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I don’t remember when my feelings for the world faded. But it is not that far in the past that I wouldn’t be able to scoop it out from my memories. There was most likely no such day. 

It was shaved away, bit by bit, as its worth was being destroyed. No, the worth of the world hasn’t changed. What changed was my perception of worth in the world. 

There are times when my heart would flutter at a beautiful scenery I would like to see again; there are times when I would want to eat tasty food again and keep it in mind; times when I would want to meet wonderful people again. I know the worth of the world, understand it. 

And yet, why does it look so faded? Is it because I learned of the ugliness of the world? Is it because I tasted its fearsomeness? Because I entrusted my body to the darkness? No, if that were the case, I wouldn’t have the sense of worth to acknowledge the good things.

It is most likely something more simple than that. I have simply grown tired of going between stuff like light and darkness, or good and bad. 

There’s people who are more blessed than me, people who are more unfortunate than me, people more outstanding, people inferior; a whole lot of variety. 

I perform by gauging and comprehending the changes brought by this combination of various elements that differ with time and occasion. Of course I would get tired. 

Getting heated, getting involved, becoming obstinate; I can lose vitality by just momentary triggers. That’s why I seek the lifestyle of easygoing and thoroughly enjoying the relaxing moments. 

I would like you to not stomp on my small wish. I just want to live safely. 

I am fine with just choosing in moderation, acting in moderation, being moved emotionally in moderation, and being satisfied in moderation. If you are going to get in the way of that…


There’s a number of plazas in Taizu. The biggest one is the plaza in the middle, but the other plazas are also loved by the citizens, and have their own histories as places to rest in. 

This plaza would originally be a place that’s lively with performances for the Harvest Festival. However, right now, there’s barely any life in it. 

The place was vacated immediately after it was designated. A fake reason was given to the citizens and the people in the neighboring residences have been evacuated as well. There’s no people around the plaza anymore. 

There’s knights on standby at a decently further location. They will definitely seize this place if any eventualities happen. However, it will happen when that man and us lose our lives. 

The ones here are me, Wolfe, and Rakura; a total of 3 people. Pope Euparo couldn’t arrive in time. First, we should avoid any harm to him that might stem from this.

“It is the agreed time! How about showing up if you are there?!” (Ilias)

“Oh my, oh my oh my, isn’t there fewer people than we asked for?” (Girista)

Girista and Pashuro show up. 

I don’t see him and Ekdoik yet.

“So you are ignoring my designation, you trash?! That you are breaking your word must mean that, right?” (Pashuro)

“Pope Euparo has been going around the villages at the borders of the country since morning. He was not in a situation where he could feasibly arrive in time. If you want to call him, you should have at least done your homework.” (Ilias)

“Oh my, Pashuro, they have discovered how unprepared we are.” (Girista)

“It is because you began it thoughtlessly! If you flip that around, it also means that Pope Euparo is outside without any proper protection.” (Pashuro)

“Right. We can go kill the Pope-sama after we finish here.” (Girista)

“Don’t chew on my prey, you idiot! But well, my one other prey seems to have come, so let’s enjoy that one.” (Pashuro)

“Where’s Shishou?!” (Wolfe)

Wolfe shouted at Pashuro with anger seeping out, but the two are not the type who would falter at that. 

“Sorry about that. I couldn’t endure it since he looked at me with such nice eyes. Here, you can smell the scent of his blood, right?” (Girista)

Girista directed her greatsword here. 

We must not get swallowed in anger. It is true that there’s fresh traces of blood, but there’s only a bit. I doubt it is fatal, and it might not even be his blood in the first place. 

But Wolfe must have been able to tell that blood was from him. She tried to jump in as if shot forward, but Rakura stopped her. 

“Aah, geez, Wolfe-chan! You must not get caught on such cheap provocation!” (Rakura)

“That’s right, Wolfe. Calm down.” 

“?! Shishou!” (Wolfe)

He showed up. 

That’s a relief. He is okay. 

His shoulder is bandaged, but there doesn’t seem to be anything off anywhere else. He doesn’t seem to be restrained either. 

I sigh in relief. 

That said, Ekdoik at his back is directing an incredible amount of bloodlust, so I can’t afford to look away.

“Ekdoik! Why did you undo his restraints, you idiot?! There’s no benefit in leaving him free, right?!” (Pashuro)

“Isn’t that obvious? What you seek in this place is conflict. You wouldn’t want them to use the hostage as an excuse that they couldn’t fight seriously, right? We can just kill him if he tries to escape.” (Ekdoik)

“You have a point there. I want to enjoy a serious battle to the death with Ilias, so there’s no need for such shackles.” (Girista)

“If he tries to escape, Pashuro, burn him with your flames. It would definitely get him, and even if he was protected, you would be able to defeat one of them.” (Ekdoik)

“Don’t blame me if your prey gets caught in that and dies, you numbskull! That’s how it is, so stay put there and watch.” (Pashuro)

“Yeah, that was my intention from the very beginning.” 

It doesn’t change the fact that he is in a dangerous position. If he tried to escape, it would simply increase the danger of their target switching to him. 

However, it should be safe to assume that he managed to handle his side properly. 

“I have set a warding barrier in the surroundings. There won’t be interruptions in our duels.” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik raised both arms up and swung them down. When he did, the many chains slid down from his arms and spread on the ground.

“Now, Rakura Salf, killer of mine father! Let’s have you die for the sake of his honor!” (Ekdoik)

“…Uhm, Ekdoik-san, I have no experience killing a person though.” (Rakura)

Rakura can’t read the atmosphere at all. No, she probably doesn’t want to accept that statement just now with no recollection of it. 

“Rakura, it seems this guy was raised by a devil that you subjugated in the past.” 

“What?! So that’s why I felt the unpleasant sensation characteristic of the inhuman on Ekdoik-san.” (Rakura)

Being raised by a devil. Is that possible? But if that’s the case, he certainly would have a grudge on Rakura who does devil hunting. That said, he managed to get something like that out of him too? 

“That’s right, the Great Devil that you defeated that day, Beglagud, is the father that raised me! The honor of mine father was tarnished by being defeated by you who was known for being completely useless in everything aside from fighting despite being a priestess! I will be regaining that honor here!” (Ekdoik)

“That’s such a cruel way of putting it!” (Rakura)

I understand how his blood could boil if the bitter enemy of his father is Rakura. Just imagining how I would feel if I were in a similar position as his, I end up pitying him a bit. 

“Excuse me, I would like to ask one more thing while at it. Is that okay?” (Rakura)

“What?” (Ekdoik)

“What kind of devil was that Great Devil Beglagud? It may be shameful to admit, but all the devils I have defeated until now were pretty much the same.” (Rakura)

“…I have decided. I will kill you in all the most horrible ways I can imagine!” (Ekdoik)

“Why?!” (Rakura)

What expertise in provocation. 

It would be impressive if it was on purpose, but it was most likely just her being airheaded. 

The face of Ekdoik turned even more serious. 

“Ekdoik, bring retribution to that unaware idiot!” 

“Even Counselor-sama?!” (Rakura)

He seems to be the same as always. Even though it is at a time like this… I am a bit less tense now, but I must get into gear here. 

The moment I thought of this, Ekdoik attacked Rakura. The chains on the ground jumped at Rakura as if they were sentient. But the barrier Rakura deployed blocked the assault of the chains. 

Girista and Pashuro moved at the same time too. Both are types that specialize in wide range attacks. We must avoid a free-for-all fight no matter what. 

I jump in before Girista moves! 

“So passionate. I am happy!” (Girista)

“Sorry to ruin it for you when you are happy, but no playing around!” (Ilias)

The sparks of battle have been ignited.


Ilias and Girista, Wolfe and Pashuro, Rakura and Ekdoik. I knew Pope Euparo wouldn’t be able to come, so this is the exact development I predicted.

For Ilias, I will just believe in her. I don’t have a clear grasp of Rakura’s strength. This is my first time seeing the battle style of Ekdoik, so the only thing I can do is pray. 

The issue is Wolfe. The strength of Pashuro is the real deal. It should be safe to say he is stronger than the Anbus we defeated before. There’s no doubt she won’t be able to win with conventional means. It is either to wait for Ilias to join in or form a plan. 

Wolfe is the one attacking and Pashuro is kindly deflecting the attacks as he sometimes mixes some feints in. 

Wolfe is usually training against opponents stronger than her, so she tends to not aim for big attacks. She goes for the higher number of attacks as she slowly rams up her engine. The only times she would aim for a one-hit reversal are when she has been cornered or hard pressed. 

On the other hand, Pashuro is observing at first and shifting to attack with a certain mindset. The difference in power is evident, but it is a style that matches. What’s left is how much potential Wolfe can bring out, but the preparations are set. I will ready advices for any unexpected instance and just wait.


“Now, I will scrape you off and eat you up!” (Girista)

After clashing with Girista a few times, she unleashed the power of her demonic sword not that long after -the greatsword that opens and closes like the mouth of an animal. Even when I avoid its attack, it eats the mana in the surroundings. 

The amount of mana scraped off is only around 1% each time, but tagging along with her in a drawn out battle would be a bad plan -is what you would normally think, but things just don’t go as you want.

Girista would sometimes show openings in the middle of the clashes. But those openings must not be taken, they are traps. The strength to swing around a greatsword, her way of acting dyed in madness, despite all that, she has contradicting carefulness to her. She would make openings herself and, by drawing her opponent in with that, she ascertains a counter. 

If they don’t attack, she can exhaust her enemy slowly. She is not a swift fighter but an endurance one. I obviously won’t be able to win if I don’t go on the offensive. There’s also the matter of Wolfe.

Then what should I do? Not take advantage of the openings she presents me, but the ones I make myself. I move around Girista and keep her at bay with minute attacks. 

“That greatsword is pretty big, but what’s even more abnormal is its weight. Its relative weight is far heavier than that of iron.” (Ilias)

“That’s right, this is super heavy~.” (Girista)

“Right. You wouldn’t even be able to lift it without increasing your strength with mana strengthening. And in order to swing it, you would need suitable footing.” (Ilias)

“And what of i—?!” (Girista)

The body of Girista sinks -in the literal sense of the word. Her footing is currently not earth but sand.

“A type of earth magic. Will you be able to hold your ground on sand with that body weight?” (Ilias)

“What a sly trick.” (Girista)

“Not that different from making openings on purpose!” (Ilias)

I step in from ground that has good footing and unleash an attack. 

Girista tried to swing her sword, but her legs were caught on the sand and lost her balance. She stabbed the greatsword on the ground in order to forcefully get back on her feet. 

I have sealed her sword with this. I won’t give her the time to take it out. I jump in at once and swing down my sword. 

“Got you!” (Ilias)

“I did!” (Girista)

The greatsword suddenly moved intensely. And then, the greatsword twisted perpendicularly and opened up. The demonic sword had changed shape into one where it had both sides opened up and waiting for me. 

Despite giving that dogged impression like scissors, it actually has flexibility that lets it be twisted freely. It can face the opponent as it wills. That is the true form of this demonic sword. 

I can’t kill my momentum anymore. The demonic sword regained its sturdiness and closed its jaws.

“Too bad.” (Girista)

“Right back at you.” 

“—?!” (Girista)

The movement of the demonic sword has stopped. I am fine. 

I didn’t expect it could change into a soft body, so she did get me when it comes to finding an opening on me. But her making it hard again was a mistake. 

I used the scabbard I threw at the jaws of the demonic sword as a holding bar and stopped its movements. The steel scabbard is steadily bending. Good grief…I am going to be scolded by Toruid again.

I look at Girista. This is the first time she shows a flustered expression. 

I now know the preliminary motions to turn it soft and how long it takes for the change. 

“You—” (Girista)

“Too slow.” (Ilias)

One swing; it took one swing to send both arms of Girista flying in the air. 


Rakura and Ekdoik was a battle between spear and shield. Ekdoik could freely control the chains of unknown length and slam them. In contrast, Rakura defended with her barriers. 

It is a relentless barrage of chains from all directions, but he couldn’t break through the barrier. 

“Uhm, how about we stop? I have no intention of killing a person…” (Rakura)

“I am the son of a devil. That should be enough of a reason to fight, cleric!” (Ekdoik)

“Even if you tell me that, you are a human.” (Rakura)

“—!” (Ekdoik)

The attacks were increasing in intensity. Ekdoik was getting more and more frenzied. Every word of Rakura was touching the nerves of Ekdoik. 

Is this woman doing it on purpose? 

But this really does accentuate the importance of affinity. Wide area attacks that don’t allow evasion, each attack has the power to easily gouge out the ground. If a civilian were to be caught in it, they would be turned into minced meat in an instant. 

If Ekdoik was the one fighting Wolfe, she would have lost a long time ago. 

“Ueeen, Counselor-sama! This person isn’t listening to me~!” (Rakura)

“Just fight him…” 

“It has always been against monsters and devils, you know?! I can’t hold back!” (Rakura)

“You bastard…!” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik’s chains make a shape in the air. The chains changed into a giant axe that looked like it could slice a house in two. 

“Die crushed!” (Ekdoik)

“Geez, that’s dangerous!” (Rakura)

Rakura undid her barrier and raised a hand towards the axe. The swung down axe stopped right before it hit. 

Now that I look closely, there’s a barrier deployed around the axe and it is hampering its movements. 

“This is what you do to dangerous weapons!” (Rakura)

Rakura turned her hand and countless lines of varying sizes and lengths appeared inside the barrier. And then, she closed her hand.

When she did, the lines changed to flat surfaces. The barrier turned into countless blocks, their surfaces sliding on each other, and spreading in midair. I felt as if I was shown a body severing magic on a transparent box with no tricks. 

Rakura made a barrier to seal the movements of the target, divided the barrier on top of that, and even divided the target. The giant axe was made from several chains entwined together. She sliced it apart in countless pieces. 

Many severed chains fell on the ground as the barrier was released. I see, she would be able to kill most living beings if she were to use that. 

The downside would be that the barrier protecting her would have to be deployed long range for an instant which has a time lag. 

It would be hard to capture an enemy that moves fast. But if the enemy is overconfident or giant, it is very effective. However, that just now was a technique that has a high chance to defeat a first time enemy.

Her using it to get rid of Ekdoik’s weapon was a mistake. 

“Now, please give up. Your weapon has already broken!” (Rakura)

“Broken? Where?” (Ekdoik)

The chain that Ekdoik was holding began moving and wrapped around the chains that were scattered around.

Just when I thought the chains had turned liquid, they returned to the shape of chains again. Not only that. They should have been chains that covered his arm at first. But what about the chains now? They have clearly increased. Their amount is enough to fill up a house in chains. Are those chains the same as the demonic sword of Girista in that they are out of human rationale? 

“Oh my, that’s convenient.” (Rakura)

“These chains are mine anger, mine grudge! Infinite chains that won’t ever be exhausted!” (Ekdoik)

Waves of attacks assault Rakura again. Rakura deployed a barrier in an instant and concentrated on defending. 

“Uuh, Counselor-sama, do something! If possible, switch with me!” (Rakura)

“If I approached even one step into that, I would die!” 

“Then, a hint! Anything’s fine!” (Rakura)

Rakura looks at Ekdoik as a human. She has resolved herself to not kill people. She is against even injuring them -despite being exposed to killing intent. 

You could say that’s just like a cleric, but she should at least have a spell that can incapaci—no, the fact that she hasn’t done training against humans means that the techniques Rakura has are all deadly ones? All the spells of Rakura are top tier. Its power is on a whole other level. They all hold the risk of killing Ekdoik. That’s why she can’t attack.

“If you can’t defeat him with the attacks you have, use other attacks to defeat him!” 

“Eh?! …Ilias-san!” (Rakura)

“Don’t rely on your other comrades!” 

“What do you want me to do?!” (Rakura)

The waves of chains were swallowing the barrier itself. They gouged out the earth and it is now swallowing it from all directions.

“Run out of mana and be crushed to death!” (Ekdoik)

“Uwaaan! It is all wriggly like a centipeeeede!!” (Rakura)

…Alright, ignore her. Once Ilias is freed up, she will help Wolfe, and once I have leeway after, I will help her out. 

It is the same as before. If her barrier is gone, she will be assailed with instant death attacks. She might be able to manage somehow if she shoots magic right when the barrier is undone, but if she shoots inside the barrier, she herself will be in danger and if her motions are one instant late, she will die without doubt. 

“Ah, but if it is not a bug, it is not scary. Ei!” (Rakura)

The chains were blown off and wreck scatters. The gale reaches all the way here. Is it some sort of wind magic? …She did that without hesitation…

“Even though you said it wasn’t possible for you when it was a bug…” 

“If I were to blow away insects, their juices would fly!” (Rakura)

“That was your reason?” 

But Rakura will be able to move again with this. Even so, the attacks of Ekdoik are not stopping. The chains have been regenerated again. 

“As if I will let you end it! I will teach you the weight of my anger, over and over and over and over!” (Ekdoik)

“I have understood it plenty enough already! Uuuh, what should I…ah, right.” (Rakura)

Rakura activates magic. A strange haze showed up around the legs. 

“Die!” (Ekdoik)

“Don’t wanna!” (Rakura)

Rakura jumps. Rakura, who should have low physical ability, jumped high in the sky. 

“Jumping magic, huh! As if I will let you escape!” (Ekdoik)

The chains immediately stretched in the air and attacked Rakura. Rakura jumped in the air countless times and avoided the fierce attacks of the chains. That’s so nice. It looks handy. 

Anyways, the reason why she is not using the barrier is most likely because she noticed my advice. The moment I noticed her intention, Rakura was right above Ekdoik and was completely surrounded. 

“Now, there’s nowhere to run anymore!” (Ekdoik)

“There’s still somewhere!” (Rakura)

Rakura used wind magic to create an escape even higher and escaped far into the sky with jumping magic. However, the linked chains chased after Rakura immediately and stretched. 

“It is pointless no matter where you run!” (Ekdoik)

“No, this should be about enough.” (Rakura)

The moment the chains stretching from right below her were about to touch her, they were blocked by a barrier. Rakura landed on that barrier. 

“Another barrier?! Stop with just protecting yourself!” (Ekdoik)

“Don’t wanna! Also, it is not like this barrier is protecting me.” (Rakura)

“Wha—” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik noticed the current situation. The barrier that Rakura made isn’t one that protects her surroundings. It is a rectangular barrier standing vertically that’s surrounding the chains of Ekdoik. 

“You think that has imprisoned them?! No matter how firm it is, if I just attack until your mana runs out—” (Ekdoik)

“Your chains have increased in mass by quite a lot compared to normal because they have absorbed a large amount of mana, right?” (Rakura)

The rectangular barrier had horizontal lines appear one after the other. It is the same technique that cut off the chains in axe shape. 

“No matter how much I cut your chains, they will regenerate by injecting mana from your hand. But flipping that around, that means the chains you are not touching are just plain chains, right?” (Rakura)

The lines turned into flat surfaces, and sliced the chains stretching vertically one after the other. And then, the barrier was undone only on the severed side, creating a container of sorts.

“Wa?!” (Ekdoik)

“It takes around a few seconds to regenerate them by injecting mana. However, it is possible to drop these large quantities of chains on you with just a few seconds!” (Rakura)

“R-Rakura Saaaaaaaaaalf!” (Ekdoik)

He won’t be able to evade to the sides. It would be impossible to defend himself properly with his shortened chains either. 

A rain of chains that have increased enmasse swallowed Ekdoik along with his screams. 

“It was from you that I learned feelings were heavy…Counselor-sama! I have done it just as you advised!” (Rakura)

“No, didn’t that kill him?” 

“…S-Self-destructs don’t count! It is not my fault!” (Rakura)

It wasn’t from a desire to not kill. She was just trash that didn’t want to dirty her own hands. Give me back my feelings of respect. 

Ekdoik had been buried in chains, but he must have either died or lost consciousness. The increased chains were visibly shrinking. What remained were chains of a decent length and the unmoving collapsed Ekdoik. Rakura has safely won. 

How about the others? 

I directed my gaze at Ilias. It was just at the time when Girista’s arms were flying off. Looks like she has managed to get an advantage.

I directed my gaze at Wolfe, but there’s no change in the situation. However, there’s a change in the surroundings, so basically…it is coming.

“Kaaah, a whole bunch of useless trash! Can’t be helped. I will defeat the remaining ones by myself. Playtime is over, demi-human!” (Pashuro)

Black fire appeared in both arms of Pashuro. Special fire that ignites the mana of the target. Looks like Pashuro is getting serious too. 

His whimsical switch lies in external factors. The conditions can be whatever. However, he will switch his mood when there’s big changes in his surroundings.

With the defeat of Ekdoik and the heavy injury of Girista happening at the same time, his mood switch was flipped.

Wolfe’s state…isn’t bad. It seems like she has warmed up quite a bit. The shine in her hair is steadily getting strong. The mana inside of her is gaining vigor and is overflowing. She should be able to utilize that technique to an effective degree like this. The battle is still 50/50. 

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