LS – Chapter 139: What can be seen next

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Man, it is good that I managed to prevent trouble before it happened. 

The woman that reacted when we mentioned the name of Rakura, Masetta-san. 

I thought at first she reacted because she is a fellow student of the Yugura Church, but that distance of hers was that of someone trying to probe here.

With the leading I performed using the prior information I had, I ascertained that she is someone that had issues with Rakura, and successfully admonished her calmly for it. 

I at first thought about eliminating mercilessly since I felt hostility, but I managed to grasp the fact that Masetta-san was more inclined toward virtue after analyzing her. 

Those types of people are sincere and spare no effort, but they tend to easily make themselves the standard. 

She is someone that you can easily get along with if you talk with her, but her compatibility with Rakura was bad. 

If she had a bit more elements of hot-blooded friendship, she might have been able to get along better with Rakura, but expecting that much from someone else would just be wrong. 

I lowered her hate towards Rakura and had her face forward. You could say that was a satisfactory result. 

“I feel as if I was shown the techniques of a scammer.” 

“You are one rude person.” 

And yet, Ilias-san looked at me like a criminal. 

Wolfe has a face as if she understood something from this.

“I am impressed you can throw such words towards a complete stranger you just met.” (Ilias)

“She was a priestess of the Yugura Church and an acquaintance of Rakura, on top of that, she made contact with us for a reason. Also, the way she was shaken after talking with her directly. As long as they aren’t great at hiding secrets, I can tell pretty much what kind of person they are with that information alone. It simply resonated in the heart of Masetta because I said those words from the bottom of my heart.” 

“I would have found that sketchy though.” (Ilias)

You would. But the people of the Yugura Church can see through lies. That’s why it is easier for them to accept the words they are given straight on. Throwing your true feelings instead of thinking about small tricks brings about more fruitful communication with them.” 

It is because of such things that grandiose lectures from cultists have such great effectiveness -if they are words that come from the heart, that is. 

Maybe Yugura considered that stuff too as he gave such a technique to the Yugura Church?

If he came from the 1st World War era, he shouldn’t have known about the techniques of Hitler to incite the masses in the 2nd World War. 

It is the era where the Constitution of the Empire of Japan was the main constituent. Could it be that there was an influential person like that in that era too? 

Well, it might have been purely a lesson he learned in life. Let’s stop thinking too deeply about it. 

“Is that how it is? I personally think this was educational since I saw an unexpected side of you.” (Ilias)

“Unexpected, you say. I was always like this in Taizu too, you know?” 

“Really?” (Ilias)

“Just what kind of face do you think I have when facing the knights and nobles that criticized you?” 

“Now that you mention it, you were doing something like that. But I think it is harder to get through knights and nobles with words in comparison to clerics though.” (Ilias)

“Knights and nobles have their pride after all. If you tinker with that proficiently, you can instill as much shame and humiliation to those unskilled people.” 

The reality was that most of them were easy to deal with to the point it wasn’t even worth mentioning. 

I have not made them experience things on the level of being traumatic…I think. 

Ilias is a resident of Taizu after all. I tried to solve this as peacefully as possible. 

“…I am scared of asking for the details.” (Ilias)

“I have made them stop criticizing you, so please don’t ask.” 

That said, when it goes all the way to Knight Captain, it is hard to tinker with their beliefs with just a silvertongue. 

Lord Leano may look easy, but he is pretty tough in the important spots after all. 

Him having no deaths within his subordinates after he was posted as a Knight Captain is not just for show. 

He is the kind of dangerous superior that can act in an unsightly or shameful manner if it is for the sake of his subordinates. I am sure the life of Ilias would have changed greatly if she was posted to the Leano Division instead of the Ragudo Division. 

Well, there wasn’t any place that could handle her strength aside from the Ragudo Division, so you could say there was no chance though. 

“Masetta-san is the type of person that would leave proper results equal to the amount of work she has put in after all. There’s no doubt it would be better for everyone if she were to face forward and walk.” 

“You evaluate her awfully highly.” (Ilias)

“I told you what I said before came from the heart, right? The balance of her talent is also good, and she doesn’t neglect putting in the effort. She is also sociable -except in some fronts- has the desire to improve herself, and can reflect. She is pretty much an exemplary student that barely causes trouble, yet burns with passion where it matters. She is a generally likable person if we exclude her narrow view.” 

“She certainly does sound appealing when you put it like that.” (Ilias)

“She will most likely end up in a far higher post than Rakura at the end. It wouldn’t be strange for her to end up as an Archbishop in the future.” 

It would be a waste to have someone like that burn their life away because of Rakura. Please fix yourself up quickly. 

“Shishou, was the person just now more appealing than Rakura?” (Wolfe)

“If it is in terms of a girl that I can find charm in after interacting with her socially, it would be Masetta-san. As for Rakura, she stimulates the paternal instinct to look after her.”

“Uuuh… That’s bizarre.” (Wolfe)

“You as well, Wolfe. You have begun to use complicated words.” 

The pensive look of Wolfe has begun to feel pretty intellectual.

I would like her to make a nicer face though… No, let’s not look at her with those eyes yet.

“Shishou, what about Wolfe?” (Wolfe)

“Complaining is a luxury, but if you want to do so anyways, bring out yourself a bit more.” 

“I will do my best! …Uhm…I would like more snacks after a meal!” (Wolfe)

“That’s good progress, but make sure not to become like Rakura.” 

“What would Rakura say?” (Wolfe)

“She would demand booze and have it served.” 

“Oooh~!” (Wolfe)

“No, I don’t think she would go that far…” (Ilias)

After that, we buy snacks. We also bought the share for Rakura and the others and brought them back, but Rakura said ‘how about having booze together with it? The drinks poured by Counselor-sama taste good, so please do consider it, which made Ilias look baffled and Wolfe went ‘Oooh!’ in happiness. 

Of course, I rejected the alcohol. 


The information about the invasion of the defensive wall by the Blue Demon Lord had been spread to almost everywhere, but the details of the result are almost unknown. 

According to the information obtained, someone has negotiated with the Blue Demon Lord and established an armistice. 

The Kuama King had no intention of accepting this and tried to show unyielding will here, but this led to angering the Blue Demon Lord and destroying the defensive walls. 

With the impending battlefield being expanded to the nation, he was cornered into having no choice but to accept this armistice. 

Raheight-san disappeared at around the same time. It seems like he has been imprisoned in the Kuama Castle, but…

“We are talking about that person after all…” 

For Raheight-san, a body is an expendable that can be switched. 

The secret technique to move your own soul into others. There’s no one that can match Raheight-san in that field. 

Moving your soul is powerful, but it is also a double-edged sword that can cause extremely dangerous situations. 

In the case you possess a living being, you are trying to influence the soul of someone else with a defenseless soul. 

He is throwing away his body and possessing someone, so he can’t defend with mana either. Just thinking about the effects makes me shiver. 

There’s also the compatibility of the bodies. If the body is incompatible, the body stiffening is just the tip of the iceberg. It might even affect your soul at worst. 

If you want to make it practical, it is necessary to use outstanding amounts of work in order to incapacitate the target’s soul…or at least that’s how it is in theory.

Raheight-san is completely ignoring that process and constantly possessing people. 

Because of this, he freely switches bodies and can act in a variety of places. 

There’s no one who excels in maneuvering in the shadows than him. He can progress his work in the middle of a big nation, so I always think it is great that I didn’t make him an enemy. 

Just what kind of person managed to capture that Raheight-san? There’s the need to show the highest of caution for the time being. 

Whichever the case, the chances of him abandoning his body and escaping are high despite him having been captured. I continue to act as if I am lounging about at the bar counter and wait for contact to happen. 

…Hm, is it that? 

A middle-aged civilian talking to a Riodo adventurer… That attire…is he a merchant? 

I use the hearing strengthening spell. I can hear everything inside the bar with this. 

But the noise is incredibly annoying every time I use this. It really makes me grateful I trained to pick up conversations if I concentrate. 

“I can tell you are a skilled adventurer. There’s something I would like to consult with you about.” 


“Before that, can I confirm what guild you are from?” 

“…Riodo. If you have a request, go through the guild.” 

“That’s my intention, but I was thinking about confirming the market price of the guild members, you see. Of course, if you cooperate, I could consider making a request that nominates you.” 

“Me accepting depends on the details of it. Well, fine. What request do you want to know the market price of?” 

…His way of speaking matches. So you really did succeed in breaking out of prison, Raheight-san. 

There’s a lot of things I would like to ask, but I have to make contact quickly. 

I will eat all my food in the time he is talking to that adventurer. As for the ale…I don’t want to, but let’s control myself here. 

I hurriedly finished my meal and exited the bar beforehand. 

I move to a back alley where I can see the entrance of the bar. Now all that’s left is to wait for Raheight-san to come out. 

“Don’t move.” 


There’s someone behind me. They clearly spoke to me. 

What should I do? They don’t seem to have a weapon ready. Could I escape if I jump into the crowd? 

…Don’t hesitate. Run! 

I throw the magic seal stone I was hiding behind me at the same time as I run. They won’t be able to chase me with magic. 

If they go for a physical approach, I will concentrate on detecting the presence of such and avoiding it. 

I should be able to deal with the first attack…probably. 

The one that spoke to me from behind, judging from the tone of their voice, it was a man, but that man didn’t show signs of moving despite seeing me running. 

Should I look back and confirm his face? No, prioritize escaping—


I got hit hard from the front. 

As if I crashed onto a wall after running at full speed. 

This is barrier magic?! How did this show up when I used a magic seal stone…? No, that’s not it. He is not alone. 

There’s a woman wearing Yugura Church clothes right in front of me. She must have created a wall using barrier magic.

This is not the time to be complaining. I will get caught at this rate. 

I strengthen my firepower with mana strengthening. I can just jump over a barrier. 

“There’s no way we would let you escape.” 


The moment I landed, I was pulled with enormous strength and was smashed onto the ground. 

Something is wrapped around my leg… These are chains. Wait, this is…


“So you know me. It isn’t strange if you are a pawn of Raheight.” (Ekdoik)

This is bad. It is true that the infamy of this guy hasn’t spread, but I heard he is on the same level as Girista and Pashuro.

With my skills… I should resolve myself he—

“You must not kill yourself-desu zo.” 

Hm? I can’t put strength in my whole body… Strength is being sapped out of me…

Ah, some sort of knife has been stabbed in me… What should I do?

At times like this, I feel like Raheight-san would…abandon me…


“Captured successfully. It all went as planned.” 

“Gotcha. Good work.” 

I left the bar and regrouped with Ekdoik and the others. 

This guy that has been knocked out with the poisonous knife of Mix is our first new clue. 

Even if Raheight planned on causing chaos by using the adventurers, there’s no way he would blabber away in a situation where ears are present. 

In that case, why did Raheight make contact with adventurers in places where many people would witness it? 

It is simple if you just think in the perspective of Raheight. 

Raheight apparently normally uses the special body of a child, but using the body of a child to perform his scheming has its limitations, so he has been switching bodies within his living sphere. 

It is natural that it is hard to follow his trail, but this isn’t exclusive to enemies. His allies can’t tell Raheight apart from others either. 

That’s why he would take a peculiar conduct and would have specific conversations with adventurers. 

He would set several allies in places where adventurers frequent like taverns and plazas. He would use certain conversations and ways of speaking to send them the signal ‘Raheight is here’.

On top of that, Raheight changed his way of speaking depending on the guild the other party is affiliated to. 

The report was that they were having the same discussion, but that was solely the fact that it was the same details inside the guild.

In the files of Ekdoik’s team that investigated Riodo, it was written ‘He asked the market price of the requests’, but in the files of Mix’s team there was the small difference of ‘asking the reasonable rank of the request’. 

If everything is exactly the same, it is hard to escape the thought that ‘You can see such trends’.

But if the details are set depending on the guild, it is easy to notice there’s a trend there. I can’t help but feel like they are cutting corners in those parts. 

Well, it is not like the guilds are in a relationship where they share each other’s information, so there was barely any fear of this being noticed. Let’s stop searching for cracks. 

The reality is that this was something that Ekdoik and Mix couldn’t notice unless they exchanged information after all.

The rest is simple after noticing it. We just needed a civilian-looking person we had prepared, with acting training, and had them act it out. 

If there’s someone within view distance of the changed Raheight who reacts to his way of speaking, it will be a bingo. 

If we were to follow them brazenly afterwards instead of making contact with them, they might end up getting too suspicious, and we might lose sight of them. 

In that case, we should move away from the place beforehand and keep an eye on the entrance. I set Ekdoik and the others there. 

Then, I confirmed the features of the man and told Ekdoik this through his chains, which resulted in this. 

“Rakura and Ekdoik, carry this man. Mix, I had Ilias and Wolfe capture the men that were keeping an eye, so help them out.” 

The way of speaking being divided by guilds wasn’t only to avoid coincidences. 

When they had business with Riodo, they would speak in the way of the Riodo adventurers; and when they had business with Morgana, they would switch in the same manner. 

This man that reacted to the way of speaking to the Riodo adventurer is a guild member of Riodo, and that would mean he is a guide on the Riodo side. 

There’s the possibility of one person remembering all the guild members, but it would be safer to assume there’s respective territories and respective guides for their guilds. 

And so, I checked the tavern in order to see whether there was anyone who reacted aside from this man. 

There were two other men who were checking them out, so I had Wolfe and Ilias keep an eye on them respectively. 

The two men remained on standby after noticing that it wasn’t the one they were in charge of. 

I would like to capture them all at once if possible. 

“Now then, what should we do…?” 

We succeeded in getting a foothold, but it is also plain obvious that this will bring about a troublesome development. 

It would mean that Raheight is always changing locations for when he meets his allies with such a hassle of a method. 

Them being able to change their locations to meet means that’s just how many places they have secured.

Someone who can secure several locations without being suspected.

Moreover, from each guild. 

Just how big is the whole picture?

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