LS – Chapter 340: Thus, come again

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The people who have inherited the mana of the Demon Lord densely sometimes obtain supernatural powers that can interfere with the laws of the world. 

The self-evolution power of Zahava that matches the Strife of the Scarlet Demon Lord, the heat generation of Ofaro that can reach the heat of the sun, and also the Unique Monsters that have their own supernatural powers; these powers can’t be recreated at a moment’s notice with your normal mana strengthening and magic. 

But they can wield them as their own talent. 

They understand the necessary procedures instinctively, and utilize it without the need for the knowledge. 

The talents of the Illegitimate are similar, but the supernatural powers feel more monster-like from an outside perspective. 

That’s right, just like Lazarikata.

“So pathetic, Green Lord. Aah, I have wanted to see that appearance of yours for so so so long. I have been dreaming of this sight.” 

Lazarikata was looking down on Green Lord who had lost both legs and an arm. 

A sight that you wouldn’t be able to imagine before no matter how much you tried. 

The Taizu Nether is a hellscape where gigantic plants grow thickly. Even if you send monsters to invade the place stupidly sincerely, it is easy to imagine that they would be burned down by the dragons in the Taizu Nether, eaten, and it would turn into a massacre. 

As long as you can eliminate Green Lord and his demon, the coordination of the monsters will turn to zero, and you will be able to cross almost without interruption. 

And so, me and Lazarikata pushed  through the monsters here, and we both raided the castle of Green Lord. 

The castle had Niruryates and the people of Taizu. 

But Green Lord ordered them to step back and he stood forward alone. 

Well, Lazarikata told me not to do anything unnecessary, so it was pretty much a one-on-one though. 

And so, Lazarikata is now looking down at Green Lord. 

Green Lord is monstrous himself, but Lazarikata really has become strong enough to be able to make him fall on his knees. 

“…A sight like this one was your dream? What a cheap dream.” (Green)

“And what a bad loser you are. But I am looking forward to seeing for how long you can keep up that snarky tongue of yours.” (Lazari)

Green Lord attacked. 

The plants around reacted to his mana and rushed towards Lazarikata with rapid evolution. 

It is normal for plants to not move and just be beings that are hunted down by humans one-sidedly. 

But there’s no doubt that they would be a threat if they have will and smash you with their overwhelming mass. 

Even if you slash them with your sword, stab them with your spear, the wave of plants that feel no pain won’t stop. 

On the contrary, they would wrap around that attack and swallow you easily. 

“…Bend. It is impossible for mere plants to touch me.” (Lazari)

The words of Lazarikata violate the space. 

The plants that carried the hostility of Green Lord split apart as if they were avoiding Lazarikata, and smashed onto the wall at the back. 

Green Lord saw this, deployed more mana to his surroundings, and tried to follow the attack, but the words of Lazarikata, who was watching this with scorn, reached him faster. 

“Remaining arm, tear the skin, crush the bones, and mince every part of your flesh.” (Lazari)


The arm that was supporting the body of Green Lord exploded from an invisible power. 

The body of Green Lord that had lost its support fell, and his blood flowed to the surroundings. 

The pleased smile of Lazarikata warped even further when she saw this. 

“I introduced myself before, right? I am Lazarikata, the cruel reality that pushes onto the weak beings. Do you think you can be my opponent just from controlling mere plants?” (Lazari)

The power of Lazarikata is to corrode reality with her words and change it. 

It is the absolute superior version of the Tongue of Control of Dyuvuleori. 

No matter if it is a person or matter, Lazarikata can create phenomena with her words. 

There’s a lot of restrictions and also has a weak point, but it is a convenient power to overwhelm humans as a monster. 

That said, we are dealing with Green Lord here. 

“Stupid child’s play.” (Green)

New flesh grows from both of Green Lord’s crushed arms and legs. That quickly took human shape and turned into torn clothes. 

The regeneration rate looks like it is on the same level as a demon, but the power that Yugura granted Green Lord was Prosperity: the power to rule over the growth of living beings. 

It is different from the body of demons that are constructed with mana. It has regenerated its matter completely. 

Or more like, how do you evolve meat to turn it into clothes? I am a bit curious about that. 

Green Lord stood up as if nothing happened and brushed his knees lightly. 

There’s not even a trace of the blood that was flowing just now. 

Did he retrieve it or did he make it melt into the ground? Whichever the case, he is a clean freak. 

“Stupid child’s play…you say?” (Lazari)

“Your supernatural power interferes with the laws of the world, ignores those laws, and pushes your own reality. Even if you get the result you imagine, you can’t even explain the inner workings of it. What else would you call pushing the ideals of a child other than child’s play?” (Green)

“! That talkative tongue is unnecessary. Worthless tongue, turn into deadly poison and flow into the body!” (Lazari)

Green color blood flows down from the mouth of Green Lord, but he spits that out without changing his expression one bit. 

The liquid he spit out was clearly poison, but it doesn’t look like it is flowing in the body of Green Lord.

“Let’s think of it as something that corrodes you just from touching it instead of just from swallowing it. That said, it is out of the question just from the fact that you think you are dealing with someone that poison works on.” (Green)


His tongue has obviously regenerated, so he can speak as if it were natural. 

Well, that just now was simply stupid. 

Poison throws the functions of the body in disarray. There’s no way it would work on Green Lord who can tinker with his body. 

If you are going to do that, you have to go as far as changing all of his brain into a venomous substance. Even smearing stinky liquid on his tongue would be more effective. 

The humans of Taizu that were watching from behind are a lot less nervous now. 

Niruryates was relaxed from the very beginning. 

“You introduced yourself pretty grandly there, so I had my expectations, but… Colorless, how long are you planning on babysitting?” (Green)

“I have no intention of being overprotective. I will move when she is in tears.” (Colorless)

Green Lord’s attention was directed at me a long time ago. 

He is showing disgust and anger in droves. 

I know the reason why, but look at Lazarikata a bit more.

“What’s with you? Are you ignoring me? There should be a limit to being conceited! Throat, be gouged! Eyes, melt! Entrails, tear apart completely!” (Lazari)

Invisible teeth gouged the throat of Green Lord, invisible liquid melted his eyes, and there’s the gory sound of the insides of Green Lord being torn to smithereens. 

A normal human would obviously die… But Lazarikata, that’s a Demon Lord. 

A monster that has reached the laws of the world after being given power by Yugura just like Black Sis. 

He is at the very least the strongest man on the enemy side in this time’s battle. 

“Not even worth the talk. You see my regeneration ability, and yet, you are not trying to hamper it, and instead throw a tantrum with the same actions. Stop my thoughts by destroying my brain, hamper my mana to take away its functions; use your own power to its fullest at least, you incompetent fool.” (Green)

“?! Bend! Don’t touch me, you insignificant plants!” (Lazari)

The plants that retaliated while regenerating were stopped by Lazarikata immediately. 

But well, he has stabbed at her weak point. 

“Who is the incompetent fool? You are just repeating the same attacks that don’t wo—” (Lazari)

A sharp attack pierced the throat of Lazarikata. 

It was a fragment of the rampart that was destroyed by the plants of Green Lord. 

It is an attack that was thrown by the plants with will. 

Well, basically, it wasn’t a plant. 

The power of Lazarikata is convenient, but it lacks the ability to deal with sudden developments. 

She needs to deal with them by forming words, so if you hit her with an attack that she didn’t expect without giving her a chance to talk, it will hit her completely. 

“I said you are an incompetent fool. I am obviously referring to you.” (Green)

“—Ah, ga…guh?!” 

Lazarikata took out the fragment and tried to regenerate the wound, but it seems like she finally noticed that the recovery of her wounds is slow. 

The place where the fragment was at had flowers leaking poisonous nectar blooming there. 

The fragment that stabbed into the throat of Lazarikata had the poison nectar too, and it was sticking to it thickly.

Poison that throws the mana flow out of control also works on demons in a way. 

That said, you can deal with it by targeting that spot before the poison circulates, but right now the throat of Lazarikata is drenched stickily with poisonous nectar. 

Your regeneration will be hampered the whole time if you don’t hurry and wipe it off, you know? 

“Oi oi, please don’t take away her ability to plead for help.” (Colorless)

“Guh… Ga…aaah!” 

Lazarikata clawed at her throat in the face of the approaching plants. 

It is great that you have at least that much spirit, but it kills my appetite. 

She managed to get the nectar around her throat off, so she regained her original regeneration as a demon. She swiftly regenerated her throat and strung words. 

“Everything that’s harmful, don’t approach me! Don’t touch me!” (Lazari)

The plants strayed, and the fragments that were flying her way from the shadows changed trajectory as if repelled by an invisible wall. 

Green Lord didn’t move a single brow even after seeing that. And then there’s the contrast with Lazarikata who is glaring at him with bloodshot eyes. 

“That’s all you have even though you had an advantage of centuries? On top of that, you were so conceited with just that much power. I would like to praise my past self for rejecting you.” (Green)

“Green Lord…!” (Lazari)

The demons took their respective actions when Black Sis was sealed by Yugura. 

Zahava waited for the resurrection of Black Sis while hating Yugura, and Ofaro shut himself deep in the Nether alone.

I don’t know if Ofaro had the intention, but the demons pretty much took actions that would allude to waiting for the resurrection of Black Sis. 

But Lazarikata alone moved for her own self-preservation. 

She headed to the Taizu Nether, and requested Green Lord to join his ranks. 

For Lazarikata, who has an esteemed bloodline, Green Lord, who has actual royal lineage, must have been more desirable for her than Black Sis who was just the overseer of a village. 

Well, she was rejected and chased off though. 

The prideful Lazarikata begrudged Green Lord, and didn’t make contact with the other Demon Lords since then because of this experience. 

She didn’t try to serve anyone after awakening and getting power, and was expanding her territory in the Serende Nether where she can give orders to monsters, but…she neglected polishing her own power. 

“I won’t criticize having the desire to improve yourself…but your desire lies solely on standing above others. This is all it amounts to in the future of someone who doesn’t even see ahead of themselves.” (Green)

“Don’t…don’t look down on me! You unpopular bastard that was deliberately murdered by his own little sister!” (Lazari)

“Then, don’t look up with eyes of envy, fallen princess.” (Green)

“—! Be crushed! Your cranium, your brain, everything without leaving anything behind!” (Lazari)

So she is finally aiming for the head.

Throwing away the games and aiming for the kill is the right move, but it holds meaning only when it is the first move. 

It is not a method you take after flaunting your cards so much, Lazarikata. 

She strung the words to kill Green Lord, but that didn’t tie into any results and just echoed emptily. 

“…Why? Why? How, how, how?!” (Lazari)

“Your supernatural power is to use your words as a catalyst to cause interference. Using magic of the same spectrum is enough to deal with it. Your mana isn’t reaching me anymore.” (Green)

You would be able to tell if you were to tinker with your eyes a bit to observe. The plants set around Lazarikata are absorbing the mana that’s wafting in the air. 

Even if she strings words to activate her power, the interference won’t reach if the mana doesn’t reach. 

Even in a battle where you use magic, it is basic knowledge to not get close to the place where the mana of the opponent is flowing, but…there’s no way for Lazarikata to know when she was just a normal woman.

The mana of a grown demon spreads far and wide even without doing anything, so she might have misunderstood that her power reaches as far as her eyes can see. 

Makes sense. 

Lazarikata hated Black Sis, so she didn’t have any comrades who would seriously grant her battle knowledge. 

Green Lord was putting the utmost caution on his brain from the very beginning. 

Even if she tried to crush his brain in her first move, it wouldn’t have worked. 

He gave Lazarikata his arms, legs, eyes, and entrails to analyze her power carefully. 

It was in order to taste test the level of her supernatural powers, but it looks like he is done now. 

Plants that suddenly grew came crashing down on Lazarikata. The speed can’t be compared to the previous instances. He is coming at her with the serious intent to crush her without mercy. 

“! Anything harmful, don’t approach me! Don’t touch me!” (Lazari)

The same words as before. It smells so densely of defeat. 

Of course, the words of Lazarikata work around her. 

The tips of the plants coming down on her bend as if avoiding her, and were smashed on the ground. 

But the growth of the plants is showing no signs of stopping. The attack still continues. 

The distance between the plants and Lazarikata’s body is shortening. 

“?! Don’t get close! Don’t get close! Don’t get close!” (Lazari)

The plants split to the sides widely each time she shouts. 

But the speed at which the plants approached her was not slowing down. 

They would wither after being deflected, the scattered mana would go up to the ceiling again, and change into new plants. 

Man, that’s so eco-friendly. 

There’s almost no leeway in the expression of Lazarikata. 

If she gets crushed by the plants like this, she will end up being crushed by plants for eternity. 

She may not die immediately, but even a demon would die if they are continuously crushed. 

Lazarikata understands at least that much. 

That said, those are plants that absorb the mana of a demon. She will most likely be killed several times faster than normal. 

Now then, it might be a bit more of a fight if she were to awaken completely, but with her being so desperate at defense, it would be a bit difficult for it to happen. 

Lazarikata could do an emergency escape if she had a demonic tool like Zahava’s, but she refused the charity of Black Sis when granting demonic tools, so she doesn’t even have a hidden trump card. 

Oh, this is checkmate. 

Yay, if she dies just like this, it would be a weight off my shoulders. 

“—! Tedoral, help me!” (Lazari)

Of course. Damn it.

If you are acting like a prideful woman, at least die with your damn pride.

It is because you are like this that Black Sis doesn’t give you the light of the day. 

I bring out a giant scythe from my pocket dimension, and slash at the space around Lazarikata. 

I maintain the slash, and deploy a wall that blocks the plants. 

I teleport to the back of Lazarikata in that time, grab the back of her collar, and retreat. 

The ideal scenario would be to retreat from the castle, but Green Lord has covered this room…no, this whole castle in plants as if telling me he won’t let me escape. 

I could tell that the surface of the plants have a special barrier set that blocks my teleport means. 

Well, I have shown him how I move a number of times, so of course he would have countermeasures. 

The mana that was maintaining the slash was absorbed completely by the plants, and the place where Lazarikata was in was swallowed by the plants. 

I got a bit excited by the face Lazarikata made when she saw that. Even a shitty woman can make a nice face when cornered after all. 

“Done with the sideshow, Colorless? Bring something more fun next time.” (Green)

“I agree with that, but we unfortunately lack the personnel. I will at least relay the message to Black Sis.” (Colorless)

I still have several other teleports in my repertoire, but…not a single one of them is any good. 

He noticed us the moment we infiltrated the castle, so there’s no way he would have been able to make countermeasures, but he has prepared a ridiculous variety of barriers.

If I tried to teleport carelessly, my internal mana would go out of control and go boom. 

I would need to deal a super big attack on the wall if I want to escape from here, but his face is telling me that he won’t be giving me an opening to do that. 

Well, I also wouldn’t want to let a guy like me free. Makes sense he would want to kill me right now if possible. 

Even if so, I don’t want to fight. 

It is not like I can’t win, but Lazarikata would die. Black Sis told me to definitely save Lazarikata when she asks to. 

It can’t be helped then.

Let’s create an opening even if it means using one of my hidden trump cards. 

“You have already prepared a way to escape, huh. Show it to me.” (Green)

“Hope it is to your liking.” (Colorless)

I slip my right arm inside my body and bring out something I was hiding.

I could tell the expression of Green Lord turned slightly serious there. 

What I brought out was a crystal with black mana. It is the curse that I buried in a certain woman. 

I know that Green Lord noticed the curse of that woman and was analyzing it. 

In that case, he should be able to understand the meaning of showing him this crystal.

“…You bastard.” (Green)

“As you can tell, this is the core of the curse that I cast in the heart of a certain brave woman. It goes without saying that it is not something that’s okay to be broken, right? The curse would go haywire if it is broken after all. You may be able to discover a way to undo it with a bit more research, but well, you just need to have the person in question hold this. I can tell you at least that much as a gift.” (Colorless)

I threw the crystal in the direction of Green Lord, and swung my scythe.

Green Lord used the plants in the surroundings without hesitation to stop the slash.

I felt his attention was directed solely on the crystal in that instant. 

I gratefully take that opening, gather mana into my scythe, and smash one jumbo attack onto the wall covered in plants. 

The impact pierced through several layers of walls, and I could peek at the scenery outside from the hole. 

I jump into the hole while still holding Lazarikata, and then look back at Green Lord. 

He was silently glaring at me. 

“Don’t worry. I will deal with you once I leave this baggage. Save your resentments for that time.” (Colorless)

I got through the barrier that was set around the ramparts, confirmed that I can now use teleport magic, and use it to retreat from this place. 


Author: Lazarikata may have been treated like that, but she is actually on the pretty strong side. 

The issue here is that Colorless and Green are leagues beyond.

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