LS – Chapter 147: The one to grow senile next

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In the study of Gestaf Heriodora, all of the furniture is old, but they are looked after carefully. 

It is a room without much decoration, but you could say it is a space that’s ideal for the ones who like silence. 

Gestaf grabbed a book that was on top of a desk deep in the room and returned it to the bookshelf. 

“The youngster just now seems to have noticed my presence.” 

A synthesized voice that’s hard to tell whether it comes from a man or a woman resonated in the study. 

Gestaf is aware that this spell is used to hide one’s identity like the invisibility spell, but his ears that could be said are the symbol of him being a demi-human moved slightly as if showing displeasure towards that sound. 

The space swayed and a new person showed up in the study. 

That person was wearing a white robe covering his whole body and was wearing a flat mask that doesn’t even have holes to see through. 

“He is my right arm; a guy whose brain doesn’t turn much, but he is more reliable than anyone in the places where he is reliable. If you don’t want what’s below that mask to be seen through, you better not make contact with him carelessly.” (Gestaf)

“So it seems, but you don’t have any intention of having that right arms of yours hear this?” 

“He is not the type that’s good at hiding things. Giving unnecessary information to him and even becoming shackles would ruin his worth.” (Gestaf)

“That Gestaf Heriodora seems to be pretty attached to one person. Looks like you have picked up something good.” 

“That goes for you too. You seem to be pretty interested in that guy.” (Gestaf)

“We can worry about that stuff when things have wrapped up. Let’s move to the main topic.” 

The expression of Gestaf turns one notch more serious. 

For him, this plan has been a long lasting ambition since his ancestors, and it is also his biggest hurdle in life. 

“The people that seized the Blue Demon Lord are apparently cooperating with King Zenotta and investigating inside the guilds.” (Gestaf)

“So it seems.” 

“They have already noticed me, Robito, and Chenias. Why did you tell us that?” (Gestaf)

“So they have gotten that far. I see, so it wasn’t sheer luck that managed to corner Raheight twice, huh.” 

“So you won’t answer my question?!” 

Gestaf slammed his desk hard, but there’s no one in this study who would falter at this outrage.

“Is there any point in telling you? This plan is the long desire of your family. We have been acting with the utmost caution already.” 

“I could have at least had Hasa pull back. I am now one man less because of your mistake.” (Gestaf)

“It is a necessary sacrifice if we were to consider the possibility of Raheight slipping away.” 

“Squirming your way out… What are you going to do? At this rate, there’s a 90% chance of things reaching the end with our backs bared.” (Gestaf)

“Got cold feet? If you are stepping down, I will simply prepare other helpers.” 

“Who said is going to step down?” (Gestaf)

“Figures. The ambitions of the Heriodora household run deep compared to the Morganais household and Goshunait household. You are the last demi-human royalty bloodline after all.” 

The humans and demi-humans that were fighting each other joined hands at the time when the Demon Lords appeared. 

But most of the demi-humans chose to run away at that time. 

The instincts of the demi-humans who have the blood of animals mixed in them was sharp, so they noticed sooner than the humans that they had no chance of winning. 

The reality was that it was impossible for the humans and demi-humans to stop the invasion of the Demon Lords. 

But the only exception showed up, which was the Hero Yugura.

Yugura showed the abnormal strength of defeating all Demon Lords alone and brought peace to the world swiftly. 

The Heriodora household is the only demi-human royalty that didn’t run away, but the evaluation of the humans towards the demi-humans had lowered to a remarkable degree. 

They were not persecuted compared to the warring era because of Yugura showing up, but they couldn’t avoid the cold reception. 

Yugura gave the people that remained and fought the right to rule the continent and solidified the powers of each nation. 

The name of the Heriodora household was not mentioned within those. 

Even so, the Heriodora household did their best to not be buried in the shadows of history. 

They started a guild and tried to maintain their authority in a different way from a country, but that didn’t go well either. 

A faction war began between other guilds, and Riodo hasn’t been able to grasp hegemony until now. 

Worse yet, the way of being of the guilds began to change with the flow of time. 

The tides of power supremacy grew more remarkable, with the stronger ones being the ones that lead the guild, and the family members of the guild founders driven away to being advisors. 

They will most likely lose even their current position in a few more generations. 

The heartfelt ambition left by his father, grandfather, my ancestors, and himself have been inheriting that chagrin.

“I ain’t suited to be royalty. No, gone are those days for the Heriodora household. That’s exactly why we have to end this cycle.” (Gestaf)

There’s the need to leave these regrets for posterity as lineage of demi-human royalty. But causing grief to your own descendants due to this is something that must be avoided. 

The resurrection of the Demon Lords is a chance of a lifetime. The chaos of the countries is the opportunity to obtain the past glory. 

People obtained power through history. The nations should be able to put up a good fight even against Demon Lords as it is now. 

But they would come out unscathed. It would also be difficult to provide assistance. 

They will aim for that opening. 

“Judging from your state, it doesn’t look like you will be as pathetic as being the first one to tap out. King Zenotta cannot put a hand on us as of present.” 

“How can you say that with confidence?” (Gestaf)

“If they were to suddenly do something like seizing the guild advisors without any evidence, the public will cast doubts upon King Zenotta. Also, in order to intervene in our actions, they would need to publicize the reality that Demon Lords have resurrected.” 

“If they wanted to eliminate the worrying elements, I think sending assassins would work though.” (Gestaf)

“That king isn’t capable of that. But if King Zenotta…no, the nations were to publicize the reality that the Demon Lords have resurrected, we would have to move to the next step too.” 

“That’s true.” (Gestaf)

“But be careful of the movements of the Yugura Church. King Zenotta is one thing, but Archbishop Seraes is not someone we can lower our guard against. Well, that Archbishop is directing his gaze at the resident of Yugura’s planet though. The chances of the sparks flying our way is low.” 

“So what we will be doing in the end is to maintain the status quo.” (Gestaf)

“That’s right. Just boldly amass your strength. We will do the preparations to capitulate them.” 

“That sounds like an invitation to betray us.” (Gestaf)

“It may be possible for us to be disappointed in you guys, but there’s no need to betray you. Our objective is to search for people to begin with after all.” 

“I still find that reason ridiculous no matter how many times I hear it when we are trying to overthrow nations here.” (Gestaf)

The price for laying the groundwork to steal away the nations for Gestaf and the others was a grand search on the settlements of the humans and demi-humans living in the territories of the nations. 

But there’s a variety of details that haven’t been revealed as of present. 

What kind of people they are searching, the total amount, and the reason for the search. 

“We are not messing around. This is something necessary for us…for all of humanity.” 

“It is because that statement of yours is not a lie that makes it even creepier. If you are searching for people, you could just go through the traditional method of negotiating with the rulers of the nations.” (Gestaf)

“I have said this before, but the hands of the Yugura Church have been wrapped around the countries as of present. It is a matter that can’t be trusted to people who blindly accept Yugura.” 

“You seem to hate the hero a lot.” (Gestaf)

“I think I have already told you people about the sins of Yugura to a certain degree though.” 

“The talk about Yugura being the very person to create Demon Lords, huh.” (Gestaf)

“That’s right. That’s the undeniable truth. Even if the nations protecting the position of the Yugura Church were to publicize the reality that the Demon Lords have resurrected, they definitely won’t bring out the hidden sin of Yugura.” 

“Of course they wouldn’t be able to say it. If they did, the Yugura Church itself would be done for.” (Gestaf)

If the reputation of the Yugura Church falls to the ground, it would also lower the trust of the countries that have widely accepted the Yugura Church. 

If they were to try and eliminate Gestaf and the others forcefully, they would have to be prepared to reveal this. 

In the case that that happens, even if they manage to restrain Gestaf and the others, a new force would rise to overthrow the nations. 

“They have no choice but to take the defensive. We would just have to bring it to a point where we just need one move to overturn it all. Meaning that they can’t put their hands on us carelessly.” 

“There’s the possibility we are already under their surveillance. I planned on refusing if you were to tell me to move right now anyways.” (Gestaf)

“If you draw too much attention, we will be the ones dealing with you guys. We will prepare a new communication method. That’s all.” 

After saying this, the one in front of him disappeared from sight with invisibility again. 

Gestaf saw this off and lit up a cigar. 

“…That’s how it is. Got it, Haakudoku?” (Gestaf)


“…That’s how it is. Got it, Haakudoku?” 

The mysterious voice and the voice of Bro rang while I was cleaning the basement. 

I was wondering what kind of joke this was at first, but it seems like it was a conversation between the guy of just now and Bro. 

“You might not understand it just yet, so I will explain it to you. My residence has a number of hidden tricks. One of them activates this when I put back a book I have on my desk back to the bookshelf. It is normally a measure taken to check the state of intruders though.” (Gestaf)

Aah, there’s a rule in the study of Bro that is: ‘you must not move the location of the books’. So that’s why. 

Normally, no one is allowed in the basement. 

So all of that was for the sake of this, huh… That’s impressive. I don’t understand how it works at all.

“Man, that’s impressive, Bro!” (Haaku)

“By the way, it is one-way. Your voice won’t reach here as long as you don’t let out a stupidly loud voice.” (Gestaf)

“Ah, is that so.” (Haaku)

So he can see right through me. As expected of Bro. 

But why did he do something like that all of a sudden? 

“Your face is saying you want to know the reason. Your ability to detect danger is outstanding, but your ability to process a crisis is garbage. But there’s no doubt you are the one who can move at once when push comes to shove. There’s a limit to what you can do if you just move at random without knowing the situation. Take in as much information as possible from a step back; if you do that, your instincts will allow you to escape more easily in the correct path.” (Gestaf)

So Bro did this for my sake. 

Right. Even if I were to rely on Instinct-sama without knowing anything, I would just face tragedy just like the time when I met that man. 

I just have to leave my future to Instinct-sama. But Bro is telling me not to just rely on that. 

He is telling me to do my due diligence in order for Instinct-sama to lead me more easily. 

“Understood! I will do my best!” (Haaku)

“Do the cleaning too, okay? This will be your spot for the near future when guests show up after all.” (Gestaf)

I heard this and looked around the basement. 

A dim room with only the light of the candles, stuff packed with dust that hasn’t been organized, cobwebs and mouse excrement; this is a shithole. 

Why is no one cleaning this place up?! 

“I didn’t open the basement because I didn’t want others to know about the hidden mechanism. It is because it was so dirty I didn’t feel like cleaning it. Do your best.” (Gestaf)

“Thanks for your input… No worries. I just have to clean it bit by bit, and it will eventually be even more comfortable than my room!” (Haaku)

Living in a basement is pretty exciting! Well, I don’t plan on living here at all though. 

I would be lower than third rate if I were to make excuses like their information didn’t enter my head because the room was too dirty. 

I roll up my sleeves and hype myself up. Now then, let’s do this! 

First, this dirty cloth seems to be made from a nice material, so let’s wash this first. Twist twist. 

“Ah, Instinct-sama is reacting—” (Haaku)

An avalanche of off-balanced packed boxes attacked me. 


King Zenotta is making an extremely amusing face. 

I was thinking about reporting to the king already, so I have come to the Kuama Castle. I am explaining to him the fact that the guild advisors are trying to overthrow the countries. 

“This is quite the alarming situation… We can’t put a hand on it carelessly.” (Zenotta)

“They are simply increasing the power of their faction as of present after all. We can’t move without clear evidence.” 

Information from us of the 3rd Faction can’t be used as proof. 

If it were to be made public that they have obtained the cooperation of a faction that has 3 Demon Lords in their camp, the reputation of King Zenotta would take a nosedive. 

There might even be people who would stand with the reason ‘Don’t forgive a king that allows Demon Lords!’.

“…What should we do?” (Zenotta)

“I am happy that you are relying on us, but the king of Taizu would try to think for a bit more, you know?” 

“It would be troubling for me if you were to compare me to the Wise King. In the first place, the king of a foreign country is the king of a foreign country; it is natural for there to be differences.” (Zenotta)

What a praiseworthy personality this King Zenotta has. 

“Did you not consult with Archbishop Seraes?” 

“He is currently working on a different matter. He is organizing a team in preparation for the invasion of the Scarlet Demon Lord. The Yugura Church is affiliated mainly to Mejis, but it would be better for the clergy to be in all nations after all.” (Zenotta)

All parties need a healer.

No, wait, has there ever been a healer-like person within the Yugura Church until now? 

All of them felt more like damage dealers.

“They can’t move until the Scarlet Demon Lord moves anyways. At this rate, they will be taking the initiative whenever they please.” 

“If we were to reinforce the defenses of the capital…” (Zenotta)

“The neighboring settlements would be trampled by the Scarlet Demon Lord. You won’t be able to spare any if we consider his army the same level as the one of the Blue Demon Lord.” 

“We can’t clash Demon Lords with Demon Lords?” (Zenotta)

“I have had the Blue Demon Lord seal the use of the inhumane necromancy, so her fighting capability has dropped a whole ton; the Purple Demon Lord had her main force wiped out just recently; the Gold Demon Lord has the main force of Gahne and no private army.” 

Purple has a decent amount of devils remaining, but it is most definitely impossible to stop the army of the Scarlet Demon Lord from the front with just low and intermediate rank monsters. 

“What about the strength of the Demon Lords themselves?” (Zenotta)

“The 3 of them would lose one on one against Ilias here.” 

Ilias nodded. She is looking strangely proud about this.

“Humanity has gotten strong…” (Zenotta)

“Hey, don’t drift off.” 

“We can’t put our hands on them, and if they were to take the initiative, it would be trouble. Do you not have any good suggestions?” (Zenotta)

“If you were to use that splendid sword you have on your waist against the oncoming adventurers, things will be solved wonderfully.” 

“That would be one for history, but my sword is for decoration. It looks good, so I have it on my waist, but my back got strained the other day because of it, you see.” (Zenotta)

“I am impressed you tried to siege us with that.” 

“Well…I thought it was over already.” (Zenotta)

I feel like this guy would get along just dandy with Gold. 

But it would definitely be a greater pain if they were to work together, so I should try to make it so they don’t meet each other.

“First, we should make public the information that the Scarlet Demon Lord has resurrected. Taizu, Mejis, and Gahne will make it public sooner or later anyways.” 

“Right. The people have gotten pretty uneasy with the invasion of the Blue Demon Lord already. We should give them a bit of information before they begin to speculate blindly.” (Zenotta)

“Also, talk about the 3rd Faction while at it.” 

“…Is that okay?” (Zenotta)

“I would like you to refrain from giving my information, but they will most likely have less to worry about if they know that 3 of the Demon Lords are already neutral.” 

Of course, the civilians won’t be so foolish as to just swallow this and be relieved with that. 

Even so, it should be possible to reduce the chances of inviting panic compared to just releasing the information that the Scarlet Demon Lord is trying to attack.

“Umu, got it. As for the official announcement, I will contact the other kings and decide on a day. And so, any specific suggestions?” (Zenotta)

“I do, but the idea is pretty out there.” 

“Out there… Can you tell me?” (Zenotta)

And so, I explain the plan I have thought of to King Zenotta. 

Ilias is also listening by my side. 

When I finished, the two warped their faces nicely. 

“…That’s nasty. Are the residents of Yugura’s planet always thinking about stuff like that?” (Zenotta)

“I can’t deny that. Yugura was pretty out there too.” 

“But…it is true that it would be effective… No, no…” (Zenotta)

“It is alright, King Zenotta.” 

“I feel nothing alright about this though.” (Zenotta)

“No, I am just saying there’s no need for you to worry about it since the means have been left to me.” 

“…Alright, I heard nothing. I have to go do my upright work!” (Zenotta)

This old man is in a sense more suitable for politics than Marito. 

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