LS – Chapter 213: That’s why, appear

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It seems like it is not possible to get promoted in the Yugura Church just by being a personality.

You also need the strength to stand at the front for the sake of the weak that are threatened by monsters.

As expected of an Archbishop, huh. His basic skills are way beyond that of your average cleric.

“It is dangerous there, Masetta.” (Haakudoku)

“Wa?!” (Masetta)

I grab the back collar of Masetta and move her away, and just as I did that, the ground she was standing at was gouged out as if a greatsword was smashed onto it.

An invisible attack.

This is different from the crystal knives that Mix used to deal with the small fry; this is a blade of wind from wind magic.

The power is impressive, but the time for activation and landing of the attack was pretty fast too.

It is a bit slower than the barrier magic of Rakura, so I can avoid it in time after my detection magic detects it, but…it would be a bit difficult with the reaction speed of Masetta.

“I heard from Rakura that you can use offensive magic with your barrier magic still up though.” (Haaku)

“It is not sturdy enough! The barriers I put up are not strong enough to block high power spells!” (Masetta)

Aah, I did hear that her arms and legs were sliced off through the barrier.

A hit of Seraes’s magic would certainly be heavy. It wouldn’t lose to a knight of Taizu though.

“Then, try to be better at avoiding.” (Haaku)

“It is an attack I can’t see! I am using detection magic to deal with it, but there’s several feints mixed in, and I can’t tell which one it is!” (Masetta)

“Aah, that’s true.” (Haaku)

Seraes is launching several blades at once with time intervals.

He is sending them while thinking about the places where we might avoid. It is unbelievably hard to avoid.

You can tell the direction with detection magic, but Masetta is worse than me in detection magic.

The time it takes her to react after detecting it is bad.

“Do you have magic seal stones? …You don’t huh.” (Haaku)

“I don’t. If I were to carry such stuff around, I would fail when using magic on the fly.” (Masetta)

They are difficult to work around with unless you train on the level of the knights of Taizu after all.

Mix might have, but there wouldn’t be any point if I were to shout out loud to borrow some.

“In that case…I will come out to the front, so please shoot your magic from a bit further behind. He won’t have the leeway to shoot attacks at you if I am on the front.” (Haaku)

“Is such a halfhearted plan going to work?!” (Masetta)

“Seraes is stronger than me in terms of raw power. But it is not like I can’t win against him. What’s needed in order to fill up the difference in those areas depends on how much the factors around me roll in my favor.” (Haaku)

It is natural for the one with more strength to win in a fistfight, but if there’s a chair nearby, the result is not set.

That’s basically how a fight works.

What’s needed next would be how well you read your opponent. In those fronts, it depends on how well you comprehend your opponent like Brother does.

“I will try to be careful to not hit you, but don’t get hit, okay?!” (Masetta)

“It would be easier to avoid if you don’t hold back. Don’t pull back any punches, got it?” (Haaku)

I spin my tonfas around and run towards Seraes.

He has barely spoken a word since the battle began. It is hard to deal with the types that go silent when concentrating since they barely lower their guards.

“Well then, allow me to go in!” (Haaku)

I avoid the wind blades flying my way and go deep in.

My attacks should be able to reach after 2 more steps…but it won’t work, huh.

Instinct-sama alerted me to stop.

The moment I obediently stopped, the ground one step in front of me rose up as if it had exploded, and a small wall was created in front of me.

No, it wouldn’t be accurate to describe it as a wall.

This is a gate for the sake of sending me flying.

He would have gotten me in the air, and would have shot a wind blade that would hit me for sure when I can’t move. His mana is seeping into every part below his feet.

“Then, how about this…” (Haaku)

I put my left arm to the front and set my hidden trump card.

The impact should reach Seraes with this degree of an earth wall.

Eh, ah, you are telling me to stop? Okay!

“Tch, I can’t do simple attacks either, huh—wait, uo?!” (Haaku)

The earth wall exploded before I could take distance.

Making the earth wall created a blindspot for himself after all. So you didn’t forget about crushing any follow-up attacks by using an attack with a wide effective range, huh.

Seraes blocked the explosion with his own barrier.

Wind blades were being made behind him even within that time.

“Gotta concentrate on evasion here!” (Haaku)

The wind blades that were on standby assailed me all at the same time.

He is purposely leaving an escape path in the air!

The bait is so obvious, but I can’t evade anywhere else, so there’s no choice.

I jump and avoid the wind blades.

“And so, you would obviously aim for me when I am hanging in the air!” (Haaku)

I control the devil on my right arm, stretch it, and grab the ground.

And then, I return it to its original length in one go, evading the following blades.

A normal human would have been done for with that just now, but I am not normal, you see!

“—You control a monster, huh. A truly disgusting right arm.” (Seraes)

“Is that so. It is an irreplaceable right arm for me though!” (Haaku)

The fire shot by Masetta passed by above me, matching my evasion.

Good aim, but Seraes blocked it without issues using his barrier. No, is this a fusion of several spells? The fire of Masetta is sticking to the barrier of Seraes and continues burning.

It is most likely the type that you put a certain amount of mana and it continues to burn until that mana burns out.

This is a pretty nasty spell to use against the ones of the Yugura Church who can’t move while they have their barrier up.

“Alright, with this—ah, won’t work.” (Haaku)

I was thinking about jumping in, but I jumped to the right with the warning of Instinct-sama.

A wind blade came flying with the assumption that I would dash forward.

He shouldn’t be able to see because of the fire though. He has some good instincts.

The barrier was covered in fire and continued burning, but it is slowly extinguishing.

There should still be mana left, but he must have used some sort of spell to extinguish it.

He can use multiple spells at the same time. That makes me jealous.

I step back for now as Masetta shoots more spells, and return to where she is.

“It really doesn’t work. It is the strongest one within the spells I can use though…” (Masetta)

“Don’t be so discouraged. It is a pretty interesting spell. I managed to see a path to victory thanks to that, you know?” (Haaku)

“Really? I honestly don’t see any openings on Seraes-sama though…” (Masetta)

The power of the spells is high. Our attacks are being read and can’t reach him.

We would be able to break through this with brute force if we had power on the level of Sis, but I can only do petty tricks.

But it will be a fatal petty trick against him though!

“Please spread that fire around so that Seraes can’t evade. There’s no need to aim for Seraes.” (Haaku)

“G-Got it!” (Masetta)

Seraes had extinguished the fire we shot before and resumed attacking me.

I should be able to avoid attacks coming from long range. But if I approach him, I have to obey the alarms of Instinct-sama or I won’t be able to react to them all.

“That said, I still have to buy time until Masetta finishes setting things up though!” (Haaku)

Seraes can attack Masetta too if I am at long range.

Masetta can barely avoid attacks from that range, so I have to make those attacks concentrate on me.

“Let’s shake him up as much as possible.” (Haaku)

I dash in just like before and jump backwards the moment I get close.

The timing at which he creates an earth wall really is perfect.

I would have died two times already if not for the warning of Instinct-sama, oi.

I take even more distance so that I don’t get caught up in the explosion of the earth wall, and go in once again within the cloud of dust.

This time it is not a step to the back but a diagonal step to the front—okay, I will step back!

“Kaah, you can deal with that too?!” (Haaku)

The earth wall that showed up was even bigger than before, and he predicted that I would read where the earth wall would show up.

I wouldn’t be able to win against him when it comes to gambles in battles.

I admit defeat here.

“Haakudoku, here I go!” (Masetta)

“Yeah, please do!” (Haaku)

Masetta finished weaving her spell the moment I moved back and she casted a fire that spread widely.

The fire split just before Seraes and spread in a circle as if surrounding him.

Seraes had put up a barrier and is shooting wind blades calmly.

But it is about time I warp that composed face of yours!

“This works fine, right?! Wait, what are you doing?!” (Masetta)

I ignore Masetta who is shouting from behind and jump into the fire.

I have deployed a Taizu style barrier around my body which I learned by watching, but the fire is sticking to my whole body -damn, this is hot!

My magic arm is as hot as having a heated up cloth on top, I’ll have you know!

“But this is good!” (Haaku)

I finish setting things up while running inside the fire.

It seems like Masetta created this spell to have it stick onto the barrier of the opponent which can even take away their vision, but that’s what’s great.

Not being able to see what lies on the other side of the fire means that Seraes can’t see my whole body burning.

He would only be able to tell from the footsteps, but he can barely pick up sounds because of the barrier he has up.

I stop inside the fire and direct my left arm towards Seraes.

There’s still distance, but as if I care.

I will shoot my hidden trump card from here!

“Gooo!” (Haaku)

I blow the fire away and destroy the barrier of Seraes.

The power is enough, but the range isn’t. The impact of my hidden trump card didn’t reach Seraes.

“—Miscalculated the distance, huh.” (Seraes)

But that’s why I managed to destroy the barrier.

He knew the range of my hidden trump card. Then, he wouldn’t think about me shooting my hidden trump card from outside my range!

“I miscalculated nothing. What’s going to reach you isn’t my technique, but the one of Masetta!” (Haaku)

“Wa—?!” (Seraes)

A ball of fire the size of a human head rolled towards the feet of Seraes within his breaking barrier.

The ball of fire is basically burning from the fire of Masetta, but that wouldn’t have much power.

But what about the volume inside of it?

“It is inside the range of your barrier!” (Haaku)

The fire from the exploding ball of fire enveloped Seraes.

The ball of fire was actually a part of my right arm devil.

I scooped out the fire and wrapped the devil around it while I was running through the fire of Masetta.

Normal fire would burn out soon after in an airtight space, but the fire of Masetta continues to burn until the mana in it remains.

I gathered a whole lot and condensed it, so it is enough to burn you!


“No matter how used to battle you are, you haven’t fought while burning, right? I unfortunately have experienced it once when a drunkard spilled strong alcohol on me!” (Haaku)

Seraes was extinguishing the fire clinging onto him using his magic.

But he has no leeway to read moves like that.

I shall enter the range of my tonfas which I have wanted to do for so long now!

“I don’t know how to extinguish them, so I can go punch you without hesitation!” (Haaku)

I smash the tonfas onto the stomach of Seraes.

This sensation…he is pretty decent at mana strengthening too.

Who knows how many attacks from my tonfas I would need. In that case, my right arm. I am giving you my mana as food, so I will have you work your share.

“Just kick his ass!” (Haaku)

I simply transmitted my desire to defeat the guy in front of me, and my right arm devil changed in a ridiculous way.

The devil in my right arm answered my desire, transformed haphazardly into things like horns, claws, and teeth, and pierced through the body of Seraes.

If I can’t make it transform with precision, I just have to let the devil do as it pleases!


I strike the head of Seraes who bend his body with my tonfas.

Seraes was smashed onto the ground and couldn’t move.

“I don’t think he died, but well, sorry if he is.” (Haaku)

“Don’t try to act cool while burning!” (Masetta)

A powerful impact came from right by the side and I was drenched by the time I noticed.

So cold.

“Aah, Masetta, huh. That’s such a rough way to extinguish it, oi.” (Haaku)

“It is water for the specific use of extinguishing those flames, I’ll have you know. More importantly, jumping into those flames…are you insane?!” (Masetta)

“I thought you should at least have a way to extinguish the fire.” (Haaku)

“What were you planning on doing if I didn’t?!” (Masetta)

“No, I was pretty sure you did. You are pretty skillful and careful. I thought you must have prepared a way to extinguish the fire when you were training how to form those flames since it would be bad if it were to cause a fire.” (Haaku)

“…That’s true, but…do the burns…not hurt?” (Masetta)

“It hurts like hell. I need healing.” (Haaku)

“Okay okay…” (Masetta)

Masetta casts healing magic on me.

Aah, it is seeping in…

It feels as good as taking a bath after a long while.

“…But you are impressive. You managed to defeat Seraes-sama.” (Masetta)

“What are you saying? I managed to defeat him because your magic was amazing. It would have taken my all to just buy time until Ekdoik and the others came to help out. Thanks!” (Haaku)

“Is that so… I will leave it at that.” (Masetta)

No, it is exactly what it is though.

Wait, I forgot. The subordinates of Seraes…aah, they have already been wiped out, oi.

“Haakudoku, it seems you are done here too.” (Ekdoik)

“Ooh, defeating a former Archbishop… Impressive!” (Mix)

“No, you guys not only defeated the Illegitimate but also finished cleaning up the small fry…” (Haaku)

I was concentrated on my battle against Seraes, so I didn’t see my surroundings at all.

I am truly glad they are strong.

I don’t even want to think about the possibility of an Illegitimate cutting in while I am battling Seraes.

According to Ekdoik, Seraes is still alive.

We tied him up with ropes just like the Illegitimate, and put a lock on him that has a magic seal stone embedded.

We also use a paralyzing poison.

They are merciless even towards heavily injured people.

The chains of Ekdoik are enough for the subordinates of Seraes, so they are just lying about.

The Kuama soldiers are going to be retrieving them.

“But well, we have safely accomplished our objective with this.” (Rakura)

“Right… By the way, I heard that Dyuvuleori would come as reinforcements though.” (Ekdoik)

“Muh, now that you mention it, he didn’t show up. Did it take more time than expected?” (Mix)

It is weird that that Dyuvuleori didn’t make it in time.

Did Brother ask him to do something else?

But it is weird that there was no call from Brother regarding that.

We could have stretched the fight with the anticipation of Dyuvuleori’s assistance after all…

“…Hey, isn’t someone flying here?!” (Masetta)

Everyone directed their gaze at the place Masetta was pointing her finger at.

The shadow of someone flying at incredible speed…

Oh, that’s Dyuvuleori.

What, so he was late in the end, huh.

Despite being so uptight, he is unexpectedly—hm?

“—What’s the matter, Dyuvuleori?!” (Ekdoik)

It can’t be helped that Ekdoik is agitated here.

The whole body of Dyuvuleori who landed in front of us was cut everywhere, and there’s less parts that are fine than ones that are injured.

If he were a human, it would be a mystery how he would be alive.

“You…seem to be done here. There’s no time, we have to hurry and retreat!” (Dyuvuleori)

“W-What do you mean by that?” (Mix)

“Explanations later. They are coming!” (Dyuvuleori)

“—Being able to fly makes me jealous. You can travel fast without having to move your legs after all. Wait, oof… Molari’s one thing, but even Yasutet was defeated? Crap, Ritial is going to scold me…”

Long orange hair reaching all the way to the waist, a soft expression that you can’t feel any tension within a battlefield. A single man holding a bloodstained sword in one hand was standing a few ways ahead of Dyuvuleori.

Even an idiot like me can tell that he is the one that cornered Dyuvuleori to this degree.

Instinct-sama is kicking my back insistently to an abnormal degree, telling me to run away after all.

I use detection magic by habit and check the man in front of me—?!

“Everyone, run away! That’s bad news! We can’t win even with all of us together! This guy is on the same level as Yugura!” (Haaku)

I can tell just how strong someone is as a knight, adventurer, or cleric by touching their mana with my detection magic and can grasp their special traits and inclinations.

I have seen this man once before.

It is the same quality as the beings with incomprehensible power -the mana of the one in the Hero’s Index in Kuama, Nariya Yugura.

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