LS – Chapter 272: As such, confronting Demon Lord

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“—I felt mana. This way.” 

Ekdoik has come through this mausoleum route, so he remembers the mana of the people that were serving as the hostages of Raheight in that battle. 

Ekdoik felt an unknown mana in this mausoleum, and arrived at a dead end after heading in that direction. 

“There must be a hidden door or something. There’s no reaction from the master key of Tsudwali, so it must be a contraption that was already here in these ruins.” 

“I can feel traces, but I can’t tell how to activate—” (Ekdoik)

“It is over there. Please investigate that part.” 

Ekdoik investigated the part I pointed out and there was a part that could be pressed down like the ones you often find in ruins. 

There were magic crystals embedded inside the pushed down wall. When Ekdoik poured mana into it, the wall that was a dead-end slowly slid to the side. 

“I am impressed you could tell when you can’t see mana traces.” (Ilias)

“I comprehended what could be called the habits of the constructor of these ruins before coming here. It is only a rough profile, but I can at least guess where he would put the contraptions.” 

“I-I see…” (Ilias)

My wound hurts, but that instead increases my concentration and receptiveness. 

I can’t fight to begin with, so you could say this state is the best condition. 

We advance a bit ahead of the hidden door’s corridor and arrive at one room. 

It is small but spacious. The decorations placed in this room are more extravagant compared to the ones in the ruins until now. 

This is most likely the treasury. A room for hidden assets. 

There’s no gold or silver treasures around. It was either because there was none to begin with, or Ritial and his group used it as funds for their activities in Leitis, but that doesn’t matter now. 

What I must look at is the single man waiting inside the middle of the treasury. 

It is rare to see a face that clicks so much in my mind even though it is my first time seeing that face.


“Won’t you doubt a bit that it is someone else despite this being the first time you see this face?” (Raheight)

“It fits the face I imagined from you when I first heard your voice in Taizu.” 

It is an even more handsome face than the one he had when he rampaged in Mejis, but the dodginess and heartless nature has been further polished. 

There’s no doubt. This must be the real body of Raheight. 

“I am also a bit surprised. I returned to the body I should have thrown away in my homeland the moment I resurrected as a Demon Lord. Maybe my soul remembered my own appearance? It is truly curious.” (Raheight)

His hair color is the same clear white like that of Wolfe which is rare to find around, and judging from the reaction of Ilias and the others facing him, he really is already a Demon Lord, huh. 

I heard Demon Lords take a decent amount of time to resurrect after death, but from what I have heard of the Demon Lords, I did guess the time was short when they became Demon Lords. 

Well, Ekdoik did become a demon in the short span of time I wasn’t watching. 

“There’s no need to even confirm this, but Raheight really wasn’t your real name, huh.” 

If he had correctly used the resurrection magic Yugura Nariya created, Raheight should have used his own name as the payment. 

But everyone could say the name of Raheight before reaching this place. 

In other words, the name Raheight has not been isolated from this world. 

“There’s no idiot who would go around using his real name when infiltrating places, right?” (Raheight)

“He is insulting you, Ekdoik.” 

“You are throwing that to me…? More importantly, you should be careful, Comrade. The mana I feel from Raheight is certainly not that from a human, but more similar to that of Blue and the other Demon Lords. But there’s something strange aside from that. I don’t know what it is, but I feel something warped.” (Ekdoik)

That must be the reason why Ilias and Wolfe are so wary. 

I unfortunately can’t tell that at all. In other words, it is not related to his personality, but his body…

“The body of a Demon Lord is wonderful just as I thought. How long has it been since I have felt so at peace? To think I would be able to perceive the world in such a correct manner!” (Raheight)

Raheight was showing no wariness towards Ilias and the others, and was making a refreshed face, overcome with glee. 

That must be how moved he is about becoming a Demon Lord. 

“It looks like your talent as an Illegitimate puts quite a lot of burden on your soul.” 

“…Yeah, that’s right. It warped my personality to a degree where you guys would despise it. My constitution was that harsh.” (Raheight)

“Don’t worry. I doubt I will be able to like you even after being freed from that pain.” 

I might have been able to pity him if his sole reason for becoming a Demon Lord was to fix that constitution of his. 

But I can still feel the same muddy desire oozing out from Raheight despite having been released from his pain.

“That’s great to hear. I do want to erase you as an enemy while still feeling refreshed.” (Raheight)

“You are making a face as if saying that you miraculously resurrected with the talent you had, and were treated like a monster. You were denied by the people you believed until now, and want to exact revenge. Is that how it is?” 

“…So you really can get that far, huh. You are a scary human.” (Raheight)

I could tell Raheight had a grudge towards humans pretty quickly. 

It is not that he was fine with using people, but that he was purposely finding joy in it. 

You could faintly see the picture if we consider the talent of Raheight. 

If he possessed a body nearby after his body died, he would be able to resurrect even if he were to get caught in some sort of accident. 

Resurrection magic is the biggest taboo in this world. 

The humans of this world would feel strong fear towards a dead person that resurrected into the body of someone else.

I can easily imagine how those humans treated Raheight afterwards…

“I could at least sympathize with you if I heard the details of your past…but no matter whether I hear it or not, I would be troubled if you were to do as you please. I shall stop you no questions asked.” 

“You are a horrible person. But I don’t mind. I have become a Demon Lord. It is the natural order for me -the Colorless Demon Lord- to stand against the humans.” (Raheight)


Aah, so that’s why the Colorless bastard was strangely sulky. 

He most likely told him it was funny that he was calling himself a Demon Lord when he is a demon, and that that name of his was more suitable for himself. 

Well, I can’t deny that it does suit him though. 

“Ilias, tell me your impression after facing Raheight.” 

“There’s no doubt he is someone to be careful about, but the pressure is low compared to the Scarlet Demon Lord and Green Demon Lord. It doesn’t feel like his physical strength has been enhanced dramatically either.” (Ilias)

Hearing just that alone makes it sound like it would be easier than Purple who has devils wrapped all around her body. 

But the honed instincts of Ilias and Wolfe must be telling them to not lower their guards. 

“It is a shame that your evaluation is lower than I thought, but that can’t be helped, I guess. This power is one that only the inhuman can possess. And there’s no one with more affinity to resurrection magic. Let’s show you that a bit here.” (Raheight)

Ilias takes distance while carrying me faster than Raheight lifting his left hand towards us. 

Wolfe had already jumped in front of Raheight the moment my vision blurred from the high speed. 

“Oya, you are fast. That’s a surprise.” (Raheight)

“Yaah!” (Wolfe)

Raheight catches the fist of Wolfe with his left hand.

But maybe because he had no defense placed or Wolfe went beyond that easily, Raheight’s left arm was blown up all the way to the shoulder. 


The chains of Ekdoik wrapped around Wolfe’s waist afterwards, and a transparent crystal appeared soon after in the place Wolfe was. 

Was he aiming for a mutual hit? But this couldn’t be counted as trading damage. 

“Concentrate on the flow of mana. The speed in which he activates magic is faster than ever before, most likely because he has gotten his original body back!” (Ekdoik)

“Thanks, Ekdoik-san!” (Wolfe)

“So one or two layers of barriers is no different from scraps of fabric, huh. I shiver just thinking about facing you when I was a human.” (Raheight)

The meat was gouged, the bones crushed, and blood was flowing out abundantly, and yet, Raheight still looked completely unfazed. 

He is awfully relaxed despite the possibility of dying from blood loss if he leaves it like that, oi. 

“You look calm for someone who lost his arm.” (Ekdoik)

“Lost my arm? What do you mean?” (Raheight)

“What are you—?!” (Ekdoik)

It can’t be helped that Ekdoik and the others would be surprised. 

The left arm of Raheight was gone just a moment ago, and yet, his left arm is back in the middle of that brief conversation as if nothing happened.

The super regeneration of Niruryates? No, I didn’t see any signs of regeneration at all. 

Judging from how surprised Ilias and the others are, there’s no doubt they didn’t even see signs of it either. 

“Surprised? This is the original power of resurrection magic. No matter if you lop off my head or burn my whole body in an infernal fire, it will regenerate perfectly as if nothing happened. Infinitely, eternally, with no limits, and without even a price.” (Raheight)

“It is quite different compared to the resurrection magic I know… I see. It is your talent.” 

“Yeah, resurrection magic is a spell that’s cast on the soul. I can tinker with my own soul, so I can activate the power of resurrection immediately. Basically, I can get back to how I was by resurrecting even if it is a scratch.” (Raheight)

I thought resurrection magic was a spell that resurrected the target after death, but it looks like I will have to reevaluate that when it comes to Raheight. 

This guy can basically return to a perfect state after dying with just a single press of the button. 

Of course he would act so confidently even against these 3.

“I can understand how you were so obsessive about resurrection magic if you were that confident about it.” 

“The other Demon Lords were normal people anyways. But I am different. I can utilize this forbidden power that Yugura left in its most effective manner. —Area, set.” (Raheight)

“?! Everyone, protect your bodies!” (Ekdoik)

My vision was filled with crystals the moment Ekdoik shouted.


The original resurrection magic:

Determine whether the soul is dead or alive at set intervals > if dead, activate resurrection > the soul accepts it and resurrects (they are not conscious, so this part takes a long time)

Raheight style:

Alright, I died just now. I seriously did -is how he deceives the dead or alive verdict > activates resurrection > he is still conscious, so he resurrects immediately. 

So unfair. 

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