LS – Chapter 210: That’s why, brace yourself

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“Did you call, Ritial-sama?”

The subordinates assigned to me personally, Molari and Yasutet. These two are Illegitimate that I found with these eyes of mine.

Molari has space awareness skills so good that allows her to use teleportation magic; Yasutet has such concentration he can cast barrier magic that can block any attacks.

The comrades I had along in my adventurer days would be better if we were to talk solely about pure battle power, but you can say these two are the best subordinates when it comes to convenience.

“Archbishop Seraes contacted Raheight just a moment ago. The fact that Seraes had confined the resident of Yugura’s planet  was revealed, and he is currently escaping. I want you two to help him out with that.” (Ritial)

“…Forgive my words Ritial-sama, but that means Seraes has lost his position as Archbishop, right? Is there any worth in saving a man like that?” (Molari)

“Quite the valid question, Molari. But Seraes is a capable man despite appearances. There’s no doubt he was the one who has been supporting the incompetent King Zenotta for decades, maintaining the order of Kuama. He has a grasp of the underground residents of this world, and it would serve greatly in our actions.” (Ritial)

Even if he has lost his job, it is not like his worth as an individual is gone. With that logic, I would also be incompetent as I am not the guildmaster of Morgana anymore.

“Understood. Then—” (Molari)

“However, one warning. It means someone must have set this situation. There’s a high chance there’s already assassins in the rendezvous point. I allow some battle, but if you feel that it would get bad, retreat at once, even if it is only you two.” (Ritial)

“No need to worry. We will finish our mission safely.” (Molari)

“Please let me worry. Seraes is a talent I want, but you two are more important to me. Your abilities as Illegitimate are part of it, but the loyalty and trustworthiness of you two is not something that can be replaced so easily.” (Ritial)

“…Those words are too much of an honor. You saved us, Ritial-sama. Your wonderfulness would be understood by other Illegitimate, and they would pledge their loyalty to you in the same manner.” (Molari)

Molari is always taking a respectful attitude towards me. It is not bad in and of itself, but I sometimes miss idiots like Gradona.

“It is not too much of an honor. You two have that much worth. I didn’t guide you to become expendable tools; it is because I want to aim for the same ideal together. Don’t forget that. Now then, I will be heading off for a different matter, so I leave the rest to you two.” (Ritial)

I exit the room where I called them.

Those two should be able to deal with your average trouble.

But I should be readying one more move with a matter that stinks this much.

“Aah, Ritial-sama! How kind! To say such words to me… Aaah…Aah…Aah…!” (Molari)

“…Molari, calm down.” (Yasutet)

“Hah? Don’t make nasty sounds while I am soaking in the afterglow, Yasutet. I will kill you.” (Molari)

“…Ritial-sama is still nearby. If you want him to hear your moans, then be my guest.” (Yasutet)

“Eh?! No way!” (Molari)

I move away from there in a way so that I don’t make any sound.

I am aware that I acted in a way so that they would trust me, but it seems like they have grown dependent on me in a way I didn’t imagine.

It is cute, but how should I interact with them? I can’t tell such things even with my eyes that see through talent.

“Now then, I really should call him.” (Ritial)

It is certain that the resident of Yugura’s planet has been seriously injured by Seraes.

In that case, the one involved in this matter is most likely someone like the Taizu King. The Wise King should have made a suitable plan.

No, it is possible that man is already involved…

“I should have lied about giving him treatment and sent an assassin.” (Ritial)

There have been a decent amount of people I have wanted to kill, but the amount of people I have wanted dead are limited.

The eyes of the resident of Yugura’s planet are similar to mine, but it is not those of an Illegitimate.

The talents of the Illegitimate that are comparable to those of Yugura would be superior to those of other talents, but those eyes are ominous in an indescribable way.

I must not lower my guard until his death is confirmed.


“I see, so Brother has safely recovered. That’s great to hear!” (Haaku)

I was told the details of Brother from Ekdoik and was relieved from the bottom of my heart.

He is someone who I must overcome if he were to become an obstacle to Bro Gestaf, but even I can tell that’s not the time.

Also, if Brother were to die, Sis and Wolfe would be sad.

“But to think Seraes-sama was doing something like that… Haah…” (Masetta)

“You were a priestess of the Kuama branch, Masetta. Wait, does that mean you were a subordinate of Seraes?” (Haaku)

“What a late question to ask. It is true that I was working under Seraes-sama, but in terms of factions, I would be under Ukka-sama. I was simply in Kuama because I wanted to do mainly Morgana work.” (Masetta)

“Is that how it works?” (Haaku)

“It is. That’s why there was no call to me. All the Yugura Church clergy aside from the disciples of Seraes-sama must be panicking right about now.” (Masetta)

The facilities of the Yugura Church in Kuama have been seized by the Holy Knights under the direct orders of Pope Euparo and the Kuama army.

Masetta might have been locked up lightly if she hadn’t met up with me. She is a lucky woman.

“Enough chit-chat. We are about to arrive at our destination. We might enter the range of detection magic if we go further. Let’s check how things are going with farsight magic.” (Ekdoik)

“I can’t use that though.” (Haaku)

“Can’t be helped. Come on, lend me your face.” (Masetta)

Masetta put a hand in front of my eyes and casted a spell.

Uoh, this sense of distance is making me dizzy. I direct my gaze to the horizon just like that and look at the place where the disciples of Seraes headed to.

“There they are. Around 30, I guess? Oh, found Seraes. Alright then, let’s—” (Haaku)

“Wait, our objective is the hideout of Raheight. If we were to come pick a fight before they show up, they might escape.” (Ekdoik)

“Ah, right. Rakura has not gotten here yet, too.” (Haaku)

“Why did she go buy stuff…?” (Masetta)

“It must be because of that weird ironclad regulation Comrade gave: ‘light meals are necessary in a stakeout’.” (Ekdoik)

“What do we do if we get caught by the smell of the food?” (Masetta)

“…About that…well, we should be able to manage somehow with magic.” (Ekdoik)

“Isn’t it more tolerable than having your stomach rumble from hunger?” (Haaku)

“That’s…uuh.” (Masetta)

Masetta doesn’t seem convinced.

Well, I do get it. You get the urge to munch on something when you don’t have anything to do.

Mix and Rakura showed up with food while we were doing that.

“Sorry for the wait~.” (Rakura)

“Ekdoik-dono, how’s the state of Seraes?” (Mix)

“It feels like they are waiting for something. But they seem to be wary of the surroundings every now and then, so we can’t approach any more than this.” (Ekdoik)

We say this as we eat the food prepared.

Rakura, don’t go drinking booze, okay? I won’t ask you why you got it.

“Actually, he has already arrived and is ready—if that’s the case, we won’t be able to do anything. Can you detect the activation of teleport magic, Haakudoku-dono?” (Mix)

“I might be able to do something if it is teleport magic that would harm me. I have the confidence of not being able to wake up even if the receptionists were to be killing each other while I am sleeping in the inn.” (Haaku)

“That’s nothing to brag about.” (Masetta)

But what would actually happen?

Instinct-sama would kick my butt or back immediately when a threat to my life approaches, but is there a way for me to put that to practical use?

“Then, how about this? If someone comes with teleport magic, Mix-chan will stab Haakudoku-san without thinking anything. If we do that, wouldn’t it be a dangerous situation for you, Haakudoku-san?” (Rakura)

“What’s with that unreasonableness?!” (Haaku)

“I see, so we might be able to do it if we create a situation that links to threatening the life of Haakudoku. But then that would mean Mix would be reacting when she sees it. Wouldn’t we be able to detect it beforehand if we put it as: stabbing him if we notice the teleport magic late?” (Ekdoik)

“Isn’t that way too unreasonable?! It wouldn’t be so tough if such empty threats worked! Wait, oi?” (Haaku)

Mix silently drew a knife. Ah, she is serious.

“I think the most important thing is to view it as the truth. And so, I will seriously think of it in that way!” (Mix)

“Doesn’t that mean I would get stabbed if I don’t detect it?!” (Haaku)

“No worries-desu zo. If it doesn’t work, you just gotta avoid it.” (Mix)

“So the stabbing is set in stone?!” (Haaku)

“Why is it that this person is so bloodthirsty despite both of us being Morgana adventurers…?” (Masetta)

Uoh, I don’t feel any intention from Masetta to stop them! Instinct-sama, can you do it? Can you do it if you try? I will suffer unreasonable violence, but can you stop it?! Eh, ah, okay?

“—Looks like it is coming soon.” (Haaku)

I directed my gaze at Seraes and the others, and saw faint light.

And then, there were two strangers in the source of the light. Instinct-sama seriously detected it!

“Stab!” (Mix)

“Ouch!” (Haaku)

A knife stabbed me on the side.

This girl…she seriously stabbed me without hesitation!

Instinct-sama, why didn’t you warn me of this one?! Are you telling me I knew it would be coming, so I should have avoided it by my own power?!

“Ah, sorry. My hands just reflexively…” (Mix)

“So you really were prepared to stab me by reflex!” (Haaku)

“I thought I had to be serious or it wouldn’t work after all… I will cast healing magic-desu zo.” (Mix)

“Anyways, now there’s no worries about letting them escape. Let’s go!” (Ekdoik)

“Ah, wait a moment! At least wait until the healing is over—” (Haaku)

“Right, it is a light stab wound anyways, so let’s treat it later!” (Mix)

“It is as deep as a thumb though?!” (Haaku)

That said, the other side will most likely move at once.

Can’t be helped. I shall vent this resentment on that bunch!


I close the distance while unraveling the chains and activate detection magic.

34 people; the ones we must not let escape from here are the two Illegitimate and Seraes.

They reacted to my detection magic and their eyes face this way all at once.

I confirm that the two that appeared are the close aides of Ritial that Dyuvuleori told us about before.

“Tch, assassins really came.”

“…The numbers are…5. What should we do?”

“Don’t ask me. Oi, Seraes, these are the guests you invited. Deal with them until I finish preparations.”

“Understood. All hands, prepare for battle! Buy time!” (Seraes)

The people around ready themselves for battle, matching the order of Seraes.

It seems like everyone is decently skilled, but they are not on a degree where I would consider them troublesome.

But they would be able to buy enough time for the teleport magic if we were to deal with these numbers without any thoughts.

In that case, the aim is solely the teleport magic user…!

I unleash the chains and go straight for the teleport user.

But the attack was blocked by the barrier the man by her side casted.

“…Targeting me all of a sudden. You are thirsting too much for a woman.”

“…Molari, concentrate on preparing.”

“Don’t order me. I will kill you.” (Molari)

According to Dyuvuleori, that barrier is far sturdier than the ones Rakura casts.

It should be safe to assume it will be hard to break them from the front.

The people around finished preparing their attacks by the time I dealt my first strike, and activated offensive magic.

Defend, avoid…no, jump further in.


I avoid the attacks of the enemies coming from both sides by jumping in. The only one I can’t avoid is the enemy at the front, but the knife of Mix that flew from behind has already stabbed him.

The aim was deviated because of the knife, and the spell passed by above me.

“Ekdoik-dono, here!” (Mix)

I grab the knife that Mix threw and confirm its shape.

I see, so that’s how it is.

I tied the knife at the tip of a chain and attacked the woman again.

“You don’t learn.”

“…No, this is…”

The man came to the front just like before and casted a barrier, but the chain changed trajectory faster than it clashed and burrowed into the ground.

It seems like the barrier of that man is extremely sturdy, but there’s no traces of the ground being split when it appears.

In other words, the barrier is not placed at their footing.

I had the chain burrow, have it appear by the feet of the woman, and activate the spell set in the knife.

The knife was activated by mana and exploded, scattering smoke.

“So he undid the barrier on the spot, and both of them took distance, huh.” (Ekdoik)

The shockwave of the explosion wouldn’t have reached here if he had kept the barrier.

The man must have acted swiftly after noticing what we were attempting.

Beyond the cleared away smoke were the two glaring at us, unscathed.

“Oi, don’t touch me with your dirty hands.” (Molari)

“…Looks like we don’t have the leeway to take our time preparing the teleport magic.”

“Yasutet, your barriers are only tough but are full of holes. Put them up properly.” (Molari)

“…It is not like I can’t but, Molari, your super long distance teleport magic requires you to be in direct contact with the ground, right? Protecting you just for the sake of it when you can’t use teleport magic would have no point.” (Yasutet)

“Tch, then don’t protect me. Let’s kill them quickly.” (Molari)

I can feel the killing intent of the enemy.

Looks like they plan on wiping us out rather than escaping. I can easily guess the techniques they specialize in, but how would they move if they switch to the offensive…?

“Alright, die.”


I felt killing intent from behind the moment the woman called Molari disappeared from in front of me.

Molari’s swung knife was closing in right before me by the time I had turned around reflexively.

I use my arm wrapped around in chains as a shield to protect my neck.

“Teleportation magic…? Wasn’t there a casting time restriction?!” (Ekdoik)

“I can use it instantly if it is me alone, moreover, at a short distance. I can fight well enough if I don’t have to look after deadweight.” (Molari)

“…In that case, teleporting Ritial-sama normally was—” (Yasutet)

“Don’t lump Ritial-sama with you people. I have to activate it with utmost care when carrying him.” (Molari)

Closing the distance freely is troublesome, but I am sure now after receiving the attack; Molari’s pure fighting skills are not that high.

It should be safe to say she is on the same level as Haakudoku.

But considering the fact that the talents of the Illegitimate can all be used for battle, she is by no means an opponent I can lower my guard on.

In that case, I should target Yasutet first.

I unleash my chains and try to attack him.

“…You are prioritizing me over Molari, huh. Just for your information, I am stronger than Molari.” (Yasutet)

Just when I was about to change the trajectory after confirming the activation of the barrier, Yasutet stepped to the front and grabbed the chains.

The chains are imbued with the effect of cursing and poisoning the ones who touch it, but there’s no sign of those having been activated.

Yasutet pulled them just like that in one go, and forced me to go right by his side.

Judging from how he carries himself, it seems like he will be doing physical combat, but…no, wait. Taking on this attack would be bad.

I cut off the chains and stabbed other chains to the side.

My body stopped just a few ways before Yasutet, and his fist swung at empty air.


The chains that weren’t touching him were smashed into pieces.

It is not just an attack that has magic imbued in it.

This man has clad that sturdy barrier on his arms…no, on his whole body.

That attack just now had far more range than what it looked like.

Judging from the fact that he grabbed the chains coming at him without any difficulties, it should be safe to assume he has quite the skills too.

“Oi, who did you say was stronger than who?” (Molari)

“…It is an objective statement.” (Yasutet)

“Alright, I will kill you later.” (Molari)

An opponent that’s hard to catch; an opponent that’s hard to injure even if you catch him.

I see, this is not going to be an easy one.

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