LS – Chapter 286: As such, what should we do?

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“This should be good enough of a report for Comrade.”

I asked King Zenotta what kind of experience he had with his throne succession, and finished writing it down in parchment without missing a single word from him.

The enemy this time around is within the royal family.

Comrade said that’s why he needs the perspective of someone from royalty, but how useful will these documents be?

Anyways, I am a bit bothered by the somewhat happy face of King Zenotta when he was talking about it.

I could tell there were complicated relationships between siblings, and yet, King Zenotta had a perpetual smile.

“What’s the matter, Ekdoik?”

“King Zenotta talking about it with such a face bothered me.” (Ekdoik)

“He must have been happy about a guest coming to him for something aside from official duties.”

“Is that so…? You are intelligent, Blue.” (Ekdoik)

“Being praised for something like that is embarrassing instead, so please don’t do that.” (Blue)

To think he would get happy even towards a visitor like me. It must mean that King Zenotta’s daily life is that tough?

I have observed the official duties of Marito, and it was certainly complicated matters regarding the future of the country.

He helped out in this matter, so maybe I should bring some sort of refreshments the next time I visit Kuama?

“We are going to be picking up Masetta and the others next, right? Come on, let’s hurry.” (Blue)

“Y-Yeah. But is there no need to bring souvenirs when going to the place of Gestaf?” (Ekdoik)

“Gestaf probably considers Kuama his homeland. It would be one thing if we got them in Mejis, but isn’t it a bit too late now?” (Blue)

“I see…” (Ekdoik)

Meaning that there’s not much to be grateful for in something that you could obtain at any moment and you are familiar with, huh.

Let’s consult about what kind of souvenirs would make people happy in Comrade’s world next time.

Blue and I got the request from Comrade to hear what King Zenotta had to say, and to pick up Haakudoku and the others.

Rakura and Melia have returned to Serende first, and they should be regrouping with Comrade right about now.

“Have you finished your business in Kuama, Ekdoik?”

“Yeah, sorry for making you wait, Belard.” (Ekdoik)

We left the capital of Kuama and headed to the place where Daruagestia was waiting in, and Belard was sprawled on top of Daruagestia’s body.

Belard is different from Blue in that she can’t hide well that she is not human, so we had her be on standby.

“I wasn’t really waiting.” (Belard)

“Why were you sprawled there?” (Ekdoik)

“This is an uncomfortable space for monsters. I lose mana just by being here. I was lying down so I wouldn’t use unnecessary energy.” (Belard)

The body of Belard has been tinkered in a way that it can accept the mana of Blue, so there’s no fear of her mana running dry as long as she is acting together with Blue.

“The mana leaking out from Daruagestia is also good enough.” (Blue)

“That’s how it is. Being on top of it like this is the same as sleeping in the Nether.” (Belard)

“I see. By the way, is Daruagestia going to be okay?” (Ekdoik)

“It is okay. The only monsters with more mana than this child would be the abnormal ones in Green’s place.” (Blue)

The dragon that was like a mountain, huh… Niruryates did show up at that time before we could calmly analyze its power.

If we had fought against it, I doubt both sides would have come out fine.

We get on Daruagestia and move to the Kuama Nether.

The giant wall that stopped the invasion of the monsters of the Kuama Nether is currently working as a barrier.

“To think the day would come when humans would be able to enter and exit the Nether without a care. It is a sight hard to believe as someone who only saw humans as food.” (Belard)

“You can’t stealthily eat them, okay?” (Blue)

“No need. I can just get the energy to subsist. That food called cooked dishes can sate my tongue.” (Belard)

“So you liked it.” (Blue)

Gugugeguderstaf was also delighted by the cooking of Comrade after all. Their taste buds might be similar to that of humans.

When you think of it like that, the devils have been eating a whole lot of stuff that can’t be considered food like human meat…

Let’s stop thinking about this. It will just make me dizzy.

“Ekdoik, can you create that taste?” (Blue)

“I don’t have much confidence in that. My skills are lowered compared to Mom and Melia.” (Ekdoik)

“…Blue Demon Lord-sama, what about you?” (Belard)

“I am doing my best to not lose.” (Blue)

“…Ekdoik, you should do your best to bring in that woman called Melia into the ranks of the Blue Demon Lord-sama.” (Belard)

“Huh?!” (Blue)

Blue let out a loud voice faster than I could get surprised.

I myself didn’t expect Belard to tell me to bring a holy knight into our ranks.

“Can I ask the reason?” (Ekdoik)

“I can’t trouble the Blue Demon Lord-sama just to prepare food for me. Also, your duty is to protect the Blue Demon Lord-sama. You don’t have time to waste on me, right?” (Belard)

“…So you are at least thinking things through.” (Blue)

“Have you not thought about learning how to cook?” (Ekdoik)

Belard thought for a bit and hammered her hand. Looks like she thought of it just now.

“But there’s no assurance it will go well. You really should bring that woman in at least.” (Belard)

“Purple didn’t put any weird thoughts in you, did she?” (Blue)

“…She didn’t. If she did, I would have taken action immediately.” (Belard)

“Belard, humans can’t be controlled with power like devils do. We can ask her to cooperate, but we have to respect what she wants.” (Ekdoik)

Beglagud ruled the devils with power and used them like objects.

But power isn’t everything in a relationship between humans.

Ilias would have become the king of Taizu if that were the case.

As for Comrade…just how far down would he be?

“Fumu… I must have phrased it wrongly. Should I have said to marry that woman?” (Belard)

“Wa?!” (Blue)

“That would require the will of Melia even more. Belard, you also would like to choose who to follow your whole life, right?” (Ekdoik)

“I thought you would be able to do it though… Humans are so complicated.” (Belard)

I learned about human society from Leishia, made my livelihood as an adventurer, and learned a lot of things from Comrade and the others.

Despite all that, I know so little to the point that I am aware I don’t know about society.

Belard was living in the Nether until just recently. She only has the bare minimum knowledge of humans that Beglagud gave her.

Looks like it will be tough for a while…

I am now someone who has to look after many people, so let’s do my best.

“…He would be able to, but it would be troubling if he did.” (Blue)

“Did you say something, Blue?” (Ekdoik)

“NOTHING.” (Blue)

The settlement being made in the Kuama Nether is already bigger than a small village.

The Great Sage Barastos analyzed the plants and minerals that can only be collected in the Nether, and this information spread through the world, so the merchants and the wealthy made their move, predicting that the Kuama Nether will be the new market.

Comrade said people are hard to move no matter what words you use to stir their dreams, however, people will move just by whispering profits to them… I can understand the meaning of those words now.

“To think the hands of humans have reached this far.” (Belard)

“Kuama agreed to have Gestaf reclaim this place together with the Demon Lords after all. Most physical labor won’t be needed if they can borrow the hands of monsters after all.” (Blue)

Right now the threat of monsters is gone from both the Mejis Nether and Kuama Nether.

Kuama could have monopolized the resources of the unclaimed Nether if they took their time.

But King Zenotta chose the path that could obtain results more easily. He also obtained the ability to reclaim the lands in his own nation, so it has created incomparable benefits for the nation.

The results of whether this was an intelligent choice will be seen in around 100 years.

The landing point of Daruagestia was decided beforehand, so we landed there.

The subordinates of Gestaf were already on standby there and guided us to the carriage.

“Bringing us along in a fancy carriage, huh. It is like we are guests.” (Ekdoik)

“It is my Nether to begin with after all.” (Blue)

We arrived at the residence Gestaf is using as his base after moving in the carriage for a while.

This building feels like it is somewhat different from the ones you would see in human cities, partly because it is a new building, and mostly because it was built through the power of monsters.

“Ah, it is Ekdoik! Smythos, Ekdoik has come!”

The one who is calling my name over and over in a loud voice is Komiha. Was she always someone who spoke in that volume?

Smythos and Masetta showed up soon after, most likely because they reacted to her voice.

“I could tell because I saw Daruagestia in the sky, but that was fast. Thanks for going out of your way to pick us up. I was actually planning on coming here without Haakudoku, but he was complaining about wanting to meet Bro…” (Masetta)

“Wouldn’t it be better to tie him up since it is possible that his wounds would get opened with the carriage moving?” (Blue)

“He would be cleaning the house in the short time I moved my eyes away from him… His wound opened the moment he said: ‘The bleeding stopped, so I am fine!’.” (Masetta)

Masetta was staring into the distance with an exhausted face.

Haakudoku must have a dull sense of pain, he is the type of man that can pull off unbelievable movements despite the wounds on his body.

This must be coming to bite him instead.

Komiha clung onto me from on top of the cloak while I was remembering my battle against Haakudoku.

She is putting most of her weight on me, but it isn’t that heavy.

“Ekdoik, leave Haakudoku behind and bring me along!” (Komiha)

“Hey, Komiha, don’t cling onto Ekdoik. It must be painful with all the chains.” (Smythos)

“It honestly hurts a bit, but this pain kind of feels good…” (Komiha)

“Really? Then, let me try too.” (Smythos)

“Stop it, you two. Don’t go out of your way to pour oil on the fire.” (Masetta)

Masetta tore Komiha and Smythos away, and moved her gaze towards Belard.

Right, it is the first time the 3 of them meet Belard.

I need to explain this to them properly.

“I still haven’t introduced you. This one here is Belard. The devil that will be acting together with us from here on.” (Ekdoik)

“…I am Belard.” (Belard)

I thought this wasn’t enough, so I gave a simple explanation of what happened.

Ilias and the others reprimand Comrade often for not saying enough after all.

I have to properly explain to them.

“More…?” (Komiha)

“As I said, is that something you should be saying?” (Blue)

“You already said that to someone before?” (Komiha)

“I did.” (Blue)

I feel like Melia said that.

If I remember correctly, Melia said that because she would need to cook more.

Maybe she cooked food to welcome us?

They did say they saw Daruagestia flying, so the chances are high.

Looks like my deduction skills have increased quite a lot too.

“Returning to the topic. Komiha, I don’t mind you accompanying us, but what would happen to Smythos then?” (Ekdoik)

“I will of course bring her along! It is alright, she won’t complain!” (Komiha)

“I will. I am fine with being together with Ekdoik, but I don’t want to be together with that man.” (Smythos)

“Then, I will leave her behind! You won’t hear her complaints!” (Komiha)

“Listen to them. You weren’t like that before. Face me a bit more.” (Smythos)

Was there some sort of change in Komiha in the time she spent in the Nether?

It is not bad for her to be proactive, but it is a bit of a problem that she doesn’t take into account the statements of Smythos.

“Who will be looking after the Illegitimate here if you two come along? Even if you leave Smythos behind, the burden would just go all to Smythos alone, right?” (Ekdoik)

“It is okay. Smythos is a strong girl!” (Komiha)

“Can I use this poison hand?” (Smythos)

“If anything, I would like you to worry more about me! Worrying only about Smythos is not fair!” (Komiha)

“Yeah, I will use it. I will use this poisonous hand.” (Smythos)

I feel anger, but I can’t feel hostility or killing intent.

The conversations between Girista and Pashuro flash in my mind.

Those two spit out poison, but they acknowledged each other.

“I will consult with Comrade in regards to the people. We would need to arrange someone to look after them in the case we call Komiha after all.” (Ekdoik)

“Muuh. Got it… I will be waiting for a good response…” (Komiha)

“I will definitely refuse even if that man calls me… Well, I am fine with acting together with you if it is without that man.” (Smythos)

“There’s no need for an indecisive woman like Smythos. I alone am enough to support Ekdoik!” (Komiha)

“Alright, step outside, Komiha!” (Smythos)

“We are already outside!” (Komiha)

The two of them began a mock battle, but…well, I don’t feel any killing intent, so it should work out well as exercise.

Blue and Masetta were watching this with exhausted faces.

“So you won’t stop them, Blue Demon Lord-san.” (Masetta)

“I am a lot less worried compared to Melia…” (Blue)

“She does seem strong after all.” (Masetta)

“Hm? Masetta, Melia is a holy knight, but Komiha and Smythos should be stronger though?” (Ekdoik)

Masetta looked at me with a complicated expression.

It doesn’t seem like I angered her here, but she is looking at me as if wondering what to do.


Author: The Serende side will be getting serious, so I am going for a bit of comedy here.

That said, Haakudoku went to the kitchen to welcome Ekdoik and his wounds opened.

As for the character design this time around, it is the semi-protagonist that shows up in this chapter with chains always clanging around: Ekdoik.

Of course he would be popular with a face like that looking straight at you.

He is thinner compared to the other men because he is a vegetarian.

He is a cool and dense protagonist lately, but he was a dark vindictive character when he was first introduced.

He was also a chuunibyou character with high energy for a while. So nostalgic.

It is not like the person himself changed his personality. It was mostly because of Rakura.

But he felt bad about pushing his own ideals on Rakura, so he reflected and is trying to interact with people peacefully.

He would probably insult Rakura as naturally as breathing when drinking alcohol -just Rakura though.

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