LS – Chapter 104: Overwhelming to start with

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“Now then, I am off to get some borrowed knowledge.”

I left the Purple Demon Lord who was shocked at the lineup of the pieces and moved to where my comrades are to call Wolfe and Rakura.

Rakura is normal and Wolfe is beaming with motivation.

However, there’s a worry in this battle -especially with Wolfe.

She has apparently gotten stronger after being trained by Gradona, but I don’t know how much.

In a sense, she is more of a mystery than the enemies.

She has fought against a Mejis Anbu and had a hard time, and has managed to land a fatal hit on Pashuro with trickery.

What about the opponent this time? If it is the Right Leg, I should consider them on the same level as Pashuro.

But Nose is definitely on the same level as Ramyugureska.

If it is just in terms of pure defensive power, she should have higher defensive power than Ekdoik, but I don’t want to push her too much.

“Wolfe, Rakura, I will tell you the plan here or like, the objective. Please try to prioritize this first.”

“Got it!” (Wolfe)

“If you can achieve that, what comes after is your own prerogative. If you feel like it is going to be rough, give me the signal immediately. I will withdraw you at once.”

“It is okay. We will win!” (Wolfe)

“It is great that you are so spirited here, but I don’t want to withdraw you in a fatal state. Prioritize your own safety first, okay?”

“Excuse me…Counselor-sama? Is there nothing you would want to say to me?” (Rakura)

“None. Your strength and policy is to not push yourself, so I can trust you the most on that front. I count on you with our objective and the safety of Wolfe.”

“I am happy and at the same time sad about it.” (Rakura)

I explain my objective and the actions to take. The two accepted this and headed to the center of the plaza.

Two Great Devils were already lined up at the center.

The Right Leg of Roaring, Zashpenfosse, and the Great Devil that in the past was suspected to be the strongest, the Ears of Discerning, Baraguwerin.

The Ears of Discerning Baraguwering is the only Great Devil within the ones alive that was present in the era where Yugura existed. He was a High Devil at that time.

You could say he is the oldest Great Devil.

The strength of the Great Devil is proportional to that of their total mana. It goes without saying that the Great Devil that has lived the longest has the highest qualities to become the strongest.

Zashpenfosse has already exposed his appearance as a Great Devil in contrast to Baraguwerin who maintains his human form, standing there in butler clothes.

Hair swept all the way back and pointy ears, and even though he has the shapely figure of a human, his face is handsome to a devilish degree.

He really gives off the aura of the strong.

“Two women, huh. I wanted to spar with the legacy of Beglagud who defeated Ranyugureska, but judging from his state, that won’t be possible, huh.” (Baraguwerin)

“So it seems. I don’t think he can move anymore.” (Rakura)

“That’s just fate. But I can fight with you who defeated Beglagud. It is not all bad.” (Baraguwerin)

“Everyone related to the Great Devils often comes to me with that Beglagud in mind, but I honestly don’t feel the reality of it though.” (Rakura)

“Can’t be helped if you are someone who can kill Fokudulkura instantly. But Beglagud was one of the Great Devils that I had an eye on.” (Baraguwerin)

“I see. I have no interest in that, so you don’t have to tell me.” (Rakura)

Rakura was answering in disinterest, but Baraguwerin was smiling in contrast to this and was unfazed.

Zashpenfosse must be the silent type, or he fears Baraguwerin so he doesn’t speak out, he stays silent.

Wolfe is also silently watching Baraguwerin as if saying she doesn’t plan on talking to the enemy either.

“I see. Then, allow me to bring out a topic that will draw your attention. Your leader…that man seems to be a person with a really good head on his shoulders. It seems like he has investigated me well too.” (Baraguwerin)

He said this and directed his gaze at me. It seems like he is the type that evaluates others without looking down on them.

Honestly speaking, I don’t want to deal with those types. It is hard to create openings for those types of people after all.

“My ears hear a bit better compared to other devils, you see. I heard your conversation. ‘Aim for Baraguwerin with everything you have the moment it begins’. It seems like you were trying to bring this to a short battle.” (Baraguwerin)

“You lack manners, eavesdropping on the conversation of others.” (Rakura)

“No need for criticism. My ears are simply good at picking up things and have no special powers like the other Great Devils. If I don’t show at least this much, the Ears of Perception would be gone.” (Baraguwerin)

That’s right, the only reason Baraguwerin is called the Ears of Perception is because he has a high sense of hearing.

But, even with that, he is still suspected as the strongest because of his pure strength.

He has been enhanced even further by the Purple Demon Lord and has become a plain spec monster.

“It is not only that. That man also gave you another instruction. The instruction was…‘Buy as much time as you can’, right?” (Baraguwerin)

I move my gaze to the parchment in my hands. It matches what’s written at the corner of the parchment.

Seriously, what kind of ears does he have?

“That’s impressive. You can even understand human writing.” (Rakura)

“It is unnecessary knowledge if I am simply making devils obey, but you will grow wariness towards the humans slightly if you live for long. Obtaining as much information about me as possible and conquer me swiftly if possible. If it is not, avoid me. I don’t know the logic yet, but if he has the ability to perfectly read the position of My Lord’s pieces, that should be possible for him too.” (Baraguwerin)

“I will simply do what I have been told.” (Rakura)

“I don’t mind that. I have exposed your trickeries. Let’s have some fun.” (Baraguwerin)

“Then, let’s begin.” (Dyuvuleori)

Dyuvuleori appears in between them and urges the beginning of the battle.

Both of them get ready. I could feel the air getting dry.

I put on the Superhuman Glasses and prepare myself to watch over them.

I have put Mix on standby by my side so she can cut in at any moment.

After confirming each other were prepared, the signal to begin was thrown.

“Ready…fight!” (Dyuvuleori)

The one who made a move first as the signal was given was Wolfe. She charges forward by making full use of the mana emission.

What lied ahead was…Zashpenfosse. It is just as my finger shows.


The Great Devils were caught by surprise and that showed in their faces. It was already too late to react to it.

Rakura set a barrier between both of them. Even if they try to destroy it or get in, it would take some time.

I direct my gaze at the parchment one time. It is true that I wrote ‘buy as much time as possible’ at the time when I spoke with Rakura and the others.

But I have already considered the possibility of Baraguwein picking that up with his Ears of Perception.

That’s why I showed them a parchment that had ‘defeat the Right Leg immediately’ written beforehand and had them act a farce here.

The rush speed of Wolfe is far faster than I imagined. It is a speed that wouldn’t lose to Ramyugureska.

With this, we can get the first hit in. If Zashpenfosse tries to avoid or defend, Rakura can follow up the attack.

If they can defeat one immediately, Baraguwein will have to fight 2, and we will be able to draw out even more certain informa—

“Looks like we have been caught off guard. Impressive. But that’s not enough.” (Baraguwein)

I was concentrating full on with the Superhuman Glasses. I somehow caught the rush of Wolfe within my vision.

But, even with that, I couldn’t see it…the movements of Baraguwein who had destroyed the barrier of Rakura in front of Zashpenfosse and had shown up.


The man who is a merchant of Taizu, lives in the rich district, and manages a splendid company, Ban, was looking after an old friend of his.

The Holy Fist Gradona. An outstanding warrior that carved his name in the annals of history by hunting many Uniques.

That said, he is currently a drunk old geezer that has also injured his waist and is in bed.

“Ban, give me booze~.” (Gradona)

“Listen here… You are injured, so can you please stay put?” (Ban)

Ban talked with a slightly casual tone compared to his usual gentle one as he leaked a sigh at the pathetic appearance of Gradona.

There’s a large amount of compresses at the waist of the Holy Fist while he is laid down half-naked in the bed. He could only be baffled by how pathetic he looked.

“Shut up. I just can’t function without drinking.” (Gradona)

“I am impressed you can take that attitude after injuring your waist in the training of your new disciple.” (Ban)

He always never listened even if told, so Ban judged that it would be better to just have him drink booze and sleep, thus he prepared the alcohol and gave it to Gradona.

“Alright. The pain will fly away with this.” (Gradona)

“Right now he is in a lot of trouble. You could help him out as the Holy Fist, you know.” (Ban)

“…I am not needed anymore. Having little Wol with them is enough.” (Gradona)

“You seem to evaluate her awfully high.” (Ban)

Ban has also placed hopes on the growth of Wolfe in the beginning when he taught her the basics of mana emission.

Even when he compared the memories of the past footage left by the Hero Yugura located in Kuama, the Hero Index, her talent is remarkable.

Everyone knows how high her talent is. That’s why he thought her being under the tutelage of the Holy Fist was just a natural development.


Gradona chugged down the alcohol in one go and then burped loudly.

Ban made a displeased look as he brought out the next bottle.

“You know, I have shown achievements to a degree where I can leave my name in history. The reason for that is because I had more talent than the others.” (Gradona)

“Makes sense.” (Ban)

“Of course, I worked hard too. I didn’t grow complacent of my own talent, made it blossom completely, and achieved what I did.” (Gradona)

“I know.” (Ban)

“…But it is only at this age that I learned for the first time…that I had no talent. The only thing I could do was leave my name in history. Compared to the monster that is the legendary Yugura, I am just an ordinary bum…” (Gradona)

“What do you mean—” (Ban)

“Little Wol has surpassed me a long time ago…even at my prime.” (Gradona)


I couldn’t even understand what happened.

What I could confirm was that Baraguwein blocked the trajectory of Wolfe when she was trying to do a surprise attack.

But what I witnessed after that made it so that I got confused instead.

“…What did you do, young girl?” (Baraguwein)

Baraguwein showed a shocked face. His position has not changed at all.

That goes the same for Rakura’s position. Her mouth is open in surprise.

What’s different is the position of Wolfe and Zashpenfosse.

Zashpenfosse has already died. His head has been ripped off his body.

Wolfe is holding that head in her hands.

“You were in the way, so I went around you.” (Wolfe)

Wolfe threw the head of Zashpenfosse haphazardly as if she didn’t need it.

At the same time as this happened, the standing body of Zashpenfosse collapsed.

“I managed to follow that with my eyes. What I am asking is what was that abnormal acceleration you had just now.” (Baraguwein)

“I did it like this.” (Wolfe)

Wolfe emits a small dose of mana from her gauntlet, and then, it begins to emit mana to an explosive degree.

“You released mana and turned it into acceleration power, but by making the mana explode suddenly, you accelerated even further, huh… I see, it is an interesting technique. Can you tell me your name?” (Baraguwein)

“Wolfe.” (Wolfe)

“Wolfe, huh. I will remember that name.” (Baraguwein)

—It is about time to calmly analyze the situation.

What I can tell is that Wolfe managed to finish Zashpenfosse in an instant.

Everyone is shocked by this.

Aah, Ilias is the only one who seems to be happy about this.

I was wondering just how much were the results of Gradona’s training, but I can only call it far beyond my imagination.

I take off the Superhuman Glasses for now.

“Mix, did you manage to follow that with your eyes?”

“No, not at all… That over there…is Wolfe-chan, right?” (Mix)

“Yeah, quite the shocker, huh?”

“No, no, that can’t be wrapped up with shocking…” (Mix)

Oh, Rakura is looking over here. Her mouth is flapping.

Mix also noticed this and interpreted it for me with her mouth reading skills.

“‘Coun…se…lor…-sa…ma…what…do we…do…about…this…?’ -is what she said.”

I would like to know.

Don’t go popping out information others don’t know one after the other -including the true Eye of Blindness.

That said, judging from the movement just now, the specs of Wolfe are beyond my imagination. There’s no better chance that this to draw out the information of Baraguwein.

“Mix, I will leave things to Wolfe here. But if you see them get pushed back even one bit, you can withdraw them at once. I will entrust the decision to you. Have Rakura observe for now.”

“U-Understood. I will tell Rakura-dono that. What are you going to do, Mister Friend?” (Mix)

“My choices have increased after all. I will rebuild my plan a bit.”

It is a happy miscalculation, but a miscalculation is a miscalculation.

It would be dangerous to use my plan with the miscalculation in place while I am having a serious match with the Purple Demon Lord. I have to adjust it.

I don’t know if the Superhuman Glasses will be of use, but I put them on again for now and watch over Wolfe.


When My Lord was deemed as an enemy by Hero Yugura and showed up, I was a bit perceptive at that time, so I abandoned My Lord and ran away.

And then, I grew to a Great Devil before anyone.

It is because I was ahead of everyone else that I am now standing here.

The first thing I felt when I became a Great Devil was not a sense of superiority but loneliness.

There’s no one standing on the same view as me. I thought that was very boring.

A new Great Devil was born a while after and I remember my heart becoming pretty peaceful at that time.

Someone that can stand by my side finally appeared. I would be able to speak as equals, fight, win, and compete.

I thought that, but all the Great Devils pretended to respect me and kept their distance.

The only one who tried to get close to me was Beglagud. But he perished before he could grow completely.

And then, this happened.

The moment I obtained excessive power from My Lord, I honestly felt a sigh leak out from me.

My life in the Nether was already boring as it was. What should I do with even more power than that?

But Dyuvuleori, who bowed his loyalty, had power beyond mine. I really looked forward to that.

When things were wrapped up here, I wanted to challenge him to a battle since he is someone who has surpassed where I stand.

I was even prepared to cook up a plan in order to betray My Lord for the sake of that.

But a happy miscalculation came at this point in time.

The existence of the demi-human in front of me, Wolfe.

I heard that she is someone not even worth attention, but what a lie that turned out to be.

She can kill me. If I don’t face this with my all, there’s no doubt I will be the one dead.

It was just an instant, but she reacted to my move, moreover, she ignored me and achieved her mission.

What determination. It really makes my heart race.

Now…please enthrall me!

“Mine name is Ears of Perception, Baraguwein. If you manage to defeat me, hold it with pride.” (Baraguwein)

“Here I come!” (Wolfe)

She rushes forward again. There’s mana being released from the equipment at both hands and legs.

Those are most likely supplementing her speed, but those are just preliminary motions.

If she enters the necessary range…see, her mana exploded and she suddenly accelerated!

“There!” (Baraguwein)

I predicted her movements that were about to disappear from my vision and unleash my fist. I felt something from it.

But it was too light.

I moved my head and eyes to confirm the situation.

That’s when I noticed my body was floating in the air.

This is… I don’t know what she did here, but she killed the momentum of my fist and utilized it to punch me.

“Interesting!” (Baraguwein)

There’s no hindrances for me just from being thrown into the air. I just have to release a kick that surpasses that speed.

The moment my kick was close to landing…she disappeared from my vision again.

Where is she? If she is nowhere within my vision, she should be somewhere outside of it. But where?

I sharpen my senses. There she is. She has gone around to my back.

She got to my back when I was in midair, so that means she jumped. She won’t be able to move properly in the air.

I ignore my leg that lost its target, shut up my body that’s screaming in pain, and forcefully swing my right arm behind me.

That should have hit—or not.

My body spun to the back with the momentum of the back fist, turning my vision along with it. There she is. She certainly was behind me.

But she is far away. She should have been right behind me, and yet, she is around 2 bodies further away.

Are you telling me she flew up? I see, so she accelerated once more in midair.

Our eyes meet. There’s no doubt about it. The next action she will take is to do an attack with her acceleration.

I have already unleashed a kick and a punch, so my posture has crumbled. It is impossible to avoid.

I ready my remaining arm as a shield to defend myself.

I can grab her. Even if that’s not possible, I can sacrifice an arm and use that opening and reposition.

She shouldn’t be able to readily move again after accelerating for an attack. My body will then reach the floor with that momentum.

My attacks should be able to reach if we are right by each other. I will aim for that moment.

Now, come. Smash that right fist you are holding aloft onto me!

She accelerated. It is impressive speed. Aah, my right arm might get broken from this, but it is a necessary sacrifice.

Ah, that’s way too fast—


Wolfe charged in and there seemed to be an exchange for an instant there, but I couldn’t follow it with my eyes and I only managed to see the result.

Wolfe swung her right fist onto the ground, piercing the ground deeply, and cracks ran through the ground.

I can’t see the head of Baraguwein. It is not a surreal thing like it being buried on the ground.

His head has been blown up.

I can see traces of him raising his arm to offer the last bits of resistance, but he landed on the ground powerlessly not long after.

The Great Devil that was suspected to be the strongest reached his end unceremoniously.

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