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“It was a good vacation!” (Rakura)

“Right. I myself got along better with Rakura-san’s mother.” (Melia)

Rakura and Melia came back from Mejis and regrouped with us.

We will technically be under the surveillance of Mejis with this, so we can begin moving for real.

By the way, is it just my imagination that the way Melia is calling Rakura’s mother gives off an aggressive feeling?

“Counselor-sama, do you know how to deal with this already?” (Rakura)

“There’s no issue if it is just walking. I would like to avoid any intense movements. I would like to avoid them regardless of the circumstances though.”

“Don’t worry about that. I will properly protect you as well, Comrade-san! …Well, Ilias-san and Wolfe-chan are present, so I won’t be much of a difference though…” (Melia)

“No harm in having more bodyguards. But be conscious the whole time of the possibility that you yourself might be targeted.”

“Yesh…” (Melia)

I find it hard to believe that those people will be targeting me directly.

If I were the one doing the attacks, I would first weaken their bodyguards and take hostages to disperse their attention to the surroundings.  Of course, the objective is not to weaken the bodyguards, but to break the heart of the target.

There should be decently strong people within Serende.

If those guys were to see Ilias and Wolfe, they would be able to tell that it is impossible to do this the normal way.

That’s why people around me that are comparatively easier to attack like Melia would be in more danger than me.

Well the person herself must be remembering the time when Soraid targeted her, but let’s have Rakura and Wolfe watch over Melia stealthily so that she doesn’t act alone.

“And so, you will be heading to the place of Prince Nuphsa, right? How do you plan on probing him?” (Ilias)

“I plan on going with a decently straightforward route. A safe one hoping that there won’t be any conflicts.”

“Uhm, won’t it end with a single question if I just go together with you?” (Rakura)

Rakura must be talking about her lie detection that she learned as a cleric of the Yugura Church, but we unfortunately can’t expect much from that.

It has been made clear from the conversations I have had with Washekt that there’s problematic points around the royalty of Serende after all.

“You are right. It is not like it is an absolutely bad move, so it might be a good option to see it for ourselves.”


I have already made an appointment with Prince Nuphsa thanks to Washekt.

Well, the response was: ‘There’s nothing for me to tell you. But it is also true that I can’t harm the reputation of Father, so you can do as you please if you are fine with this being fruitless effort’.

Prince Nuphsa has made one of the rooms in a residence prepared close to the Serende Castle into his office.

There’s the need for a decent amount of paperwork in order for outsiders to enter the Serende Castle, so this is apparently in order to save trouble in that process.

The reports from every place go through this residence, so it is basically working as a reception window.

Moreover, Prince Nuphsa almost never comes out of his room, and continues cooping himself up every day.

It is easy to tell that he is a workaholic.

“I didn’t expect not even sarcasm would be effective.”

“You may not have anything to talk with me about, but I do.”

Prince Nuphsa didn’t look at us even after we entered the room, and was concentrating on his deskwork.

The ones who entered the room were me, Ilias, and Rakura.

I thought he would show a bit of a reaction if a Yugura Church cleric showed up, but seeing how things are, I can only say that the information of Washekt was correct.

“Finish whatever business you have. My work efficiency drops just from the mere sight of people in the corner of my eye.” (Nuphsa)

“Then, I will be straight. Were you cooperating with the group of Raheight?”

“I didn’t. The mere act of lending a hand to people who bring trouble is an impossibility.” (Nuphsa)

Judging from the reaction of Rakura, he is not lying…but I should at least try to verify.

I should be able to tell with this question.

“Maybe you are actually a woman?”

“That’s right. I am impressed you could tell.” (Nuphsa)

“?! E-Eh?! Even though you look like a man no matter how I see it?!” (Rakura)

It goes without saying that Prince Nuphsa is a man. He has an Adam’s apple, so there’s no doubt about it.

Then, the exchange just now was Prince Nuphsa going along with what I am trying to accomplish here.

“To think you would go out of your way to tag along with my confirmation.”

“You must have been half in doubt about what Washekt told you, right? He has been living in a way that purposely doesn’t use this technique after all.” (Nuphsa)

“T-Technique?” (Rakura)

“How about sharing information with your comrades? It is just like the technique of Yugura Church clerics to see through lies. The royalty and the people close to them all have special training so that their own mana doesn’t shake from the changes of their mind. Basically, the secret technique of the Yugura Church doesn’t work on us who see Mejis as a potential enemy.” (Nuphsa)

So Serende has created a countermeasure for the technique to see through lies that Yugura Nariya taught them.

Serende is the major power that didn’t accept the Yugura Church. It is not that strange of a thing for them to make their own technique against the Yugura Church that holds full authority in Mejis.

Well, with just the faint shaking of the Black Demon Lord’s mana that remains in me, who normally doesn’t have any mana, the Yugura Church still manages to see through the truth of my words, so I was curious if they really could beat that secret technique of theirs.

Judging from the reaction of Rakura, there was probably not even one bit of change in the mana of Prince Nuphsa despite having lied.

“…The point of me being here is gone? Can I go back then?” (Rakura)

“Oi, bodyguard.”

“Ah, right.” (Rakura)

“The central people of the Yugura Church should know at least this much. To think they didn’t share even that information… Looks like the resident of Yugura’s planet is an alienated existence for Mejis.” (Nuphsa)

“Well, we reconciled with a light threat in the matter of the Demon Lords after all. They probably would immediately stab us in the back the moment we show an opening.”

Pope Euparo trusts me, but it is different from the trust Marito has.

They will help out when they agree, but the moment we cross the line, they will most likely deal with us as enemies without hesitation.

Well, if Marito had to put me and the country on a scale, he would still choose his country with a bitter face though.

It also depends on how much Mejis has a grasp of Serende’s matters to talk about the information of Serende that sees them as a potential enemy.

As long as the possibility of us becoming enemies is present, Pope Euparo has to keep the information they can open up to the bare minimum.

“So, satisfied? Leave the room already then. Close the door silently.” (Nuphsa)

“No, I came here to have a talk. I felt like what you were carrying inside was the better one within the royalty aside from Washekt.”

The hands of Prince Nuphsa, who was working, stopped.

He sighed lightly, took out what seemed like a bottle from a small shelf, and poured it into a cup.

A thick purple liquid. It is clearly suspicious.

Ilias and Rakura are on guard here, but Prince Nuphsa offered me the cup without hesitation.

“It is poison. Want to drink?” (Nuphsa)

“We won’t!” (Rakura)

Rakura retorted by reflex, but Ilias was dumbstruck by the action of Prince Nuphsa.

“I tried to express just how much I don’t want to get involved with you guys in my own way though.” (Nuphsa)

“And express it you did. But if you leave poison in a place like that, won’t it be used against you instead?”

“There’s no need to go to such lengths just to kill me.” (Nuphsa)

Prince Nuphsa said this and gulped down the contents of the cup in one go.

Rakura could only watch this action of his with a dumbfounded face.

“Is it an energy drug or something?”

“The taste is worse than poison. I drink it when I am so displeased I want to poison myself. Also when I want to half my sleeping time.” (Nuphsa)

“I think your efficiency will increase more if you sleep properly though.”

Well, I am also the type of person that is more productive late in the night, so I can’t really say anything about others.

But it seems like he has the intention to tag along with us for a bit.

What he carries really must be something that he doesn’t want belittled.

“Let’s hear your basis first.” (Nuphsa)

“Prince Chisante and Princess Yumis show a good public face. In other words, they have to be seen in a good light. If they don’t do so, they won’t be able to hide what they carry. But yours is the opposite, Prince Nuphsa. You have something that you go as far as to protect by purposely creating distance from others and lowering their trust in you.”

“…It is nothing grand. I am simply doing that for self-protection to a degree that doesn’t go against the will of Father.” (Nuphsa)

“The will of wanting the next rulers to compete, huh.”

The reason the other members of the royal family are faking their real selves is in part because of the throne succession. An action taken so that they don’t show weakness towards their competition.

“That’s right. The next king of Serende shouldn’t simply be someone outstanding. It is someone who has won against their siblings who scheme to kick them down. That’s what’s right in Serende.” (Nuphsa)

Prince Nuphsa returned to his seat and continued talking with pen working. His hand moved without delay despite doing so while talking, his tone telling me what he said was a matter of fact.

“We were all born from different mothers. But there’s already no queen in this country.” (Nuphsa)

“…So anything goes aside from directly killing the competition, huh.”

“You could even say that’s what’s recommended the most. They will be able to realize…who their enemy is after all.” (Nuphsa)

“The reason why the Serende King asked Washekt to cooperate with me was in order to pit him as an obstacle for the others, huh.”

“There’s also a limit. Even Father wouldn’t allow someone who has connections with a demon. However, it is also in order to test them out to see whether they would expose their own hidden weapons to an outsider.” (Nuphsa)

I see. No wonder everyone would be hostile towards me.

Serende allows the royalty to compete against each other for the throne. They all have their trump cards to make their opponents drop out, and they are secrets that must be hidden no matter what.

That’s why I am only a hindrance in this competition for the throne as someone who is trying to dig out their secrets.

So they have enough of a reason to direct antagonism towards me regardless of whether they are the mole or not.

“Washekt dropped out by himself?”

“He is an easy to understand guy. He had constant fear towards his environment and his siblings, and used the pure Hilmera as a bastion. But Hilmera’s mother died, and Hilmera herself broke when she understood her environment. He most likely didn’t want to make Hilmera an enemy no matter what.” (Nuphsa)

The reason why Washekt doesn’t have a hidden side is not only for the sake of Princess Hilmera but also for his own sake.

If Washekt had faked himself just like the other members of royalty, his relationship with Princess Hilmera would have been the same as with the others: an antagonistic relationship where they probe each other.

Washekt had lost his mother, so Princess Hilmera was the only one who he could open his heart to.

Washekt prioritized the peace of his heart over the throne…

“Haven’t you thought about changing?”

“Let’s just say I thought about it.” (Nuphsa)

He thinks the royal family competing between each other is necessary.

The relationship with Mejis, the animosity in their surroundings; these have taken away their belief to walk the path of righteousness.

It is just like how I accepted that it was necessary for me to stand in the side of evil.

“Even if so, you still think about the future of this country, don’t you, Prince Nuphsa? You think you have a higher chance to get involved in politics if you become a tool of the country rather than the king.”

Prince Nuphsa is trying to appeal to the fact that he has more of a use as a tool for the other royalty rather than getting their trust.

If he were to act like Prince Chisante and Princess Yumis, there’s no doubt he would lose the chance to get involved in politics in the case he doesn’t succeed the throne.

But if they see him as someone who is worth utilizing and has no desire for the throne, Prince Nuphsa will become a convenient pawn for the royal family member that succeeds the throne.

Prince Nuphsa is trying to make it so that he can continue getting involved in politics regardless of where it rolls.

He has chosen the path of making this country better instead of becoming the king himself.

“The person who cooperated with the demon must have thought it would become a weapon for the throne succession. But that can’t be used anymore. No matter whether that person takes the throne or not, the matter is already over. Stop trying to stir the pot thoughtlessly.” (Nuphsa)

“It would be the case if what they wanted as a reward from Nektohal -the demon- was the resurrection magic. But I am worried about what happens when that’s not the case.”

“…I have given you the warning as thanks for having dealt with the troublesome matters of the country. I have no intention of getting involved any further than this.” (Nuphsa)

Getting rid of Nektohal must have been a good thing for Prince Nuphsa who is involved in politics.

That’s why he explained the viewpoint of the royal family as thanks.

But he is also telling me he will deal with me as an enemy if I step in further.

“I will be careful. See ya later.”

“Don’t ever come back. My sleep time is shortened by the amount you show up. Don’t make me stir the poison more than necessary.” (Nuphsa)

“How about reducing your workload instead?”

But this doesn’t prove the innocence of Prince Nuphsa.

I personally think he is really close to white but still in the gray zone.

I need to compare him to the other royalty.

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