LS – Chapter 301: As such, stealthily ask for an explanation

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“I see. They tried to kill that man along with the pawn of Yumis, huh. Good work on the report, Washekt.” 

Nuphsa-niisan heard my report and sighed. 

Chisante-niisan was most likely the one who did this this time around, but Yumis-neesan must have been the one who provided information about her pawn. 

It is not that strange for those two to work together in order to get rid of a hindrance. 

“Who do you think did this, Nuphsa-niisan?” (Washekt)

“It doesn’t matter who. It doesn’t change the fact that it was a stupid move.” (Nuphsa)

“I do think it had an effect judging from the type of person he is though.” (Washekt)

“I know that you are being cooperative after understanding this. That man is a coward in anyone’s eyes, but Chisante and Yumis are misunderstanding the meaning of coward. He is not the type that should be cornered.” (Nuphsa)

‘Figures’ -I was about to sigh at that. 

Cowardly people can be divided into two categories. 

The first one tries to escape from fear, and the other one tries to eliminate the fear. 

It goes without saying which one he is. 

Even if we account for the strength of the resident of Yugura’s planet, those types of people shouldn’t be cornered. 

“You have analyzed him well, Nuphsa-niisan.” (Washekt)

“He is a man that would challenge Demon Lords despite wishing to live safely, so I didn’t even need to think about it.” (Nuphsa)

“True.” (Washekt)

Chisante-niisan and Yumis-neesan have only taken actions backed by their past experiences of success. 

Nuphsa-niisan and I are partly to blame for this, but it doesn’t make me think I would like to shoulder that responsibility.

“We will prepare to extinguish the fires. You should hold the reins of Hilmera at all costs.” (Nuphsa)

“Her brain turns better than those two. She wouldn’t become the enemy of—” (Washekt)

“The bodyguard of Hilmera -Murshto- has murdered the anbus that caused the incident of before. It is madness to a degree where he didn’t even try to hide the corpses.” (Nuphsa)

My face stiffened unconsciously at the mention of Murshto. 

Nuphsa-niisan doesn’t dance to uncertain information. In that case, this must be true. 

“…Where did you get that information?” (Washekt)

“The pawns of Chisante and Yumis that were keeping an eye on Murshto were killed a little before the incident happened. The shape of the weapon used to kill them and the weapon used to kill the anbus matches.” (Nuphsa)

It is possible Hilmera ordered this, but I feel like it should be better to consider this as Murshto going out of control. 

Murshto is someone that I have no complaints about when it comes to being the sword that protects Hilmera, but there’s several points that bother me aside from that.

“So no subordinates of yours were killed.” (Washekt)

“I have ordered them to stop surveillance when they have made an ominous move and to prioritize reporting to me.” (Nuphsa)

“…I will warn Hilmera to not make her subordinates do anything reckless.” (Washekt)

“Do that. There’s no need for her to shoulder both of our secrets.” (Nuphsa)

Secrets, huh. 

All royalty in this country has secrets. 

They are all beyond sinful, and are scars that you must shoulder. 

I don’t have many wishes. But I…at least have the resolve to dirty my hands for the sake of fulfilling them. 

Even if it gets to the point where I can’t pat the head of my lovely little sister.


“How is it? Were there any movements from the resident of Yugura’s planet?” 

“Yes, there was. It seems like he has made contact with several nobles that have been influenced by you, Yumis-sama.” 

“Even though I made him suffer that much. He still hasn’t learned.” (Yumis)

What was his name again? Oh well, who cares. 

That person showed a strange attachment to one of my pawns, so I tried leading Chisante to use that in his favor, but…a mere disposable pawn wouldn’t be enough, I guess.

Even if the heart of a person is fortified for any adversities, there will always be a core. 

That would either be the person themselves who are supported by their experiences in life, or the people who have been supporting him. 

You can break the core from a person who has lived by achieving everything themselves through taking away their confidence; for the ones that have been depending on others, you can break their core by taking away that support. 

You are definitely in the latter, Mister Resident. 

No matter how sharp your brain is, as long as you understand your own limitations, you have no choice but to live by depending on others. 

“I really have no choice but to take the lives of his comrades. So, any ideas?” (Yumis)

“It would be impossible with normal assassination attempts. They are all top tier when it comes to their skills after all. Even the man that was hospitalized managed to see through the anbu with certainty with a single use of detection magic.” 

“They are people who are protecting a frail man after all. There’s no way their quality would be low.” (Yumis)

Of course, I won’t let them say it is impossible. A subordinate of mine would of course understand this.

People who understand that there won’t be a future for themselves if they choose their means are truly convenient. 

They would get ideas only lunatics wouldn’t even consider, and would create deadly poisonous schemes.

“Prince Washekt is supplying them with their goods, but we have already grasped the routes. We are thinking of targeting that.” 

“Oh my, that’s a good idea. Not being able to trust anything and everything they bring into their mouths is really nice.” (Yumis)

I am sure someone else will suffer before it enters his mouth. 

That’s fine. We can shave away his heart nicely that way after all. 

“And so, about the nobles that he made contact with. We saw signs of him trying to touch upon the topic of the auctions.” 

“…I see. He really is skilled… Such a shame.” (Yumis)

I knew that that person was outstanding, but to think he managed to sniff the scent of the secret I was hiding so carefully… 

But it is pointless. Pointless. 

I already did preparations in the off-chance the other siblings managed to reach that far. 

By the time he has enough proof to corner me, your comrades will already be—

“Yumis-sama, it is an emergency!” 

“…So noisy. What’s the matter?” (Yumis)

“We have been informed by Lord Mikhol that Lord Mofas is trying to side with the resident of Yugura’s planet!” 

“…Huh?” (Yumis)

I don’t understand what he is saying. 

If Lord Mofas betrayed me, that would only result in him ruining himself. 

My fangs are pretty much on their necks so that none of my allies betray me. But there’s the need to hear about the movements of Lord Mofas in detail. 

I was thinking this and a different subordinate showed up. 

“Yumis-sama, there’s a report I must give you at once!” 

“What is it now?” (Yumis)

“A-About that…Lord Pokmat has informed us that Lord Mikhol is trying to side with the resident of Yugura’s planet!” 

“Wa…” (Yumis)

This wasn’t the end of my subordinates rushing in. 

I was getting reports of the nobles under my influence switching sides one after the other. 

All of them were about reporting the information regarding the auction I am managing to Father. 

But that’s impossible. 

Whenever I open an auction, I would use my subordinates to thoroughly erase any evidence left. 

Even if a single noble were to vouch this, there wouldn’t be a shred of credibility with just words. They would just be seen as delusional. 

I am having the nobles keep an eye on each other so that they definitely won’t betray me. 

That’s why it is impossible for reports like this to hit me all at once. 

If I were to believe all of this, it would mean that almost all of the nobles have betrayed me.

There’s no way a noble that has betrayed me would be reporting that some other noble has betrayed me. 

“W-What do we do?” 

“It obviously can’t all be real. Mister Resident must have set it in this manner. He is definitely going to be pulling some sort of move amidst the chaos.” (Yumis)

He is making the nobles doubt each other to bait unrest? But what does he get from that? 


“Again?! Who is it this time?” (Yumis)

“L-Lord Mofas has apparently shown up to the Serende King with documents that serve to prosecute the auction!” 

“What did you say?! There’s no way such a thing exists! It is obviously fake!” (Yumis)

There’s no way my direct subordinates would make a mistake like leaving proof, so that’s obviously forged. 

But this is not something so simple. 

It is a noble that has been left with the management of land. They will be investigating thoroughly after getting an indictment from him. 

I will have to make preparations so that the investigations won’t reach me with the assumption that he really has betrayed me. 

“Yumis-sama, an indictment from Lord Mikhol!” 


“Yumis-sama, Lord Pokmat has—!” 

“Wait, just wait a moment! What is this?! What’s going on here?!” (Yumis)


“Controlling through fear can be an extremely sturdy stronghold. Losing your own future if you were to go against it would make anyone desperate. But that’s basically the same as showing me their vital points.” 

Comrade, who had gone invisible with my magic, was observing the state of the nobles that were showing up at the gates of the castle one after the other.

He checked the list in his hand one by one, and confirmed the scenario that would accomplish the plan. 

“This is… What’s going on here?” (Ekdoik)

“Ekdoik, do you remember Hasharyukudehito and Feibyushasu? It is similar to that.” 

“The Great Devils that have the special abilities of the Right Arm of Tying and the Stomach of Perplexion. The ones that went against the orders of the Purple Demon Lord and tried to kidnap you…” (Ekdoik)

Feibyushasu read the memories of Comrade, and was trying to obtain the knowledge of the parallel world and sharpness of his thoughts. 

But he touched upon the forbidden with that action of his and was killed by the Colorless Demon Lord. Hasharyukudehito was also executed by Dyuvuleori as an example. 

Both Great Devils tried to go against the destiny of being used to the ground by the Purple Demon Lord as her pawns, went for an all-out plan, and perished. 

Now that he mentions it, I do feel like this situation is somewhat similar. 

“In order to move people who are controlled by fear, you just need to prepare fear that surpasses this. It is simple. They are scared of being cut off by Princess Yumis. That’s why I had them understand the fear of what lies ahead of this.” 

“What lies ahead…?” (Ekdoik)

“It would be one thing if they could hide their true selves perfectly like the royal family. But if it is people who are simply hiding themselves, I can see through them with my observation skills. Stuff like what standing they are using to support evil, and what kind of desires they are fulfilling. After that, I just have to meet them personally, and use my words to draw out the  numbers and details. And then, I will tell them this at the end: ‘You have made a mistake. There’s no doubt Princess Yumis will cut you off without hesitation’.” 

It is true that if Comrade were to put his observation skills and communication skills to full use, he would be able to talk as if he really did have proof in his hands. 

But would they really believe him with just that? 

“What do you plan on doing if they were to consult with Princess Yumis and the other nobles?” (Ekdoik)

“They can’t. The people who are within the control network built with fear can’t ask the person at the very top and the bunch that are keeping an eye on each other: ‘What he said was the truth, but did I really make a mistake?’.” 

I see. 

Even if it is a lie that he has proof, what he said is the truth. 

As long as they are not certain that lie is a lie, contacting Princesss Yumis would be suicidal, and they can’t just thoughtlessly consult with the people who are keeping surveillance on each other to sniff out traitors. 

Princess Yumis is the type of person who would use and dispose of her own subordinates. 

There’s a high chance of them being cut off even if it is a lie. 

“Meaning that what’s left is…the path to eliminate the threat called Princess Yumis before they are cut off…” (Ekdoik)

“That’s right. They all fear Yumis, but they are trying to get out of her hands with all they have. They surely are going to submit a lot of evidence they have forged beforehand to try and get out of the worst case scenario as much as possible.” 

“The worst case scenario…huh…” (Ekdoik)

The nobles are in a state where there’s proof of their own sins. 

If they do nothing, they will be one-sidedly judged by the country. 

It would be one thing if they were to disappoint Princess Yumis, but there’s also the possibility of being pushed the whole blame. 

The nobles would feel fear, certain that Princess Yumis would be willing to go that far. 

Now I understand why the nobles gave a report of the other nobles turning sides first. 

This wasn’t to confuse Princess Yumis, but for the sake of having them learn that there’s movement between the nobles. 

If they were to indict her by themselves, their fear would win and they might end up unable to move. 

But if they were to see that the others are also moving for the sake of self-preservation, they would be spurred into feeling they have to make a move, too.

To think that he used this sturdy relationship of theirs that would make every movement of ours transparent if we were to make contact with them to his own favor, so that they can’t cooperate instead…

“That said, the chances of Yumis herself being judged are low as long as she doesn’t make a mistake though.” 

“Really?” (Ekdoik)

“She wouldn’t make a mistake like leaving proof to begin with. The proof that the nobles prepared all lack any effectiveness. But with these many nobles betraying her, the gold earning route of hers has been dealt a great blow. It will make her realize that she is dependent on the nobles even if she doesn’t want to.” 

What Comrade did was simply to instill a lie into the people who have been controlled. 

With just that alone, he managed to destroy the stronghold that a strong influence like royalty was building over the ages. 

“…That means this is enough for Princess Yumis?” (Ekdoik)

“Right. I personally wanted to have her be kidnapped and have her taste the feelings of the people that are being sold, but…let’s consider that for when she doesn’t show any signs of reflecting.” 

I would rarely pay attention to what first-person pronoun someone uses if not for Comrade. 

But I really do feel the difference. 

Ilias and the others who have been made to stay on standby must be feeling conflicted. 

“The next one is Prince Chisante. I called back Dyuvuleori, but how do you plan on attacking him?” (Ekdoik)

“Yumis simply sold the information of Toppara, so I kept it moderate, but I plan on taking a bit more of an extreme measure for Chisante who sent the anbus directly.” 

“Will it turn into a battle?” (Ekdoik)

“No, it won’t. On the contrary, I won’t be needing bodyguards. I plan on finishing this with a one-on-one talk with Chisante.” 

I don’t feel much emotions from Comrade when he is using this pronoun. 

It is the standing of when he is dealing with things silently, so that’s a given, but that poor excuse of a smile he is showing just for the sake of it is creepy instead. 

But there’s only one thing that’s clear… His bad habit of not explaining the important parts is still present no matter the standing he is in.

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