LS – Chapter 21: Let’s eat for the time being

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We had a simple lesson in common knowledge and it hit evening. 

Saira then came back and I got shooed away. 

After waiting for a while, they told me it is okay to enter, so I did.


What was there was Wolfe wearing pretty avant-garde clothes. 

It is completely opposite to the heavily armored Ilias. It is a rough image with ease of movement as its concept: short sleeves top and short pants.

Also, it seems like the amount of cloth on her sleeves and around her leg are different, but maybe it is something like an open shoulder? 

She has also tied up her hair, and at one side of her fluffy ear, there’s a pierci—no, she hasn’t opened a hole there, so it must be an earring. 

It is mainly black color with golden lines drawn.

Her color sense is like that of a gangste—no, let’s forget that. 

“Wolfe-chan is white after all. I thought black would make her shine the most!” (Saira)

“Not like I don’t get it, but isn’t she showing a bit too much leg?” 

“Onii-san, you are like papa.” (Saira)

“I wouldn’t have a child this age.” 

Ilias and Saira are 18 and Wolfe would be around 16. 

I forgot to ask her age at the village… I should confirm with them next time. 

“Then, how about this?!” (Saira)

Saira then used the leftover cloth to add an accessory like that of a skirt plate.

You can see the dazzling bare legs at the front, but that certainly did reduce the skin exposure. 

“Not bad. Or more like, you are skilled with your hands.” 

In just a few hours, she managed to prepare clothes for her whole body, boots, and even accessories for her ears. 

She even adjusted the clothes right in front of my eyes. I can only call that impressive. 

“Yeah, this is also my first time seeing such work, but I was fascinated.” (Ilias)

“I am honored to have Ilias-sama say that!” (Saira)

“No, I am a novice when it comes to clothes…” (Ilias)

Saira is incredibly happy. 

Her technique even made Maya-san groan. Looks like her skills are the real deal. 

The next issue would be the design sense. 

If I were asked whether it looks good on her, I would say it does. 

But I only see these kinds of clothes in manga and anime. 

And in anime conventions. 

“You don’t usually see this in my world, but it does seem like it would be well received. What do you think, Ilias and Maya-san?” 

“Right, it is not bad. But…hmm…” (Ilias)

“It is a bit avant-garde, I would say. But it does seem like it would be a hit on demi-humans.” (Maya)

“I see, so you both have the same opinion. But in the sense that it has been made for the sake of Wolfe, it is well done.” 

That seems to be the general consensus.

“Can you make the clothes of Ilias too next?” 

“Eh, is that okay?!” (Saira)

“Mine?!” (Ilias)

“I want to see the clothes she makes for humans, but I have no other acquaintance who would wear it.” 

“Is there no choice of you being the one?” (Ilias)

“Aah, right. I would like to see clothes for men too. Please give them a quiet vibe.” 

“Got it. Leave it to me!” (Saira)

“As for the ones for her, please boost it fully to your taste.” 

“No, I would like a quiet vibe too.” (Ilias)

“You are young, so be more adventurous.” 

“You also look young yourself!” (Ilias)

“That’s why I want to look more my age.” 

What I am wearing right now are the clothes Ilias owned. They are apparently from her father. 

This is not bad in itself, but it makes me look young. 

Maybe I would look different if I had a tighter physique? 

“Shishou, Shishou~.” (Wolfe)

Wolfe pulled my sleeve. 

“Wolfe’s…Wolfe’s clothes!” (Wolfe)

“Yeah, you look pretty.” 

“Yup, yup!” (Wolfe)


Ilias seemed to be pensive here, but the person I have to talk to is Saira. 

“Speaking of which, I have to pay you. How much is the cost of the materials and the handiwork?” 

“Just pay me for the materials. I had fun making them after all!” (Saira)

“That won’t do. Having others make you things means you are also buying the technique of that person. If we acknowledge their results, there’s the need to pay for them.” 

It certainly would be cheaper to pay just the cost price.

But there’s a variety of other expenses like food and groceries.

Tools, materials, transportation costs, maintenance of facility.

Buying the time of the person making the product. 

And lastly, the production fee from buying the technique they have honed until now. 

It is because all of these things are put in order that the manufacturing industry can create high quality from cheap cost. 

But even after putting all those expenses together for the production, she is even trying to shave that off. 

It is my pet theory that people who think that’s how things should be should have no right to seek quality. 

“Uhm, then…is this much okay?” (Saira)

“What are you doing by making it the same as your cost? It should be around this much.” 

“W-Wait a moment. It is not like I am in that trade just yet…and my skills are not worth such praise—” (Saira)

“Then understand it. Different from mass-producing the same clothes to lower the cost, making order-made clothes is a position that deserves that much of a payment. That’s why you need to polish your skills. It is in order to create a value that matches the payment.” 

“Y-Yeah.” (Saira)

“If your hands tremble when the payment is too much, polish your skills more. At the very least, the people here are certain of your growth.” 

“Umu.” (Ilias)

“Yeah.” (Maya)

“Yup.” (Wolfe)

If you lose sight of the worth of things, what awaits you is hell. 

The idea of demanding low cost yet high quality as if natural from the producer will be spread. 

Only the ones who can maintain that can survive, and the newcomers will lower. 

The result is unchanging products being lined up. 

“Yeah… Yeah, I got it, Onii-san. Then, look forward to the next clothes!” (Saira)

Fire must have been kindled in Saira’s artisan soul, she answered me with a smile filled with motivation.

“Alright. Make it a mature one for me and a flashy one for Ilias.” 

“Don’t point the spear at me there!” (Ilias)

It would look good on you anyways, so that should be fine. 

After separating from Saira, we studied for a bit more and left the church. 

In the future I feel like I will have to confirm the schedule of Maya-san as I sent Wolfe off and come pick her up. 

The language study will be done together at home. 

I can read thanks to the possession spell. If I write that down to memorize it, it should assist me decently in my learning. 

I will also have to consider having Wolfe learn fighting techniques. 

It would be a waste to throw that talent of hers away. 

If it goes well, we could have an easy bodyguard—no, let’s leave that aside.

That said, Wolfe really stands out. 

The gazes of the passersby were stabbing us.

Thanks to the instructions of Maya-san, her hair has stopped radiating light, but her glossy white hair is still beautiful. 

Her awfully white skin is also part of the reason eyes are being stolen. 

Add animal ears and tail, and there’s no soul who wouldn’t stare. 

There’s the need to advance the mingling between black wolfkins quickly so people get used to demi-humans. 

That said, the black wolfkins have also been living in an isolated world. 

They will most likely have a hard time learning the rules here. 

If they were to be suddenly thrown in here, a variety of problems would occur. Haste makes waste. 

“Now, this is our home.” 

“My house.” (Ilias)

“O-Ooh!” (Wolfe)

The room at the deep right of the 2nd floor is my room, the front right is Ilias’s room, and the left front is a storage room.

That naturally makes it so that the open room at the leftmost side is Wolfe’s room. 

“This will be your room, Wolfe. You can freely use this room, but don’t forget it is your own room and keep it clean.” 

“Got it!” (Wolfe)

“If you are lonely at night, you can sleep in Ilias’s room.” 

“Got it!” (Wolfe)

“No, shouldn’t you be the one—or not, huh.” (Ilias)

“I can restrain myself, but it wouldn’t be good in the mental health department.” 


I will have to teach her how to clean at a later time. 

Wolfe literally doesn’t know anything. 

She doesn’t even know about obvious manners like not dropping food or not dirtying your clothes. 

There will be a lot of trouble in the future due to her not knowing common sense. 

We must teach her patiently in those instances.

By the way, the first thing Ilias taught her outright was how to use the toilet. 

I will omit what tragedy happened.

“Alright, let’s head to Dog’s Bone.” 

“Yeaaah!” (Wolfe)

A wolf and Dog’s Bone…hmm.

I would lose if I am bothered by it. 

“Speaking of which, can’t you cook for yourself?” (Ilias)

“I did so in Japan, but I don’t know much about the ingredients in this world, you see. I learned a bit at Dog’s Bone, but preparing them is difficult.” 

I have no issues with chopping the vegetables, but I am still not clear on the combinations. 

If it is dishes that use ingredients with pretty much the same taste like meat and egg, there’s no issue though…

“Also, salt and sugar are rare products. A lot of things are just different here.” 

The basic sashisuseso of Japanese cooking: Sa (satoh=sugar), Shi (shio=salt), Su (su=vinegar), Se (shoyu=soy sauce), So (miso=fermented soybean paste). Within those, salt and sugar are rare ones. 

Soy sauce and miso don’t even exist. 

What do you even want me to do?

There’s a lot of spices, so I might be able to make something similar to curry, but it is not like I am that in depth yet. 

In the first place, the names of the spices are different from that of Earth. I need to study.

“Fumu, then I will teach you next time.” (Ilias)

“No, I will learn in Dog’s Bone, so it is okay.” 

“…I see.” (Ilias)

Ilias made a disappointed face.

Of course she would feel down after having a talk about relying and not relying, huh.

But there’s something else I want Ilias to do.

“I would like you to teach Wolfe how to fight on your free days, Ilias. You are the only one who can do that.” 

“O-Okay. But can’t the other knights do it?” (Ilias)

“If it is basic training. But the amount of mana in Wolfe is similar to yours, Ilias. You are the only one who can teach her ‘that kind of battle style’, right?” 

“Right, got it. Leave it to me.” (Ilias)

“However, please teach her holding back as the number one priority.” 

Deaths might happen otherwise -especially the man here. He would most likely become a pitiful corpse. 

Let’s not mention the fact that the damage from the tackle at the barracks is still there. 

“Holding back, huh. It is not something I am good at…” (Ilias)

“I am impressed you are aware.” 

“…Right, how about you participate too?” (Ilias)

“There’s a lot of other things I have to do, so I think it is going to be limited to just tagging along though.” 

“Better than not doing it.” (Ilias)

Ilias nodded. I am worried she might bully me to vent her grievances. 

And then, we arrived at Dog’s Bone. 

Right right, at the time when it was just Gozu and Saira, they had 3 free days a week, but that apparently has changed to 2. 

Gozu must be having it rough now that he has begun working even in the afternoon.

The burden of Saira has not increased that much. 

It is because the wives of the chivalric order. With the wife of Cara-jii at the front, they have begun to work there in a rotation.

Most of the customers are probably thinking ‘I want younger waitresses!’.

But obviously, there’s no one who can say that out loud. They all treasure their lives.

Saira’s existence has probably become an oasis for the regulars of this store. 

But well…no, let’s leave that for later.

We sit at the table on the corner for now. 

Wolfe stood out even with that. Gazes were being directed at us.

But there’s no customer who comes to mess with us. 

Ilias is sitting at the same table as us after all. It is natural that they would freeze at the thought. 

“Oh, boy. You brought a cute girl there.” 

The wife of Cara-jii placed drinks on our table with a bang. 

We still haven’t placed our order though…

“Aah, something that’s not alcoholic for Wolfe please.” 

Ilias is 18, so it is barely okay in this world.

But Wolfe is most likely out. 

If it is a matter of the mana in her body getting used to it or not, then it should be okay a long time ago already, but we have to obey the laws. 

“I will bring it at once. Is there anything else you would want to eat?” 

I skim through the menu placed on the table. 

There’s quite a lot of new dishes. 

The recipes of the wives must have been added. 

I don’t know what kind of dishes they are, so I leave the ordering to Ilias. 

I listened to the explanation of the dishes that were on the menu while we waited. 

“Fumu, it is that kind of dish, huh… As expected from dishes made by women, there’s a lot more dishes tailored for women. With how things are now, it might be a good idea to consider the next step.” 

“Next step?” (Ilias)

“Yeah, this establishment is beginning to prosper as a store where dishes with the salt nobles use is provided. The next step would be…sweetness brought out from sugar.” 

I thought it would be questionable to have in a tavern filled with men, so I have been delaying it, but from what I can tell by looking around, female customers are slowly showing up too.

It is most likely something like: ‘the husband was satisfied with the taste and invited his wife’.

The spread of it will increase in one go once the salt gets cheaper. 

Now I just need to slowly take advantage of the other preferences.

“Sweet stuff, huh. I don’t hate fruits…” (Ilias)

“I will surprise you by the time you have forgotten about it… Looks like it is here.” 

The food we ordered has come. 

Wolfe was smelling that scent with interest. 

We had her hold a spoon and begin the training. 

We did give her food at noon, but that figure of hers was the very definition of an animal gorging on their prey. 

There’s the need for her to learn a certain degree of etiquette if she wants to live among humans. 

“Wolfe, eat just like I do from here on.” 

“Okay!” (Wolfe)

I say this and show her how I eat. 

Oh, this soup is tasty. 

Did the wives of the senior knight division have opportunities to deal with salt before? 

Or is it simply because their cooking skills are high that they are also adept at using salt? 

I feel it is still somewhat lacking, probably because my tongue remembers the taste of Japan.

Wolfe was copying my movements properly and bringing the soup to her mouth. 

Her tail stood upright for an instant there, and then, it began waging to the sides energetically. 

She then went for the next and went on and on. 

She single-mindedly continued eating. 

I would at times stop her on the dishes that require a knife and fork, and show her how to do it. 

Wolfe would immediately copy them and eat the dishes with glee. 

Just watching that was enough to stir my appetite. 

I exchanged gazes with Ilias and began eating while smiling. 

“Make sure not to collapse this time around.” 

“I-I know!” (Ilias)

“More!” (Wolfe)

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