LS – Chapter 305: As such, still warped

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“Good work on the report, Tsudwali, Molari. Fumu… Chisante and Yumis have dropped out, huh. Judging from the methods, he must have brought out his other standing by force.” (Ritial)

Ritial-sama listened to the report of me and Molari in the room where Arcreal is sleeping in.

Ritial-sama judged that it would be better to just observe for a while, and ordered me and Molari to keep surveillance of Serende.

The sudden collapse and arson in the city served as the trigger for the scandals around Prince Chisante and Princess Yumis to spread in the country.

It normally wouldn’t be strange for the royal family to stop the spread of such rumors, but…what I can think of is that the resident of Yugura’s planet made a move against them.

“What should we do, Ritial-sama? We could investigate a bit more deeply…” (Molari)

“I would only stand to lose if you guys were to get caught up unnecessarily. I have a grasp of everything that’s happening in the country with just this report alone.” (Ritial)

I don’t intend to make such a mistake, but it doesn’t feel bad to be treasured.

…Even if it is not to the degree of Molari who is blushing.

“Then, proceed to degree where we don’t get caught by nobles?” (Tsudwali)

Molari was digesting her little happiness and didn’t speak, so I spoke instead, but she directed a displeased look at me.

It seems like she can’t forgive that I am taking away her opportunity to talk to Ritial-sama, but if that’s the case, I would like you to move the conversation on.

“It may be a passive stance, but that’s fine. It is an opportunity to get favor from him, but this is not the time to be shouldering risks.” (Ritial)


The one who groaned was Arcreal who was unconscious until now.

His body has been showing a reaction since the day before, and Ritial-sama said he might wake up soon…

“Are you up now, Arcreal?” (Ritial)

“…How long have I been sleeping?” (Arcreal)

“More than 7 days.” (Ritial)

“Uooh… My crops…are most likely done for… Damn it…” (Arcreal)

You could say that’s just like him, but…the first thing he was worried about after teetering between life and death were his crops?

“Yasutet is looking after your crops. His original order was to keep an eye on the place for the possibility that other assassins might show up though.” (Ritial)

“Seriously? I should give Yasutet a kiss later.” (Arcreal)

“I don’t know about repaying a favor with suffering though. And so, there’s something I would like to ask you. Do you remember making contact with a member of the royal family when you were together with Raheight?” (Ritial)

He seems to be languid, but he probably can tell that Ritial-sama wants to know about this information quickly.

Arcreal closed his eyes and spoke while remembering the past.

“…I have been asked to be his bodyguard once to meet someone. It was inside an unpopular bar… A burly man that laughed with dahahaha.” (Arcreal)

“Sounds like Prince Chisante. Do you remember what they talked about?” (Ritial)

“Nope, not much. I do remember the objective was to get supplies, but…I feel like he showed him a crystal, I think?” (Arcreal)

What I think of when mentioning crystals is the communication crystals we stole from the Yugura Church.

The techniques of a neighboring country are perfect for negotiation with someone who shoulders the future of Serende.

Raheight has been infiltrating Mejis often, so it wouldn’t be strange for him to have extras aside from the ones we used.

“I can see the picture here, but…what to do here?” (Ritial)

“Aah, right. So, about the guy that attacked me. He is a man that’s more beautiful than your average woman and is called Murshto. Also, there’s no doubt he is an Illegitimate.” (Arcreal)

The name matches the person Molari investigated with what she witnessed.

We know that he is the bodyguard of Princess Hilmera, but Ritial-sama told us that approaching a guy that can defeat Arcreal would be dangerous.

“What’s your opinion after fighting him?” (Ritial)

“It is weird for me to say this after having lost, but he was weaker than me. But…it is my first time meeting a guy that doesn’t fall no matter how many times I slice him.” (Arcreal)

“Doesn’t fall…huh. It would be better to avoid fighting that man then. Molari, Tsudwali, I have decided what to do. We shall move, too.” (Ritial)

“Yes! I shall follow you anywhere!” (Molari)

Ritial-sama has decided to move immediately after thinking about what to do. It means that he has read what is going to happen soon in Serende.

I don’t doubt that, but…then what about the resident of Yugura’s planet?

“Hm? What about me?” (Arcreal)

“…You rest, patient.” (Tsudwali)

“Uwa, it is rare for Tsudwali to be kind. Did you fall in love with me? Ah, it was a joke. Don’t draw your weapon without a word!” (Arcreal)

Speaking of which, it should be about time for Haakudoku’s wounds to heal.

Just thinking about the possibility that he might get reckless again like the time with me… What’s the point of thinking about it?

It is not good that only one of the knives I threw at this distance landed.

Let’s not think unnecessary things.


The first thing I felt the moment I regained consciousness was the abnormal languidness in my body.

This reminds me a lot of that time when I drank medicine when I was young to cure my cold and was feeling dizzy.

Do you end up like this even when being careful of your condition? No, this is clearly strange.

In the first place, the surroundings of my body feel off…


“Good morning, Onii-sama. I used a bit of a strong sleeping drug, but is your body alright?”

It took time for me to understand the situation even when I wasn’t as dizzy anymore.

My arms were shackled, and my legs were tied to the wall with chains.

Where’s this place?

It seems like I am lying on a bed, but this is not a prison cell.

A cramped room where there’s familiar stone statues decorating the surroundings.

That’s right. These are the things that I sent to Hilmera who was watching me when I woke up.

Hilmera has the same gentle expression as usual, but…I am feeling creepiness from the lack of change in this situation.

“…What’s the meaning of this, Hilmera?” (Washekt)

“This is to protect you, Onii-sama. I was sure you wouldn’t accept obediently if I asked straight, so I went for a slightly more forceful method. But you are way too careless, Onii-sama. Not placing a single lookout around you… I remember this being because you are showing consideration so that I can meet you at any time, but isn’t this simply providing an opening for the other siblings to take advantage of?” (Hilmera)

This doesn’t explain this situation, but I could understand that Hilmera used a sleeping drug to kidnap me and bring me to this room.

It is not like I have no idea why my little sister took this action, but…

“Can you please tell me your objective, Hilmera?” (Washekt)

“Of course it is to have you become the king of Serende, Onii-sama. Now that Father has chosen Nuphsa as the next king, it is now impossible to make this possible with normal means.” (Hilmera)

“…You plan on killing Father and Nuphsa-niisan?” (Washekt)

“That wouldn’t be enough, and you know that. You are a kind person, Onii-sama. As long as there’s the possibility of taking and being taken away, you won’t desire the throne… Then, it is fine as long as we make everyone accept Onii-sama and make it so no one tries to take that position.” (Hilmera)

I feel reason in the words of Hilmera, and yet, there’s no rationality to it.

The normal her would be able to tell that she is only speaking of an ideal.

Hilmera is not sane right now.

She has escaped to a simplistic thought pattern, and has been cornered to a point where she has judged that violence is the solution.

“Hilmera, please listen to what I have to say. People learn while gaining experiences, and they all live while aiming for their respective best paths. Changing the livelihood of people isn’t so simple. Even if you were to kill all the royalty aside from me, they won’t be accepting me as a king. They would end up choosing a new king.” (Washekt)

I have already withdrawn from the throne.

I don’t have the qualification to become the king, and the populace understands this.

That’s why the other siblings didn’t target me and managed to survive until now.

If I end up inheriting the throne instead of Nuphsa-niisan, the populace wouldn’t accept it, and the country would take an even more dangerous shape.

“…Right. You have thrown away the trust of the people. You went that far in order to protect me and yourself. They would surely not accept it even if we were to kill Nuphsa and Father.” (Hilmera)

This is weird.

I can establish a conversation.

Hilmera understands what I am trying to say.

How can she see things so calmly when she did something like kidnap me?

I have a bad feeling.

Maybe Hilmera is actually calm? Has she decided this is the best move while still calm?

“Then—” (Washekt)

“That’s why you just need to control them, Onii-sama.” (Hilmera)

“What…are you saying?” (Washekt)

“There’s no point in checking the countenance of the populace. There’s no need to gather support. We just need to make it so they can’t say such nonsense like Onii-sama being suitable or not being suitable to be king.” (Hilmera)

“Are you saying we should make them obey by force? That in itself is something that you and me—” (Washekt)

I couldn’t deny her further.

It is because I was certain after seeing the face of Hilmera.

She has the means to control Serende with power.

It is because she has that power that she is doing something like this.

Hilmera is planning on controlling this country by force when she doesn’t have influence on the soldiers.

I thought of one possibility and ended up connecting it to what has created this situation.

“Washekt-oniisama, I won’t let you dirty your hands. Please wait just a bit more in this room. That way…I can give you this kingdom.” (Hilmera)


Hilmera-sama came out from the room, closed the door with strength as if cutting off the words of Washekt-sama, and locked it just like that.

Her face was a bit clouded, but that’s most likely simply because she is feeling bad about locking up her beloved brother.

“I have to finish this as quickly as possible… I can’t have Onii-sama locked up in such a cramped place for several days. Murshto, come with me.” (Hilmera)

She suddenly called me and what she showed me was the kidnapped Washekt-sama.

And then, I heard something unbelievable through the door.

But Hilmera-sama moved to the treasury with a calm and composed look like normal.

She dismounted the painting of Washekt-sama that decorated the treasury room, and pulled on the latch.

The wall split and stairs leading underground showed up.

I was thinking of making light talk about there being a place like this, but even I could read the atmosphere enough to refrain from that.

There was a barrier placed in the middle of the stairs that people could cross, and the moment we went inside it, a strong stench stabbed my nostrils.

This is not just one or two people. It was also not left there for just 1 or 2 days.

There’s a room ahead.

Hilmera-sama injected mana into that magic stone and the state of the room was illuminated faintly.

There were countless corpses.

I would say there’s around dozens of them. There’s fresh corpses and also ones that are already all bones.

Now that I looked closely, there were several familiar faces.

The butler that quit his job and left the castle, the lookout…ah, isn’t this maid the one that greeted me yesterday?

“You are not as surprised as I thought.” (Hilmera)

“I am a bit surprised. This maid was a nice and diligent girl. Did she do something bad?” (Murshto)

“A pawn of Nuphsa. She was being an eyesore, checking my actions, so I used her as a pawn instead.” (Hilmera)

“…The reason why her arms are cut off?” (Murshto)

“She used them to carry Onii-sama to that room. A mere maid touched Onii-sama, so that much is natural.” (Hilmera)

When I reacted to the talk of Washekt-sama about the ruins, he grabbed my shoulders.

By that logic, both of my shoulders would be gone.

Let’s not tell her.

“Eek… Wait, hm? Such a person kidnapped Washekt-sama…?” (Murshto)

“As a refuge. A refuge.” (Hilmera)

“I don’t think she would help out in evacuating Washekt-sama though.” (Murshto)

“I did this.” (Hilmera)

Hilmera-sama pulled out one book from a bookshelf in the corner of the room.

It is a tattered book that has been read countless times, and has a whole lot of bookmarks.

Hilmera-sama opened one of the pages and cast a spell.

And then, the maid-san that should have been dead began to move, and the arms that should have been cut off began to regenerate in a warped fashion.

“Necromancy… The forbidden magic that destroyed Supine. I am impressed that you can use something like this…” (Murshto)

“I have been learning it seriously for around a decade, but it is not stable unless I use the book as an intermediary. Even if so, I managed to condense the things that Raheight taught me into my own style… Should I cut her arms one more time later?” (Hilmera)

I unconsciously sigh at the attitude she doesn’t try to hide at all.

This princess has been learning this inhumane magic since before she picked me up.

It seems like she was the helper of the demon that he was searching for.

She has been learning how to control the dead since she was 4 years old. There’s a limit to being precocious.

“Why are you showing me this?” (Murshto)

“I am thinking of controlling Serende with this power. I am planning on making the others get caught up in it no questions asked but, for you alone, I am going to let you choose. Are you going to fall together with me as my knight, or will you leave this country and pretend you didn’t see anything? You can choose whichever you please.” (Hilmera)

“…You didn’t think I would tell this to him?” (Murshto)

“You wouldn’t.” (Hilmera)

I don’t know about that.

If Hilmera-sama were to use necromancy to control Serende, a lot of people would surely die.

He is not someone who would be able to act like he didn’t see anything.

It would become a threat, so he would definitely try to obstruct the objective of Hilmera-sama.If I were to report this to him, he might be grateful towards me… It is a truly appealing future.

But…if I were asked whether I would actually do it…I probably wouldn’t.

“Letting me decide is unexpectedly half-baked of you, Hilmera-sama.” (Murshto)

“You would become the enemy of Envoy-sama if you were to come with me. I will at least let you decide whether you want to become the enemy of the person you love.” (Hilmera)

The correct answer I should choose is the path where I don’t betray either him or Hilmera-sama.

If I do that, both would be able to accept me after things end.

I remember my last meeting with him.

This man that respected the heart of people and tried to be humane…faked himself in order to act inhumane.

That’s without a doubt a side of him.

He felt bad about saying farewell to me even when he was in such a warped state.

I thought I was satisfied with just that.

I tried not to think about what would happen ahead for him.

Aah, this choice has made me greedy.

I should not think about it, not choose it. I tried my best to not notice it.

Excuses, escapes, justifications; my rationale was so weak that it would easily sway from those things, huh.

“…It is okay. I am your knight, so I will continue being your ally until the end.” (Murshto)

“….You really are different from me. We are both lunatics, and yet, the wishes that serve as our foundation are the complete opposite.” (Hilmera)

Hilmera-sama looked at my face and made a slightly sad expression.

I didn’t understand the meaning of it, but I thought that if we are going to be falling together, we should at least do that while smiling together.

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