LS – Chapter 281: As such, hurry and wake up

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We separated from Ekdoik and the others, and My Lord advanced even further into the Mejis Nether. 

My Lord didn’t tell me her objective, but I could tell what our destination is by the direction we are going. 

“I would normally be nostalgic here, but it has become awfully shabby, hasn’t it?” (Purple)

This is the castle where My Lord was ruling at the time when she was invading the territory of the humans as a Demon Lord. It is a place I have connections with. 

“Baraguwein only saw worth in the land and didn’t show any respect to the constructions. It is the result of my lack of ability. My apologies.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Oh my, I wasn’t trying to spite you there though?” (Purple)

This castle had become the turf of Baraguwein when My Lord was defeated by Yugura. 

I had my thoughts regarding that, but I was a weak devil at that time, so there’s no way I would have been able to defeat Baraguwein and take back the castle. 

However, I am not thinking about escaping from my responsibility of letting the castle of My Lord be dirtied. This wouldn’t have happened if I had been stronger.

My Lord entered the castle. There’s already not a single devil around. 

The devil Ekdoik was bringing along is an exception. All the other devils have gone back to being loyal slaves of My Lord. 

“If need be, I can bring it back to its former glory.” (Dyuvuleori)

“If need be, huh? You have begun to get me?” (Purple)

My Lord already has no attachments to this castle. 

She may feel nostalgic of the castle when standing in front of it, but there’s no shine in her eyes. 

She probably has no lingering attachments to the past rather than the castle. 

Then, why did she come here? I have been thinking about that until now, but I still don’t know. 

“Can I ask why we have come here?” (Dyuvuleori)

“Get a clue… But that would be too harsh on you, huh? It is not like everyone can be as perceptive as Dear anyways?” (Purple)

“There are times when I think ‘if only I could understand the heart of My Lord like that human does’, but that is also too much of an honor.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Good response. It is a great answer coming from you, you know? It is not like I want you to become like Dear anyways?” (Purple)

That man can bring happiness to My Lord. 

But the results I would get from imitating that man would be different. 

Even if I were to use the Back of Misperception to become the spitting image of him, I am certain I would only be picking a fight with her. 

That man easily managed to see through the difference in emotions when Fokudulkura transformed into My Lord. 

My Lord may not have the same skills as that, but she would be able to feel something off that’s similar to what he did.

“What I need more than comprehending you is to obey you. Of course, I will still do my best to comprehend your plans though.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Then, try having a meal with Nora sometime, got it? I think understanding that girl will be a good lesson for you, you know?” (Purple)

Is she saying I am still a child in human terms? No, Nora is far more intelligent than your average adult human. 

Her personality is a bit deranged, but that’s most likely because she is walking the path to master magic. 

“Meal, huh.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Learning doesn’t always entail asking for teachings directly, you know? You can obtain results that far surpass words by making contact with the other party and realizing the things you yourself don’t have, you know?” (Purple)

“…I will consider it when My Lord is in a safe place.” (Dyuvuleori)

“I owe that girl, so consider it in a more positive manner, okay? And so, we were talking about the objective, right?” (Purple)

I thought My Lord would be telling me, so I shut my mouth, and she walked over to the throne room. 

The inside that’s made from polished stone was terribly dirty compared to the past, and it gives off enough of an atmosphere to remind you of the scenery in the past. 

“I came here because I wanted to remember the past a bit.” (Purple)

“The past…” (Dyuvuleori)

“Dear has no intention of having me be treated like a harmless Demon Lord, you know? It may be possible to have the countries see me as such, but it is not possible to unite the perception of millions of people, right? Who knows when a person like Seraes would try to threaten our peace?” (Purple)

The man that tried to use that human to defeat the Demon Lords. My Lord probably has no intention of forgiving Seraes. She may have defeated him with her own hands, but I doubt her anger towards humans has been calmed down completely. 

The past isn’t something that you can throw away on your own. It is true that there’s the need to be more of a threat than to be harmless in order for My Lord to live in this world. 

My Lord is saying she will be acting the role that that human will be giving her. 

“I think your authority is the same as it was in the past though, My Lord.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Oh my, are you saying my authority hasn’t been lost even when I am a Demon Lord that leans on Dear?” (Purple)

“If anything, it would be at the times like when you are arguing with the Gold Demon Lord.” (Dyuvuleori)

“That can’t be helped. Even I myself am aware that I become more of an idiot when I talk to that thing.” (Purple)

I could take in some degree of the Great Devils’ wills when I took in their powers through the Pawn Mask. 

There were some who felt like My Lord had been brought down by that man and were laughing internally at her. 

But even though I couldn’t understand the worth of it, I could feel the passion in it. 

The light in her eyes showed she could see a clear objective which she had none of when she was just mindlessly invading the world. 

I could feel that this had more worth than any gems.

“…Please walk the path that you yourself consider is the best one, My Lord. I will mow it open even if it is a path blocked by endless thorns.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Leave some, okay? Getting a bit injured can serve as an excuse for Dear to caress me gently, you know?” (Purple)

“Did he caress the wound that Seraes did on you?” (Dyuvuleori)

“…You stab where it hurts.” (Purple)

I did confirm that he caressed the arm that was already healed, but I was driven out afterwards, so I couldn’t witness what happened later. 

However, I can say for sure that that man wouldn’t be led astray just from the mere playfulness of My Lord. 

“Can’t you just be a bit more aggressive?” (Dyuvuleori)

“I am actually pushing to a degree where he is a bit taken aback, you know?” (Purple)

“This is difficult.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Far more difficult than adjusting you, you see?” (Purple)

I see. 

The difficulty might be as high as Nektohal trying to obtain resurrection magic by himself. 

That must be how complicated the conversations between humans are, where there’s no real correct answer. 


“Old man, I have come to give you more fruits!” 

“Today, too?! I hope it is not an amount that would be enough to cover the 3 meals of the day!” 

Even if you tell me that, I have been sent a mountain of fruits from Pope Euparo as well, so it can’t be helped. 

Yox also saw the mountain of fruits and desperately tried to push it to his subordinates. It is to a degree where I wanted to retort about how the people of this world are terrible at visiting patients. 

And so, I investigated the room of the old man that moved to the hospital room, and decided to do a visit akin to fruit terrorism. 

“You have people you need to report to anyways, right? Just push it to them~. Wasting food is something that would make me feel bad even in this world.” 

“So it is fine to trouble others with it… Also, do you understand your own standing here?” 

“It is not like you are an assassin anyways. There should be no issues with interacting with you normally, then? Also, you are simply here because you accepted a request, right? There will be a bit of a chance to hear information.” 

Marito had anbus hidden around me for a pretty long time. 

It was a bit embarrassing to have people watching me 24/7, but that’s pretty much how otherworlders are treated. 

It is far better than when Mix was stationed by my side for 3 days and 3 nights.

“You… Good grief. What’s with how careless you are being here despite seeing through my identity in one look…?” 

“That’s kind of like a matter of compatibility. I can’t do anything with people that hide themselves like the anbus of the nations, but I can easily tell apart people who are trying to blend in with the civilians. In that case, I just throw the ones I can’t deal with to my comrades, and just face the ones that I can.” 

I don’t think one bit that I can obtain information about Princess Yumis from him. 

But I can analyze the actions and habits of such people in this country through him. 

Comprehending such things is my role. 

“Then, allow me to ask, but what are you planning on doing with Prince Washekt and this country?” 

“It is nothing to hide, really. There’s an influential person in this country that cooperated with the demon. We plan on finding that person.” 

“…I see. So the king of Serende has judged that it is possible that it is within the royal family. That’s why he chose Prince Washekt who only has an interest in ruins. No, it would be better to say that he sent Prince Washekt because he would be easier to find out even if he were the one.” 

“Ah, so the people around Prince Washekt really have a loose guard.” 

“It would naturally end up like that if you simply choose the people around you by their personality. But you could even call it manly that he is being so brazen as if announcing he has nothing to hide.” 

He didn’t have bodyguards even when we were exploring ruins. 

There’s no doubt he thought they would leak the information even if they are people he likes. 

Or maybe there’s the chance that there are people in cahoots with the others who have sneaked inside from the very beginning. 

“Are the surroundings of Princess Yumis guarded tightly?” 

“You could say that. It is thorough to a degree where it wouldn’t hurt her even if someone like me were to make a mistake. I feel like my pocket will hurt though…” 

“You should be able to get a bit if you report this.” 

“Trust is the lifeblood of this industry. As if there will be any next job for someone who has been discovered.” 

“I don’t know about that. If we make Princess Yumis think ‘it can’t be helped if it is that man’, you would still have a chance, old man.” 

If we can make her think ‘he had a bad match’, she wouldn’t be directing doubt but pity. 

Well, if the head of Princess Yumis is rock hard, it won’t work though. 

“I will keep my expectations tempered. Also, my name is Toppara. Don’t call me old man the whole time.” (Toppara)

“Okay. Then, see you later, Toppara. I will bring fruits again.” 

“I don’t need more.” (Toppara)

I exit the room, and Mix and Ilias, who were silent until now, sighed. 

I told the two of them to not threaten Toppara no matter what, but it is great to see that they are doing that properly. 

“Why are you getting close to a spy…?” (Mix)

“What are you saying? I am attacking him with fruits. Can you eat the amount of fruits I am pushing to Toppara?” 

“I might be able to if you were to tell me it is okay even if I were a bit more plump.” (Mix)

I tried to imagine Mix a bit fatter, but me thinking that’s fine too makes me realize just how wide my strike zone is. 

Well, I do think she looks the best as she is now though. 

“I would be fine with that, but don’t go out of your way to forcefully change your physique. You are desirable as you are.” 

“As I am… In other words—” (Mix)

“Please be more modest in that front. I don’t like exhibitionists.” 

“But you were completely naked in front of me and My King though?” (Niru)

“Ooh, are you picking a fight the moment you interject, Niruryates?” 

Do demons have no intention of appearing normally? I just brush off Niruryates who joined the conversation as if she was there from the beginning. 

“Hohooh, are you saying you want to fight me? You really don’t treasure your life. But I like your resolve! Come at me whenever you want!” (Niru)

“I will file a complaint to the Green Demon Lord later. I will tell him that you are ignoring the conditions and playing around the whole time.” 

“You can make me your chair, so can you please hear what I have to say?” (Niru)

She is fine with being scolded severely when she herself messes up, but it seems like she doesn’t like getting punished from having others tell on her. 

But I won’t sit down on you even if you get on all fours, okay? Also, Mix, stop with the face as if saying ‘are you not gonna sit on her?’.

Niruryates went back once to the Taizu Nether after the matter of Nektohal was over. 

She could have done the report in Serende, but she must have wanted to report about the death of her coworker in detail. 

“And so, what did the Green Demon Lord say?” 

“The brief summary would be: A promise is a promise. Do as you please with Wolfe-chan.” (Niru)

What kind of summary is that? 

There’s no way the Green Demon Lord would call her Wolfe-chan. Marito would though. 

Wolfe tried to pay with her own body as an Illegitimate of Yugura in order to heal me from my critical state.

There’s no way I would let something like that go through, so I offered him I would get the head of Nektohal. It seems that the matter is now over. 

“So I have paid back my debt for saving my life.” 

“Also, he will at least compliment you, so come show your face there once you return to Taizu. Aah, I was shocked, you know?” (Niru)

“Of course you would be.” 

Or not really. 

That Demon Lord understands his own strength correctly, so he takes an arrogant attitude, but he is still a reasonable person. 

Well, we have to go through Gahne in order to reach the Taizu Nether because of the Black Demon Lord Killer Mountain, so we would have to go there before returning to Taizu.

“I have also come here in order to confirm whether you have properly dealt with the documents and such relating to the research of Nektohal. Then, I have to investigate the ruins a teeny bit. Shall we go together?” (Niru)

“I wouldn’t want to go there while I am still recovering, considering the possibility that there might still be traps remaining. Please go there alone.” 

“So you prefer a frail maiden being oppressed by traps. That’s a horrible hobby.” (Niru)

“Your master was the one that crushed that frail maiden and only left her with her head though.” 

“It is fine if it is My King~! It is fine no matter how much of a mess he makes my body to be~! I want him to~! I want him to mess me up in other ways aside from being angry at me~!” (Niru)

Do demons have some sort of defect that makes them depart from human ethics? 

Well, they have stopped being human, so it is not impossible that they would move away from the values of human society. 

Let’s warn Ekdoik often about it. 

Also, Mix, stop with the face that says ‘I get you’.

“Then, shall I lend you my wits? It will come at a hefty price though.” 

“I don’t need it. My feelings for My King are mine alone. The desires and worries of that personage are treasures that only I can enjoy.” (Niru)

There’s something that draws me in a bit when Niruryates is like that. 

It is the face of someone that has a core which all people, who have enjoyed their life thoroughly, share. 

Her push being her king makes me jealous. 

But stop being on all fours already. 

Also, Mix’s face of understanding… Oh well, you don’t have to stop it. 

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