LS – Chapter 276: As such, I got encouraged

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One week has gone by since the battle ended.

The current situation is that I am hospitalized in a medical facility in Serende.

You normally wouldn’t recover in one week after being slashed by a sword, and yet, every single one of them had been discharged from the hospital, and I, who have been resting the most, feel sad like an idiot.

“Shishou, I have peeled a fruit for you!” (Wolfe)


I heard that Haakudoku had his neck cut by Ritial and was on the verge of dying from blood loss, and yet, he came yesterday to visit me with a refreshed face.

Moreover, his choice of fruits was the best one.

I heard that the state of one of Purple’s arms was terrible, and yet, she was the same as usual. But she for some reason left a bit of her chest injury to show me.

“How about you eat a bit too, Wolfe? He won’t be able to eat his main meal if he eats all of this on his own.” (Ilias)

“Right. Please eat too, Wolfe.”

“Okay! I will have some, too!” (Wolfe)

Everyone has been discharged already, so the fruits they bring when they visit just keep on increasing.

Prince Washekt also sent some for me, so my room is filled with the smell of fruits.

I am glad there was no stuff like durians.

“I honestly feel like it should be okay to leave the hospital though.”

“When you stop groaning while you are changing clothes on your own.” (Ilias)

“It is important to let out noises to show pain when it is painful.”

Marito has also told me strictly ‘Come only after you don’t feel pain from being shaken by the carriage’.

I am destined to not be able to escape the fragile label when it comes to my body, but the battle has ended, so it is even more pronounced.

“Shishou, let’s stay safe until Rakura and the others come back. Wolfe will tag along in killing time!” (Wolfe)

“Oh, thanks. But it should be fine for you to enjoy the cityscape of Serende every now and then, you know.”

“Wolfe will enjoy that together with Shishou, so it is okay!” (Wolfe)

The other people have returned to Mejis and Kuama while I am hospitalized.

The ones staying in Serende right now are Ilias, Wolfe, Mix, and Kayle.

Kayle wasn’t here when we departed, but he was within the knights that came here to assist us.

Right now he should be walking around Serende and burning its cityscape in his eyes.

Melia went back to Mejis together with Rakura and the others. Masetta-san headed to the Kuama Nether to accompany Haakudoku.

There’s no eyes from the Mejis side now, but there’s obviously a substitute.

“So, want to eat, too?”

“Right, I shall. Lilisa, can you get me a few?”

“Okay. You like these, don’t you?” (Lilisa)

I am sharing this room with another patient.

That patient is the captain of the holy knights of Mejis, Yox.

Yox was in a critical state after being defeated by Arcreal a few days ago, but he safely managed to overcome death.

But he is still in a weak state, so they continue doing his treatment to the bare minimum, and he regained consciousness a day ago.

But the recovery after that really makes him an isekai resident.

They are waiting for him to recover his stamina before resuming the treatments in order to reduce the chances of side-effects, but he is more energetic than me no matter how you see it.

It was to a degree where he was about to get up and leave together with the other holy knights.

He was chastised by Lilisa-san who came running from Mejis, so he has obediently accepted his hospitalized life.

And so, the one who is keeping surveillance on us from Mejis as of present is the assistant of Pope Euparo, Lilisa-san.

Melia and Masetta-san have been ordered to take a break for a while.

“Aah, but isn’t there a bit too much? Also, isn’t the peeling speed a bit too fast?” (Yox)

“Here, say aaah.” (Lilisa)

“…Aaah. Tasty. The fruits you peel really are tastier.” (Yox)

I don’t really like being shown the flirting of this couple, but we also have people who do similar stuff over here too, so I can’t complain.

You could even say I am not being assaulted thanks to Yox being in the same room.

“…Shishou.” (Wolfe)

“You don’t need to do that. If I allow that, Mix won’t be able to control herself.”

“What a cruel world…” (Wolfe)

“It should be fine though. You are so stalwart.” (Yox)

“You look a hundred times more stalwart than me when it comes to just face and presence though.”

The holy knight captain is eating fruits while being hugged by Lilisa-san.

What kind of face would Melia make if she were to see this…? Would it make her want to do the same thing to Ekdoik?

“But I am impressed you managed to ward that Arcreal off. Ilias Ratzel, there’s no doubt your sword is the number one in the world.” (Yox)

“I think it is an exaggeration though… I simply concentrated on defending while you had to face him no matter what. I am sure there wouldn’t have been that much of a difference if the conditions were the same.” (Ilias)

Poor humbleness.

The result really might have been the same if the conditions were that we must defeat Arcreal no matter what.

But it would have been difficult for Yox to continue blocking the offensive of Arcreal.

Yox laughed bitterly most likely because he understands this.

“You are still bad at showing modesty. This is a compliment from the strongest knight of a foreign country, it should be okay to just accept it honestly.” (Yox)

“I am of course happy about it. But what I am the most happy about is that I managed to fulfill my duty as the sword of this man here.” (Ilias)

“I see. That is indeed a far more wonderful thing than my compliment. Sorry for throwing you low quality goods.” (Yox)

“No, calling it low quality is…” (Ilias)

It is fun to see the flustered state of Ilias. I mean, Yox must be having fun with this.

“Geez, don’t tease her, Yox! Sorry about that. Yox is jealous internally.” (Lilisa)

“It is not internal. Ilias Ratzel, I have been conscious of you as a knight since the matter of the Purple Demon Lord. I couldn’t get any results while you achieved the most. It should be fine to mix a bit of sarcasm with my jealousy, right?” (Yox)

“That’s…” (Ilias)

“You should laugh here and encourage me. Tell me: ‘then try getting an even bigger achievement than me next time’. And then, I will respond with: ‘I will definitely show you work that will make you jealous next time’.” (Yox)

Yox laughed and Ilias laughed along.

They are both hard-headed, so their personalities match.

Well, he has a far bigger lead on Ilias when it comes to romantic relationships -he is probably on a league of his own already.

“BUT I don’t know about you laughing together with another woman when in front of me.” (Lilisa)

“Sorry about that. I shall smile just at you to make up for it.” (Yox)

“Your other expressions are also wonderful, so I am fine with just you looking only at me, okay?” (Lilisa)

They began to flirt again, so I closed the curtain partition.

I would get heartache if I were to eat fruits while watching a sweet scene.

I would like to eat something salty.

“By the way, wasn’t Raheight trying to tell you something at the end?” (Ilias)

“He most likely wanted to bury the body that he used when he infiltrated Mejis. It would continue to be sealed in the Mejis facilities if nothing is done after all.”

“I see… That sounds difficult.” (Ilias)

“Not really. I actually had Ekdoik retrieve that body beforehand. Raheight detonated dead bodies as an attack, so we can just blame the loss of a body or two to that.”

He may be a hateful enemy, but a promise is a promise.

I will at least carefully bury the corpse of the good guy that he accepted as his friend.

“You really don’t miss anything. That’s just like you.” (Ilias)

“The remaining worry is Ritial, but…he should be making contact with us in the future, so we can just leave it for when that happens.”

Blue found the record for the resurrection magic construction and destroyed it.

Ritial has now lost his means to obtain the resurrection magic from Nektohal.

But he must have gotten reports of the process to a certain degree.

If he were to find someone well versed in magic like Barastos, it should be possible for him to obtain the resurrection magic again.

But the forces in this battle were prepared by Ritial for long years. He shouldn’t be able to prepare more forces than this.

Then, Ritial will most likely take the choice of negotiating rather than blocking our interference.

“Will he really come?” (Ilias)

“Probably. I had a bit of a heated speech with Molari and Yasutet.”

“That, huh… It was rare to see you convince someone with so much passion… So that was an act…” (Ilias)

It is not like I couldn’t do it with my usual tone, you know? But the passion of a human heart can become an important weapon against someone on the level of Ritial.

It was such passionate acting that it could even work on a sports drama.

Molari and Yasutet were taken aback at first, but they had fire burning in their eyes at the end, yup.

“There’s no doubt it was their true feelings anyways, so there should be no issues.”

“You have a heated personality to begin with. But that was somewhat different.” (Ilias)

“It just means that a smile isn’t the only business face.”

Ritial felt bad about bringing along the Illegitimate like Molari and Yasutet.

If they were to get persuaded with passion, it would be possible to shake their heart to a certain degree.

The feelings of Molari and Yasutet are the real deal even if they are moving just as I planned.

“Fumu, I thought you were sleeping because the partition was closed, but you were in the middle of some fun with women, huh.”

“That’s the neighbor. So you came to visit, Prince Washekt.”

The partition opened and Prince Washekt showed up.

He is holding what looks like a basket, but I hope that’s not more fruits.

“I don’t mind you calling me with just Washekt. My heart would narrow if I were to act all big towards the hero that defeated the Demon Lords.” (Washekt)

“Then, I shall do that. I accept modifications if you change your mind.”

I have received a whole lot of gifts from Washekt, but this is the first time he has come in person.

He must have something to talk about.

“By the way, about my gift…it is a stone statue that might make you feel better that was found in some ruins.” (Washekt)

A stone statue the size of a palm.

It is making a weird pose, but it certainly does make me feel better.

“It is a better choice than fruits in this current situation.”

“That’s quite the amount. I was sending you fruits, so the other ones should have thought of something else. I should take a few back.” (Washekt)

“Please do. I would feel bad if they were to get spoiled.”

Washekt grabbed one fruit and took a bite.

He is nodding there, but that’s the face of someone who was satisfied with his own choice.

The tastiest ones were the ones that Haakudoku brought though.

“By the way, you are planning on staying in Serende for a while, right?” (Washekt)

“—Did the king of Serende tell you that?”

“You could say that. I tried to think of the reason why, but I have come today to match answers.” (Washket)

“If you want to match answers, tell me the answer first.”

“What if I were to give the answer full of confidence and it is wrong? You want to embarrass me?” (Washekt)

This guy has quite the nice personality there.

It feels like he seriously isn’t reserved towards the ones he gets along with which lowers his amount of friends by quite a lot.

However, I feel like he has a lot of close friends.

“You can keep it vague.”

“Right. Father—the king of Serende has ordered me to cooperate in your objective. In other words, he wants a foreigner to act in the country. Meaning that he wants to solve some sort of problem in Serende.” (Washekt)

“That’s an answer that helps me out since there’s no need for me to go through the trouble of negotiating.”

Looks like the king of Serende predicted our future plans.

A king really is not all flare. King Zenotta is impressive in his own way after all.

“So, what’s the answer?” (Washekt)

“Fishing out the helpers of Nektohal and his group. Leitis as an organization didn’t have elves. That kind of group had their base in Serende.”

“It would have stood out if there were humans supplying them with food or stuff like that. I see, so you are implying that there might have been elves and dwarves and such people from Serende helping out.” (Washekt)

Soraid had the hoodlums in Torin obey through fear, and used the firm of a merchant that felt indebted to Ritial as their base.

Then, it wouldn’t be strange for them to have a local of Serende as a helper, too.

“The reason the king of Serende is trying to leave it to us is because he must have sniffed the scent of a decent amount of helpers involved here.”

“So he trusted that there’s no chance I am one of them, and was chosen to help you out. As expected of Father, he saw through my pure and untainted self.” (Washekt)

“Well, yeah, there should be no doubt about it -with how honest you are about yourself.”

It is in part because I have a certain degree of contact with Washekt already.

Washekt helped me out without getting in our way, so the chances of him being an ally of Nektohal and his group are extremely low.

The king of Serende is most likely going with: ‘That guy should be somewhat trustworthy. I will lend him to you, so I am counting on you scooping out the pus of the country’.

He is technically leaving it to others, but it is an efficient decision taking into account our objective.

“But allies that tried to obtain resurrection magic, huh… It might unexpectedly be people like the 1st prince, 2nd prince, and 1st princess.”(Washekt)

“Don’t just throw 3 relatives of yours into the fire. Just how suspicious is your family?”

“How rude. My little sister and I are such the ideal picture of royalty, we are pretty much the light of Serende.” (Washekt)

“I understand now that you love your little sister. But we will be gathering information after I leave this place.”

“Then how should I kill time until then?” (Washket)

“Just do your own work? Aren’t you a prince?”

He shouldn’t leave anything to be desired as an ally, but it makes me think whether there might have been a better candidate.

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