LS – Chapter 351: Thus, raging

“Your Majesty, you are still awake? You shouldn’t push yourself too much…”

My mind was sinking in my thoughts, but it was brought back to reality with the voice of Ruko that rang behind me.

I recovered from my fatigue with the rest afterwards to a shocking degree thanks to the consideration of my comrades and the problem of Ruko being solved.

Looks like I was deep in trial and error inside my mind for a long time as an aftereffect of this.

My complexion may be better, but they might get worried if I were to still act the same, but…this is my biggest role here.

I want to do my best no matter what.

“I am simply entrusting it to everyone after I am done with my role. This is also the last biggest turning point in my life, so please overlook a bit of exerting. What about you, Ruko? You are getting treatment to extract mana in order to bring out the remains of the curse, right? You should take proper rest.” (Marito)

“That’s…the positions of Lady Ratzel and the others…right?” (Ruko)

“Yeah, the demons have way too many personal traits after all. We would be defeated one-sidedly depending on who is the one that’s facing them.” (Marito)

The Green Demon Lord reported that Ekdoik has awakened completely and is getting information about that power.

Ekdoik has obtained power to face those demons if I am to believe that information.

However, Ekdoik may have obtained the power to alter the laws of the world, but it is not like his weapon mastery and physical techniques have increased drastically.

It is not like he has obtained that much of an advantage against someone like Zahava who excels in physical combat.

That goes the same for Lady Ratzel and Arcreal who struggled against Zahava.

It is not like they would be able to deal with a sun like Ofaro appearing in front of them even if they were to have outstanding techniques.

The people who can face the respective demons are limited when you consider all these points.

It is limited, but it is not like the opponent will just allow us to match them.

We won’t be able to make it in time if we were to send a raid team when they appear.

The state of the war might tip in that time just from the casualties.

That’s why we must combine the best move and match the commands of the Black Demon Lord. There must not be a single mistake in the predictions.

“Their main forces as of present are the Colorless Demon Lord and the 3 demons. And one more…” (Marito)

There’s no more than 3 demons that have intelligence and can act independently. If there were, they would have been able to get an advantage in the war by just adding them.

The Black Demon Lord doesn’t use tricks against humans, so it is hard to believe that she is keeping other demons in reserve.

But that’s limited to the demons that lead the monsters. There were other threats as well.

The snake monstrosity that showed up in the Mejis Nether and didn’t exist in the simulated world of the Gold Demon Lord. Ekdoik said that was a fallen demon.

A lot of demons served the Black Demon Lord in the past. In that case, my guess here is that there’s other demons who have become fallen without being able to reach the awakened state.

My guess was correct.

With the information gained from the simulated world of the Gold Demon Lord and the scouting of the Purple Demon Lord’s devils, we found a monster with abnormal amounts of mana in the Serende Nether.

“Ofaro used the snake monstrosity to infiltrate Mejis alone. Zahava could have done the same if they were to use the same move.” (Marito)

If Zahava, who overwhelmed Lord Leano, were to use that monster and showed up in the middle of the Gahne army, the deaths could have turned out fatal.

She would have been able to bring out even more casualties than there are already even if she had clashed from the very front afterwards.

Then, why didn’t they do that?

I most likely won’t be able to read their commands perfectly if I don’t understand the reason behind this.

I have been wringing out my brain for this.

I have narrowed it to a few answers, but nothing conclusive. An unclear path paved by uncertainties. Entrusting everything to something like that would make it hard for me to say I have done my everything.

“Understood. Then, I will go make some tea.” (Ruko)

“No, no, I told you to sleep. I can tell at a glance that you are tired.” (Marito)

“Yes, I am tired.” (Ruko)

“Then—” (Marito)

“There’s no good reason to overlook the sight of the man that will become my husband when he is in his life’s biggest turning point.” (Ruko)

I ended up dumbstruck.

Ruko always looked troubled whenever I approached her. I wouldn’t have even dreamed of such words coming out from her.

I understood the meaning of those words and my face unconsciously heated up.

The face of Ruko turned bright red in the blink of an eye when she saw my face.

“D-Did I say something weird?” (Ruko)

“No, forgive me. I simply noticed a new charm of yours and fell in love all over again.” (Marito)

“…Geez.” (Ruko)

“Then, I shall ask this of you. This is the last hurdle, so make some good tea to motivate me.” (Marito)

“…Understood.” (Ruko)

Ruko must have been trying to hide her shyness, so she left with quick steps.

I smack both of my cheeks hard after seeing her off.

My mind loosened up nicely thanks to Ruko. Right, my thoughts were too stiff.

Why did the Black Demon Lord and the others not bring out the remaining fallen demons in the Serende Nether? I have been thinking about that reason in a strategical manner this whole time.

Why would an opponent with no hesitation and mercy hold back? The reason is outside of strategic logic.

Just like the reason why I brought Ruko to Gahne, which would be exposed to danger first if the battlefield were pushed.

“The Black Demon Lord is not the reason. They didn’t move because of a reason on the demon side. Whose reason…?” (Marito)

I read the documents in my hands again.

What was there were the words that the demons spoke that were constantly being sent by the people fighting in the frontlines.

In what way do you think in order to speak like this? What would you think in order to move like this?

They are living faithfully to their own desires. In that case, I will dig out what has created this result after acknowledging that desire.

I will find my own logic behind this, and approach the Comprehension that my friend does.

One…after another, I bring my thoughts closer to theirs.

When I did, the scenery of the future that looked hazy was slowly growing clearer.

I see, so this is how it feels, my friend.

It is because you see such a scenery that you managed to walk onwards with such bravery.

“…Lazarikata, you are the reason, huh.” (Marito)


— “Lazarikata-sama, what will you be doing today?”

An insensitive man called Melvis was always by my side.

Melvis was stupid, carefree, and an ordinary man I couldn’t feel any talent from.

In the village where everyone was attracted to Black who possessed overflowing charisma, Melvis was always sticking to me.

That’s why Melvis was more isolated than me.

— “Who knows. I have never thought about it seriously. But I have more fun by your side over that person, Lazarikata-sama. Cause you are way way more human than that person.”

An insensitive man.

He would pointlessly increase enemies, lose allies, and would get scolded by me the whole time.

And yet, he would be all smiles the whole time, and wouldn’t separate from me.

I was never helped out by that man even once when I was a human. He was of no help at all when I was captured and made a criminal by the schemes of my uncle.

Melvis just had a troubled face and was wandering near the prison I was in.

The one who saved me in the end was my enemy, Black.

— “I am sorry, Lazarikata-sama… I couldn’t do anything.”

Melvis was laughing frivolously as he apologized. But when I said ‘I wasn’t expecting anything from you from the very beginning’, Melvis didn’t stop smiling as he said ‘Right’.

My pride was hurt because I was saved by Black, so I insulted Melvis a whole ton. Melvis simply continued apologizing.

— “I tried to do something for your sake, but it all ended up blowing up on me. I am sorry. Sorry for everything. Sorry for the one being by your side being someone like me.”

He was still incompetent even when he stopped being human.

Even at the time when Black was defeated by Yugura and I headed to Green Lord for self-protection, Melvis got the wrong path and got separated.

“‘I am sorry… But I will follow you until the very end, Lazarikata-sama!’…huh.” (Lazarikata)

It was the same when the passing of time began to eat away at me.

I began to have dreams about becoming a monstrosity day by day, and my heart was beginning to drain out, too.

I couldn’t maintain my self in the flow of time. I was on the verge of giving up, thinking I wouldn’t be able to win against Black no matter what I did.

It was at that time when I wished for someone to be by my side that Melvis broke before me.

— “I am sorry, Lazarikata-sama. It looks like this is as far as I can go.”

Half of his body had already changed into that of an abnormal monstrosity.

At that time, I learned about what Melvis feared for the first time. What Melvis feared were normal crows.

The demons have to face their biggest fear that has been etched inside of them.

What I feared were the lies of my close ones. The truth that was warped by lies.

I was baffled, thinking he was ordinary even in places like this.

— “I was apparently on the verge of being kidnapped by a crow when I was a baby. I was somewhat aware I couldn’t handle them, but the fear was etched in my body deeply, huh.”

He couldn’t stop his change.

Melvis eventually lost his sense of self and became a monstrosity. And yet, he continued smiling.

— “I am sure you will forget about me, Lazarikata-sama. But I think becoming a monstrosity will free you from unnecessary things. That’s why, please use me as you please when I become a monstrosity.”

I insulted Melvis until the very end.

‘Didn’t you say you would follow me to the very end?’, ‘Just how incompetent can you be to break first at a time like this?’

‘Why do you try to be by my side that much?’ – is what I said.

— “I was a boring guy. No glory, no achievements. A boring man that could only laugh it off. But you allowed me to stay by your side until the very end, Lazarikata-sama. Of course I would stay. You are the only one I could be with.”

Melvis was smiling with the same expression as always.

That’s when I understood.

This man could only smile and laugh, no matter what kind of emotions he felt.

He couldn’t even observe the expressions of others and make one of his own.

He couldn’t express his own emotions.

The only thing he could do was make a visibly fake smile.

Just how incompetent of a man can you be?

Even though you seriously tried to be by my side until now, you couldn’t even tell me that properly.

— “Please use me. Even if my memories of you are gone, my body should still remember the happiness of serving you.”

Melvis left those words and became a monstrosity.

He was half-baked even as a monster, and wouldn’t spread hostility on his own. A crow monstrosity that would simply rampage when ordered.

He may be stronger than a Unique, but he is an incompetent monstrosity that can’t fight unless you keep giving him orders.

That’s what Melvis is.

“Heya there. It is time to sortie.”

I was brought back from my memories by the hateful voice of Tedoral.

It wasn’t really a comfortable sleep, but it was at least far better than the current state of things.

“I would have shown up when the time came even if you didn’t go out of your way to call me.” (Lazari)

“Don’t glare at me, don’t glare at me. It would be troubling if you were to come when it is cutting close… We are settling things on the next one. We will end up bringing out Melvis, too.” (Colorless)

Melvis is my property and a crow monstrosity.

I didn’t bring him to the Taizu Nether since he was a bad match against the dragons that filled up the skies there.

That was the only reason.

There’s no way I would want to expend a possession of mine pointlessly for Black.

“Then, I will attack the Gahne Nether. Zahava and Ofaro can’t use Melvis after all.” (Lazari)

“Gotcha. But I pity Melvis. To think he would still be your gofer even when he has lost his sanity.” (Colorless)

“He wished for that, so I am simply answering his desire.” (Lazari)

“Treat him kindly at least in his last moments. It was for your sake that he—” (Colorless)

“Silence. I know everything even without you telling me.” (Lazari)

I noticed a long time ago without the need for this extra of Black.

The fact that he was hated to the point of being isolated for the sake of taking on the animosity that was poured at me.

The fact that he begged on all fours to Black so that she would save me from my uncle’s scheme.

The fact that he took on my anger fully aware that my pride was hurt.

The fact that he purposely separated from me because he knew that Green Lord wouldn’t take me in if an incompetent person like him were to be by my side.

He let go of his self before me as I was on the verge of losing my self, so that I could recover.

“I see, I won’t say anything then. We will simply be taking the price for giving you guys power. Work to your bones.” (Colorless)

Melvis was not simply an incompetent man. But I must not accept that reality.

Melvis acted the incompetent man for my sake.

That’s why I must use this monstrosity in a fashion that’s like me. I must follow through the path that this monstrosity wished for.

Prideful, greedy, selfish, menial, and jealous, and a woman that looks down on others without regrets.

It is exactly because I was so pathetically human that I had the right to control this monstrosity.

“—Let’s go, Melvis. We will be rampaging a whole ton today. Try your best to not pull my leg.” (Lazari)

The eerie bird reacted to me calling his name and let out a fierce cry.

There’s no shadow of that incompetent man at all.

I won’t forget myself as long as this ordinary monstrosity is by my side.

I will stay as eternal…and continue walking as an insensitive woman.

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