LS – Chapter 72: Anecdote at present

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“Alright, this is a good point to take a break.” 

“Yeah, I am tired-no da…” 

Nora sprawled on the desk completely exhausted. 

We have finally begun our magic research, but it is not like results will show immediately. 

The research for the effects of the magic seal stone properties is a repeat of observing the results of the experiments. 

As for the recreation of the Earth’s advancements, I would have to explain to Nora, and in turn, I would need explanations of magic from Nora. 

‘Hey, I would like you to recreate something like this with magic’, ‘Okay!’; that’s just not how it goes. 

Nora has a lot of knowledge when it comes to magic, but that doesn’t translate to other things. It seems like she also did a lot of miscellaneous work when she was working with the Sage, so she has common knowledge too, but she does have parts that really suit her age. 

Her concentration is wonderful, but she doesn’t have the energy to work for long periods of time. 

A class period in elementary and middle school is 45 minutes, and 15 minutes of break time. When you get to high school, it lengthens to 1 hour. At university, lectures take 90 minutes.

On the other hand, there’s no time restrictions in this research.

What I am trying to say here is that, regardless of whether you are a young girl or not, studying endlessly tires your body and mind. 

Ruko and Mix are also exhausted too. As for Ilias, she is sprawled over. 

…It is not like my way of teaching is sleep inducing, or at least I don’t think so.

“Even though you said you would be fighting for 3 days and 3 nights without sleeping, how can you be downed after just a few hours of studying?” 

“Even if you tell us that, this is pretty rough, you know… It is to the point where it is a mystery how you can manage to hang on despite your stamina.” (Ilias)

“You talk about stamina, but we are simply sitting -excluding your muscles getting stiff.” 

“Just thinking about how this is the pain the people chained up in prison taste, I feel a bit bad.” (Ilias)

“Your honest opinion of this is well illustrated with the example you bring out. Even though you don’t sentence people to imprisonment in this world.” 

There’s no reformation facilities in this world. There are prisons to lock up the captured criminals in barracks and castles, but those are just facilities used temporarily in order to perform interrogations. It is like the detainment cells in a police station. 

When you break the law, you either get your position or assets taken away from you, get physically punished, or get the death sentence. 

“Are there cases where you sentence people to prison?” (Ilias)

“The consideration of human life is strong on Earth after all. There’s a lot of people against the death sentence. In exchange, there’s penal servitude and prison sentences. Both of them make the criminals live in exclusive facilities for a set period of time and take away their freedom. It is a type of freedom penalty of sorts.” 

“They are simply inside a cell without being punished? That’s quite the soft sentence.” (Ilias)

“Not really. The penal servitude forces you to act at set periods of times the whole stretch of the way. You are bound by duty to do manual labor, and a long period of time is taken to correct their ways. If I were to say it is as if bandits were forced to have the same itinerary as a knight, you should be able to understand better, right?” 

“Fumu fumu, so it is a sentence for the sake of reforming them. That certainly would be a pain for the criminals.” (Ilias)

“The prison sentence is given when it is a light crime and you are not forced to do manual labor. You are simply made to live in a cell.” 

“That’s kinder.” (Ilias)

“The thing is, even when humans hate manual labor, not being allowed to do anything is even more unpleasant. Most people who are imprisoned request to do manual labor in their prison term. Boredom can kill people after all.” 

“…True. If it were just 1 or 2 days, it would be one thing, but if it is something given to you as punishment for a long period of time, it could make someone go crazy.” (Ilias)

“By the way, there’s some that last for several years to decades. There are even lifetime sentences. Even with just a few years, you would be restarting your life in society from a disadvantageous position. If it is decades, you are left behind by time. This is what you would call throwing your life away.” 

“But Mister Friend, with such a long period of time in prison, wouldn’t that mean such exclusive facilities are of quite the scale?” (Mix)

“Rehabilitation facilities exist on Earth. It is one of the main spots for criminals to end up in.” 

“Huh. Facilities for the sake of prisoners don’t really click with me.” (Mix)

It is often used as a main point in dystopian worlds, and it is also used as a background for themes like the desire for freedom. 

Dramas and movies about prison breaks are popular, you know.

“By the way, allow me to tell you a bit of an interesting story. It goes without saying that your prison term is decided on how severe the sin you committed was, but what do you think is the longest one?” 

“That’s…until you die?” (Ilias)

“No, you can’t give a sentence like ‘until you die’. There’s no indefinite terms on Earth, but there’s a different avenue to reach the condition of being imprisoned until you die. It is about how much time is added.” 

“Muh… Then…something like 50 years?” (Ilias)

“The world record is 140,000 years.” 

“…Hah?” (Ilias)

“Such extreme cases are rare, but there’s actually a good deal who go as far as 100 years to 10,000 years.” 

“No, no, there’s no way you could live as long as that… That’s basically the death sentence.” (Ilias)

There have been many cases in history where, even when there’s people who can’t be given the death sentence for a crime, they would deal out such indirect death sentence verdicts. 

There are opinions flying about to make them indefinite if you go that far, but that in itself is a great way to make someone into an example. 

It is a pretty dark joke where you are technically saying ‘I want to put you in bars for this amount of lifetimes’.

“On Earth, living more than a hundred years makes you long living. The ones who live the longest would live for 20 years more after that. If you fulfill your prison term, you can leave prison. You might be able to fulfill your prison term if you are immortal.” 

“How to say it…that sounds like a joke.” (Mix)

“I heard your medical knowledge was pretty advanced, but there’s not that much difference in lifespan, huh.” (Ilias)

“Mana is most likely playing a part in that. Just imagine that humans without any mana at all can live that long.” 

“…That’s impressive.” (Ilias)

“It is impressive indeed.” (Mix)

Both of them have experienced the body of a modern person, so they most likely can’t imagine how my body would be able to live until 100 years old. 

Well, I myself am not sure if I would be able to live for that long though.

“Nii-chan, I will go breathe a bit of outside air!” (Nora)

“Alright. Don’t forget to greet the people you meet outside.” 

“I will go get drinks while at it, okay?” (Ruko)

Saying this, Nora and Ruko left the room together. 

It hasn’t been long since the magic research team was formed. The rumor of a certain friend of Marito being the core of it has been spread around, but it hasn’t stirred much attention.

However, if a young mage like Nora is the one doing such research, it is impossible to not direct eyes of curiosity. 

And so, there’s the need to be as polite to people as possible.

It is pretty hard to recover when it gets to the level of Ilias, but if it is with a child like Nora, she should be able to manage well if she just acts amicably. 

The one who is the most reliable one in that front is Ruko. The conduct of a maid-san that has had manners and etiquette hammered into her is really helpful. 

Ilias is a person who has offered her whole life to the chivalric path, and Mix threw away her position as a princess and became an adventurer which is unheard of. Nora is still a child with many things to wish for in her social skills-na no da. 

There will be a lot of hardships, but I would like her to do her best.

“Immortal, huh. That’s a difficult matter.” 

“Are you remembering the Gold Demon Lord?” (Ilias)

“Kinda. She will most likely continue ruling Gahne as their king as long as her identity is not exposed. She could change her appearance, or say she is the daughter of the king to continue ruling. There are countless ways to rule as a human. If her identity gets exposed and she gets chased out from the country, she can still find a new country to raise. But the fact that there’s no end to it means that she will continue that forever.” 

“…There’s people in society that long for immortality. But when you think of their lifestyle, I certainly can’t say I envy them.” (Ilias)

“They are Demon Lords after all. They are in a position where they are hated for the rest of their lives. If the present world is hell, it would be like an indefinite sentence with no end in sight.” 

“When thinking of it like that, their lives begin to sound pitiful.” (Mix)

But they can live in that world freely, so for the civilians that are in the same cell as them, they are only an annoyance though. 

“If you grow to the level of Yugura, you could think up a way to undo the resurrection magic, but why is it that even though he is an Earthling too, he can use magic?” 

“Wouldn’t there be the need to confirm with the person himself?” (Ilias)

“He is a person that has raised his rank in my list of people I wouldn’t want to meet if possible.” 

“Even though he is a compatriot and a hero.” (Ilias)

“I personally think it is a real blessing that you guys are not scared of me…” 

“There are times when I would find Mister Friend creepy, but I don’t really feel fear.” (Mix)

“The first half was unnecessary information. But what would you think if I could use a lot of spells like Yugura? Wouldn’t you think ‘Aah, won’t this guy create a taboo like the resurrection magic?’.” 

“That’s…considering your personality, there’s plenty of possibility you will give birth to an even more vile taboo than that… You would most likely be treated even more strictly than at present if you could use magic like Yugura.” (Ilias)

Ilias is not wrong there. Even though I possess a variety of knowledge of a parallel world, my life is extremely fragile. 

That’s why I am easy to control. Anyone can kill me if push comes to shove. 

If I had appeared with the same specs as the hero, they would have to keep an eye on me at all times in order for me to not become a second manufacturer of Demon Lords. 

My current human relationships would get strained to a certain degree because of it. 

In that sense, coming to this world as a weakling wasn’t all bad. 

Leaving aside the fact that my special skill is being seen as creepy, they are relying on an otherworlder like me this much and are interacting with me in a positive manner. 

There would be times when I would be close to tears from their kindness…they won’t come out though.

“By the way, Mix, what do you think after interacting with Ruko?” 

“I think she is a wonderful person! As expected of the woman that Ani-sama acknowledged. I normally only direct killing intent towards the women that approach Ani-sama, but this is my first time seeing a woman that has taken away my fangs this much!” (Mix)

“I have asked something scary without thinking much about it. Well, there’s a lot of people who would approach him with ulterior motives after all. It is not like I don’t understand the pains at those times.” 

“Even so…it is fine when it comes to standing by the side of Ani-sama, but I feel like she is a bit lacking when it comes to being someone that supports Ani-sama. I hope for growth on that front, but I would also really like a few more consorts.” (Mix)

Hmm, it is a bit hard for me to understand the feeling in those areas. Polygamy wasn’t near my environment after all.

In the eyes of Mix who deifies Marito, one person is most likely not enough to support him.

She is a serious case of brother complex, but I am truly glad there’s no romantic feelings mixed in them. 

If Mix were from modern society, she would be running straight into the yandere route. Thank god that this is a fantasy world.

“And so, I would like you to find a second and third queen candidate, Mister Friend!” (Mix)

“Talking as if I am creating Demon Lords here…” 

This is something that just crossed my mind, but wouldn’t I unexpectedly find people that match the taste of Marito if I investigate the other maids? 

…The king that puts his hands on all his employees. That definitely doesn’t sound good. 

“First would be the standing of Ruko. You must have noticed already, Mix, but the reason why Ruko was assigned as the representative of the magic research was in order to strengthen her standing too.” 

“Yeah, of course I understand that! As such, I would like her to work from morning to morning until her body is turned into powder!” (Mix)

“…I should create a paid leave system.” 

I don’t want to make this a dangerous workplace where you continue working on passion alone. Let’s consult with Ruko about the schedule next time. 

“Ah, but being able to have fun cooperative work with Mister Friend is also a reason why I can work hard, okay?!” (Mix)

“That’s great. Ilias seems like she is already on the verge of tapping out after all.” 

“Nuuh…” (Ilias)

The main job of Ilias is to be my bodyguard. That said, there’s barely any point in protecting me inside the castle grounds that are safe. 

She naturally ends up joining this magic research, but it must be a job with a lot of burden on the musclehead Ilias. 

She is a promising member who has more mana than Nora, but she can’t do any fine control. 

Knights are creatures like that to begin with. 

They would learn how to use body strengthening magic and would train in order to replicate that. 

After that, they would continue polishing themselves. That’s similar to athletes getting the coaching of pros and training themselves. 

They learn basic magic with that, but it is not a major subject of theirs. It is within the degree of compulsory education from elementary and middle school. 

They have learned magic that serves for survival, so it is not like they don’t have the talent. 

By the way, the talent of Nora goes without saying. She could freely use magic in her childhood when it is supposed to be the time when mana is not stable. 

If I were to bring out a downside at present, it would be that she is weak physically. I am sure she will end up just like Rakura in the future. 

Her max mana is apparently not that different from theirs. If she were to polish it at this stage, she apparently can reach a point where it will be on the same level or more than Ilias, so that is plenty enough in itself though. 

“Well, there’s a variety of things that I will have you be useful for in the future, Ilias. There’s no need to push yourself to follow. You are pretty impressive as you are.” 

In the first place, there’s no questioning the efforts of Ilias when she is trying to keep up with the exchange of knowledge between a specialist like Nora and an otherworlder despite her being a knight. 

There’s also Mix who is nonchalantly following, but it must not be forgotten that she is the little sister of that Marito.

By the way, Ruko is learning slowly from the outside. She understands her role really well. 

“Not being able to keep up isn’t really that praiseworthy of a thing though…” (Ilias)

“If I throw in someone like Cara-jii or Rakura, you would be able to think ‘Aah, I am working hard’. What do you want to do?” 

“…I don’t want to go as far as to find satisfaction by looking down on others. I will just obediently accept this compliment.” (Ilias)

“You are impressive.” 

“And you are all high-and-mighty.” (Ilias)

She is a serious and hard-headed person, but it really does feel good to watch her on her weak moments. 

We will be having a long relationship from here on, so I want to maintain a good relationship with Ilias. 

“By the way, Mister Friend, what happened to the talk this morning you had with Ani-sama about wanting a different bodyguard?” (Mix)

“Ah, you are going to talk about that now?” 

“Oi, wait a moment, tell me in more detail.” (Ilias)

“Mix, wording. Think of a way to say things that are not too provocative, okay?” 

Ilias grabbed my shoulders tightly. It has been a while since I have felt this pain.

“…Ah, my apologies! I certainly worded that in a way that would rouse unease on Lady Ratzel! That’s not it, Lady Ratzel. Mister Friend was consulting about giving you days off.” (Mix)

“Days off?” (Ilias)

“Mix has been dismissed from her job as my bodyguard. I understand needing a bodyguard even inside the country, but if this were left to just you alone, there will obviously be a lot of inconveniences.” 

“That’s not true. I am concentrating on just protecting you alone, so there isn’t that much of a burden, you know?” (Ilias)

“The visible changes stand out, so I am trying to take countermeasures for it.” 

“There’s nothing like that. If there are, try listing them.” (Ilias)

“First of all, your training time has decreased. Your time in the bathroom has also gone down to less than half compared to the time I met you.” 

“Ugh.” (Ilias)

“How many times have you gone out alone since the time you became my bodyguard? Isn’t it only at the time when you went out with Saira? How many invitations from Saira have you rejected?” 

“Ugugu!” (Ilias)

“You are sacrificing your own time to a degree it is even refreshing.” 

The fact that I am aware Ilias is protecting me all day, night, at all times means that. 

Her amount of work has decreased compared to when she was patrolling, but she is being restricted from morning to night. 

It would be one thing if she were like Anbu-kun who can stay invisible, but her always being present when I look around is pretty worrying. 

“And so, I was consulting with Marito about how I wanted to provide days off for that Ilias who doesn’t treasure her personal time, and have someone with free time serve as my bodyguard instead. He naturally agreed.” 

“It is more like I am surprised that wasn’t the case until now.” (Mix)

“…Even though you promised not to keep secrets.” (Ilias)

“I wasn’t hiding it, I wasn’t hiding it.” 

There are times when Ilias would have to leave the place when Mix or Marito are by my side, so that was a conversation we ended up having at that instance. 

Mix has told her that she wants her to think of her as a bodyguard too when together, and Marito said there’s Anbu-kun, so there’s no need for a bodyguard at those times. 

Putting it bluntly, Marito is more high strung when Ilias is not around. It is easier for him to take a more casual attitude. 

It is not like he hates Ilias, but it is like when a girl is present in a conversation between men. 

“You are a knight, not an Anbu. If you don’t take one or two breaks, I am the one who feels burdened. Form more of a relationship with Wolfe and Rakura while at it.” 

It does feel like Wolfe and Rakura are already close to her, but there’s barely any occasion where Ilias is the one beginning the interaction. 

I think those two feel lonely on that front -especially Wolfe. 

“I don’t know how to feel when told to take a break when I am still so lacking… But it is true that if I neglect everyone else aside from you, it will be a repeat of my errors until now. I shall comply.” (Ilias)

“That would be a great help. It is harsh to see Saira depressed every time you reject her.” 

“Wa, really?!” (Ilias)

“There’s something wrong with you if you can’t tell such easy to discern sadness.” 

“Muuh… Let’s use those days off for Saira.” (Ilias)

“Let’s stop those extreme thoughts, okay?” 

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