LS – Chapter 239: That’s why, I wish

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We might have succeeded in defeating Soraid and sealing the movements of Raheight and his group, but there’s still a bit of stuff left to do in Torin.

You could even say it is the real objective of mine in the sense that it connects to the next move.

I rely completely on Ekdoik and the others in battle, so I really might not have any turn if I don’t do work here.

I don’t know with what eyes Ilias will look at me with if I were to tell her I lost my memories after arriving at Torin, and by the time I noticed, I was back.

“The things I wanted to know went just as hypothesized. We should be able to manage somehow for the rest if we were to ask Barastos…?”

“Yo, Brother, you’ve got your fair share of work, having to work this late in the night.” (Haaku)

Haakudoku showed up with food on both hands while I was thinking about this and that on the desk.

There’s Masetta-san by his side.

“And what about you, Haakudoku? Cooking late in the night?”

“Yeah, I was hungry, you see. I thought about making something for you while at it.” (Haaku)

“I see. My brain might spin better if I were to put something in my stomach, so that helps out. So, what about Masetta-san?”

“I-I was also thinking about making something for Representative-san…” (Masetta)

“We stumbled upon each other just now. Her stomach was rumbling, so I brought her with me.” (Haaku)

“Hey!” (Masetta)

Haakudoku let out a hearty laugh and Masetta-san glared at him.

Asking for tact from him is a lost cause.

“You didn’t eat at dinner? Manage your time properly.”

“Y-Yes…” (Masetta)

“No, she asked for seconds, you know?” (Haaku)

“Haakudoku?!” (Masetta)

Well, I did try to cover for her.

I will act as if I didn’t hear that, so please spare me with that.

Haakudoku swiftly made vegetable soup and lined it up on top of the desk.

I also stop working and drink the soup.

It is not exactly a delicacy, but it is a relaxing taste.

“It is a refreshing taste.”

“Bro Gestaf is also decently old after all. Want me to bring out the salt?” (Haaku)

“Yeah, I’ll have a bit.”

Masetta-san is eating in a way so that her plate can’t be seen.

I saw it for a second and it was filled up with vegetables.

Haakudoku was the one who poured the soup, so it is most likely his way of showing consideration, but close to 3 times my amount is way too much.

“Man, Brother being like this really is more relaxing.” (Haaku)

“Sorry about that. Didn’t you suffer there too, Masetta-san?”

“Ah, no, uhm…yes. It is true that you with your memories rewinded was a bit…” (Masetta)

“I seriously thought you were a genius at souring the atmosphere, you know? The only ones who could hold a proper conversation with you were Ekdoik and Barastos.” (Haaku)

Haakudoku is saying it without decorating any of his words, but that helps me understand that’s how much I messed up.

I did follow up with Blue, Mix, and the others, but I should do so with these two as well.

“I have to properly show my gratitude for doing your job properly despite that.”

“Yeh. There was no battle, but it was a pain in the butt to go around searching for the magic seal stones in the city. We did it little by little with Masetta and Kayle.” (Haaku)

“How was Kayle?”

“Aah, I at first thought that he didn’t have spunk despite being a knight, but that dude is impressive. I understand well why you went out of your way to ask for him. Ain’t that right, Masetta?” (Haaku)

“Eh, you are throwing it to me? …Right, the precision of his portraits and his rare outstanding memory. I can understand well the meaning of strength alone not being the deciding factor for superiority when I see him.” (Masetta)

It may be possible to shine in your job with a different set of skills, but it is probably rare in this isekai.

His ability to remember things in an instant is a talent, but his skills in drawing come from his own ability. The results of your efforts being recognized is something to be happy about even if it is about someone else.

“I am impressed that he can remember every single detail. I thought that maybe he was an Illegitimate.” (Haaku)

“He is in a sense a prodigy in a certain area after all. But Kayle is within the category of an ordinary person.”

“What’s the difference between an Illegitimate and a prodigy?” (Haaku)

“Simple. A prodigy can utilize their talent from the very beginning, but that’s not the case for Illegitimate. They are flailed about by their excessive talent. They are being given the talent of the Hero Yugura Nariya in its perfected state all of a sudden after all.”

Even if you are called a prodigy, it is not like you can exhibit the highest spec from the very beginning. It grows, matching the skill of the person themselves.

“I see. Then, Ritial and Arcreal had a time like that too?” (Haaku)

“I think they did. Well, the talent of observation and combat are not things that would throw you for a loop that much…?”

The danger perception of Haakudoku is so strong to a degree that it takes away the consciousness of the person himself.

You could say it is comparatively better than that…or maybe not.

“Hm? You are not being clear there.” (Haaku)

“I just thought that, if he had equal or higher observation skills as me since childhood, I can’t really call it better.”

“Aah, I can somewhat get that. But Ritial became a top class adventurer, right? Maybe he didn’t have a rebellious period like you, Brother?” (Haaku)

“No, he should have. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have ended up with a personality like that.”

The will of Ritial is not that of someone that’s just chasing after an ideal. He must have had a muddy experience in the past.

“Hmm, and so, can we win?” (Haaku)

“Who knows. If it goes well. I can bring it there, but whether we win or not depends on you guys.”

I doubt a psychological battle between Ritial and me will end up with one side overwhelming the other.

Even if one side loses, things won’t just go so easily, and we wouldn’t let that happen.

It is a pain that there’s an unbelievable being like Arcreal, but considering the strength of Ilias and the others, we aren’t in that much of a disadvantage.

Even if the enemy has the highest quality, we are winning when it comes to the average quality.

“I see, I see. Then, I shall leave it to you. Even if Brother were to lose in a psychological battle, we can still win if I just upset the results, right?” (Haaku)

“Where is that confidence coming from…?” (Masetta)

“It is not confidence but resolve. If I don’t have at least that much, there would be a limit to what I can accomplish. Doing more than what you can is what makes a man!” (Haaku)

“That’s not a bad opinion, but you can only say that when you have a correct grasp of what you can do.”

“There’s only monsters around me, so…I can’t help but feel my limits.” (Haaku)

Haakudoku is by no means weak.

He did defeat Rakura and cornered Ekdoik. But everyone would most likely shut their mouth if asked whether he can become far stronger in the future.

“Things will go faster if you can see your own limits. It means your limits will be gone once you get over that.”

“—Hehe, no doubt.” (Haaku)

Even so, I can say for certain that he will grow.

No matter how slow his progress, as long as he continues walking without giving up, there will definitely be a path being made by the time he looks back.

“I do think I should learn from that optimism at the very least.” (Masetta)

“Yeah, you can go ahead and learn more from me.” (Haaku)

“I don’t want to learn from that attitude. By the way, Representative, when are you planning on returning to Taizu?” (Masetta)

Masetta-san was sent here as a supervisor of Mejis. She is technically a helper in name only, but she has the duty to report to Pope Euparo.

“We plan on returning soon, but it depends on the results of Barastos.”

“We are going around checking the hideouts and meeting points, but we haven’t found anything noteworthy, right?” (Haaku)

“Not really. Not being able to find anything might be a finding in itself.”

“What do you mean?” (Masetta)

The two tilt their heads at the same time.

These two are unexpectedly similar.

“I will explain when everyone is present.”

“There it is: the skipping explanations from Brother.” (Haaku)

“Every single one of you says I don’t explain enough, but doing the same explanation several times is tiring.”

Marito would be able to understand everything with the bare minimum information, but there’s big differences when explaining to the others depending on their understanding level.

It takes a good deal of time since I have to explain in detail, but that in itself is fine. However, doing that repeatedly would be a pain.

If that were to happen for a long period of time, I would of course end up with a troublesome personality of not wanting to explain until asked.

“Then, Representative-san, wouldn’t it be fine to just have the first person you explained tell the others?” (Masetta)

“I would need to prioritize explaining it to someone who can do that job well. A number of people would sulk if I did that.”

“Aah.” (Masetta)

Masetta-san looked away with a face of understanding.

That’s right. People like Ilias and Rakura.

That’s why I have to continue explaining it myself at times outside of busy hours.

“You’ve got it rough too, Brother. You have to live while continuously thinking about the mood of others.” (Haaku)

“I just want to live safely though.”

I often answer this when asked why I do something so troublesome.

I can relay how I feel the fastest in this manner after all.

“You really like saying that.” (Haaku)

“I guess. It is like my mantra.”

“And so, are you managing to live safely?” (Haaku)

“Wanting to live safely means that I am not living safely.”

“…That’s rough, Brother.” (Haaku)

That’s why I wish for it…earnestly.

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