LS – Chapter 330: Thus, expectation

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“This is pretty much what I can explain. I can at least listen to your questions.”

The clone of the Colorless Demon Lord explained to us the current situation of the Yugura side and what kind of state my friend is in.

It was all stuff that gave me a headache, but we have at least avoided the worst case scenario.

If my friend didn’t go through the route of resurrecting the Black Demon Lord, Yugura would have redone the world without listening to the opinion of anyone.

So, we have at least gotten time until matters are settled with the forces of the Black Demon Lord.

“They know the forces of our countries. Isn’t this unfair?” (Gold)

“As if. If you use the power of Ruling, you can investigate our forces immediately aside from the Demon Lord and the demons. You guys are the ones who would be at an advantage if Black Sis doesn’t use her power directly.” (Colorless)

It is true that the Ruling of the Gold Demon Lord showed matchless power at the time of the Scarlet Demon Lord’s invasion.

By utilizing the time control in the simulated world, we can get a grasp of the enemy monsters’ locations in real time, and we can predict the formation and objective of the enemies from that.

No matter how big the demons of the Black Demon Lord are, there’s a limit to what they can do on their own.

They may be able to defeat big armies on their own, but they can’t occupy a large territory.

We should be able to match the appropriate forces of the nations against the monsters even if the demons have outstanding individual strength if we have the Ruling of the Gold Demon Lord.

“So, according to what you say, Black won’t be fighting in the frontlines?” (Blue)

“Yugura will help out a bit, but the foundation is too weak. I think she will be serving as a tactician in the backlines.” (Colorless)

“Not giving up even in a situation like that… She must be pretty confident about the demons.” (Blue)

“Compared to your hatchling Ekdoik, the lunatics of Black Sis are complete demons after all. Also, she has the strongest Demon Lord that’s me if we exclude Yugura.” (Colorless)

The Colorless Demon Lord is not a Demon Lord and is not a perfected demon.

But this man has been acquainted with Yugura for long, and has obtained a wide array of benefits from his transcendent techniques.

Even Haiya, who was created as the successor of Yugura, has said that the Colorless Demon Lord would be at an advantage if it were to turn into a fight where you use all means available.

“Didn’t ya say that ya can’t take hostile actions?” (Gold)

“It was a contract with Yugura after all. If Yugura is going to be helping out, he will most likely free me for a limited period of time. I will be able to rampage as my heart pleases.” (Colorless)

“Yer face is telling me ya don’t seem into it though.” (Gold)

“Ah, you can tell? Man, the atmosphere on that side is super bad. This side is also tense in its own way, but the atmosphere on that side is as if they won’t let me talk…” (Colorless)

“Makes sense it would end up like that with Yugura, Black, and the demons who have issues with their personality.” (Blue)

The will of the Black Demon Lord herself is strong, but it doesn’t seem like the morale on their side is that high.

If we utilize this point well, we might be able to pull a move that will give us the advantage.

“I was worried because his body had been stolen by Black, but it seems like it is still fine for now.” (Blue)

“I personally am worried that he might sour the mood of Black Sis though. Well then, do your best to heat up the remaining lifespan he has bought for you all, okay?” (Colorless)

The clone of the Colorless Demon Lord showed a smile and disappeared.

Silence reigned the room for a while, but the Gold Demon Lord clapped both hands and changed the mood.

“Let’s get a clear idea of our objective first. Our topmost priority is to stop the invasion of Black.” (Gold)

“Next would be to do something about Black and save Dear, I guess?” (Purple)

“Lastly, stop the space-time magic of Yugura that has been postponed.” (Blue)

Everyone nodded at the objectives the 3 Demon Lords brought up.

We are talking about my friend here, so I doubt this will just end with using the Black Demon Lord to buy time.

If he is creating the faintest of possibilities to bring it to this result, he must have made a play on Yugura in some way.

What we can do is keep this world alive for as long as possible as residents of this world, and make it so that we don’t let that possibility die out.

“Kuama, Torin, Mejis, Serende, and the tops of the countries will be cooperating. We will be hiding the matter about Yugura from everyone, but this battle will be sung as one that will decide the life or death of humanity.” (Marito)

“The morale may have increased a bit because of the matter of Scarlet, but we need them to be more motivated for this one. Also…we need to persuade Green, I guess?” (Gold)

“You don’t need to worry about that!”

The one who opened the door with strength and showed up was the demon of the Green Demon Lord, Niruryates.

I didn’t hear her footsteps at all, so that means she was listening in on our conversation until now.

“I wouldn’t have minded you entering though.” (Marito)

“About that…it was a bit hard to come in… The only human I get along with is that resident of Yugura’s planet after all…” (Niru)

“I don’t think my friend considers you to be a good friend though.” (Marito)

“How cruel! But that thorniness is a bit similar to My King. It is nice…” (Niru)

It would be pretty hard for me to be hated by this woman just from the fact that I have the same face as the Green Demon Lord.

I don’t want to go out of my way to be hated though.

“And so, Niruryates, you saying that there’s no need to worry means that, right?” (Marito)

“Yes. That Colorless-san has sent a clone to My King as well. My King told me ‘Agreed’ and dispatched me! So that’s what it meant.” (Niru)

Niruryates is bothered about her own hair. Her hair is messier than normal.

She most likely hurried here as fastest as possible, but I wonder at what speed she moved from the Taizu Nether to here?

We were told about the matter just now. The Colorless Demon Lord erased his clone in the middle because it was getting in the way of a talk or something, but he must have been explaining the situation to the Green Demon Lord at that time too.

The Green Demon Lord must have predicted that we would ask for his cooperation to stop the invasion and sent Niruryates.

“By the way, Niruryates, you are the demon that has lived the longest on our side, right?” (Purple)

“Don’t treat me like an elderly, okay?” (Niru)

“If I treated you like an elderly, it would also be stabbing us, you know? What I want to ask is about the awakening stage of demons though?” (Purple)

The Colorless Demon Lord said that the demons of the Black Demon Lord are complete demons that have reached the awakened stage.

I didn’t know what that meant in detail, but it must have fitting strength if they are the main forces of the Black Demon Lord camp.

There may be a bit of a difference in time here, but Niruryates has been living as long of a time as those demons. It wouldn’t be strange for her to have some sort of information.

“Hmm, it is not like I know much about it. Have you not been told about it by Yugura?” (Niru)

“Demons are beings close to Demon Lords… The only thing I have been told is that they are guardians that stay by your side, successors that inherit your wills, trailblazers that open up a new path, I guess?” (Purple)

“So Yugura also didn’t explain things properly just like that man.” (Blue)

“Isn’t that because you didn’t ask Yugura properly?” (Marito)


All the Demon Lords here averted their gaze.

Leaving aside the circumstances, the Demon Lords here didn’t try to create demons by themselves. The Blue Demon Lord finally got one just recently.

The Black Demon Lord and Green Demon Lord were the ones who created a great number of demons.

There’s a high chance the Green Demon Lord has more information.

“It is not like I have become one. I have only been told about it, but…it is a ritual for demons to become pseudo Demon Lords. For Yugura, resurrection magic was apparently not something to resurrect the dead, but to bring forth evolution and bring them closer to a perfect being.” (Niru)

“It is true that there’s no need to become a Demon Lord if it is just resurrecting them.” (Marito)

“But resurrection magic was apparently an incomplete spell for Yugura. That’s why Yugura was apparently planning on creating a different technique to become a Demon Lord.” (Niru)

“Use the mana of someone who has already reached that stage to promote others to a higher plane. That’s what a demonification is, huh.” (Marito)

“Right, right. The result was that they became a higher being, but not exactly Demon Lords. Something like pseudo Demon Lords, I guess?” (Niru)

“So vague.” (Marito)

“I wasn’t that interested after all. Nektohal, who was the one that was investigating the most seriously, stopped researching after learning that he is something different to a Demon Lord after all.” (Niru)

The demon Nektohal was trying to reach the same realm as the Green Demon Lord and went out of control.

If a demon was an extension to becoming a Demon Lord, he might not have deviated from his path of loyalty.

“Digging down further into this awakened stage, there’s apparently a trial you have to overcome just like how you have to pay a price in order to become a Demon Lord. Also, you apparently can become that after your body has completely adapted to the mana of your chief Demon Lord or something.” (Niru)

“It really is so vague.” (Blue)

“Cause you know, ain’t it a drag to do something like a trial? I am sure the conditions are like super harsh! I would rather serve My King fervently than face something like that!” (Niru)

It feels as if this could have been a way to defeat the subordinates of the Black Demon Lord, but it ended up in just a chat… It is pretty hard to describe the contents told here.

This would be an important thing for Niruryates and Ekdoik if this is a factor that could make them more powerful as demons, but…it sounds like this is going to be hard to take advantage of.


The intimidation of Yugura must have worked, Ofaro and Lazarikata pledged to obey Black Sis.

Yugura judged that just intimidating them wouldn’t be enough, so he proposed to use contract magic, but Black Sis refused, saying there was no need for that.

— “You don’t need to fight for my sake. It is enough if you just wield that power of yours.” (Black)

Yugura said ‘that’s so soft’ at that statement of hers but didn’t interfere any further.

That said, there’s stuff like the flesh and bones torn off from Lazarikata here and there though.

He tore her apart without even waiting for her response. Seriously scary.

If my memory serves right, Lazarikata hated Black Sis when she was human, but was somewhat friendly to Yugura.

Yugura would answer with a smile to Lazarikata sometimes, but…now he tears her flesh apart with a smile.

Even a wound that would be irreversible for a normal human can be healed immediately with the body of a demon. It is not like there’s no pain though.

“But to think an awakened would be on this level…” (Colorless)

Black Sis said she wanted to confirm how strong the awakened demons were, and Zahava raised her hand immediately to volunteer.

Using monsters to showcase her power would obviously not be of much use if they are just high rank, and we can’t just expend Uniques, so it ended up with Yugura being her opponent.

“Not bad, I guess? I tried matching the strength of Scarlet, but you landed a pretty nice hit on me.” (Yugura)

A big hole was opened on the chest area of his clothes.

It is what’s left of Zahava’s attack that he couldn’t block completely.

Yugura was using at least Strife, but I didn’t expect her to land a proper hit on him despite that.

“Isn’t this cruel though?” (Colorless)

“I thought that she might get conceited.” (Yugura)

As for Zahava, only her upper half was left there.

It seems like some nasty curse was cast on the wound that should have regenerated, she is twitching with eyes open while leaking tears and drool.


“Won’t she die if left be?” (Colorless)

“Doesn’t that mean that was her limit if she were to die from this? Though that was a joke. I held back enough to not kill her. The curse should dissipate soon.” (Yugura)

The curse must have expired while he was saying this, the wound began to regenerate.

I do think the regeneration rate is impressive, but it is disgusting no matter how many times I see it.

I looked at Yugura while being nauseated by that sight, and he was taking off the clothes that had a hole in it.

There isn’t a single wound on his chest despite having been hit by a powerful blow.

That’s weird. It looked as if his chest had been pierced though.

“Want me to lend you clothes?” (Colorless)

“The fashion sense of a guy running around naked with a robe is a bit…” (Yugura)

“Oi, the way you put it! I am wearing pants! Good grief. Get some yourself then.” (Colorless)

“Haha, I will.” (Yugura)

Yugura took out a piece of cloth and thread from a pocket dimension and began to sew with magic.

Wait wait, from there?!

This guy is still weirdly stubborn as ever!

Well, the way to make clothes of the past and present should be easy compared to forbidden magic like resurrection magic, so he probably can sew anything with magic…probably.

Zahava finished regenerating and got up while I was watching this baffled.

They are most likely weaving the clothes with their own mana just like Niruryates, but it is fascinating how even their clothes regenerate.


“Why are you making a face as if it felt a bit good? You were convulsing just a few moments ago with an outrageous face.” (Colorless)

“It is painful, but it feels good after it is gone. Didn’t you know that?” (Zahava)

“I don’t want to. I want to go about things in the world with just feeling good. Don’t ask me that question with a straight face.” (Colorless)

“Eh, Demon Lord-sama… Where’s Demon Lord-sama?!” (Zahava)

Zahava was flustered that Black Sis was not nearby.

Aah, this expression alone is similar to what she showed in the past.

“Black Sis said ‘good work’ and left.” (Colorless)

“! That’s a relief… I was made a mess, so I thought she was disappointed in me…” (Zahava)

“Anyone would be made a mess against Yugura.” (Colorless)

“Anyways, I managed to land a hit on that hateful Yugura! The sensation of gouging meat really is…nice! Don’t you think so too?!” (Zahava)

“I won’t say yes to that. Don’t try to just ride the mood and make me a pervert like you. Don’t just bathe in abnormality in public.” (Colorless)

Well, it didn’t feel bad to cast a curse in the heart of a woman though. Even if so, the only thing I want to feel about meat are the mountains on top.

“Aah, I will be able to kill a whole lot from here on, right? A whole whole lot! Moreover, it is not only for my sake, but for the sake of Demon Lord-sama too! Aah…!” (Zahava)

“Aah, this one’s a lost cause…” (Colorless)

Zahava is totally high from her battle against Yugura.

It is a bit different from the battle junkie Girista.

She simply wants to kill and can only think about eating the prey in front of her.

Her being the better one out of the 3 makes me want to cry.

The only one who I can talk with properly now is Yugura. Seriously, I am counting on you, my friend!

“Alright, I am motivated today. Let’s make the clothes of Black while at it.” (Yugura)

“…She probably won’t ever wear clothes you make though? She might tear them in front of your eyes once you give them to her and then burn them.” (Colorless)

“Don’t you think that’s nice in its own way? Alright, let’s make a risque one as well!” (Yugura)

This guy… You can talk to him, but can’t have a proper conversation.

Well, I do want to see her in risque clothes too though.


Author: It is not like Demon Lords could originally create demons. It is simply that there was the need for the power of Demon Lords to create demons.

It was a research that ended in failure, but they managed to grant immortality, so Yugura told the Demon Lords as a way to create comrades that will be living together with them.

By the way, the Black Demon Lord helped out in that research.

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