LS – Chapter 22: Let’s get ready for the time being

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TLN: I have changed Wolfie to the more accurate Japanese version Wolfe. 


I have muscle pain today as well, but I have gotten used to it. 

In the first place, what’s horrible is the unreasonableness of muscle pain coming in a delayed fashion. It is without doubt the price of exercise. 

If I tell myself this, it is not something I can’t endure. 

At this rate, my body will adapt to a decent degree, and I will eventually be able to go on with my life without much difficulty. 

What should I do today? Ilias apparently got off-duty the other day, so she should have work today. 

Maya-san is apparently busy today. And so, we are going to be talking about our schedule management from here on. 

I get down from the bed. 

How’s Wolfe doing? I don’t think there’s any point, but I knocked on the door. 

There’s no response. I don’t even know if she is in there or not. 

I haven’t taught her the meaning of knocking the door in the first place. 

“Wolfe, it is morning.” 

I open the door. 

There’s no one in the room.

Fumu, in that case, is she in the room of Ilias? 

That’s what I thought and my head moved at the sound of the door of Illias’s room. 

The sleepy face of Ilias showed up. The memories of her in work mode with her armor, and the sharp outdoor clothes are fresh in me, but this is the first time I see Ilias in her pajamas. It is pretty fresh. 

“Good morning, Ilias.” 

“—Yeah, good morning. So you were here today, huh.” (Ilias)

Speaking of which, I have been missing Ilias a lot, and this is the first time I greet Ilias in the morning like this. 

“Is Wolfe in your room?” 

“Yeah, she came in at night… I might be lacking a bit of sleep compared to normal.” (Ilias)

Ilias stretched lightly and pushed away her drowsiness.

“But well, it didn’t feel bad.” (Ilias)

“You were sought after and relied upon after all.” 

I personally am surprised that Wolfe has so frankly gotten attached to Ilias. 

Ilias almost squeezed her benefactor to death, and after that she forcefully washed her whole body despite her opposition.

That was Wolfe’s first impression.

It felt like she had gotten attached by the time it was night. Was there some sort of change in opinion there? 

“You got work today?” 

“Yeah, I got the day off in order to invite you to the ceremony, and yesterday I went to the forest to save you.” (Ilias)

“That’s not a decent holiday.” 

“Thanks to you!” (Ilias)

I did plan on going back to report, but Cara-jii and the others said they would do that job. 

They must have wanted Ilias -a girl- to remain in the barracks to wash Wolfe. 

“What do you plan on doing?” (Ilias)

“Maya-san is apparently busy today, so maybe go to Ban-san’s place and get clothes?” 

“Clothes?” (Ilias)

“Can I show up in casual clothes at the ceremony the day after tomorrow?” 

“…Ah!” (Ilias)

This girl didn’t think of that. 

I would like to ask this of Saira since it is about clothes, but her being off yesterday means that she should be working in Dog’s Bone today. 

Also, I am curious about the fashion of normal clothes…

“You won’t be bringing Wolfe with you, right? We will need to think of where to entrust her to.”

“Uhm…I am sorry that I can’t help you at all in the preparations despite me being the one inviting you.” (Ilias)

“I caused you way too much trouble in the invitation front.” 

“Exactly.” (Ilias)

Both of us finished our preparations after that. 

Wolfe woke up. She used the same clothes she borrowed at the barracks as pajamas. 

It should be fine leaving it just like that if she has no issues with it. 

She can change clothes herself, but since she can’t do her hair just yet, Ilias does it. 

Ilias went to work after that. 

She also gave me money for the food expenses of Wolfe. 

There’s 2 freeloaders now. 

“Well then, let’s go out.” 

“Okay!” (Wolfe)

We have breakfast at the market first. 

We can fill up our stomachs well enough with grilled chicken and fruits. 

It seems Wolfe is feeling happiness from eating. It is not like we are going to be eating that much.

She was having a lifestyle like that. It wouldn’t be surprising if her stomach had gotten smaller. 

She asked for more in Dog’s Bone, but that’s probably just how delicious it was.

“Yesterday’s food was number one!” (Wolfe)

“I get that, but don’t say that in front of the stores, okay?” 

“Okay!” (Wolfe)

I gave up on the fact that we are standing out and arrived at the firm of Ban-san.

We were sent to the usual room and Ban-san showed up.

We reported on each other’s progress for now. 

Ban-san was left in charge of being the commercial intermediary between Taizu and the black wolfkins. 

Meaning that the merchants will only be able to have negotiations with them through Ban-san.

The black wolfkins will be exempted from taxes within their territory until they decide to come under Taizu’s protection. They are apparently going to leave the decision to them after explaining the details of the patronage from Taizu. 

“The troublesome bandits have been wiped out, and they should be able to manage against animals, so it seems like we will be maintaining an equal standing for the near future.” 

“Yeah, but if they were to learn about how developed our techniques are, there’s the possibility they will seek our support.” (Ban)

“So you plan on using Maya-san’s possession spell in the negotiation table.” 

“Yes. Considering the contents of what was said the other day, I plan on having Maya-sama use the possession ability on trustworthy subordinates.” (Ban)

“The thing is that, in order to talk the language of the residents there, you need to infuse mana of the people there into the Spirit, so would it be better for me to accompany you guys the first time?” 

“I don’t think there will be any issues, but there would be the need to if we are to fulfill the promise regarding the matter of Wolfe-sama.” (Ban)

“Being in a position where I have to speak sharply is burdensome, but it can’t be helped.” 

“We will be getting rewarded, so we gotta work hard.” (Ban)

We have also talked about our share. 

Helping out in the discovery of the black wolfkins and being intermediaries for the negotiations is mainly what we are rewarded for. 

And then, after doing the trades with the black wolfkins, we can obtain a certain % of the profits after deducting the expenses that come from it. 

It is kind of like being able to obtain a few hundreds of yen if you get a profit of 10,000 yen. 

Meaning that we will be able to increase our share depending on how high the earnings are. With the condition of being able to renegotiate the intermediary fee each year, we also receive the privilege of being able to bring in the ones we want to. 

This matter came in by coincidence and I would like to make good use of it, but I can’t just grow dependant on it. 

I will use this to lubricate the search for new resources for my original objective of spreading luxury products.

“Right, I had an invitation from Lord Ragudo to attend the ceremony tomorrow, so I was searching for clothes to wear for that event.” 

“Ooh, well well, you are the helper that obtained hidden contributions in the bandit subjugation after all, so you could say it is natural.” (Ban)

“Will you be able to make it in time?” 

“Of course. We will measure you right now and enquire with a clothing store. Speaking of clothes, about the attire of Wolfe-sama…” (Ban)


I think for a moment.

“Aah, this is something that I requested of someone who is aiming to become a tailor in the future. Do you remember the girl I brought here before?” 

“Yeah, the waitress from Dog’s Bone, Saira-sama? So she made this. Hohoh.” (Ban)

“We might be able to use this as an exported product if it is clothes that fit the black wolfkins.” 

“We really are on the same wavelength. I will inquire about that next time.” (Ban)

“It would be a wonderful opportunity for her.” 

Considering Saira’s standing, the clothes of Wolfe will become a good advertisement. 

Wolfe stands out regardless after all. The avant-garde clothes of Wolfe will of course attract attention too.

Saira might be going independent in the not so far future. 

“Also, I am searching for a place where I could entrust Wolfe for a day… If I exclude Ilias and Maya-san, you are the one that would bring me the most peace of mind, Ban-san…” 

Wolfe has also opened up to Ban-san to a certain degree.

The one who taught her the technique to cut off her chains was Ban-san.

Cara-jii can be trusted, but Wolfe is wary of him because of the play we did, so I gave up on the idea.

“I don’t mind. I shall receive her tomorrow when you come here to change clothes.” (Ban)

“And that’s how it is. Wolfe, I would like you to wait here tomorrow in Ban-san’s place.” 

“Wuuh, okay, I will…wait at Ban-san’s place!” (Wolfe)

“Good girl.” 

After that, we had a chat over tea, had my measurements taken by a tailor that came, and arranged the order for the clothes. 

This should be enough preparation for tomorrow. 

There’s extra time on our hands and a decent amount of money in my pocket.

I think of the plans for today and head to the market. 

After finishing our shopping, we returned home. 

“Alright, Wolfe, it is time to study.” 

“Yeah~!” (Wolfe)

The first thing I will teach you is the facilities of the house and the way to use the tools. 

I passed on the cooking tools for now and decided to move mainly around the use of cleaning tools. 

I explained to her how to use the bathroom and the well outside. 

After I finish teaching her what I could think up on the moment, we begin studying language.

We were writing down the words with a stick on a container filled with sand while reading a book for children. 

There’s the need to write it pretty big, but that works just fine for memorization. 

You not only see the figures from the books through the possession spell. It also tells you the meaning of the figure and allows you to understand it. 

Of course, it is not like understanding the truth of it. 

It is simply that, when I read the word ‘red’, an image of red floats inside my mind for me to understand. 

I tried reading the book called The Growth of the Yugura Religion, but I gave up from the first page. 

Differences might be created depending on the experience of the possessed themselves to a certain degree.

In that case, the speed of learning from Wolfe might fall compared to mine. But seeing that earnest figure of her learning, that worry ended up being pointless.

“Alright, Wolfe, continue writing for a while.” 

“Okay, got it, Shishou~!” (Wolfe)

The time is just before evening. Gotta stack up the work little by little. 

We are heading to the kitchen. That’s right, cooking.

When Ilias asked me the other day, I responded that I can’t cook, but the reality is that I don’t have experience trying by myself. 

Saying I can’t when I haven’t tried it yet really isn’t good. 

And so, let’s begin cooking.

First is soup.

I boil the water, throw in the bird carcass, and wash it. 

I throw in a bird carcass again, a ginger-looking thing, a garlic-looking thing, and an onion-looking thing into the pot and boil them. 

I check the state for a while and scoop away the scum. 

After boiling it in a gentle flame for a while, I filter it with a colander, and finish the groundwork for the chicken soup. 

I then put in a moderate amount of vegetables that have been in the soups I have seen in Dog’s Bone, and throw in bird meat in the same fashion. 

A bit of salt and spices, herbs for fragrance, and done. 

“Fumu, it is a bit rough, but it should be good.” 

The risk of getting wiped out should be gone. 

I look at the other dishes I was preparing at the same time and nod. 

This world has wheat, but I wanted to investigate what kind of flour this one is classified in. 

The gluten ratio in the wheat differs depending on whether it is regular or high-grade flour. 

But this world only has the word flour. 

And so, I am currently experimenting with the wheat I can get within Taizu. 

If there’s stuff similar to bread, I think it is high-grade flour though.

“This stickiness…is close to high-grade flour?” 

With all that in consideration, I begin trial and error with the perspective that this is high-grade flour. 

I put in egg, water, and a bit of salt, and mix it.

I endure the stickiness and continue mixing. 

I ignore my doubts as to whether this really will work for a good few minutes and continue mixing. 

Looks like it has mixed now.

I knead it over and over.

Knead, knead, knead, knead, knead. 

And then, I put a wet cloth on top of it and leave for 1 hour. 

I bring it out, my second partner <<wooden>>.

Actually, when I went to retrieve the book that Dokora left together with Cara-jii, I picked up one that had great thickness and size from the forest. 

I have been polishing it up these few days before sleeping. 

I didn’t expect I would be using it for cooking though.

Now, I stretch the dough, fold, and cut it. 

I then boil it and the noodles will be made.

“…The springiness…is lacking a bit.” 

It feels more like ramen noodles than pasta noodles. 

It is made from wheat, salt, and egg, so there’s barely any taste.

Well, this isn’t bad in its own way.

Let’s make the sauce on the free pot. 

I mince what looks like tomato, boil it, and sprinkle salt.

I then mix the cooked vegetables and meat, and boil them once more. 

Salt, spice, and herbs again to adjust the taste. 

Pour it onto the noodles, and the tomato sauce spaghetti is complete. 

No, tomato sauce ramen? 

I don’t really like the texture, but it should be fine to give it a passing mark. 

Is there baking soda in this world…?

“I am back—what’s this smell?” 

Ilias came back at a good time. 

“I had a bit of time after all. I was cooking as practice.” 

“Hooh, this is similar to the soup I saw at Dog’s Bone. This one is…what’s this long and thin thing?” (Ilias)

“I honestly don’t know.” 

“Don’t know, you say… But it smells good. I will change first.” (Ilias)

The 3 of us then have a meal.

Chicken meat soup and tomato sauce noodles. 

“Let’s dig in!” 

“Fumu, the soup feels a bit bitter compared to the one in Dog’s Bone, but it is tasty.” (Ilias)

“There’s the possibility that I missed a few steps in the preparations for the vegetables.” 

“The food here…has a peculiar texture. But this is good.” (Ilias)

“It is tasty, after Dog’s Bone!” (Wolfe)

I didn’t mistake the amount of salt, so it seems like it is better than the food you find around. 

That said, I can’t give this a passing mark as a product to sell.

I should have the wife of Cara-jii sample it, and have her give an opinion on it. 

“The ceremony tomorrow begins at noon, right?” 

“Yeah, are you ready on that front?” (Ilias)

“I plan on changing into the clothes that the place of Ban-san prepared. I will entrust Wolfe to Ban-san too.” 

“I see, Cara-jii said that he would come get you, so I will tell him to head there for you.” (Ilias)

“Are you not going to change to that type of clothes, Ilias?” 

“I am heading out there to have my achievements as a knight be recognized. I am obviously heading there in my knight attire.” (Ilias)

“Now that you mention it, you are right.” 

I was so concentrated on changing into a formal outfit, it completely slipped my mind. 

This girl is a knight. 

“What’s the matter? Tired?” (Ilias)

“No, I was just thinking about you being in a dress when I was thinking about my own formal outfit, so it simply came out from my mouth.” 

“I see… I see.” (Ilias)

“Shishou~, I want to sleep together with Shishou tonight.” (Wolfe)

“Sorry, my waist got injured the other day when Ilias squeezed me. I have to rest alone for a while.” 

“Uuh, Ilias, pain not good!” (Wolfe)

“You really spit out lies so smoothly.” (Ilias)

I stand up silently and turn my back. 

And then, I roll up my jacket. 

There’s the arm traces of a certain someone on my back.

Can you say the same after seeing this? 

The eyes of Ilias swim around.

“…Ah, you see…sorry.” (Ilias)

“And so, Wolfe, I will tag along in your naps, so endure at night, okay?” 

“Okay!” (Wolfe)

Wolfe immediately began to study. 

She apparently still isn’t sleepy and wants to do this. 

What an industrious girl.

I cleaned up the tableware while I was moved. 

This world doesn’t have the concept of water service and detergent.

They use ash to wash their tableware. 

They make the ash absorb the dirt, wash it with water, and wipe it. 

Honestly speaking, this culture gap feels fresh but at the same time leaves me uneasy. 

But there’s the saying ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’.

Let’s try making soap next. Yup.

“You are wiping it pretty thoroughly.” (Ilias)

Ilias, who I thought went to her room together with Wolfe, had come back.

“No need to help me out.” 

“About that…does it hurt that much…? That bruise.” (Ilias)

Aah, that. 

“The bruise remains but there’s not that much pain. If anything, I would say my head hurts more from the time when the black wolfkins attacked me.” 

There’s a bruise, but it is to a degree where I can’t distinguish it from the muscle pain. What hurts the most is the back of my head.

“What, so you were bothered by it?” 

“That’s…obviously…” (Ilias)

“The amount of people in my world who train their bodies is pretty low, you see. On top of that, I barely did manual labor, so my body is frail. That’s how it is, so there’s no need to worry.” 

“That might be the case, but…” (Ilias)

“Well, hold back for me, okay? Treating me on the same level as your average man is already rough for me. If you treat me the same way as Cara-jii and the others, it really would be bad.” 

“Yeah, got it…” (Ilias)

If I do this in a light mood, it would be even more awkward and serious for the other party. 

“Don’t feel so down. I myself also soured your mood because I said something I didn’t mean. Just consider us even.” 

“Got it…” (Ilias)

“Good grief. If you make a meek face like that, it makes it awkward for me too.” 

I approach Ilias and sandwich her cheeks with both hands. 

The face of Ilias warped. 

“Muguh…” (Ilias)

“In instances like this, making a face like this works just fine.” 

“Mugugu…” (Ilias)

“…Pfft, kuhahaha!” 

That really hit my funny bone there. So painful, I am dying here. 

“Y-You…!” (Ilias)

“That’s right, that’s how it should be. I like you better when you are energetic like that.” 

“Nuuh…” (Ilias)

“Your achievements will be recognized in front of the eyes of many knights. Throw away that sour face.” 

“Fine already. I am heading off to sleep!” (Ilias)

Ilias returned to her room. 

I might have angered her too much there, but I doubt there’s the need to worry if it is just to that extent.

But I didn’t expected her to worry that much—or not. 

Ilias is trying to maintain the image of a strong and dignified knight. 

But internally, she is actually sensitive to the evaluation of others and is a worrywart. 

That’s why she tempered herself and has been erasing those doubts. 

Now that I think about it, the inhuman strength of Ilias is her own way of…

“I am overthinking it, huh.” 

My way of interacting with others has been tilting since after the matter of Wolfe. 

This trend isn’t good. 

Let’s sort out my heart a bit. 

I have to quickly return to my usual self. 

I remember the things before I came to this world. 

I remember and trace them. 

—Yeah, it is okay. 

The usual me is properly here. 

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