LS – Chapter 186: And so, approaches

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Ekdoik was holding back the enemy inside the village, and the enemies that took a detour by the outside of the village were coming at us.

Aren’t these more than the ones attacking the village?!

Rather than saying the decision of Ekdoik was wrong, it is more like the other units ignored the village in their desire for achievements; or maybe they were trying to encircle the place but saw us running away.

“Rakura, you can fight, right?!” (Blue)

“Yes, somewhat!” (Rakura)

“Then hold them back without pushing yourself! I have used as many skeleton soldiers as possible to guard the villagers, and I have to command them nearby since there’s already a difference in strength as it is!” (Blue)

“Got it! So I just have to defeat as many as possible?!” (Rakura)

“Yeah, that’s fine!” (Blue)

That man has told me to keep the orders as simple as possible for Rakura. Meaning that good results are easier to show up when left at her own judgment, right?

She is the little sister of Ekdoik, and the person himself says she is stronger than him, so there should be no need to worry.

I ride the horse close to the villagers and regroup with the pitiful number of soldiers.

“We can buy some time, but we won’t be able to last for long!” (Blue)

“We will also fight to protect the villagers!”

“You must not! Having you fight would just be throwing pebbles in a lake. More importantly, prevent the villagers from panicking and scattering! We really won’t be able to protect you all if even your running speed drops!” (Blue)

“But…are you saying you will stop them by yourself?!”

“Not alone. We are gathering everyone!” (Blue)

I have all the skeleton soldiers on standby show up. I have gathered the soldiers from other places too, but it would be better to assume they won’t be able to make it in time for this battle.

We have higher numbers than the units of Scarlet…but we can’t be overconfident here.

“Y-You…are you possibly…”

“Leave the details for later! I honestly won’t be able to last for long!” (Blue)

“Y-Yes ma’am!”

The soldiers were surprised at the skeletons that showed up all of a sudden, but they swiftly began to evacuate the villagers once they understood they were not enemies.

It would be one thing if it were Purple, but there’s no reason for Mejis to hate them… No, thinking about it calmly, we are both Demon Lords, so would it be the same?

“All soldiers, formation to intercept!” (Blue)

The skeleton soldiers make the formation without missing a beat at my order. This is a formation that would be decently effective against humans, but…how will it go here?

The roars of the enemy soldiers are approaching. They are already at a distance where I can see them in my vision and the countdown would be in seconds.

The intermediate ranks are literally puking blood.

“Archers, release!” (Blue)

The volley of arrows shot by the archers in unison assail their frontline. Many enemy soldiers take a defensive stance, but the arrows raining down without leaving any openings were piercing them one after the other.

But…it is not too effective.

Even if arrows pierce their arms and legs, their vitals are being protected properly.

“Second volley, release! Spears, to the front!” (Blue)

The following volley also had almost no effect.

Wounds aside from fatal ones only dull their movements slightly against the army in front of us.

But that small weakening is also…


A large amount of skeleton bones flew in the sky.

The monsters that I crowded as much as possible to make the defense more resilient is being destroyed like paper.

I thought I had understood the difference in strength, but having it displayed in this fashion makes me feel a lot of emotions.

Impatience, irritation, vexation, but this is not the time to feel such emotions.

I have to think of a way to stop this situation after all.

“All hands, cling on! Defeat as many as possible!” (Blue)

A wave of skeletons swallows the monsters. The momentum of the enemy didn’t lower even with that, and they are breaking through with skill.

At this rate, it won’t be long before the blades of the enemy can reach this place.

Should I use that method…? There’s still not enough.

But at this rate…

“Hngh! Come out, Daruagestia!” (Blue)


I summon my trump card that appeared from the depths of the earth, blowing away enemies and skeleton soldiers alike.

Daruagestia is currently the most powerful Unique I have. It is the skeleton dragon that I tamed together with Ekdoik.

This child is my actual last fortress.

I have risen it to have power that far surpasses your regular Unique in the preparation time we had, but…

The enemies must have felt the threat of Daruagestia’s presence, they attacked Daruagestia in droves.

“Wipe out all the enemies in front of you!” (Blue)


The enemies were swept with the front legs of Daruagestia. No matter how strengthened their defense and survival instincts are, they won’t come out unscathed if they are smashed with mass that surpasses this.

Even if the enemy tries to defend with their weapons, the swords would be smashed and the spears would break, mercilessly crushing the bodies of the enemies.

This child will work, but he is the only one that works here. No matter how big and powerful you are, it would be difficult to wipe out these numbers in a short period of time.

The front leg attack sent many ogres flying, but several of them mitigated their falls, and several avoided it.

And then, they swung their swords at Daruagestia after a large swing like that. The toughness of its bones are far higher than that of the skeleton soldiers, but the attacks of the strengthened ogres can deal a bit of damage even if they are intermediate rank.

If high ranks come into the mix too, they wouldn’t be enemies you can just scoff at.

“Concentrate on the high ranks!” (Blue)


This child is obedient towards me and doesn’t feel fear against enemies. But it can’t deal with small movements because of its big body.

The high rank monsters that have obtained strength comparable to that of Uniques are using the dying intermediates as shields and slowly landing their attacks on Daruagestia.

Even so, he would sometimes get the enemies and land a big hit on them, but the number of enemies gathering around is slowly increasing.

He is definitely getting fatigued.

If they destroy one leg of his, this child’s ability to continue fighting would be…!

“Hooh, so the enemy has also brought out a Unique Monster! Move, weaklings! I will take the front! Uooooh!”

An ogre a size bigger than the others showed from the pack, sending his comrades flying, and jumping towards Daruagestia.

There’s no doubt about it, that’s a Unique… A direct subordinate of Scarlet!

He avoided an attack of Daruagestia with speed that can’t be compared to that of the other ogres and smashed the head of Daruagestia with the giant hammer he was holding.


“Daruagestia?!” (Blue)

I can’t believe it. Even if it is a size bigger than the others, he is far smaller than Daruagestia. He can unleash an attack that makes this child falter when there’s a difference in size comparable to that of an adult and a baby?!

There’s a crack on Daruagestia’s cranium and it raised a cry in pain. But it immediately raised its front leg to smash it on the Unique.


The Unique stopped that attack, which sent even high rank monsters flying, without even moving.

Cracks ran through the ground from the impact of it, but the attack of Daruagestia was stopped completely.


“Fuhahahaha! Nice! You managed to receive an attack of this Tamashafozea and retaliated with this heavy attack! This is what I call an enemy! An obstruction that merits Strife! An opponent that I can brandish the power of the Demon Lord-sama fully! Uooooh!” (Tamasha)

The ogre that introduced himself as Tamashafozea had mana leak out from him to a degree that I have never felt before.

This denseness is without doubt the mana of Scarlet. There’s no doubt he has activated the power of Strife here.

The muscles in his whole body swelled and turned bright red.

The pressure I felt at the time when I was facing him had turned even more massive…


“No way!” (Blue)

My eyes opened even wider at what I saw.

Tamashafozea grabbed the front leg of Daruagestia that was holding him down and threw it right above him.

Daruagestia was smashed violently on the ground, dragging enemies and allies alike.

“Fuahahahaha! This first time I throw enemy this strong! But this not the end!” (Tamasha)

Tamashafozea picked up the hammer he left on the ground and ran towards Daruagestia.

It swung its tail after detecting the danger, but the hammer destroyed that swinging tail.


“This is bad! All troops, stop that ogre!” (Blue)

Formations don’t matter anymore. I try to hold back the charge of Tamashafozea with pure mass.

The skeleton soldiers forgo attacking and cling onto him, steadily creating a mountain of bones. Let this be enough to buy some time for Daruagestia to recover—

“You in the way! You just haze!” (Tamasha)

The skeleton soldiers that had jumped onto him as they cried were sent flying into pieces.

It wasn’t just a strike from his hammer.

Even the wind pressure created from that attack of his is destroying the bodies of the skeleton soldiers.

Tamashafozea dashes once again.

Daruagestia has picked itself up, but it hasn’t stood up properly!


“Can you endure this attack?!” (Tamasha)

“Daruagestia!” (Blue)

The attack of Tamashafozea landed on the right shoulder of Daruagestia. The bones around were destroyed, leaving only the front half of its right leg. Daruagestia fell to the back, to where I was.

It will be difficult to support that giant body with its leg destroyed.

There’s this much of a gap?! The strength of this child doesn’t fall short to that of the undead I was bringing along until now. No, it had more power than that, and yet… No, that was not the only thing there was a gap in here.

This is the difference between Scarlet, who has been preparing to have a war against the humans the whole time, and me who was simply wishing to die the whole time. A gap in mettle between Demon Lords. It has been shown clearly to this degree.


Daruagestia forced itself to stand up and faced Tamashafozea, but this is not a situation where it can fight anymore.

Just a bit more… Just a bit more and preparations would have been finished…!

“Skeleton soldiers! Become a wall to protect Daruagestia!” (Blue)

The skeleton soldiers were jumping at Tamashafozea even without giving a new order. But it is not doing anything.

That ogre was laughing while crushing the approaching skeleton soldiers, and walking over leisurely.

It is not only Tamashafozea, the other ogres are also doing the same…

“Aah, geez! Then I have no choice but to do this myself!” (Blue)

I create a lump of ice with magic and shoot it towards Tamashafozea. I have learned basic magic from Yugura.

I should be able to fight against your average opponent…but I am dealing with an opponent that can easily subdue Daruagestia.

The ice was crushed with ease.

“Offensive magic… The one there…the Blue Demon Lord! What fortuitous event! No doubt the Demon Lord-sama be awfully happy if I bring your head!” (Tamasha)

It was worth attacking him.

Tamashafozea’s target switched from Daruagestia to me when he noticed me… But it is honestly impossible to buy time against an enemy like this! If only Ekdoik was here…

Wait, that’s it! I can just call him! Argh! Why did I forget until it was this close?!

Ekdoik, it is getting bad here so hurry and come! I am in the middle of a battle against an enemy Unique! Daruagestia has been defeated!

(Why are you calling me when you are already in such dire straits?! I will head there at once! Don’t fight! Can you run?! What happened to Rakura?!) (Ekdoik)

Aah, don’t think it will work.

I don’t think I would be able to win in terms of running speed, and he is coming here as if he has found awesome prey.

Rakura is fighting around the center between you and me!

Anyways, hurry! I will try to stay alive somehow! Wait, are you listening?!

Ah, no good. He is most likely rushing here with an empty mind, but judging from the time it will take to get all the way here from the village… I don’t think it will be possible.

“But I wouldn’t want to fall at a place like this. I definitely don’t want my severed head to be displayed to Scarlet!” (Blue)

I shoot a lump of ice and follow it up with an ice spear behind it.

His vision is already being obstructed by the skeleton soldiers, so won’t he get caught off-guard a bit by an attack coming from somewhere he can’t see at all?!

Aah, no good. The lump of ice was crushed in the same way as before. As for the ice spear, it was smashed to pieces by a headbutt.

These are the ones that sync the best together within my offensive abilities though…

The bow I have at hand is not that different from the one the skeleton soldiers have… Even if I do a magic enchantment, it is weaker than the ice cannon.

“Fuhahaha! What that attack? A heaven and earth difference between you and our Demon Lord-sama!” (Tamasha)

“Shut up. Can you not lump me with that musclehead that only thinks about fighting from day to night?” (Blue)

“You bastard! Mocking Demon Lord-sama?!” (Tamasha)

Ah, that was a mistake.

But that’s my honest opinion, so it can’t be helped.

Tamashafozea rushed my way in one go and swung his hammer. It is not on the level where I can evade or react to it.

I would even say I have done well even being able to notice his hammer has been swu—

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