea in the afterword.


“Shishou~! Good morning!” (Wolfe)

“Good morning, Wolfe.”

I got an energetic greeting from Wolfe from the very morning.

I feel like she is more energetic than usual most likely because it has been a while since we have seen each other.

We had breakfast in the house of Ilias just like this and it really made me feel that I have returned to Taizu.

“Shishou, I would like to help out in some way!” (Wolfe)

“Then, please help me bring the dishes to the table. Speaking of which, Haakudoku hasn’t come. Did he drink himself unconscious?”

“Yes, he had a drinking competition with Rakura yesterday. Ekdoik-san and the others arrived in the middle of it and plop!” (Wolfe)

Aah, I was indeed told that Blue and Ekdoik went to Dog’s Bone to eat after being driven away by Purple.

Haakudoku could move swiftly to a safe place with just the presence of Blue in Torin, but he must have not been able to react in time because he drank a whole ton.

Well, Gozu is kind despite his scary face, so he should have been nursed to a certain degree.

The home owner showed up while I was thinking this.

I don’t feel the bad mood of yesterday at all.

“Good morning, you two.” (Ilias)

“Good morning, Ilias!” (Wolfe)

It has been a while since I have seen the face of these two, but there’s something that makes me not feel that.

The training has gone decently well, but it is great to see that there’s no changes in their personality that affect their daily life.

If these two had become like ascetic monks, I might end up having to pamper Rakura even more.

Speaking of which, Rakura herself finally appeared a while after we began eating.

She took a nap the moment she returned from Torin, and collapsed straight away after returning from Dog’s Bone and went to sleep, and yet, to think she would still look sleepy.

We gathered at the meeting room in the castle of Taizu after eating breakfast, and began a strategy meeting in order to conquer Serende.

We used the communication crystal that Masetta-san prepared so Gold, Pope Euparo, King Zenotta, and King Tarma could hear as well.

“Now then, I think you have heard the developments until now already, but we have successfully seized all of the hideouts of Nektohal in Torin. What’s left is to corner the masterminds that are hiding in their headquarters at Serende. This is all thanks to the help of the representatives of the nations. Allow me to express my gratitude first.”

<<There’s no need for such pleasantries. Ser giving a long greeting and not entering the main topic just feels off.>> (Gold)

“…I am in the presence of the nations’ representatives. I have to do the greetings at least.”

<<It is not like our people can maintain the call of this crystal so, I am not really sharing the same opinion as the Gahne King, but it would be a great help if you were to be brief.>> (Zenotta)

King Zenotta and Gold interact with me casually in a different fashion from Marito.

I would like them to show more majesty as kings.

“…Is that so. *Cough* There’s a number of things that must be done in order to corner Nektohal. First is the existence of the Illegitimate called Tsudwali.
She has a talent that excels in stealth, and the buildings and places that she has tinkered with can’t even be found by your regular person.
The reality is that such a method was taken in Torin. There were a number of facilities underground and hideouts, but we couldn’t even approach them without the key that seems to have been made by Tsudwali.”

<<Aren’t we pretty much done for with that point alone? They should at least have different keys for the hideouts of Torin and the ones of Serende, right?>> (Zenotta)

It feels weird to hear the decent opinion of King Zenotta, but it is not like this old man is incompetent. It is just that he is the kind of old man that likes to be pampered which makes it feel off.

“It is true that the keys are different for each base, but I have seen a certain pattern after obtaining several keys. Tsudwali herself most likely has something similar to a master key.”

<<Masuta…?>> (Zenotta)

“It means a key that can open all the locks that you have made. From what I have investigated of the key I retrieved from Soraid, I learned that it has the ability to deal with a special mana wavelength.”

I give a simple explanation of the trick to the master key. The key was made to receive 4 to 5 wavelengths.

This reacts to the pin formed at the bases and basements so you can perceive them. And so, we found a number of common wavelengths after investigating several keys.

In other words, Tsudwali randomly took wavelengths that she had prepared beforehand, creating a base with stealth.

It would have had even more outstanding stealth if she had used completely different wavelengths, but the wavelengths prepared all had common points.

What this means is that Tsudwali has a master key that can enter all hideouts.

<<I don’t really get it, but that means we would be able to attack their base from anywhere if we get that master key?>> (Zenotta)

“Yes. And so, I had the Great Sage Barastos make a single key after analyzing the keys we retrieved in Torin.”

This key can deal with all the wavelengths of the keys that we retrieved, and we have made it so that it can deal with other several wavelengths that the other ones might be using judging from how the wavelengths were made.

It is basically a master key that was prepared after seeing through the habits of Tsudwali.

Barastos has guaranteed the precision of the wavelengths.

<<So it was made after estimating the mana wavelengths used in Torin, huh. But in the case a wavelength different from the estimated is used, wouldn’t that key not work?>> (Gold)

“I have confidence on that front. I have properly read the habits of Tsudwali.”

After I investigated the tricks placed on the hidden bases and analyzed the personality of Tsudwali, I am confident about the precision of that key.

It would be one thing if she had made the keys through a manufacturer, but something created by the person herself has habits ingrained in them.

I could read a number of parts of Tsudwali’s personality from the keys themselves.

<<Ya really are like a monster when it comes to this…>> (Gold)

“The next thing we must think about is direct interference against the Illegitimate around Nektohal. Right now the one we must be the most wary of is the man called Arcreal.”

Dyuvuleori overwhelmed the captain of the Holy Knights of Mejis, Yox. He is someone who Dyuvuleori couldn’t do anything against.

There should be no mistake in calling him the strongest among humans.

<<The more I hear, the more fearsome that man is. Can we do something about him?>> (Zenotta)

“Even if you tell us to defeat him, it will most likely be impossible. But there’s a limit to the people Arcreal can deal with. We should be able to reach Nektohal as long as the people that remain can buy time.”

I doubt we can defeat someone who has the same combat sense as the legendary hero with just one or two clever schemes.

But Arcreal only has one body. He can’t deal with everyone by himself.

What’s important here is how much combat force we are going to be utilizing for this.

If it is too little, the ones stalling for time will be defeated and he will catch up to us later; if it is too many, we won’t have enough people for Nektohal, Raheight, and the others.

<<But it is not like Arcreal will stop even if we were to seize Nektohal.>> (Zenotta)

This is not a game where things end once you defeat the leader.

If we defeat Nektohal and Ritial, Arcreal will try to take revenge.

“We will escape with everything we have after eliminating Nektohal.”

<<This is my first time hearing about putting everything to escape…>> (Zenotta)

“Arcreal’s combat power is out of the norms, but everything else is the same as a normal person. We have allies that excel in their ability to escape, so they should be able to manage somehow if it is just running away.”

As for why Arcreal couldn’t finish Dyuvuleori, it is highly possible Arcreal was holding back.

But when Ekdoik and the others were facing Arcreal, he couldn’t find Ekdoik and the others who were hiding nearby.

It is hard to believe he let them go when Molari and Yasutet were captured.

The conclusion is that, as long as there’s the backup of Ekdoik and Dyuvuleori, it should be possible to escape from Arcreal.

<<But there’s other troublesome Illegitimate, right? Will it be alright?>> (Zenotta)

“About Raheight who can move his soul to the bodies of others, we should be able to manage somehow by incapacitating him with paralyzing poison and not killing him. It is not like his combat prowess is outstanding anyways.”

That said, judging from the possibility that Raheight has made preparations for confrontation, I doubt we will be having an easy win.

He might end up buying a lot of time if he does things well.

King Zenotta has been the one asking questions the whole time here, but a different person spoke this time.

The crystal that’s connected to the king of Torin, King Tarma.

<<I don’t know much about that person, but I know the former guild master of Morgana, Ritial Zentry. His fame reached Torin too after all. The adventurer called the Eye of Truth that could see the qualities of someone. I have heard that his discerning eye might even be able to read the minds of people.>> (Tarma)

“We are honestly at a disadvantage when it comes to a psychological battle between Ritial. Even if we can both read each other’s thoughts, he has the age advantage.”

I thought of a lot of plans in order to not lose in a psychological battle, but they all gave me the feeling that I would end up within expectations of Ritial.

In that case, a battle of prediction in itself will be pointless.

<<That’s an awfully weak stance. Or is this your preparation to look cool by demonstrating even such an obstacle isn’t much for you?>> (Tarma)

“I can’t act cool now. Thank you. I do have a countermeasure.”

It is not like I didn’t ever lose in Japan. On the contrary, I have more losses than wins in total.

That’s why this is not my first rodeo against an opponent who is above me and can see through my hand.

Ritial was blessed with the ability to see through the essence of people since the moment he was born.

He may lose due to the difference in ability and standing, but he most likely has not lost much when it comes to a psychological battle.

That’s what I should be taking advantage of.

<<I see. Then that’s okay. You wouldn’t have proposed this meeting if you didn’t have at least a plan to win after all.>> (Tarma)

“Yeah. I have been making preparations to conquer Serende. The reason why I had everyone participate in this fashion was because I wanted to share the severity of matters.”

<<…Fumu, continue.>> (Tarma)

“Let’s first talk about the objective of Nektohal. Just what is he trying to do by gathering special beings called Illegitimate that Yugura Nariya left for posterity?”

Nektohal made contact with Ritial, Raheight, and the others after separating from the Green Demon Lord.

Having obtained cooperators means that there should be benefits for them as well.

<<Their objective, huh. We know the process of gathering Illegitimate and their attempt to overthrow the monarchy of the countries, but I was curious about what lies ahead of that. It is not like they are trying to create a country of chosen people, right?>> (Tarma)

“Yeah, that’s definitely not it. It is not like the talents of the Illegitimate is passed on to their children anyways. What Nektohal is investigating is ‘how they are changing them’. It is to obtain the technique of Yugura Nariya.”

<<The technique of Yugura, huh. There’s certainly going to be people who would want it. But that’s also just a means to an end, right?>> (Tarma)

“Yes. Nektohal used monsters in the past to attack Taizu in order to chase after the Illegitimate that the Green Demon Lord found. They wanted the talent of that Illegitimate so much they went as far as revealing the existence of demons.”

<<And what is that talent?>> (Tarma)

“The talent to affect the laws of the world.”

Gazes faintly gather onto Marito.

Anbu-kun is also in this room, but I have to explain this while hiding that reality.

<<Doesn’t click with me. What is the ability to affect the laws of the world?>> (Tarma)

“Yugura Nariya gave transcendent power to the Demon Lords. He also created many forbidden spells including the resurrection magic. I think the talent to affect the laws of the world is an ability that allows one to sublimate the steps for magic to reach such realms in this world.”

<<So the talent to create the forbidden like resurrection magic…>> (Tarma)

“This is not limited to just magic. He most likely can also tinker with the talents of individuals.”

<<…So what you are trying to say is…Yugura used that power to create talents?>> (Tarma)

The background of creating many people with specific talents -this is testament of that fact.

It is not about asking yourself why he divided talents one by one; it is exactly because he increased the talents one by one that he ended up with the idea of having the future humans make those talents bud.

“Yes. Yugura Nariya wasn’t an all-powerful human from the very beginning. All the talents Yugura Nariya has were created by that one talent.”

If Yugura Nariya had all those talents since the moment he was born, he would have been an outstanding figure in the history of Japan, too.

But there’s no such history.

I have lived as a Japanese person too, but I have not seen a single textbook with the name of a guy like that.

He hid his talents? That’s not possible.

There’s no way a guy that created Demon Lords which are permanent hindrances for the world would show self-control in human society with talents of that level.

Yugura Nariya should have been a normal human until he was transferred to the isekai.

The possibility I can think of is that Yugura Nariya used some sort of method to increase his talents that he obtained at the time when he was transferred to this world.

That’s the talent to affect the laws of the world.

Yugura Nariya continued increasing his own talents, and ended up turning into a being called a hero.

<<The talent to affect the laws of the world is the talent that began it all. Are you saying he entrusted even that talent to the future Illegitimate? No, is that even possible?>> (Tarma)

“Yugura Nariya must have been given that talent by someone. That’s why he could think of the idea to plant it on others. He must have thought that if he is someone who was given the talent, then he should be able to give them to others as well. That affecting the laws of the world is just one facet of it.”

<<Just what being would be able to…>> (Tarma)

“Let’s talk about that some other time. I will explain their ultimate objective. Nektohal is trying to become a Demon Lord by using resurrection magic.”

I don’t know if this is due to his sense of inferiority towards the Green Demon Lord or his act of rebellion with just the information I heard from Niruryates, but there’s no doubt Nektohal is trying to become a being that’s equal or above the Green Demon Lord.

<<A Demon Lord…huh… If that’s true, then we have to stop the objective of Nektohal as soon as possible. How long do you think we have?>> (Tarma)

“This is just a possibility, but I think Nektohal and his group have already finished the construction of the resurrection magic.”

<<W-What?!>> (Zenotta)

King Zenotta let out an amusing voice.

Of course you would be shocked if you were to learn that the spell that must be stopped has already finished.

I have read the book regarding the Blue Demon Lord who was given the power of Annihilation. Even people who can’t read the characters in that book could still learn the inferior version of that power which is necromancy. It can be assumed that the superior version which is resurrection magic is also there. Also, Nektohal has an ally Illegitimate that excels in using souls.”

<<The man called Raheight, huh…>> (Tarma)

“Yes. It should be possible to learn about the technique to affect souls by investigating the talent of Raheight. But Raheight moved away from the side of Nektohal and was maneuvering in secret here and there. In other words, we can assume that they have already researched everything they could about it.”

They already got the groundwork for resurrection magic at an early stage.

Nektohal has been researching magic under the Green Demon Lord for a long time, so it wouldn’t be strange for him to have reached the formation of resurrection magic.

Then, why does he continue searching for Illegitimate and needed the talent to affect the laws of the world?

<<Then, why haven’t they created Demon Lords?>> (Tarma)

“That’s most likely thanks to the Colorless Demon Lord.”

<<The Colorless Demon Lord… I heard that he is someone who was assigned by Yugura to keep an eye on the world.>> (Tarma)

“The Colorless Demon Lord is in a position that warns or eliminates the ones that have touched upon the forbidden. If Nektohal and his group had straight on tried to complete resurrection magic, the Colorless Demon Lord would have tried to get in their way.”

<<Then, there should be no need to worry… No, I see. So that’s how it is. Being able to affect the laws of the world also comes with that meaning, huh.>> (Tarma)

I nod at the words of King Tarma.

That said, it is not like they can see me though.

According to that Colorless bastard, Yugura Nariya gave the Colorless Demon Lord the duty to observe the world after killing the Demon Lords.

After that, he put his hands on space-time magic, and was killed by the being called God.

Basically, Yugura Nariya was tinkering with the forbidden in a way so that the system that is the Colorless Demon Lord wouldn’t react to it.

“Yugura Nariya prepared the Colorless Demon Lord so that the people of this world don’t put their hands on the forbidden. The Colorless Demon Lord will only deal with the people that are caught in the surveillance network prepared by Yugura Nariya. But what serves as the loophole of this surveillance network is the talent to affect the laws of the world.”

The Colorless Demon Lord observed the people who have touched upon the forbidden with the system and would eliminate them.

But what would happen if it is not detected by that system?

The Colorless Demon Lord wouldn’t be allowed to freely utilize his power, and he can’t perform hostile actions himself.

The most he can do is provoke you with an annoying attitude. The people who are not detected by the system are not attacked by the Colorless Demon Lord.

<<In the case Nektohal completes the research, he will be able to utilize resurrection magic while ignoring the inhibitor that is the Colorless Demon Lord…?>> (Tarma)

“There’s no means for me to tell just how far they are in the research. But judging from the fact that they didn’t put Arcreal to protect the base of Torin, I think that such a future is not so far.”

Ritial had read that I would target Torin.

Even so, he still kept Arcreal in Serende because there was the need to continue protecting Nektohal in Serende no matter what.

I can guess the reason why Nektohal can’t move away from Serende is because their research is on their final stretches.

<<Umumu… They are people who are trying to overthrow the nations. If such people were to become Demon Lords and created Nethers, history might repeat…>> (Tarma)

“Leaving aside Nektohal and Ritial, I can say for certain that Raheight won’t become a decent Demon Lord.”

He would most likely slice the neck of not only Ritial but also Nektohal for the sake of his own objective. The people living peacefully in this world would be even further out his periphery.

<<—Mejis shall dispatch holy knights with the assumption that Raheight and his group will be causing trouble in Serende.>> (Euparo)

This is when the voice of Pope Euparo rang from his crystal.

Has he accepted the severity of the situation, or is there something else…?

“I want to ask the holy knights to seize the other bases in Serende, but is that possible?”

<<Of course. We must stop the birth of new Demon Lords that can leave grudges in the world as a member of the Yugura Church -as a human. There’s no reason to be frugal in our help for the sake of this.>> (Euparo)

“…Thanks. I shall tell you about how to make the countermeasure key for Tsudzali, so please arrange for copies to be made.”

For the nations, Nektohal is a demon who is doing terrorism, and is someone they have to be extremely wary of.

But now that they are aware that he is a threat that must not be ignored, they should be able to swiftly act together even in the case it ends up with them escaping.

The representative of Serende was not included in this time’s meeting.

If they were to learn that research to become a Demon Lord was being performed in their country, there’s the risk that they would act without waiting for our preparations by stating it is an issue of their own country.

We have to negotiate properly with that representative once we arrive in Serende, but…I am a bit worried when I remember Prince Washekt.

Well, it seems like I safely succeeded in having the representatives of each notation have a shared notion, so there’s no choice but to do our best like this.

A sentry of the Taizu Castle rushed in in a panic while I was thinking this.

“E-Excuse the intrusion, Your Majesty! There’s trouble!”

“What is it?! We are in the middle of an important meeting!” (Marito)

“A-About that…the Demon Lord…!”

Demon Lord…

Gold is in Gahne, and Purple and Blue are participating in this meeting at the corner, so…could it be…

Niruryates popped her head out from behind the sentry-san as if turning that bad feeling into reality.

“Ah, so you were here! Yahoo~, it is Niruryates! Actually, My King is currently heading to this castle! As such, please make swift preparations to welcome him! If you don’t, me and everyone else will be killed~! Seriously, I will get caught up in it too, so please do it~!” (Niru)

Everyone was frowning thanks to this statement that was like pouring cold water in your sleep, but Rakura, who was not listening seriously, was yawning.


-Nektohal is trying to become a Demon Lord.

-The resurrection magic to become a Demon Lord is forbidden, so the Colorless Demon Lord will come interfere if you try to use it.

-The Colorless Demon Lord is acting under the system that Yugura left behind.

-If you have the talent to interfere with the laws of the world, you can use resurrection magic without getting caught in the system.

-Nektohal and the others are investigating the Illegitimate in order to obtain the talent to interfere with the laws of the world.

-Basically, the objective of Nektohal is: ‘to obtain the cheat skill that can ignore Colorless and become a Demon Lord’.

So complicated!

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