LS – Chapter 206: That’s why, get ready

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We head to one of the rooms, guided by Niruryates. 

Anyways, this castle has vines here and there. Is the Green Demon Lord grass type? 

“! Shishou~!” 

The inside of the room had familiar faces. Also, if I remember correctly, that’s the newbie of the Leano Division, Kayle. 

I see, these must be the people Marito selected. 

Wolfe jumped onto my chest while I was thinking this. Wolfe has really learned how to hold back her strength. 

“Sorry for worrying you. Well…sorry about a lot of things.” 

It is not only Wolfe. The gazes of the people being relieved was painful. 

I am the one who messed up here, so I do feel bad. 

Moreover, the people here still have old information regarding the negotiation with the Green Demon Lord. 

I have to tell them about that first. 

I direct my gaze at Ilias first.

“I am happy that you are fine, but…” (Ilias)

“No need to worry about the matter with Wolfe. I have settled a different deal with the Green Demon Lord.” 

“R-Really?!” (Ilias)

“Yes, it is. He was suddenly going to kill himself while we were talking, and tried to negotiate with My King. It was hectic.” (Niru)

“Kill yourself…” (Ilias)

“About the details of the deal, it is the capture of the demon that attacked Taizu. Is it okay regardless of dead or alive?” 

Speaking of which, I said I would be getting their head, but I didn’t confirm whether they would be the ones settling matters. 

“I don’t mind bringing them alive if possible. They are strong in their own way, so I don’t mind you killing them. I guess I would like you to bring them here after you incapacitate them.” (Green)

“So it seems. And so, Niruryates will be staying with us for a while to keep an eye on us.” 

“Fumu, what’s our time limit?” (Gold)

“Haven’t given out one. My King hates deciding the small details, so as long as I think you are doing your job, I guess.” (Niru)

“So vague. So it all depends on yer whim?” (Gold)

“I don’t plan on being unreasonable -as long as you show your hard work, that is. However, I will also be giving my opinion about the training of that demi-human there a bit while at it.” (Nuri)

Niruryates is basically saying that if things don’t seem to be working, she will just retrieve Wolfe. 

It would be easy to do something about Niruryates herself, but when that happens, the Green Demon Lord will become the enemy of humans without question.

It goes without saying how dangerous that would be. 

Not being peculiar about the small details is in part because of the overwhelming influence his own power can exert. 

‘If you want to betray me, do so -if you have the guts to, that is’, is basically what they are implying here. 

“The demon that attacked Taizu…huh. But do you know their location?” (Ilias)

“The chances of the one having told Leitis about the Illegitimate being that demon are extremely high. We will be able to arrive at them in the time we are trying to do something about Leitis.” 

“So that’s how it is.” (Ilias)

“I would like to liquidate my relationship with Raheight already. Well, let’s return quickly to Taizu. Marito must be worrying a lot.” 

We left the castle of the Green Demon Lord, rode Daruagestia, and flew in the Taizu Nether. 

But that Blue made such a big monster. Well, it is important to show your power as a Demon Lord. 

In order to create a fair relationship with humans, we need power that would make them hesitate making us their enemies. 

But I feel like this gives off a way too threatening image. 

“Anyways, the Taizu Nether is incredibly novel. I am surprised that it is overflowing in nature more than the human territories.” 

“Comrade, nothing is happening right now, but we suffered greatly on our way here, you know.” (Ekdoik)

“That’s right. Every corner of this place was filled with dragons!” (Blue)

“Seriously? I wanted to see a dragon.” 

“Want me to call one?” (Niru)

“Please don’t!” (Blue)

Niruryates is meshing in all too naturally. 

Well, a number of them are all still on guard towards her though. 

I confirm the things that have happened since the time I got captured by Raheight. 

“Dyuvuleori, you saved me. Thanks.” 

“I simply obeyed the order of My Lord.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Oh? You got in my way despite that though?” (Purple)


“Don’t dig that out too much. If I had been conscious, I would have done the same as Marito and wouldn’t have let anyone see me. The tragic appearance of a close friend isn’t something nice to see.” 

“Right. Even the one who misunderstood went crazy and rushed off to defeat a Demon Lord alone.” (Gold)

“Looks like you have become a good example.” (Mix)

Their eyes are stabbing me. 

Damn it, they all really know how to hold a grudge. Patching things up will be a lot of work. 

“Don’t push yourself too hard, Comrade. I still need you.” (Ekdoik)

“That’s true. Counselor-sama, I can’t believe you went to die, forgetting about your promise with me!” (Rakura)

“That’s right! Abandoning yer promise to reward this one!” (Gold)

Rakura and Gold are the peaceful type, but it seems like they are decently angry here, too. 

The honest worry of Ekdoik stabs my chest though. 

“Let’s leave that stuff aside. By the way, Kayle, you must have been given another order by Marito, right? Is it okay to not settle that while you can?” 

I won’t be able to last if I am attacked by this number of people. And so, I will throw the conversation to Kayle and calm the waters.

“Y-You know about me…?” (Kayle)

“I have heard of you from Lord Leano. You are apparently someone who still lacks in the sword but excels in one thing.” 

“You know about it, Comrade?” (Ekdoik)

“Yeah, please show it to everyone if that’s okay with you, Kayle.” 

“Y-Yes! But it is a bit embarrassing…” (Kayle)

Kayle said this as he brought out a folded drawing board from his luggage, unfolded it, and placed a parchment on it. And then, he began to draw with a charcoal pen. 

Ekdoik and the others turn their eyes at that drawing. 

“This is…the drawing of a dragon? Even the details are drawn exquisitely.” (Ekdoik)

“Drawing is my hobby, you see…” (Kayle)

“How good you are at drawing is a show of your daily diligence, but the strength of Kayle comes from how good his memory is. Marito must have chosen him in order to record the information of the monsters and the geological features of the Taizu Nether.” 

Ekdoik and Ilias are plenty enough muscle. 

There’s a high chance things would get complicated if they were to bring a strong spirited knight to the negotiation. 

It might have been a decision at the moment, but you are still taking the actions of a king, huh, Marito.

“Comrade was good at drawing too, but this level is already that of an artist.” (Ekdoik)

My skill in drawing is for the sake of relaying the features to someone else. I don’t have the technique to draw detailed stuff.” 

That said, a dragon is seriously cool. 

I wanted to see one in the flesh if possible, but if I were to make Niruryates call one, the eyes of the others would go beyond just being daggers. 

After Kayle drew a number of the monsters he saw in the Taizu Nether, he began to draw a rough map of the Taizu Nether. 

“It is close to a circle from what I see.” 

“Right. It is expanding with My Lord’s castle as the center after all. But would you normally show that to me?” (Niru)

Niruryates was watching this while letting out her voice, impressed. 

“You accepted the deal. We will show a certain number of our cards.” 

“Is that how it works? It is weird for me to say this, but didn’t you think of the possibility that I would judge this action hostile and break off the deal?” (Niru)

“That wouldn’t have happened. I can understand that much.” 

I have a grasp of Niruryates’s personality. She is someone that can be called a fanatic. 

Even if there’s the whim of the person herself, she will definitely not take actions that would be detrimental to the Green Demon Lord. 

I should be thinking around the standards of the Green Demon Lord. 

This degree of information leak would not even make the Green Demon Lord itch. 

“…You are one creepy man.” (Niru)

“I will take that as a compliment. But I was surprised by the appearance of the Green Demon Lord.” 

“Speaking of which, you were saying something weird before. Does he resemble someone?” (Niru)

“Yeah, even I was surprised, Comrade. To think he would be such a spitting image of Marito. What’s the meaning of this?” (Ekdoik)

“Considering the age of the Green Demon Lord, he must be an ancestor of the Taizu royalty.” 

“What… But that would explain why he resembles Ani-sama…” (Mix)

The royal family of Taizu are royalty that were left with the territory of Taizu by Yugura Nariya.

The catalyst to that decision was most likely because they were the blood relatives of the capable Green Demon Lord. It is plenty possible. 

“I see, the lineage of My King. No wonder you look similar to the woman I hate.” (Niru)

Niruryates said this and directed a cold gaze at Mix. 

This most likely means there was a woman who looked like Mix in the past, but I feel like prying about that is a landmine, so let’s not.

“M-Me?” (Mix)

“Aah, you are lucky. If you had been alone, I would have killed you without hesitation.” (Niru)

“Please be gentle with me-desu zo…” (Mix)

I don’t feel any lies in the words of Niruryates. What did the doppelganger of Mix do? 

I have an idea as to what though.

“And so, Niruryates, can you tell me as much information about that demon as you can?” 

“Right. His name is Nektohal. One of the people who served My King before he became a Demon Lord.” (Niru)

The Green Demon Lord made the people that served him at the time when he became a Demon Lord into demons. 

Nektohal was the right hand of the Green Demon Lord, and also someone who engaged with the research of the Illegitimate. 

Nektohal investigated the Illegitimate born in the human world under the orders of the Green Demon Lord.

One day, he found a single Illegitimate, and brought them to the Green Demon Lord. 

The Green Demon Lord took a great liking to that Illegitimate, and ordered them to become his demon, but that Illegitimate refused and escaped to Taizu. 

(Must be about Anbu-kun.) 

Nektohal chased after him under the orders of the Green Demon Lord. 

But he disappeared without saying anything after that. 

The Demon Lord can know about the state of their demon. He knows that Nektohal is alive, but he is not complying to any calls of his -not only that, he apparently purposely cut off the connection. 

“Is something like that possible?” 

“My King is someone passionate about research. He thoroughly investigated the knowledge regarding demons. Nektohal had received a variety of knowledge in spells from My King. It should be safe to assume that Nektohal himself was the one who cut off the connection with My King.” (Niru)

“The reason is unknown, but he joined hands with Raheight and the humans, and is gathering Illegitimate, huh.” 

“He was an ambitious one after all. He is most certainly planning something nasty.” (Niru)

I have a rough profile of him now. 

Let’s get a grasp of the details in his objective from here on. 

Anyways, I have been facing Demon Lords until now, but now it is a demon, huh. 

I feel like the order is wrong, but I can’t lower my guard. 

Nektohal joined hands with humans and has blended well in society. 

I should see him as an even more troublesome enemy compared to the ones before when it comes to ingenuity. 

There’s also Raheight and Ritial. We will also be having a decent number of Illegitimate against us. 

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