LS – Chapter 88: You are talking too much to start with

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“I would like to have a one-on-one against Fokudulkura as per agreement, but…how about some tea before that?” (Purple)

This was the proposal of the Purple Demon Lord, and I agreed to it. 

I told my close acquaintances to act as usual due to the match against Fokudulkura, so they are currently in the capital. 

The match is supposed to be set by evening, but it is not even the time for snacks yet. 

I considered the possibility of him running away, but I doubt he would be able to run away from the Purple Demon Lord.

And so, we are killing time here by having some tea. 

We are relaxing in the guest room with Ekdoik and the Gold Demon Lord.

“Even so, ya have gotten pretty bold, having tea at the fort of Purple, Ser.” (Gold)

“It doesn’t change the fact that it is a dangerous place, but she seems to be the type that follows the rules like you, Gold Demon Lord. I trust her on that front for now.” 

“Of course. Contrary to humans, there’s only a handful of Demon Lords. Breaking a promise is the same as losing your trust from all Demon Lords. The only ones who wouldn’t suffer from this would be Black and Colorless.” (Gold)

On Earth, it is easy to throw your will and words towards someone you haven’t met directly. 

The amount of people you can get involved with is outstandingly high. Even if your relationship with one person is exacerbated, it doesn’t become that much of a problem. 

It has actually become a world where they say ‘and what of it?’ and turn it around instead. 

But when the setting is narrowed, like your workplace, somewhere within your jurisdiction, inside the school, inside your classroom, you become more sensitive towards maintaining your human relationships. 

You become more careful towards people who will be looking after you in the future or people who would be directly involved in a disadvantageous manner.

Of course, there’s people who don’t bother about human relationships even with that, giving birth to bullying, isolation, and internal cliques. 

One of the biggest reasons would be that you don’t think of the other party as a threat. 

To bring out an extreme example; there’s no person who would hurl insults towards someone who is pointing a gun at you when they don’t see a chance for victory. 

It is not like there’s no precedent, but such people already had their survival instincts as living beings broken. 

That goes the same for the community called Demon Lords. 

The people who obtained special powers from Yugura and can bring about massive influence on the world. They are immortal, so it is hard to eliminate each other.

Losing their trust completely would mean having an eternal enemy.

Even the Purple Demon Lord who seeks stimulation tried to have a confrontation with the Gold Demon Lord, but tried not to make the other Demon Lords her enemies. 

That’s how confined their relationship is and how big its influence is. 

However, looking at it from a different perspective, you could say the Purple Demon Lord has normal levels of danger management. 

The difference this makes is big. 

“Now, sorry for the wait? I brought the tea and snacks, you know?” (Purple)

The Purple Demon Lord came with a big tray in one hand together with Dyuvuleori. 

There’s a tea set on top of the tray and a basket. 

Dyuvuleori swiftly finished preparations and the table was ready to be used. 

Mine and the Gold Demon Lord’s share was made. Ekdoik refused it beforehand. 

Simple sweets and tea. Sugar hasn’t been used, so there’s a red liquid that seems like jam at the side. 

But the shape is somewhat warped. I don’t see many burnt spots though… Could it possibly be…

“I did my best making it, you know? Enjoy?” (Purple)

“Handmade, huh…” 

The competition from before surfaced in my mind. That said, I don’t feel like it will turn into as much of a tragedy as before. 

I dip the baked pastry on what looks like jam and take a bite. 

There’s barely any taste on the baked pastry, but the sweetness of the jam is pretty strong instead. 

But it is not a taste that can’t be eaten. It is normal.

“…It is sweet.” 

“Have it together with tea, okay?” (Purple)

Being told this, I took a sip of the tea, and mellowed out the way too sweet jam. 

The Gold Demon Lord was watching my state carefully, most likely wary of this, but after judging it could be eaten normally, she began to eat just like me. 

“How is it? I would like your opinion without any lies, okay?” (Purple)

“It is not bad. I won’t say it is extremely tasty, but it does make me feel grateful to be served this at tea time.” 

“You bastard, what’s with that attitude?!” (Dyuvuleori)

“Dyuvuleori, I didn’t tell you it is okay for you to speak, you know?” (Purple)

The Purple Demon Lord reprimanded Dyuvuleori who bursted in indignation. It wasn’t that good of an evaluation, but she seems to be pretty satisfied.

“But you have progressed quite a lot compared to last time. You must have worked hard.” 

“…Yeah, thanks.” (Purple)

It has been 3 days since the match. Considering that she went from a taste that would knock out Great Devils to an edible taste, this is impressive growth. 

I would like to praise her just from the fact that she doesn’t consider her lack of ability to cook as a personal trait contrary to other people. 

“Hey, isn’t this one’s share strangely lacking? The shape is also more warped.” (Gold)

“Be grateful that I am even bringing out any for you, okay? Or do you want me to bring out the share that I had the devils dispose of?” (Purple)

Looks like she managed to get to this point thanks to the devils disposing of the rest. I salute the valiant efforts of the staff members inside my heart.

“So, who are you guys planning on choosing to fight Fokudulkura?” (Purple)

“I am a bit troubled by it. I did find a weak point to the disguise, but a battle is a different story. Their base capabilities would be lined up and the difference in mana would be increased with the Pawn Mask.” 

According to the analysis of Ekdoik, the ones who currently can compete in mana with a Great Devil strengthened by the Pawn Mask are Ilias, Wolfe, Lord Ragudo, and Gradona. 

If even their techniques are equal, then it will turn into a battle of attrition with the mana being the defining factor, but I doubt Fokudulkura doesn’t have countermeasures for that.

“Wait. If he becomes me, I can make it a battle between frail humans where you can’t rely on mana.” 

“Ser, wouldn’t it be fine for him to not transform in that scenario?” (Gold)


I am embarrassed that I thought for a second it was a good idea. I managed to get through that with a serious face, so let’s say I am safe here. 

“I will be changing the topic here, but is the name Yukari a word that was taught to you by Yugura Nariya?” 

“Yugura can still be heard around, but it has been a while since I have heard the word Nariya, you know? If I remember correctly, it is a word in your world that denotes purple, right?” (Purple)

“Yeah, it can also be read as four though. What way of calling would you like?” 

“I hold no attachment towards the name Yugura taught me. You can call me Purple or Purple Demon Lord, you know?” (Purple)

“I see, I will do that then.” 

“Now that I think about it, using that name in a land where the resident of Yugura’s planet is in was way too careless, huh?” (Purple)

“I was almost sure with that after all. Your actual name is something else, right?”

“Yeah, but we Demon Lords don’t have names, you know? We disappeared from history along with our memories of it as payment for the resurrection magic, you know?” (Purple)

Hmm, a new piece of information. 

Resurrection magic revives the dead and makes them Demon Lords. 

So at the same time as they become immortal, they also lose their original name, huh… This is that, isn’t it? 

“Meaning that Enticement can’t be used on Demon Lords, huh.” 

“That’s right. But in exchange, Yugura gave me detailed knowledge about that power, you know?” (Purple)

She must be referring to the Pawn Mask that can draw out the power of the monsters. Increasing the power by two ranks is massive, but it doesn’t compare to the original ability she was given.

It is still super strong though.

“If you become my demon, I will provide you with a Pawn Mask that has no restrictions, you know?” (Purple)

“What decides this will be our competition… So no restrictions means that I would be able to wear it?” 

“Yeah. The Great Devils are not obedient, you see? So I have adjusted the power of the Pawn Mask so they are at least loyal, you know?” (Purple)

“I feel like that restriction is loose on Dyuvuleori.” 

“Yeah, Dyuvuleori is an obedient Great Devil that immediately agreed to my call. Regardless of the emotions behind it, I evaluate him highly for his loyalty. That’s why the only one who can draw out the greatest power from the Pawn Mask is Dyuvuleori, you know?” (Purple)

So that’s where I felt there was a difference in levels between the Great Devils.

And he is currently standing here as the bodyguard of the Purple Demon Lord. His swift decision benefited him, huh. 

We will end up clashing with Dyuvuleori at the end. We need to be prepared for that. 


It is past evening. We are once again outside the ramparts. 

The one who will be facing Fokudulkura will be Rakura. 

I was troubled by many things here, so I consulted with Rakura at the moment, and she gave me the light answer: ‘That’s not a big deal though?’.

I thought ‘is that true?’ and ended up choosing Rakura. The person herself didn’t want to work, so we reached an agreement with me promising her to cook Earth dishes for her once. 

Fokudulkura is showing wariness towards her, most likely because he knows that she has defeated Beglagud. 

On the other hand, there’s Rakura yawning. 

I did explain to her about the Pawn Mask and his special ability, but the person in question made an uncaring face.

The Purple Demon Lord isn’t showing much change, but I can tell that the gaze Dyuvuleori is directing to Rakura is that of information collecting. 

Then there’s one who is directing burning eyes at her. It goes without saying that that’s Ekdoik. 

“You are the woman that defeated Beglagud, huh. If I defeat you, I not only will be able to raise my reputation, but it would also be easier to control the land that Beglagud left. Let’s have you die cruelly.” (Fokudulkura)

“Hah, is that so.” (Rakura)

“Now then, both sides, get ready! Start!” (Dyuvuleori)

The very moment Dyuvuleori signaled to start, Fokudulkura took distance and directed the mirror at his back towards Rakura. 

A flash happened for an instant, and then, he transformed into an appearance that wasn’t any different from Rakura. 

“Hooh, your body is feeble, but the flow of your mana is fearsomely fast. The times you can use purification spells and their quality is splendid too! I see, with this, being able to defeat Beglagud is—” (Fokudulkura)

That was as far as he spoke, as  his body transformed into Rakura was sliced in two. 

It is the slicing technique using barriers of Rakura that she specializes in. 

“—Eh, wait a—” (Fokudulkura)

Maybe he tried to beg for his life? But I could see lines running through his whole body before he could say anything.

I averted my gaze, not wanting to see a familiar face minced. 

There wasn’t even a scream of pain. Only the faint sound of minced meat falling on the ground.

“Having it die in human form is unpleasant. Ah, he returned to normal.” (Rakura)

I hesitantly looked back after hearing this and there was smoke coming out from the place where Fokudulkura was most likely at. The moment when some sort of remains were disappearing. 

Everyone was speechless. 

A Great Devil had perished in just a few seconds. 

Rakura came back while stretching. 

“I am done, Counselor-sama. Now, I will have you keep your promise, okay?!” (Rakura)

“Y-Yeah. Even so, you didn’t show any hesitation despite him being transformed in you.” 

“If he is going to transform into me, I just have to defeat him swiftly with a speed I wouldn’t be able to block. He turned his back towards me in a serious deathmatch and even monologued carelessly after transforming.” (Rakura)

Rakura then told me that she immediately set a giant barrier after Fokudulkura took distance. 

And after transforming, she swiftly divided him in two, and once she confirmed that he wasn’t moving, she drew even more lines inside and dissected him. 

That’s all.

Because of the shock of having his body bisected, Fokudulkura lost the concentration to form magic to resist this, and died just like that without being able to do anything.

She could have finished it before the transformation, but there’s also the job of confirming the body after transformation, and his body defenses would lower with that, so she purposely let him transform.

The strength of Rakura is not only in the speed of her magic, the quality, and the quantity.

She shows absolutely no hesitation on her decisions in battle. She doesn’t swing her weapon after thinking of killing, she swings her weapon while thinking about killing. 

Moreover, even though she defeated a Great Devil, she isn’t too flustered or on edge. 

She processed it as having defeated a slightly more resilient monster. 

I now understand clearly how she doesn’t have memories of having defeated Beglagud. 

If you defeat them in an instant like this, of course it wouldn’t remain in your memory. She just processed it as work without observing or talking. 

Even if Fokudulkura had the same specs and surpasses her in mana, their realms as combatants are completely different. 

“What’s the matter, Counselor-sama?” (Rakura)

“Nothing. Do you have any requests?” 

“I want to eat that thing made of tuber! What was the name…? Pu-something!” (Rakura)

“Puree. I can’t make that one without butter. I will make it some time later.” 

“Yaaay!” (Rakura)

Rakura also showed surprising results the other day with the cave leading to the black wolfkin village. 

To the point where even Lord Leano, who would say ‘women should stand back’, was left speechless too. 

She might be above even Ilias in terms of her spirit in battle. 

The evaluation of Rakura might have been a bit higher if she were to spare that concentration on other places too, but…the person has no interest in fame and social standing, and no motivation, so it can’t be helped.

I will at least do my best to secretly increase her fame to a degree that’s fitting of her ability. 

Ekdoik had his arms crossed as he nodded over and over. We have managed to show almost all the other Great Devils the strength of Rakura who defeated Beglagud. 

Her fame within the human realm will be a task for the future, but the standing of Beglagud in the Mejis Nether would be that he was defeated by someone who managed to even defeat in an instant a Great Devil with a Pawn Mask equipped. 

At the very least, there won’t be anyone who can make fun of Beglagud himself.

Isn’t that great, Ekdoik?

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