LS – Chapter 165: And so, sympathysing

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We move by carriage in order to participate in the conference that will be happening in Gahne. 

I have been moving around lately with Ekdoik and Kutou, so moving around the continent while being shaken by a carriage in this fashion is pretty nice in itself. 

But well…this tightness in security does ruin the scenery a little bit though. 

I direct my gaze at the surroundings of the carriage. There are many knights riding horses going parallel to the carriage, matching its speed. 

It goes without saying what’s the reason for this. The biggest VIP of Taizu is riding this carriage. 

“Wow, I didn’t know the day would come when I would travel outside of Taizu. This is a truly fresh feeling!” (Marito)

“Hey, Marito, wouldn’t Mix or Lord Ragudo work just fine? You didn’t really have to go out yourself.” 

“I agree with your opinion, but King Zenotta declared that he would be going himself despite this being a conference held by a Demon Lord. A king leading a knight nation shouldn’t be shrinking back at this.” (Marito)

No, Gold and King Zenotta actually get along well, you know. Rather than calling it a male and female relationship, it is more like…how to say it…like two girls being merry. 

King Zenotta is the type of person that doesn’t doubt what he has seen with his own eyes. He can easily accept an otherworlder or a Demon Lord as long as they are beneficial to him. 

The nonchalant action of King Zenotta has led to this strict march. That person is a veritable king when it comes to influence alone. 

“Pope Euparo will be coming too, right? What do Torin and Serende…think about this?” 

“The representatives of Kuama and Mejis are involved parties after all. But those Torin and Serende are facing this while still barely feeling the reality of the situation. I think the chances of their kings showing up are low.” (Marito)

“I think it is questionable even if they were to feel the reality of it though.” 

These bodyguard knights are not ones readied by Marito. The Knight Captains that learned about Marito heading to Gahne were competing to accompany him. 

The knights of Taizu have been briefed about the general situation, but I can’t blame the individual differences. 

Almost everyone already knows that I am a compatriot of Yugura, but the only ones who know about the information of the Demon Lords and such details are the Ragudo Division and the Knight Captains.

The members of the Ragudo Division are also personally acquainted with the Demon Lords, and are aware of the complicated relationship. 

However, the Knight Captains beginning from Lord Leano were made to accept this situation with the ‘There’s no issue’ from Marito. 

Well, I have gotten close to Lord Leano to a certain degree, so rather than trusting the Demon Lords, it is more like he believes in a certain someone, so we have gotten a bit of understanding here. 

“Well, things will get a bit busy from here on. This is not that bad if I just think about it as going out with a friend for a vacation.” (Marito)

“Having such difficulty of movement in those fronts really does come with being a king.” 

Taizu has currently been left to Lord Ragudo. That goes the same for the Ragudo Division. 

There should be no issues at all if it is just for a few days. The issue actually lies on our side. 

The knights that know the king of Gahne is a Demon Lord have a stiff expression. That’s natural though. 

Even Ilias forgot the fact that Gold was the king of Gahne when she met her for the first time, and went for her throat right off the bat. Everyone from Earth would think ‘What’s with her? She is messing up at the drop of a hat’.

But that’s just how bad the reputation of the Demon Lords is after the history they created and due to the Yugura Church. 

They are also the parents of the monsters that have caused relatives to die in the past. For the people who have had their families killed by the mafia, the Demon Lords would basically be the godfathers. 

Of course they would hate them. Also, the casualties created by these ‘mafias’ on a global scale is unmeasurable.

It would be one thing with Gold who was killed before she could do anything, but Purple and Blue are criminals in history. They would need to show the utmost care. 

By the way, Purple is staying behind. As long as she has the cheat power of Entincement, we have to make sure Purple is not by the side of Marito as much as possible. 

If we were to bring her out in front of the representatives of the nations, it could very well be taken as a declaration of war. 

Even if the person herself doesn’t use it on Marito, it would still be a source of stress for the people that must protect Marito. 

“I may not have lamented the limitations I have, but I have had times when I would watch the birds flying freely in the sky with envy. Especially on days when work is piled up.” (Marito)

“It is great to hear you are a very human king.” 

Ekdoik and Blue are currently working in the Kuama Nether. I hope they are getting along well. 

Mix will be accompanying us to Gahne, but she avoided riding in the same carriage. She said she wouldn’t be able to endure the tension if she were to stay in such a cramped space with Marito for a long period of time. 

Marito made a bit of a sad face. 

Haakudoku and Rakura are together with Mix. 

There’s also a bit of distance in the relationship between Marito and Rakura. Even Rakura wouldn’t be able to act freely with a person whose standing is way too above hers.

Ilias is my bodyguard. As for Marito, to my surprise, Wolfe was the one who was assigned to him. 

Everyone was competing to become the royal guard of Marito, and Marito was annoyed by how uncontrollable it was, so he decided this himself. The reality is that Wolfe is on the level of Lord Ragudo if it is just in combat power, so not many could complain. The real bodyguard is Anbu-kun anyways. 

“Shishou, I can see Gahne now!” (Wolfe)

“Oh, that’s true. This is your first time seeing this in person, right, Marito?” 

“Yeah. The country of a Demon Lord is a personal target of interest, so I shall steal all the good parts of it without reservation.” (Marito)

“Keep it moderate. It would be troubling for the future if rumors were to be spread saying you were influenced by a Demon Lord.” 

“Haha, that does sound possible. But it would be far better compared to King Zenotta.” (Marito)

“That old man would imitate anything he can after all.” 

“You could say Kuama is outstanding in their flexibility in that sense.” (Marito)

Taizu is tied up by pride and Mejis is tied up by teachings. There’s positives stemming from it too, but it seems like it doesn’t look that appealing for Marito who seeks change. 

I think the Taizu that you rule is number one though.” 

“…Those are words that bring me happiness as a king and as a person. But it is the most old-fashioned country, you know?” (Marito)

“Call it historical. Ilias is making a complicated expression there, you know?” 

“It is true that that wasn’t befitting of a king. Forgive me, Lady Ratzel.” (Marito)

“No, that’s…” (Ilias)

Ilias looked at me as if saying ‘don’t throw the conversation to me’. The relationship between Ilias and Marito is something you can’t do anything about. It would be pitiful to force her to get involved, huh. 

“This is something I can say as a resident of a world that has changed, but when an environment has been fulfilled to a certain degree, people will have more leeway to respect history and tradition again.” 

“You remember after changing. The gripes of the eternal, huh.” (Marito)

“But that’s not all. My world has a saying: Review the past to learn the new. Even if you think that the current Taizu is old, they are seeking change with history as the axis. This may look natural, but it is difficult. You need to have an understanding of the worth between both the old and the new. I can sympathize with that policy of yours, Marito.” 

“I see. Comprehending is your way of living, so a country where comprehension is treasured is desirable then.” (Marito)

Marito seemed to have gotten an understanding of something and nodded happily. 

“If you were hardheaded, I would have moved to Gahne a long time ago.” 

“You wouldn’t be able to display your quirk in an inflexible knight nation after all. I have done a good job if I do say so myself.” (Marito)

We arrived at the capital of Gahne and finish up the simple procedures. The knights of Taizu showing up in large numbers is a rare sight for the residents of Gahne. Their gazes burn.

But I can’t see unease in their expressions. The march of the knights is picturesque after all.

The atmosphere of Gahne hasn’t changed, but the work of the outermost part of the 1st Layer has progressed quite a lot. It will soon be the day when the name of the layer will change. 

“It would be better to just begin counting the layers from the inside.” (Marito)

“They apparently want to make them aware that it is the change of an era by changing the name every so often.” 

“That would bring the government officials to tears. If only the tops would think about the troubles such whims would cause to the ones below them.” (Marito)

“It sounds really good when a king says it.” 

There’s one more difference compared to before. Horses to receive us ran our way soon after we entered the 1st Layer. 

The one riding a horse was the cabinet minister of Gahne, the girl that gives off a somewhat tight cool beauty impression, Ludfein-san.

We both got down from our rides and do our greetings. 

“Welcome, king of Taizu. You have arrived quite earlier than scheduled. My apologies for not being able to provide you with a satisfactory welcome.” (Ludfein)

“The legs of the horses of Taizu are fast after all. My apologies if this has harmed your reputation.” (Marito)

“No need to worry about that. Also, it has been a while, Bad Influence-san.” (Ludfein)

My evaluation has lowered an awful lot in the long time I haven’t met her. I am a bit shocked. 

Ludfein-san joined us in our carriage and we head to the Gahne Castle together. 

“Judging from your state, it seems like you have been told the circumstances.” 

“One day, the cabinet ministers and generals were gathered and we were given the explosive statement ‘This one is actually a Demon Lord, ya see’. Moreover, the one in Gahne was a clone, and the real one was actually playing around with you in Taizu.” (Ludfein)

She revealed everything. That woman. Of course she would treat me as a bad influence. 

“It is not like we were playing around though. I am impressed that problems didn’t arise from this.” 

“They did. First of all, we had a lot of trouble with the answers to make everyone believe. And then, there were obviously people who were displeased by the king.” (Ludfein)

“So, what did Gold say about this?” 

“‘This one is fine with ya not acknowledging me as yer king, but ya will have to prepare someone that can take this one’s place -one that everyone can acknowledge. If ya can do that, this one will happily give over the throne’ -is what she said.” (Ludfein)

“I see, so forceful.” 

There’s no way there would be someone like that so readily. The Ruling of Gold will create a simulated world that moves the same way as reality, and can bring about the best results by repeating trial and error. 

Trying to search for someone who can pull off such levels of verification freedom would require the person to be as outstanding as Marito who is called the Wise King. That’s just an impossible task. 

“In the first place, no one has heard of the Gold Demon Lord…no, the Yellow Demon Lord, was it? There wasn’t anyone with a personal grudge.” (Ludfein)

Well, even in the scriptures of the Yugura Church, there’s barely any information of the Yellow Demon Lord. 

She is someone that even Yugura had to add a passage of ‘speaking of which, I defeated this one, too’. You could say she is the least hated Demon Lord. 

“But we are obviously hiding it from the citizens. There’s no point bringing about pointless chaos.” (Ludfein)

“You have barely changed at all, Ludfein-san.” 

“Well, yeah. The king was someone with a lot of secrets to begin with, and was basically fishiness personified. I only thought of it as ‘is that so’ when she told us she was a Demon Lord. There’s no doubt she is an outstanding individual. If she is going to be working for the sake of the country, it doesn’t matter if she has a bad personality or if she is a Demon Lord.” (Ludfein)

Wow, just how many natives can have such dry judgment? But I feel like Ludfein-san is simply not interested in Gold. 

“It seems like it was the correct choice of Gold to have appointed you as a cabinet minister, Ludfein-san…” 

“Sounds as if you are implying something there. Just for your information, I respect the king as an individual. It is to the point where I can pardon her relationship with Bad Influence-san.” (Ludfein)

“Yet you call me a bad influence.” 

“I have no choice but to see you in that fashion as a cabinet minister. It seems like you were having fun -where I wasn’t seeing- the last time, too.” (Ludfein)

This person is someone that can hold a grudge. 

“No, my friend, what that cabinet minister is saying is not wrong. That is one super ill-natured individual.” (Marito)

“No, no, don’t speak badly of the king in front of a cabinet minister.” 

“Don’t mind it. She is a foolish king that prioritized being by the side of a man rather than her office job and stirred up the country. Speaking facts is not a sin, right?” (Ludfein)

“I think it can be though. Do you really respect her?” 

“Her skills alone.” (Ludfein)

The fact that she doesn’t respect her personality one bit makes me feel sad even if it is about someone else. 

Speaking of which, Gold said Ludfein-san had no relationships aside from work.

Is it really okay for the top and the second in hand to have a relationship like this one? 

“Hmm, I would like you in Taizu. You could even become a candidate…” (Marito)

Marito has taken a liking to Ludfein-san in his own way. It is true that the fact that she doesn’t falter even in the face of a king scores high points for Marito. 

You are a king, so it should be alright to two-time, but if you are going to make her a princess, you should at least do so after improving your relationship with Ruko, okay? 

“Speaking of which, is the real body of Gold currently in the Gahne Castle?” 

“Oh, isn’t it staying in Taizu?” (Ludfein)

“Eh, I thought she had returned to Gahne…” 

“Well, her clone is in Gahne, so there shouldn’t be any issues in the conference. It is a trifling matter.” (Ludfein)

“I am impressed you can say the absence of a king is trifling.” 

I remember her not being in the villa. I thought she would show herself to Ludfein-san at least if she had returned by herself first… Well, she should be around somewhere. 

Anyways, I am a bit hungry and thirsty. I thought the carriage was going at the same speed as before, but we arrived faster than planned and the meal time has shifted due to this, so we ended up not eating.

If I remember correctly, the box with ingredients should be here. Let’s eat some fruits. 

I open the box and peek inside. There was Gold in tears inside of it.



She must have been thinking about candidly surprising a certain someone, so she hid inside the luggage. 

But that certain someone ended up riding in the same carriage as Marito. She must have thought she would be ridiculed with ‘don’t do such a childish prank’ if she were to show up in such a manner. And so, she couldn’t come out until now…

She obviously heard everything just now. Well, it means she has a sensitive heart regardless of how much of a delinquent she is. 

For now, I pet the head of Gold to comfort her, take out the fruit by her side, and close the lid. 

There’s probably no one here who would make an awkward expression even if it were discovered that she is here. That’s an incredibly sad thing. 

When I directed my gaze to the others, I understood that everyone knew about this aside from Ludfein-san. 

Ilias was making a hard to describe face, Wolfe looked at the box as if thinking it must be fun inside a box, and Marito was enduring his laughter. 

“L-Ludfein-san, how about having a drink with Gold next time and taking your time to deepen your relationship with her? You might be able to find other places to respect her i—” 

“I don’t want to waste my personal time on something like that.” (Ludfein)

Nope, this is a lost case. Sorry, Gold.

I tried to soften it a bit, but it didn’t go well. 

The box is trembling. If I were to fail any more attempts, Gold will be jumping out in tears. 

Let’s just give up and eat the fruit. Also, Marito, you seem to be having an awfully jovial time there. 

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