LS – Chapter 290: As such, acting as if I don’t know

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The bodyguard of Princess Hilmera, Murshto. 

When I felt his presence through the door, directing his attention over here, I thought he was the type of person that showed off how strong he was, but…I didn’t expect him to have such a strong individual trait.

“And so, Lady Ratzel, what’s this development?” (Mix)

“About that…” (Ratzel)

I give a simple explanation to Mix-sama and the others who returned from gathering information. 

That man tried to draw out a lot of information from Murshto who suddenly appeared and did something similar to a confession towards him, but ‘wouldn’t it be better to talk about that after your comrades have returned?’.

That man thought about it for a bit and agreed with him. 

And so, we were killing time until now by playing a game from his world. 

“It is Wolfe’s turn! …A ruffian is attacking people… Approach the ruffian from behind, put a [wash tub] on their head, and smack them with a [bag of gold]! To finish it up, I will use a [flute] to call the guards!” (Wolfe)

“Well, everyone agrees that’s valid.” 

“That’s a decently easy combination. Then, I am next. Let’s see, I am on the verge of collapsing from hunger, huh… I will break a [carriage], slice up a horse with a [sword] and eat it! I then use a [big rock] to make a grave to show my thanks!” (Murshto)

You are dealt 3 wood sticks with everyday items written randomly on them, then flip one wooden plate with problems written on them from the deck. 

You need to use the hand dealt to you to solve the problem that you got. 

It is fun, but there are a lot of cases where you would tilt your head wondering ‘how in the world am I going to solve this problem with the items I have?’.

My turn, huh. An attack from monsters with no soldiers… I hold the [Useless Shield] and [Scissors] to face them bravely.” 

“Wouldn’t that be a tough one? We are talking about monsters here, right?” (Ilias)

“This is where the 3rd card comes in. The [Neighboring Old Lady] was actually a legendary martial artist in the past. But after losing her husband who was an adventurer partner, she retired. But this useless and broken shield was something her husband used before. The old lady that was touched by how courageously I was facing the monsters with shield in hand, tightened her fists once more.” 

He is putting an extreme amount of backstory to it, but is that allowed? I think he would be able to manage somehow if that really is the case, but…I don’t think things would go in such a convenient fashion.

“Aah…I feel like that would work. Yup, it is valid!” (Murshto)

“Valid!” (Wolfe)

It is valid, huh. 

This game really requires a high threshold. 

I feel like this kind of game would be perfect while drinking alcohol. 

“Ah, everyone has gathered. Then, playtime is over.” 

“Finally getting serious?” (Murshto)

“The game itself is over. It is now time for pure questioning. Murshto, why did you come to meet me?” 

That man sat right in front of Murshto while cleaning up the game. 

There’s people watching around, and I already took his sword when he came into the base.

I doubt he will do anything reckless, but being able to laugh in joy even in this situation makes him pretty tough. 

“I wanted to play a bit more though… Can’t be helped. I have said this before, but Hilmera-sama told me to watch over you. You will be hindered by others if you try to uncover the secrets of the royal family. But there’s a lot of skilled people around you. In that case, the royal family will have no choice but to use powerful pawns that they would normally not use.” (Murshto)

“So their objective is to get the advantage in the succession of the throne.” 

“That’s right. If you become a hindrance to the royal family, I will have a lot of work to do.” (Murshto)

That man looks at Rakura who is behind Murshto. She nodded lightly to tell him he was not lying. 

“Aah, the secret technique the royal family uses to counter Mejis, right? That’s unnecessary for a man like me. Going out of my way to lie about myself is close to pointless. There would be a point for the royal family though.” (Murshto)

“I see. And so—” 

“Is it true that you fell in love at first sight with Mister Friend?!” (Mix)

“Oi, Mix.” 

Mix-sama cut him off and made a really aggressive question.

It is certainly a surprising statement, but is it something to ask with such interest? 

It isn’t that rare for a man of the knight order to hold admiration towards another man. Even if he said love at fight sight, it doesn’t really have to equate to romantic—

“It is true. I really did fall in love at fight sight. I want to embrace him -in a sexual way.” (Murshto)

“Oh my.” 

Someone made a weird sound, but I was so surprised I couldn’t confirm who it was. 

No, no, Murshto himself has already said he is a man. 

It is not longing? Can romantic feelings happen between two people of the same gender? 

I did hear from that man that it wasn’t strange for people of the same gender to fall in love in his world… Mumuh.

“W-Who would be the re—” (Mix)

“Oi, Mix, any further and you are exiled.” 

“Yesh.” (Mix)

“Are you the type that’s not receptive to that? I myself can go both ways.” (Murshto)

“I have no intention of denying love of the same gender in itself. I can also consider the act of facing it. But no matter if it is the same gender or not, I would like to refrain from a person that is aroused in front of others.” 

I feel like the eyes of the Purple Demon Lord swam there, but it should be better to not worry about that. 

More importantly, Rakura didn’t show the sign of a lie at all, so that would mean Murshto is being truthful here.

“Got it. So you like a pure relationship. Then, I shall interact with you as such. I will try to not hold dirty feelings towards you.” (Murshto)

“…Uhm, that last statement was a lie.” (Rakura)

“Achaah. The secret technique of Mejis is really precise. Now now, please spare me with just not showing it on the outside.” (Murshto)

I am glad that I could at least confirm that he is not trying to sneak past the eyes of Rakura. 

I am, but why am I feeling this conflicted? 

“…I am fine with you upholding the morals. Let’s change the topic. Let’s ask you straight here, but did Princess Hilmera cooperate with Raheight and the demon Nektohal 10 years ago?” 


I could tell the people around gulped their breath. I also did the same after all. 

That man threw this question to Murshto, who can be called a direct aide of Hilmera, without any hesitation. 

We now know the lie detection of Rakura is working, but I feel like he is lacking in care here. 

“I was picked up by Hilmera-sama 8 years ago. That’s why I don’t know and haven’t been told. But…it is possible, I guess?” (Murshto)

“…So you won’t deny it.” 

“Hilmera-sama is more ambitious than everyone thinks… Just as ambitious as you imagine. Hilmera-sama was already intelligent by the time she picked me up. I would say 2 years before that is still possible.” (Murshto)

The statements of Murshto keep surprising me. 

Despite that man asking a question that doubts the person he has to protect with his life, Murshto stated with conviction that it might be possible.

He is not showing a single hint of anger at his master being suspected. On the contrary, he gave a statement that increased the suspicion… Is his loyalty low? 

“So you won’t cover for her.” 

“There’s no point in covering for her with sophistry. If it ends up that it really is the case, I will simply become an enemy of yours anyways. If not, then I will be an ally.” (Murshto)

No, that’s not it. The eyes of this man are serious. 

Murshto has no intention of walking a path other than the one Prince Hilmera walks. 

These are the words of a person that sees Princess Hilmera not with the lenses of good or evil, but as the absolute center.

“…I see. Then, it is okay to think of you as an ally in the time we are investigating the other members of the royal family aside from Princess Hilmera, right?” 

“No, it is not certain.” (Murshto)


“The reason is simple. Hilmera-sama has no intention of succeeding the throne. You already know the reason why, right?” (Murshto)

“…Prince Washekt, huh.” 

Murshto showed a satisfied smile. 

There was no refreshingness to it. An expression as if saying he was purely enjoying his conversation with that man. 

“I see. Hilmera-sama wants Washekt-sama to take the throne. 

The person himself seems to have given up, but there’s a chance if Hilmera-sama provides support.” (Murshto)

“So I would become an enemy if I were to threaten the position of Prince Washekt.” 

“You will be seen as a more clear enemy than attacking Hilmera-sama herself.” (Murshto)

Prince Washekt is the one who seems to be the least possible suspect, so the chances of that happening are extremely low…

“Alright. I get your circumstances. Murshto, I don’t mind you coming and going from here within a degree that you are not a bother. However, we will mostly be hiding our information.” 

“I don’t mind that. I personally am fine with just being able to meet you. Well then, I will be leaving now. I actually wanted to stay for a bit longer, but the other people still don’t know the results of your analysis on me.” (Murshto)

Murshto got up and walked to the other side. 

I gave him his sword and peeked at his eyes. 

I can certainly feel strength of will. 

He would definitely be a troublesome enemy to have. But I feel a different air from him compared to my desire to protect that man. 

I am sure I would win when it comes to pure skill. And yet, I am close to having doubts about it. That’s how aberrant of an individual he is. 

“What a gallant face. Can I ask your name?” (Murshto)

“Member of the Taizu Knight Order’s Ragudo Division, Ilias Ratzel.” (Ilias)

“Ilias, huh. I thought you were the one that was the closest to him though… Oh well, it seems like it will be fine.” (Murshto)

“What do you mean by that?” (Ilias)

Murshto made a carefree smile. 

That figure of his was more like a girl in a flower garden than a knight protecting a princess. 

“I am of course gauging my love rivals. I can see that I still am above when it comes to loveliness.” (Murshto)

“…I-I see.” (Ilias)

This is the first time in my life that I have been told that by a man. 

I am not mortified at all by this, but there’s no way for me to hide my confusion here. 

I really don’t get it. 

That man began to organize the information after Murshto left. 

Even I could tell that everyone wanted to confirm what he thought of Murshto. 

“This is pretty much what you would expect on the first day. Counting on you to continue gathering information.” 

“Yeah. By the way, about the matter of Murshto, what do you think of him, Comrade?” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik stepped into the matter of Murshto here. The people around stopped moving for a moment. 

“I could tell he really does like me. Also, I managed to grasp a rough profile of his personality with the game we were playing before you got here. Murshto is the same as Washekt -a person with no hidden side. He really will become an enemy depending on the result with Hilmera and Washekt, and I think he definitely can try to kill me while thinking it is a shame.” 

So there was that intention in the game too, huh. 

It certainly is a handy game to tell what kind of actions you would take in specific scenarios. 

That said, I don’t think there are many scenarios where you can factor in the neighboring old lady.

“Fumu… I felt like he was around the same level in terms of strength as me. It doesn’t seem like there will be any issues if Ilias and Wolfe are always by Comrade’s side.” (Ekdoik)

“Right. Well, I could tell the intention of Hilmera here, so I will just let him do as he pleases for now.” 

“The intention of Princess Hilmera?” (Ekdoik)

“It is about Murshto telling us that Hilmera wants Washekt to take the throne. That’s most likely information they judged was fine to tell us. I will be abridging a lot of things here, but Hilmera wants me to uncover the secrets of Chisante, Nuphsa, and Yumis first.” 

They are not absolute allies, and if the conditions are met, they will be hostile. 

If the words of Murshto take into account the will of Princess Hilmera, you could say he is safe as long as we don’t take actions that are detrimental for Princess Hilmera and Prince Washekt. 

Making Princess Hilmera and Prince Washekt enemies in this current situation where the other members of the royal family find us a hindrance wouldn’t be good. 

We have to leave them for later.

“But if Princess Hilmera and Prince Washekt are guilty, couldn’t this be taken as an obstruction from them?” (Ekdoik)

“This is most likely Hilmera’s way of negotiating. I heard about this from Washekt, but Hilmera only has Murshto as her bodyguard. Hilmera can’t even go outside properly without her bodyguard.” 

“Is there so much benefit for Princess Hilmera here?” (Ekdoik)

“There is. It is an action she is taking for the sake of Washekt. Uncovering the secrets of the other royalty also means revealing their trump cards for the throne succession.” 

I see. There’s the need to surpass the other members of the royal family in order for Princess Hilmera to make Prince Washekt take the throne. 

Even if they try to uncover their trump cards and secrets, they will obviously be on guard. 

Princess Hilmera can’t make all 3 of them into enemies. 

If she were to stir things carelessly, it could also bring the sparks to Prince Washekt who she is trying to protect. 

That’s why that man’s existence is extremely great for them since he is drawing all the hostility of those 3. 

“Everything is for the sake of gaining the advantage in the throne succession, huh. The information of the assassins targeting Comrade, the secret of the royal family; if they were to learn about all those things, Princess Hilmera would benefit like never before.” (Ekdoik)

“Hilmera will most likely give some sort of order to Murshto. But I managed to tell that this will be something that we can use to uncover the secrets of the royal family. And so, I decided to accept the proposal of Princess Hilmera.” 

So he made a decision while seeing through the intentions of not Murshto who was in front of him but Prince Hilmera who was behind him.

That aggressive way of questioning must have been because he felt the cooperative stance of Princess Hilmera. 

“But that person had a cute face.” (Rakura)

“Right? He has an appearance that you wouldn’t be able to tell he is a man until you strip him naked if you couldn’t see his throat, you know?” (Purple)

“I prefer gentlemen who are more distinct.” (Mix)

The reaction of Mix-sama and the others is awfully soft. 

Even Ekdoik, who was analyzing things calmly, is giving off an air that there’s no issues here. 

The reason is simple. 

Murshto doesn’t feel poisonous. 

Even I can’t bring myself to hate him despite him calling me a love rival. 

I am not a love rival though.


I report what happened today to Hilmera-sama.

Washekt-sama must have showed up while I wasn’t present. She was listening to me with a permanent smile on her face. 

“Looks like Envoy-sama has taken into account my intentions. But Murshto, there was no need to suddenly confess to him.” (Hilmera)

“Even if you tell me that, this is the first time in my life I have seen a person like that. Aah, this is the first time I see such a frail person.” (Murshto)

“Aah…right. You have those tastes.” (Hilmera)

“Yeah, that’s why I like you too, you know? But you can’t match him.” (Murshto)

“Thanks. I prefer that to be the case.” (Hilmera)

I was born with the strange talent to feel the strength of one’s heart. 

I was living in an environment that could hardly be called decent since the time I had self-awareness, but I have been able to correctly decide who to draw close to with this power. 

Kindness, strictness, aggressiveness, meekness; the strength of people is that there’s various factors entangled in a complicated fashion. 

Every single one is unique like a work of art, and I loved observing people from a young age. 

It was a coincidence that Hilmera-sama picked me up, but the heart of Hilmera-sama at that time was beautiful. 

Even when she lost her mother who she loved the most, she tried to crush her young emotions for the sake of the new light she found -for the sake of Washekt-sama. 

The will to be strong despite being weak; I can’t help but feel beauty in that frailty, that fickleness.

“…Aah, I am truly glad I met you. I learned the true meaning of living until today.” (Murshto)

“It is to that degree, huh.” (Hilmera)

He is a coward. 

He fears a great deal of things. 

He has so little mana and has a weak body, so this world must look like violence incarnate for him. 

But there’s things he wants to protect within all that. 

He shows no hesitation in scraping away his own heart for the sake of them. 

But he doesn’t have the strength to endure that way of life. 

“Do you remember the chick that fell from the nest? Even though it was fated for it to weaken and die, it still eagerly tried to return to its nest. I felt as if I tasted an even more enhanced version of that chest tightening sensation.” (Murshto)

“We did save that chick though. Do you remember?” (Hilmera)

“I forgot. But I am impressed his heart managed to endure this long. It is to a degree that it wouldn’t be strange for it to have been broken a long time ago…” (Murshto)

That’s right. What I saw of his heart was in a state akin to a miracle. 

Whittled away from his relationship with others, fed up with the many occurrences, and it wouldn’t have been strange for him to have just given up on the world and chosen to end his life. 

Despite all that, he still accepts hurting himself for the sake of the people he treasures. 

It is impossible to maintain a heart in that state with just a strong heart. 

Did he have someone by his side that would shoulder the fatal injuries? 

But he himself would be the one creating that, so the burden of it certainly is left. 

That bolsters the frailty of his heart even further. 

“It would be better to not speak of your thoughts too much. You would only scare them away.” (Hilmera)

“Really? Don’t women get attracted by the weakness of a man? I simply feel beauty in the frailty of a person’s heart.” (Murshto)

“I can’t deny that. But you put way too much of your emotions in that.” (Hilmera)

It is not like I hate people with strong hearts. 

His bodyguard, Ilias, had very big gaps between the strong parts and weak parts of her heart. They were clearly divided. 

I feel peace of mind when seeing a strong heart. 

I am sure he also seeks peace of mind from the strong parts of Ilias. 

But what I find most beautiful of people is the sight of them trying to live. 

The more the weak and frail try to live, the more worth I feel in life. 

“Right now he stirs my desire to protect. But there were quite a lot of beautiful women around him, so I feel like my desire to monopolize him will eventually well up.” (Murshto)

“Hmm, I see. If you mess up, I plan on leaving the judgment completely to Envoy-sama, so control yourself.” (Hilmera)

“Scolded severely by him… Could I get off from that?” (Murshto)

“Don’t ask me.” (Hilmera)

“Imagine Washekt-sama scolding you harshly.” (Murshto)

“Onii-sama wouldn’t do something like that! I do think it would be nice though!” (Hilmera)

We might be unexpectedly similar. 

Basically, anything can get us off if it is the person we love. 

“And so, I will be going to his place from here on?” (Murshto)

“Yeah. I think Envoy-sama will be able to find proof of them getting involved with the demon.” (Hilmera)

“…Eh, there’s proof? Wouldn’t it be faster to tell them?” (Murshto)

It came out as if nothing, but isn’t that information what he wants the most? 

If we gave him that information…ah, no, that’s not it. What’s important for Hilmera-sama isn’t for him to achieve his objective. It is to uncover the secrets of the other members of the royal family. 

“I have no intention to tell him. It is already known that you have made contact with Envoy-sama. If Envoy-sama were to suddenly narrow down the target, it would look like I told them, right? If I were to be targeted, it would also trouble Onii-sama who protects me.” (Hilmera)

“Well, they would most likely notice.” (Murshto)

“But there’s one worry I have… The one who made contact with them was a guy named Raheight. There was apparently one more person by his side at that time.” (Hilmera)

“Uhm, the other core members were the demon Nektohal, and the Eye of Truth, Ritial Zentry, right?” (Murshto)

I have read the report regarding the incident he solved in Serende. 

A world renowned adventurer was trying to put a hand on resurrection magic that creates Demon Lords. Says a lot about the world. 

“No, it wasn’t those two. Moreover, that person hasn’t died in this incident… I am currently having people trace their steps.” (Hilmera)

“Why?” (Murshto)

“This is something I heard from Onii-sama, but Envoy-sama and Ritial are currently in a truce. They apparently have already made contact and exchanged information, but judging from the actions of Envoy-sama, he probably hasn’t heard about that person. It is weird that he went out of his way to make contact and not tell him that, right?” (Hilmera)

“Maybe Ritial simply didn’t know?” (Murshto)

“It is possible. Raheight was the one who made the deal and that person was simply accompanying him. That’s probably why he didn’t report it.” (Hilmera)

If that theory is true, Ritial would be able to easily get information from that person. But that would mean Ritial would be able to get the answer. 

Aah, that’s why she is tracing their steps, huh. 

She is aiming to seal their mouths before that man gets an unnecessary hint. 

“Could it possibly be that the one in charge of sealing their mouths is…” (Murshto)

“There’s no one but you. My subordinates are somewhat decent in collecting information, but they are pitiful when it comes to battle prowess aside from you.” (Hilmera)

“It is not like I am that strong either though… I can die too, you know?” (Murshto)

“Yeah. But don’t worry, you won’t be dying presently.” (Hilmera)

Should I be retorting to the fact that it changed from ‘yet’ to ‘presently’?

Aah, my funeral is getting close.

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