LS – Chapter 267: As such, put it all together

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The completely changed Nektohal already has no sanity in him and is attacking everything around him equally. 

Judging from the fact that My Lord and Ban have not been targeted, he must be prioritizing the ones that are nearby. 


Nektohal’s way of attacking is mainly to change his own body that has turned into a mass of meat into tentacles, and stab with their pointed end. 

However, there are times when the tentacles would attempt sweeping strikes and some degree of bashing to mix some change to it.

But Wolfe easily slipped through all those attacks and landed a powerful blow on him. 

She is doing consecutive blows with enough power to scatter the body of Nektohal from the center.

“—Move back, Wolfe!” 

“Yes!” (Wolfe)

The power leaves nothing to desire, but I don’t see him suffering any damage. 

The pieces of flesh scattered around were gathering and repeatedly regenerated into one. 

Regeneration speed faster than that of a Great Devil, and that’s the same even when his head was destroyed. 

“Fe~h, that was a fright. Don’t you think it is way too horrible to skewer an old pal?” (Niru)

“Is it something you can say as the one that lopped his head off all of a sudden?” (Purple)

Niruryates, who was sliced to pieces, regenerated near My Lord. I didn’t think she would die with just that much, but I feel like there’s a difference in the regeneration speed.

“It was a necessary action. Ah, sorry. Can the gentlemen look away until my clothes are regenerated? I don’t want to make anyone aside from My King happy after all.” (Niru)

“Oh, my apologies.” (Ban)

“There’s no male here that would get stimulated by your naked body, you know? Just explain already.” (Purple)

“How horrible. Leaving aside the unfriendly devil with pedo tendencies, it is possible for Ban-san, right?! Right?!” (Niru)

“Ah, no. If you were 20 years older in appearance. You look younger than my daughter after all.” (Ban)

“You lust for old ladies?! Wait, that matches your age. Maybe I would be more the taste of the resident of Yugura’s planet…?” (Niru)

“I would take off my clothes faster than you do in front of him. Get done with it already.” (Purple)

That’s also questionable in itself, but what’s important right now is information of Nektohal. 

Right now there’s no worry of me and Wolfe being hit by the attacks of Nektohal, but there’s no telling when he will change his way of attack. 

“Hnn, alright, this is good enough! Ah, I forgot my underwear.” (Niru)

“We don’t need information that no one benefits from, you know? Should I just strip you naked?” (Purple)

“I am just joking. The demons of My King excel in tampering their own bodies. It is most likely the effect of Prosperity. But if the heart becomes warped like that, you can’t maintain your correct human body.” (Niru)

“A warped heart…huh? It reminds me of the grotesque monsters I created before.” (Purple)

My Lord painted over a part of the Gahne Nether into her own Nether to create monsters a little bit before she called me. 

She apparently made it so that you wouldn’t be able to tell whose monsters it was from, and tried to make them invade the Gold Demon Lord who is in Gahne. 

“Aah, it is close to that. A bad memory resurfaced thanks to that. Hmph!” (Niru)

“I did something good then? And so, how exactly do you deal with that?” (Purple)

“It is the same as your devil. The internal organs that can be regenerated endlessly are no longer absolutely necessary to keep him alive, so you would need to destroy the core that is inside his head to defeat him for certain!” (Niru)

“It looked to me like Wolfe and Nektohal were destroying the head for a while now though?” (Purple)

I have been attacking the humanoid parts countless times without the need for My Lord to even instruct me to. 

But I don’t feel like there’s any effect. 

“Didn’t I already say it just now? That was necessary. We can move the core in our bodies. We would be the same as humans if we were to die just from having our heads crushed, right?” (Niru)

“So it is fine to just slice that head off before crushing it?” (Purple)

“No, it is only effective when he is in humanoid form, moreover, in a moment when he is not conscious of it. That’s why there’s the need to leave only the head behind no questions asked before crushing it. I doubt the core is in his head in the state he is in right now.” (Niru)

So he can freely move the core in his head, huh. That’s troublesome. 

Even if the core is somewhere in his expanded body, I have no way to grasp its location with precision. 

It would be nice if the attacks of Wolfe can luckily destroy the core, but I feel like he is avoiding them well. 

“Wolfe, you heard that just now?” (Dyuvuleori)

“Yeah! What should we do?!” (Wolfe)

“We either have our attacks reach all the way to the core, or blow up all of the meat first.” (Dyuvuleori)

Blunt hits and stabs won’t have much effect. Then, how about the lightning of the Horn of Burning? 

I strike lightning on Nektohal the moment Wolfe takes distance.

A wide range attack that wraps up even the gigantic mass of flesh. His whole body was burned into charcoal in the blink of an eye. 

“Dyuvuleori, that hasn’t reached deep in!” (Wolfe)

“So it seems.” (Dyuvuleori)

Wide range attacks with magic can only deal surface damage.

I tried landing a blow that reverberated through his whole body using the Right Leg of Roaring, but the location I hit crumbled immediately, and didn’t reach deep in.

“Then, how about this?!” (Wolfe)

Wolfe jumps in and punches him with both hands. 

Each and every hit sent the body of Nektohal flying and minced up the giant mass of flesh. 

But the regeneration of the mass of flesh didn’t stop, and Wolfe took distance due to the retaliation of it. 

“The attacks themselves are not bad though.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Muuh! Dyuvuleori, buy a bit of time!” (Wolfe)

Wolfe took distance and began to weave a massive amount of mana into her arms. 

It is the same technique as Ilias where she smashes the enemy with a massive amount of mana, huh. 

But there’s the need to weave quite a lot of mana in order to blow up flesh with this amount of mass…though it should be possible with the amount of mana from Wolfe. 

“Drag me along in your attack once you are done. I will avoid it myself.” (Dyuvuleori)

I jump straight onto Nektohal alone. 

I swing around the Tail of Shaving everywhere. The raining pieces of flesh turned into blades, but I burned them down with the Horns of Burning. 

The core really isn’t in the places we tear off. 

Is he instinctively protecting the core from foreign attacks? 

“Jump, Dyuvuleori!” (Wolfe)


I react to the signal of Wolfe and jump to the side with the Left Leg of Running. 

The moment I did, Wolfe had jumped in and smashed her fist onto the ground right before Nektohal. 

The compressed mana exploded, blowing up the whole body of Nektohal. 

The power and range left nothing to be desired. 

With this—?! 

“No way…” 

The body of Nektohal was all blown up. 

But the body was regenerating in a space where there was nothing. 

Are you telling me he is regenerating even when he has literally been reduced to dust…?! 

“Hey, Niruryates, what’s going on here?” (Purple)

“Aah…you have gotten strong, Nektohal. Ah, ouch, ouch ouch! Hey, can you not yank my ear without saying a word?! I would be fine even if it was torn off, but it is pretty painful to get me unaware, you know?!” (Niru)

“He was blown up without leaving anything behind no matter how you see it, and yet, he is regenerating?” (Purple)

“About that~. The match should have been settled without doubt if that attack had reached his core~.” (Niru)

Even Niruryates doesn’t understand the reason. 

What should we do…? If he is consuming mana to regenerate, we could continue destroying him until he has no mana, but challenging a demon of that level to a battle of attrition is…

“Dyuvuleori, I think the core is not within our vision!” (Wolfe)

“What do you mean by that, Wolfe?” (Dyuvuleori)

“Right now Nektohal has no sense of self and he is fighting unconsciously. But if his battle style was originally that of protecting his core, he would have been able to do that even unconsciously!” (Wolfe)

I see. 

Even I can activate all the specialties in my whole body unconsciously as long as I have my survival instinct. 

Nektohal is a demon, so if he has techniques that protect his core, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume he would do those unconsciously. 

“That’s true. Wolfe, you buy time now.” (Dyuvuleori)

I take distance, concentrate, and increase the output of Nose of Sniffing and Ears of Discerning. The senses of my whole body get numbed due to my nose and ears getting sensitive. 

“You buy time too, got it? Or do you want me to pinch your whole body?” (Purple)

“Ouch! Stop with my chest! Geez, even though you are more endowed than me. If you want to pinch some, pinch your—ouch ouch ouch! That’s not called pinching but wrenching, you know?!” (Niru)

…Looks like my sense of hearing is not needed. Let’s cut it off.

The Nose of Sniffing doesn’t only sniff the scent of things, but also signs of events. 

It can show precision comparable to that of the danger evasion ability of Haakudoku when it is in its highest output. 

The scent of Nektohal is scattered here and there. 

What I should search for isn’t the body of Nektohal in front of me. 

Search for traces that are elsewhere. 

He is showing such regeneration speed, so his core should be nearby…! 

“This is… So that’s how it is!” (Dyuvuleori)

I unleash the Left Arm of Gouging on the devices around, and grab a single fist sized piece of meat from within the device. 

He hid a part of his own body in one of the devices around before we arrived here. 

He must have taken into account the possibility Ritial and Raheight were defeated, and we would ambush him. 

His core was elsewhere from the very beginning. This is hard to believe, but I can understand now why he could regenerate even when his whole body was blown up. 

I crushed the piece of meat, but there’s no reaction from Nektohal. 

This one is a miss, huh. 

But there should be a piece of meat with his core inside somewhere. 

“Wolfe, destroy the devices around! There should definitely be a piece of meat with his core inside!” (Dyuvuleori)

“—! Got it! Come on, you help out too, Niruryates!” (Wolfe)

“O-Okay okay!” (Niru)

Wolfe and Niruryates slipped through the attacks of Nektohal and destroyed the devices around one after the other. 

I sniffed his scent from within those and extracted the pieces of meat with my Left Arm of Gouging. 

This one’s not it, neither this one, or this one…! Could it be that this is also a trap set by Nektohal? 

Are you telling me there’s another trap to bait us?! 

No, don’t hesitate. 

Just think about destroying the hidden pieces of meat without any thoughts. 

“—Dyuvuleori! That piece of meat just now used the other pieces of meat as shield!” (Wolfe)

“—! Well done, Wolfe!” (Dyuvuleori)

So you have taken defensive measures even when acting unconsciously, huh. 

But Wolfe didn’t let such minute differences escape. 

So you made us believe it wasn’t around, but you were hiding it deeper in, huh. 

I was on the verge of thinking I was wrong and switching plans. 

I grab the piece of meat that Wolfe pointed out with my Left Arm of Gouging.

This is certainly different. No matter how many pieces of meat I crushed, it only showed the will to retaliate. 

But this piece of meat is definitely struggling to escape from my hand.

“With this—?!” (Dyuvuleori)

The moment I was about to put strength in my grip, I lost the sensation of my left arm. 

The body of Nektohal that was attacking Wolfe and Niruryates until just a moment ago switched its target to my stretched out left arm. 

He can defend with this much precision even in a state with no sense of self?! 

My left arm was sliced to pieces, and my left hand holding the core also fell. 

And then, all the pieces of meat began to gather on that left hand. 

This is bad. 

If the core is taken into that mass of meat, who knows how he will be protecting it next. 

If he were to burst and scatter all over the place, trying to tell it apart would be…! 

“Sorry, Dyuvuleori!” 

The one who jumped towards my torn off left arm faster than the mass of meat was Wolfe. 

There’s already a staggering amount of mana compressed in her right arm. 

Wolfe must have predicted that the pieces of meat around would switch to defend the moment I was certain of victory. 

“Don’t worry. Blow it up!” (Dyuvuleori)

Wolfe smashed her fist the moment I let out that voice from the pit of my stomach, and the mana shockwave swallowed everything along with the masses of flesh around. 

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