LS – Chapter 229: That’s why, already

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The Torin army has begun staying permanently on the place that had the burned residence. 

It is possible that Smythos has leaked the information then. 

Even Smythos, who worries more about her comrades than herself, has betrayed us, huh. 

The resident of Yugura’s planet must have quite the nasty torture method in his hands. 

Even in the time when I was observing their movements while hiding in a nearby den of the hoodlums, Komiha was looking over here with a worried face. 

This woman has the bare minimum knowledge to understand what this situation means. 

“S-Soraid…we have to go save Smythos…!” (Komiha)

“Komiha, are you an idiot? The Torin army staying the whole time on the remains of the residence means that Smythos has told them about the basement. Then, your cards should have already been discovered by the enemy too. You are the only one who could go save Smythos. If it was me, I would definitely prepare a trap especially for you.” (Soraid)

“B-But…” (Komiha)

I glared at Komiha with a cold gaze and she stopped speaking. 

And this is supposed to be my current strongest fighting force. This is so wonderful, I want to cut her head and wrists, and sing a song while dancing.

Komiha would be easily defeated if she were to fight the wrong opponent or mess up how to deal with them. 

I only have weaklings and a strong scaredy-cat as my cards, so I don’t want to waste her pointlessly. 

“Smythos has already told the enemy our information. Then, we won’t be facing an even worse situation than this. What we should do is to not increase the damage any further. You get it, right?” (Soraid)

“…Yes.” (Komiha)

Well, the fate of a prisoner that has spilled everything depends on the enemy. But if we are to trust the information that Ritial has given us until now, even if she is alive, she might have already become a cripple through torture. 

“Now then, let’s arrange the winning conditions for us and the losing conditions. First would be the losing conditions. Try saying what it is.” (Soraid)

“Uhm…us being caught…?” (Komiha)

“Correct. The objective of the resident of Yugura’s planet is our base in Torin and eliminating the threat of the Illegitimate. If we two were to get captured -especially me- this key would get into the hands of the enemy, and the Illegitimate at the basement will be falling into the hands of the enemy, too.” (Soraid)

Thinking about it in pure battle power, there’s Arcreal in Serende. The total battle power doesn’t change much as long as he is present. 

You could say I am the battle force that they wouldn’t want to lose the most in Torin as the brain here. That said, it is honestly not that painful of a loss due to how unwieldy I am.

If Torin were to be wiped out, the resident of Yugura’s planet will be able to head to Serende to defeat Nektohal and Ritial without worries. That would be the best result for the enemy.

“We have lost our cover which was the Holstear Company, but I still have forces to act in Torin. The resident of Yugura’s planet will have to be conscious of my side constantly as long as he doesn’t get rid of that. Then, the next move he will take is to get rid of me. What do you think is the victory condition?” (Soraid)

“Uhm…get rid of the resident of Yugura’s planet?” (Komiha)

“Mostly right. But it is certain that they know about our existence in Torin. In that case, even if we were to kill the resident of Yugura’s planet, the Torin army and the armies of the other countries will also target us.” (Soraid)

But well, I can think of countless ways to deal with that. Getting rid of the resident of Yugura’s planet who can see through those countermeasures is an unavoidable path. 

“Then, if we can just get rid of that person…” (Komiha)

“It will be easier for Ritial and the others to retrieve the Illegitimate that are in the basement. If we finish doing that, we will have the surplus to think of a plan to save Smythos.” (Soraid)

I have no intention of helping in that, but Ritial most likely would. 

Him being soft towards Illegitimate is to a degree that it feels like a disease after all. 

“U-Understood. First, that person…” (Komiha)

“There’s a decent amount of experts around that man. The ones above you would be…the chain user Ekdoik, the Blade of Annihilation Mix, and the cleric called Rakura.” (Soraid)

The house that Melia and her group were living in, which I found out by ordering the hoodlums, the luggage had already been taken away to a certain degree, but it was ascertained that there were 9 people living there judging from the luggage left. 

But according to the information of the residents, there’s no doubt the following 4 are present: the chain user Ekdoik; the right hand of Gestaf, Haakudoku; the clerics of the Yugura Church, Rakura and Masetta.

There’s also one woman and one man.

The man had a super pretty sword equipped, so he is most likely a knight of Taizu or something. 

The description of the woman’s features didn’t resemble those of dangerous individuals like Ilias, Wolfe, and Girista, so she is either another helper or the Blue or Purple Demon Lord. 

No, if the Great Devil that Arcreal fought is there, it would be strange for him to not have infiltrated on that day as well. 

Then, the possibility of her being the Purple Demon Lord would be gone too. 

They came to Torin without their full force, but…rather than saying they are underestimating us, it is more like keeping Serende at bay? 

“There’s as many as 3 above me…” (Komiha)

“If we are to believe the analysis of Ritial, I would be able to do something about Haakudoku and Rakura if I don’t let them get the initiative. You can dominate Ekdoik -as long as you don’t let him close, that is.” (Soraid)

As for Mix, we would be able to somehow manage if Komiha and I were to fight her at the same time. 

This is more of an issue about compatibility rather than pure battle power. 

But defeating them all would be best if we are to seize certain victory. 

“Uuh…” (Komiha)

“I am not telling you to use your brain. On the contrary, just fight without thinking about anything and just move as I tell you. You will win if you do that.” (Soraid)

Split the enemy, fight them in the ideal scenario, and defeat them. We have to lead the enemy for the sake of this. 

It in the end falls to a psychological battle against the resident of Yugura’s planet. 

It is clear that we will be at a disadvantage if we allow that man to take the initiative.  In that case, we have to be the ones attacking him. 

I can think of several methods, but it is wonderful that I don’t have to show restraint. 

My existence has already been made public, so there’s not even the need to hide my origins. 

Then, let’s choose the method that will be the most fun. 


According to the information of Smythos, there’s apparently a basement with special measures placed on it by an Illegitimate at the place where the firm of the Holstear Company was. 

It has been ascertained that it is not a lie thanks to Rakura-dono being present, but we couldn’t find it. 

Mister Friend had a temporary base set by the Torin army at the place where the firm was with the pretext that it was to investigate for evidence and had them keep an eye on them. 

According to Mister Friend, the Illegitimate that have no battle capabilities are still in the basement and they are waiting for reinforcements from Serende. 

“And so, Soraid or someone around that front will soon begin to rampage with the objective to divert attention and buy time.” 

“It seems like they are going to be taking action in full. A number of Torin soldiers have been attacked and their whereabouts are unknown. It seems like it was the soldiers that cooperated with us on the day we marched into the firm.” (Mix)

“Must be to gather information. But the number one objective is to chase after our trail. They are purposely making it easy for us to leave traces.” 

Mister Friend spread a map of Torin and placed rocks on the places where the Torin soldiers are said to have been attacked. 

The rocks are spread cleanly and they stink of a trap…

“Are they trying to separate us?” (Mix)

“Yeah. If we were to chase about any one of these incidents, we would end up encountering Soraid. The one accompanying him is an Illegitimate called Komiha, but from what I have heard, they should be able to shave away our forces.” 

“Leaving me aside, I find it hard to believe they can defeat Ekdoik-dono and Rakura-dono.” (Mix)

The siblings Ekdoik-dono and Rakura-dono may not be that strong compared to Lady Ratzel and Wolfe-chan, but they are actually pretty strong. 

“Really? If I were to use Soraid and Komiha, it wouldn’t be difficult to get rid of all the members in Torin, you know?” 

“Mumumu…even though we haven’t shown you our strength even once in your present state…this confidence…” (Mix)

“I have a basis for this. The movements of Soraid speak for himself. They most likely have information about our forces from Ritial. Soraid has judged that he can win with that information and is acting upon it.” 

Ritial Zentry. If I remember correctly, he is said to have as much observation skill as Mister Friend. If it is him who is providing the information…

“Then, what should we do? They have two people. I think we would be able to defeat them easily if we are always together.” (Mix)

“They are rampaging here and there in order to not allow us to do that. If we don’t separate, Soraid will use his territory advantage to cause havoc in all of Torin. If they manage to accomplish that, it would be easier to let the Illegitimate in the burned basement to escape.” 

“In other words, they will harass us until we separate?” (Mix)

“Right now it is only the Torin army, but they will soon begin targeting the people of Torin. If we take our time chasing the mouse, Torin will be suffering great harm because of us.” 

How unbelievable. 

The people of Torin will suffer if we don’t separate. They are basically threatening us here-desu zo. 

If it were me, I would think about just taking that invitation on, and try to break through their trap from the front, but…according to what Mister Friend just said, that choice would be…

“Oh well, let’s accept the invitation.” 

“What?! But you said they are doing that because they think they can win—” (Mix)

“They may be acting under the information of Ritial, but that information is pretty old, right? You guys have obtained quite the good amount of weapons since the time you met Ritial, and have obtained battle experience. The existence of the information greatly affects the results of victory or defeat, but being over reliant on information is a countdown to self-destruction.” 

Haakudoku-dono and I have been given new weapons by Purple-dono. 

Ekdoik-dono has also begun to get used to his demon body… 

It is true that, even if Ritial excels in analyzing, it is hard to believe that he would be able to grasp even our growth, but…

“—Are you thinking of something else, Mister Friend?” (Mix)

“I am. Well, I think there’s no need for me to tell you though.” 

It is not rare for Mister Friend to not say much, but he normally would never speak in such a manner as if pushing us away. I would like to shorten this sense of distance at the very least…

“…Uhm, I apologize if there’s something you don’t like about me, so can you please not take that attitude towards your allies?” (Mix)

“Mix, it is true that I have my thoughts about you. But I have decided to cooperate, and have properly made a plan to win. Isn’t it way too greedy to desire more from me than that?” 

“As I said, I will properly fix what’s needed, so—” (Mix)

“So persistent. Would it have been better if I had become an enemy?” 

The muddy sensation made my body cower unconsciously. The eyes of Mister Friend have observed me before, but they have not directed clear hatred or animosity. 

Even when I tried to think of words to smoothen things up here, my brain was not working. It is like the times when I am nervous in front of Ani-sama -I am currently in a pathetic state like that.

“I-I am truly sorry…” (Mix)

What I finally managed to squeeze out from my throat was an apology. 

But those words didn’t change the state of Mister Friend at all, and I feel instead that the distance increased…

“—I will go talk to Ekdoik and Haakudoku. It is fine for you to not be here for today.” 

Mister Friend said this and left. 


I can’t take this. 

Why…Why has Mister Friend… 

I don’t want to be told those things with that face…with that voice…

I feel like the memories of that time when he directed that wonderful smile at me are going to get thinned out. 

Ekdoik-dono told me to think about the reason myself. 

But I don’t know what’s the reason why Mister Friend is distancing himself from me no matter how much I think about it. 

It makes me think that maybe Mister Friend didn’t like me from the very beginning. 

“Ani-sama…what…should I do…?” (Mix)

I am dismayed to this degree from just one person alone. 

Even though I left Taizu in order to not get in the way of Ani-sama and lived as an adventurer to polish myself…

“I was…I was this weak, huh…” (Mix)

I might be able to easily tell what it is if I were to consult with Ani-sama or Lady Ratzel. 

I actually want to ask them at once and fix my relationship with him as soon as possible. 

But I don’t have the courage to ask those two. 

The stupid stubbornness that I also think myself to be close to Mister Friend might end up crumbling if I were to ask the answer from those two. 

I could only feel disgust at my shallowness for wanting to protect such stubbornness. 

Gold: (I feel like my heroine factor is being sucked away by someone despite this being my homeland.) 

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