LS – Chapter 241: As such, surprise

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I didn’t even need to wish for it at first.

But I began to wish to understand the world, and that feeling continued piling up. I learned that this wish of mine was pointless the more I understood, stopped wishing for it, and decided to compromise by continuing to see the dream of the ideal world I want.

— “As expected of you, my esteemed brother. If it is you, I am sure you will be able to guide this country to grandeur unlike any in the past…”

I didn’t hate having expectations on me.

But by understanding the meaning of people with nothing  holding expectations, I ended up repudiating it.

— “Prince, you are the only one who can guide this country! That’s why…”

I pushed the ideals that I myself wouldn’t be able to obtain towards others. People who would have no qualms in crushing the ideals of others in order to accomplish my own ideals.

It makes me want to vomit.

— “You bastard wouldn’t understand…the pain of us as a prince who was blessed with talent!”

I labeled what’s right or wrong by my own convenience and, even when I was aware that I had begun to look down on the incompetent people that only knew to bark, I didn’t even feel ashamed about it.

— “Big brother…it is a shame that things have ended up in this fashion… Prepare.”

So stupid.

Why do people, who think this is the best result, have to do the guiding?

…Just do as you please.

I am already…

— “No matter how much you guide the masses, it won’t ever become the ideal country of yours. Cause you know, it is not like all humans are smart. It is not like everyone will be able to understand the greatness of your ideals. That said, I also have no interest in your ideals.”

…What’s wrong about an ideal that even a child would be able to understand? That’s the level of the ideal I want to accomplish.

— “An ideal that even a child would be able to understand, huh. Right, a child who knows nothing would be able to speak that ideal. But the ideals of a child have no grounds in reality. You should be able to understand how hard it is to accomplish that ideal in a world like this, right? That’s why you are trying to accept death in this manner.”

Don’t joke around.

I wouldn’t grow pessimistic about the world for something like that and give up…

— “So indecisive. You might be able to accomplish it but the era isn’t right, there’s not enough time -then, I shall grant you the time. If the era changes and you have time to spare, you should be able to create the ideal nation, right?”


I am now able to maintain the dreams I want by seeing dreams for a long time.

But there are times when memories I don’t want to remember would mix in that.

I can easily arrive at the reason as to why.

“—That woman, huh.”

At the time when Gold showed up and told me to save the resident of Yugura’s planet, the woman that was by her side…I could tell at a glance from her hair and color of her eyes that she is from the lineage of the Taizu royalty.

It is natural for the children to resemble their parents, but she resembles them so much it even feels like satire.

But she is just a far relative and is different from the woman that took my life.

Getting sentimental just from the fact that her voice and appearance are similar is stupid.

“Should I go back to sleep…? No.”

Even if I were to go back to sleep, I might end up seeing what happens next.

That would serve no purpose and would only leave me with a sour mood.

I just need peaceful ones.

I left the bedroom and headed to the laboratory.

It is faintly chilly. Right now it is just a bit more before the sun goes up.

I create clothes with mana and wear them.

I put a hand on the crystal on top of the table and pour mana into it.

“—Niruryates, report the progress.”

<<M-My K-K-King?! Y-Yes! Your Niruryates will be doing the regular report!>> (Niru)

“So noisy. I just woke up. Don’t make noise that rings in my head.” (Green)

<<M-My apologies… Ah, I also just woke up. We are matching. Isn’t that wonderful?!>> (Niru)

If I am to take the report of Niruryates as it is, then the results of the man are not bad.

He has ascertained that Nektohal is in Serende, and has seized the hideout in Torin to prevent his escape.

I personally would have gone directly to Serende, but if there’s an Illegitimate with the talent of battle by his side, it wouldn’t be a simple matter for humans, huh.

“Then, the next step would be to head to Serende.” (Green)

<<Of course, I will also be accompanying them. I will definitely bring back the head of Nektohal! Ah, but would it be better to capture him?>> (Niru)

“—Do as you please.” (Green)

There’s nothing I want to ask Nektohal. Not even the feeling of wanting to end him with my own hands.

What I have is only the desire to make the objective of Nektohal collapse.

The Illegitimate are the limits allowed to humans. What lies ahead must not be opened.

<<Then, I will decide on mood after I leave him half-dead! Ah, also, about the growth of Wolfe-chan—>> (Niru)

“No need. She is someone I won’t get involved with if that man fulfills his promise.” (Green)

<<I see… I think she is outstanding even within the Illegitimate though…>> (Niru)

She would be on the same level or stronger than Niruryates if I were to make her a demon.

She would have some worth as a combatant, but that’s all.

There’s no harm in that talent even if left alone.

What must be prioritized are the talents that interfere with the laws of the world.

Those can arrive at the forbidden with just one reach.

I need to manage them by my side.

“Report the other matter.” (Green)

<<Yes. I have investigated the tracks of the man in question all over Taizu, but there was none of it.>> (Niru)

“And so, what do you think?” (Green)

<<I think he is here. Moreover, pretty close. This is just my intuition though.>> (Niru)

The most outstanding point of Niruryates isn’t her demon power that she gained with time, but the sharpness of her instincts.

Niruryates was far inferior compared to the demons who grew impudent about their power as demons and became unneeded, but the reason why she has been able to live until now is because she has survived my attacks.

Attacks that were not meant to kill her with certainty, but attacks that were meant to kill her on a whim. However, they were still attacks from a Demon Lord.

Nektohal would wring up his smarts in order to not have me unleash such attacks, but Niruryates has been able to survive purely from how good her instincts are.

“I see.” (Green)

<<But I don’t think I will be able to find him… Ah! N-No, I will still be searching with all I can though!>> (Niru)

“I don’t mind. Think of his strength as being on the same level as me. I am not expecting anything from you. Just think about the matter of Nektohal.” (Green)

There have been 2 people who have touched upon the forbidden since that time. Both were incompetent people who were caught by the surveillance of Colorless.

That Illegitimate knows the meaning of his own talent -that if he were to interfere with the laws of the world too excessively, he would be telling me his location.

I end the call and look around the lab.

The castle has been eroded by the green that’s supporting it, and it is difficult to even picture the scenery of the time when I used it together with Yugura.

For Yugura, this was research in order to keep in check the beings called Demon Lords that could destroy the world.

It would mean that it would be the second time I was cajoled by him.

“What an unbelievable guy. To think he would push the cleaning  to me.” (Green)

If this is called nostalgia, then there’s not much worth to it.


It was the same at the time with Gahne and Kuama, but Taizu really does give me the feeling that I am back.

I don’t really like the fact that I have been made to feel like an imprinted chick at this age, but your starting point really is important.

“Mister Friend, should we return to the house once first?” (Mix)

“No, Ilias and Wolfe must still be outside at this hour. I plan on showing my face to Marito.”

Ekdoik and Blue have headed to the villa of Purple. Melia seemed like she wanted to go too, but she is my monitor on paper after all.

She headed to the church of Maya-san with Masetta-san to do their regular report.

Rakura, that’s your job. Good grief.

“I am tired from traveling, so I am thinking of taking a nap!” (Rakura)

“You were sleeping like a log in the carriage… Haakudoku, can you get Rakura and the luggage back?”

“Gotcha. Should I cook dinner while at it?” (Haaku)

“No, I miss the taste of Dog’s Bone, so I will be eating out today.”

I am plenty satisfied with the cooking of Melia, but the food of Gozu really does suit my palate the most in this world. I did my best so that would be the case after all.

“Alright. Then I will do the cleaning!” (Haaku)

“No, that’s not really…oh well. I leave it to you.”

I heard that those two are training a whole ton every day, so I am worried they are even doing the house chores properly.

I brought Mix and Kayle with me to the Taizu Castle, and once I was guided to the office of Marito, Marito welcomed me with a big smile.

“Welcome back, my friend! You must be tired from the long journey, right?” (Marito)

“A bit. Some of it has been blown away by your classic welcome back though.”

I was thinking about pulling a prank like ‘who are you?’ as if my memory hasn’t returned, but I couldn’t do that to this smile.

What’s scary about Marito is that it might have all been calculated.

“Oh, good work to you too, Kayle. You can go ahead and report to Lord Leano.” (Marito)

“Y-Yes! I will be excusing myself!” (Kayle)

Kayle finished his greeting in an even stiffer manner than Ilias and left the office.

It may feel like he is being treated badly here, but just being here is most likely enough to drill a hole in the stomach of the rookie Kayle purely from the stress.

This must be Marito’s own way to show consideration.

“I thought he would get more guts after experiencing a journey with you though. The diligent core of his is not easily changed, huh.” (Marito)

“I don’t know about having him lose that part though. Also, his greeting was received pretty well, you know?”

“Received well? By who?” (Marito)

“By Barastos. It was pretty hectic at the time when we were leaving Torin.”

Barastos learned about Kayle’s drawing talent.

Her suddenly asking him to draw a picture of hers was the beginning of it all. Kayle had become the favorite of Barastos at some point in time.

His serious eyes staring at her apparently made her heart skip a beat or something.

‘Give me this boy! I am entrusting Nora to you guys, so it is okay, right?!’ -is what she said as she hugged Kayle and didn’t want to let go.

“I see. It is true that Kayle does seem like the type of knight that would be popular with older women.” (Marito)

“She will most likely come directly to you to negotiate, so make sure to think of something.”

“That far?! Well, I will think of it.” (Marito)

By the way, it seemed like Kayle wasn’t too against the idea, but his desire to quickly become a full-fledged knight won over it.

In the end, we had her give up by entrusting Kayle to Barastos for 2 hours. We all promised not to ask him what happened in that time.

“Also, Mix.” (Marito)

“Y-Yesh?!” (Mix)

Mix’s stiffness is also a sight to behold on a different vector from Kayle.

“Oh, right. Uhm, if I remember correctly, it was here…” (Marito)

Marito takes out a mask from the drawer and puts it on.

It is the thing that was prepared before in order to have a normal conversation with Mix who gets nervous in front of Marito.

It seems to have been painted a bit there and has been upgraded.

“Looks unexpectedly good on you.”

“Right? Lord Ragudo was holding his brows though. I worked on it a bit, thinking about using it to stealthily walk around the city.” (Marito)

“A-Ani-sama, it would be better to not do that…” (Mix)

Ooh, Mix is talking normally. Or more like, she seems to be baffled here, but let’s not worry about that.

“Let’s leave that as homework… You did well in Torin, Mix.” (Marito)

“…I didn’t do that much. I couldn’t be by the side of Mister Friend at the time when his memories were controlled, and we managed to defeat Soraid thanks to the planning of Mister Friend.” (Mix)

“No, you did well. You safely brought back my friend to his original state when he only had his past memories. It wouldn’t be me to not know the conflict you must have felt at that time. I would say it is 50/50 whether I would be able to do the same.” (Marito)

“That’s not true! The past Mister Friend made it so I would be able to do it without hesitation—” (Mix)

“That’s the thing. I would have noticed that intention of his. If that happened, I would have ended up understanding that my past friend didn’t want to disappear. That’s why it would have been 50/50.” (Marito)

Marito took off the mask and looked straight at Mix.

The nervousness of Mix came back with the bare face of Marito, and it doesn’t seem like she is in a state where she can refute him.

“Ah…uh…” (Mix)

“You learned everything at the end, right? The sorrow you must have tasted at that time must have been as intense as what would be etched in the battlefield.” (Marito)

Marito gave a headpat to Mix, and showed a gentle expression like the one he shows to a certain someone.

“You really did well. I am proud that you are my little sister.” (Marito)


Mix ran off the room at astounding speed. How fast? To a degree where I couldn’t follow her with my eyes.

It seems like Marito could, so he doesn’t seem to be that surprised.

“Hmm, I still feel a bit of a wall. I would like to interact with her as carefreely as you.” (Marito)

“Do you want your back to be smacked? It hurts quite a bit.”

“I welcome that. The only memories that came with pain were when I got my arm broken by a bear to protect her.” (Marito)

“Then might as well just have her tag along with your training and have her hit you on purpose once.”

“Mix doesn’t like it when I hold back.” (Marito)

That way of putting it makes it sound like Marito is stronger than Mix though…

Marito has been doing his office work as a king in contrast to Mix who has been polishing her abilities as an adventurer. I feel like Mix would be the stronger one there though.

No, but I have heard that he trains with people like Lord Ragudo every now and then…

“Well then, I will think of something. Mix did help me out. I would like to at least pay you two back by making your relationship better.”

“I would be more grateful if you were to approach Mix though.” (Marito)

“I don’t know about you saying that as her brother. What about you? Has your relationship with Ruko progressed?”

“Aah, yeah. We are engaged.” (Marito)

“I see… Wa?!”

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