LS – Chapter 78: Strategy meeting first

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At an office in the Taizu Castle, the king, Marito Taizu, was doing his duties as the king. 

The ones currently in this place are Marito, Lord Ragudo, Mix, Ilias, and me for a total of 6 people -I am counting Anbu-kun.

I explain to them about how the woman we met yesterday night called Yukari might be the Purple Demon Lord.

“She was doing her search with pinpoint accuracy by using my outward appearance and even my country’s language. And then, her way of saying I took care of her. The one who matches the information and standing that she came from Kuama is the Purple Demon Lord. Also, her way of speaking that I heard from the Gold Demon Lord matches that of the Purple Demon Lord extremely well. There’s the possibility of a demon imitating the Demon Lord, but I have heard that the Purple Demon Lord hasn’t created demons.” 

“Looks like it would be better to move on the assumption she is the Purple Demon Lord. To think she would come by herself.” (Marito)

“She apparently is here with a human merchant though. I have called Ekdoik before coming here and had him stake out the place of Ban-san. He will call us if there’s any changes.” 

“If it is as she says, her aim is you. I didn’t expect that tragic appearance to become a blessing.” (Marito)

We coincidentally met and the physical straits she knew about have changed. Who knows what would have happened if I didn’t have blonde hair and dark red eyes.

The Purple Demon Lord who has been given the nickname of Purple of Enticement has been given the power to literally entice people by Yugura. 

The only ones who know the details of this power are Yugura, the Black Demon Lord who was given everything, and the Purple Demon Lord herself. 

But the results of it are told by history. 

The Purple Demon Lord invaded the human realm with a horde of devils in tow. The people were pushed back by the dizzying numbers of devils, but showed a decent degree of resistance. 

But they suddenly lost the ability to resist a certain day. The leaders and brave warriors in the human army began to desert and switch to the Purple Demon Lord’s side. 

The humans couldn’t do anything against the Demon Lord army that stole their main force and turned it into even more power in their invasion, and had a large part of their land taken away from them. 

That tragedy continued until Yugura Nariya stood up as the Hero Yugura. 

Yugura didn’t fight anyone in the Demon Lord army and defeated the Purple Demon Lord straight on. The result was that the Demon Lord army lost their commander and fell into confusion. 

After that, they took a long time to drive them all the way to the Mejis Nether, and the people that turned sides never returned. 

According to the stories, she had purple hair, eyes, and was fair-skinned.

Her way of speaking is peculiar. She speaks as if she is always asking questions.

It matches so much with her it is painful.

“Judging from her way of speaking, she must have sniffed the existence of the Earthling helping the Gold Demon Lord in the shadows, and went through the trouble of coming all the way to Taizu. I don’t know if she despises me that much or has taken a liking to me.” 

“Maintain that appearance no matter what for the moment, and you should avoid making contact with that woman.” (Marito)

“Don’t even need to tell me. That said, she remembers the face of Ilias now. There’s no assurance she won’t be the one coming to us.” 

“Lady Ratzel is a knight whose name is known in this country. Even if you have an unassuming appearance right now, there’s the possibility she will arrive at you by trailing Lady Ratzel.” (Marito)

“Don’t call it unassuming. If she moves, that would in itself mean that she has noticed though. What to do…” 

“I can shelter you in the castle for a while, but Lady Ratzel and the others should maintain the current status quo. There’s no choice but to try to not interact with visitors as much as possible and stay absent.” (Marito)

In the end, we can’t avoid the possibility of the Purple Demon Lord making contact with Ilias. If Ilias gets enticed just like in history, I wouldn’t be able to live with it. 

Ilias has strong resistance to spells that interfere with the mind because of her high amount of mana. Hypnotism magic and charm magic apparently doesn’t work on her. 

But this is only limited to regular spells. The story is most likely different with the power directly transmitted by Yugura which managed to entice even past outstanding warriors. 

As long as we can’t grasp the full picture yet, we can’t move carelessly here. However, we can’t throw away our advantage of having met her by coincidence. 

“What’s your analysis?” (Marito)

“I haven’t tried to comprehend her after meeting her personally. Only my memories of the time when I saw the monsters that the Purple Demon Lord created.” 

What I understand at present are only fragments of her emotions that I analyzed from the monsters that she created. 

The normal monsters don’t have too much information, and the monsters in question had deranged desires of self-mutilation and sadism.

The information is too weak to predict the actions of the Purple Demon Lord. If I had begun my comprehension yesterday, I might have gotten something, but I have my promise with Ilias. 

No, if I tried to analyze the Demon Lord brazenly in her presence, she would have suspected me even with a different appearance.

With such deranged fetishes like hers, there’s no doubt I would go all the way into switching to me.

By the way, even though she is such a beauty, she is a pervert that likes pain and likes to inflict pain, huh. That’s high level.

“If we knew more about the power the Purple Demon Lord has, it might have been possible to make countermeasures though.” (Marito)

“Your Majesty, I can answer that.” 

A voice resonated. It is the voice of Anbu-kun who is a descendant of Yugura and also the bodyguard of Marito. 

He speaks at my back as always. You should stay by the side of Marito. 

“You know about it, Anbu-kun?” 

“Is that the way you call me? Well, I haven’t told you my name, so it can’t be helped. I have a bit of knowledge about the Purple Demon Lord. The reason why I don’t introduce myself is in part in order to resist the Enticement of the Purple Demon Lord.” (Anbu-kun) 

“So the Purple Demon Lord has a power that uses your name…?” 

“That’s right. The Purple Demon Lord can control someone by calling their name. There’s no correlation with the amount of mana.” (Anbu-kun) 

“Wait a moment. Does that mean you are done for with just your name being known?” 

“Yes. Your resistance through mana has nothing to do here. There’s the need for the person themselves to say their name in front of her, so she apparently can’t control you through word-of-mouth though.” (Anbu-kun) 

Even if that’s the case, it is still a power that defies common sense. It is like the notebook that can kill you with just your name. 

This power might be related to why the Demon Lords call themselves by colors.

The hierarchy of the Purple Demon Lord is low, but the Black Demon Lord who has the same power is at the top of the hierarchy. 

In other words, Yugura gave this Enticement power to the first Demon Lord he created.

He most likely made the Demon Lords call themselves by colors in order to maintain a certain degree of standing within them. 

I am seriously glad I didn’t answer by reflex yesterday when she asked my name, like, really. 

But what we have learned here is that we can’t let Ilias make contact with the Purple Demon Lord.

I doubt I won’t be affected by her Enticement just because I don’t have mana. 

But wait, if that’s the case, I have a great idea. 

“Hey, what would happen if the name of Ilias were to be changed to something like Gorilas?” 

“Gorilas?!” (Ilias)

“It will most likely be pointless. A name is given and it denotes the true name of the person that has been etched in their souls. Even if you were to change your name now, it would still be Ilias Ratzel.” (Anbu-kun) 

“So that won’t work, huh… No, in that case… Marito, Anbu-kun, lend me your ears for a moment.” 

I move towards the side of Marito and tell him a certain idea of mine in a volume that only he can hear. 

Anbu-kun must be listening nearby anyways, and I feel the sensation of a hand placed on my shoulder.

Hearing this, Marito couldn’t hide his surprise and shouted loudly. 

“Is that true?!” (Marito)

“Well, it makes sense you would react like that.” 

“Even I am surprised by this… But if that’s the case, we can fight back against the power of the Purple Demon Lord.” (Anbu-kun) 

“But even if this weakling can fight back, he would still lose in pure power though.” 

“True.” (Marito)

“Man, even if so, I have been allowed to listen to an even more shocking revelation than that…” 

For now, I have learned that there’s a high chance my idea can be used. But I am missing a decisive move. 

I am the only one who can use this method… 

Ilias is making a really bothered expression. Should I tell her? 

“Wait, it is better to not tell the others about this. You may be bothered by it, Lady Ratzel, but I forbid you from asking him about this matter until this is over.” (Marito)

“…Understood.” (Ilias)

“Don’t get so visibly dejected. What my friend told me about just now was related to his world. That certainly was a blindspot though.” (Marito)

“R-Really?” (Ilias)

“I will allow you to condemn him when things are over.” (Marito)

“Understood.” (Ilias)


I think I heard a horrible agreement just now. 

Ilias sensed a variety of things here and looked at me with cold eyes and a face saying ‘this guy again…’.

This is the safe action for me, but I feel like she will most likely get mad at me. 

Marito crossed his arms and took a pensive posture. Marito would take this posture from time to time when he is thinking about complicated stuff. 

He must be forming a variety of plans inside his head.

“But in that case…what will you do? Become bait?” (Marito)

“Hmm, this is vexing.” 

“Y-Your Majesty?! What are you saying all of a sudden?!” (Ilias)

“We have found a way to make contact with the Purple Demon Lord while opposing the unique power she has. Meaning that my friend can investigate the objective and intentions of the Purple Demon Lord. The thing that must be avoided the most is battling inside the country. If that happens, we will without doubt be enveloped in the flames of war. The need to gather information directly is high, and we will need someone to take the duty of luring the Purple Demon Lord out if we intend to battle her.” (Marito)

“The method might be unexpectedly easy. She said she had an interest in the black wolfkin village. The objective of the merchant she is with is also that.” 

“I see. That’s the best moment to challenge her. The request will be coming to the nation by today or tomorrow. In order to give permission for this, we have to send a messenger to the black wolfkin village, get their permission, then issue a permit… Around 3 days, I would say. There may be no issues if it is just 1 day, but if we were to make it faster or slower than that, the merchant will notice something is off.” (Marito)

We will have to see through the cards of the Purple Demon Lord until then and make preparations.

The perfect one for the job would be the otherworlder who has a countermeasure for the Enticement of the Purple Demon Lord.

“But his battle power is nonexistent! It is way too dangerous!” (Ilias)

“Of course, I won’t let him make contact with the Purple Demon Lord alone. We will prohibit contact with her alone, and we will place the people who have named themselves in constant surveillance.” (Marito)

“That’s good enough. The people who have fallen into the control of the Purple Demon Lord’s Enticement can be controlled freely by her as if they were monsters. Moreover, while still maintaining the will of the other party.” 

In other words, they betray their allies while still aware that they are allies. 

For example; in the case Ilias is controlled, the information regarding the Taizu King and the Earthling will be completely exposed to the Purple Demon Lord. 

The strength of Ilias herself moving to the enemy would be dangerous too. 

Moreover, there’s a limit to the amount of people that can take countermeasures for it. 

“Don’t worry about that, Ilias. I have confidence in being the most cowardly out of anyone here. I won’t exert myself more than anyone.” 

“That…may be true, but…” (Ilias)

“Ah, speaking of which, according to the Gold Demon Lord who has experienced her simulated worlds, Lord Ragudo is above the Purple Demon Lord if it is in pure battle power. It means that, if we set the field properly, she is an opponent we can win against.” 

Meaning that Gradona has a chance too. It should be safe to assume Ilias can put up a good fight as well. 

Looks like Lord Ragudo is getting somewhat motivated here. 

“An enemy that I could win against if we were to fight properly, huh. The issue would be to make it a proper battle.” (Ragudo)

“Right. But she obviously knows the name of Lord Ragudo at least, so if we were to make them clash carelessly, Lord Ragudo might end up in the hands of the enemy at worst.” (Marito)

“That would be the worst. But I think Anbu-kun would be able to fight her without worrying about that…” 

“My apologies, but because of certain circumstances, I can’t fight the Demon Lords. If His Majesty is exposed to danger, I will bring him with me and escape.” (Anbu-kun) 

“I did faintly feel that was the case because of how unmotivated you were, but I don’t want to know the reason, so it is okay to not tell me.” 

“Honestly speaking, if I were to fight seriously, the Green Demon Lord would move.” (Anbu-kun) 

“Even more dangerous talk. Alright, don’t fight.” 

I don’t know the logic, but it seems like it brings some sort of effect on the Green Demon Lord. We are already having trouble with one Demon Lord, so I would like to avoid actions that would stimulate the present strongest Demon Lord sleeping right by the side of the country. 

In the end, I have no choice but to lead the Purple Demon Lord skillfully. 

“By the way, is it possible to tell the difference between people who have been Enticed?” 

“I wonder. I won’t know until I investigate.” (Anbu-kun) 

“It should be safe to assume the merchant she brought with her is under her control. If we can investigate that person somehow, we might be able to set some defining points.” 

First, I will make contact with the merchant, investigate the Enticement power, and form an even safer countermeasure. 

I have to distinguish between whether I should get her to trust me and negotiate with her or eliminate her the next time I make contact with the Purple Demon Lord.

In the case of a negotiation, I will have to find a good point of compromise. 

In the case we have to eliminate her, I will lead her all the way to the black wolfkin forest, and battle her on our way there or our way back.

Of course, I have to make sure this plan is not discovered by her in that timeframe. 

In the case the Purple Demon Lord moves herself, there’s a high chance she will approach Ilias or someone close to her.

That would mean she would approach knights, or even  Maya-san or Saira depending on the information she gets. 

“In that case, we have to make contact with the Purple Demon Lord quickly to narrow her avenues.” 

“Are you going to reveal to her that you are a resident of the same planet as Yugura?” (Marito)

“No, that would be after having investigated her further. It would be unbearable if she were to throw her resentment at me no questions asked. However, it is a possible choice if she is someone who moves carefully.” 

I won’t make contact with her as an Earthling, but as someone from Taizu, and draw her attention. Leading her won’t be difficult if I can make her think ‘I will be able to gain information from this guy’.

If the Purple Demon Lord is the type that moves carefully, I can bring my hair and eye color back and appeal to her, and I will naturally get her complete attention.

They might actually be the ones making a move on the way to the black wolfkin forest.

If we get them by surprise there, we might instead have a high chance of winning. 

Now then, in that case…yeah, it would take this form.

“I will have Ekdoik as my bodyguard when I make contact with the Purple Demon Lord. His face and name are not known, so the risks can be lowered.” 

“Wa?!” (Ilias)

“Don’t make that reaction. The days other than that are more dangerous, you know?” 

“…Really?” (Ilias)

“Obviously. When facing the Purple Demon Lord directly, the only danger is right in front. But on other days, there’s the chance she will use her devils instead. The latter would be more dangerous since she can get us by surprise. The former, we can just run away if the atmosphere gets dicey. You may be superior when it comes to a fight, Ilias, but when it comes to running away, it is easier with Ekdoik who excels in stealth magic.” 

The opponent has the power of Enticement. She will most likely try to use that instead of aiming recklessly for my life. 

However, if she were to throw devils at us, that changes the rules. 

It isn’t a great situation, but in that scenario, Ilias would be more suitable as a bodyguard for her pure battle power.

“Got it. That certainly is true. This is not an issue of me being able to fight better after all.” (Ilias)

“The merchant in question should be going to Ban-san’s place since yesterday. The planned location for the construction of his store should have progressed, and will most likely propose heading to the black wolfkin village soon. We will be the ticket for that. We have enough information about the black wolfkin village, so we should be able to manage somehow.” 

“I trust you on that front, but is it okay to ask you about the thing that bothers me the most?” (Ilias)


“You will require a certain degree of trust before you can obtain information from the Purple Demon Lord. You had such a function?” (Ilias)

“Yeah, I do. It is a standard for an Earthling.” 

“I feel like my perception of Earthlings is going to change.” (Ilias)


I sat at a bench in one of the plazas in Taizu and silently observed the cityscape. 

“This is troubling… With my shoe broken, I can’t walk in a satisfying manner, right?” 

I am currently wearing shoes that have one heel broken. It is not like it is impossible to walk with, but walking in a vast country with bad balance would be burdensome.

And so, I ordered the pawn to request brand new shoes. 

It will be on the way back from his business meeting, so I have no choice but to kill most of my time in this plaza.

But it is not that boring. I haven’t lived in a manner that would make something of this degree feel painful. 

“What should I do tomorrow? Should I go to the company together with the pawn for now?” 

I was remembering the little bit of information that I was told by Scarlet on my way to this country -I was thinking of that person. 

The information I gained from the few soldiers of Gahne before coming here through Enticement is that a young man with black hair and black eyes came to Gahne to inspect. 

Moreover, he was apparently staying for a long time in the residence at the side of Gold’s castle. 

It is most definitely the resident of Yugura’s planet that was in Taizu. 

And then, with him giving Gold his knowledge, the plan I prepared turned into foam. 

I already know that he has returned to Taizu.

I have already surrounded this country. A report will be given to me immediately if he were to move. 

“Aah, I wonder what kind of person he is. If he were something like Yugura…I wouldn’t really like it.” 

There’s no way I wouldn’t be interested in someone who understood me. 

How should I play with him once I Entice him? 

I still only have a few devils infiltrated in this country, but there’s no need to hurry. 

They have the Mauler of Everything and Archbishop of the Yugura Church, Maya. I might get noticed if we move carelessly. 

I just have to take my time searching for him. I have obtained a different entertainment from that after all. 

“…That sensation still remains?” 

Yesterday, I wandered around the city without any real objective in mind and not really gathering information, but I couldn’t find the resident of Yugura’s planet. 

A shoe broke, and I had to continue walking through the city all lost in an unbalanced posture. I then sat down with a bit of fatigue and annoyance. 

At that moment, there was a man that spoke to me. 

A man that didn’t really have any remarkable traits. It is hard for me to remember him even if I tried. 

The woman by his side was…pretty skilled, but that doesn’t matter. 

I ended up saying a random name on the fly, but now that I think about it, that was a weird name. 

It must be because of the useless miscellaneous knowledge Yugura taught me.

He carried a complete stranger like me and guided me around. 

Now that I think about it, how long has it been since someone has helped me out themselves…? Most likely before I became a Demon Lord. 

Things would always go my way with the pawns I have Enticed. That’s why I have no inconveniences or hardships.

However, I couldn’t bring too many human pawns with me and an inconvenience happened. 

Because of that fresh and trivial sensation, I unconsciously tried to Entice him, and asked him his name. 

But he didn’t introduce himself and just smiled kindly as he left. 

He not only helped me out, he didn’t ask for a reward either. It was just pure kindness…

“Bringing back just one person is fine, but…I am beginning to want him too.” 

The Purple Demon Lord has the fearsome power of being able to entice any being and control them. 

But because of that power, she hasn’t been able to form a proper human relationship. She is also a maiden with heavy prejudices. 

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