LS – Chapter 25: A report for now

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The days go by fast. It has already been 10 years since I came to this isekai. 

…Just kidding. It has only been 2 weeks. 

I would have no complaints if I could fly through that amount of time without anything happening. 

I woke up comfortably, washed my face, and headed to the kitchen. 

I kindle the fire first. I have gotten used to igniting with the kindle stones. 

I heated up the soup I prepared a lot of for yesterday’s dinner. 

I boil water in the other pot and hard-boil eggs. 

I actually like them half-cooked though… I miss the quality of life of Japan. 

The production of antibiotics would be difficult, but pasteurization should be possible, I think? 

Boiled eggs are barely in the safe zone if you can maintain the temperature of the water to a certain degree…but there’s nothing to adjust the fire. 

“I would like to think up a good method…” 

I throw the boiled eggs inside cold water and wait for a while. 

I leave the pot stand at the center of the table, rinse 3 wooden plates with water and place them there. 

I drain the water where the boiled eggs are, move them to a colander, and then to the table. 

Peel some fruits with a fruit knife at the end. 

Hmm, I would like yogurt too. 

I would like to make bacon egg over boiled eggs, but the production cost of bacon is hopeless. 

People who make Japanese-style meals from the very morning are truly incredible. 

I felt this in my bones as I poured the soup on the plates and put my hands together.

Peel the shell of the boiled eggs, and add a pinch of salt from the bag.

The cooled exterior is slightly chilly, but the inside is faintly warm. 

That said, this isn’t enough to warm me up, so I bring the soup into my mouth too. 

‘Fuuh’, I let out a sigh and finished eating the first egg. 

That’s when the first housemate came. 

“Shishou~, good morning!” (Wolfe)

“Good morning, Wolfe. You are lively today too.” 

“Wolfe is always lively!” (Wolfe)

The learning speed of Wolfe is really high. 

She doesn’t need the possession spell anymore after all. 

She can’t say complicated words, but she can already speak the common language of this world. 

The possession spell was undone just the other day and it is currently a period of observation, but it doesn’t seem like there’s any issues. 

Eh, what about the otherworlder that’s eating breakfast? 

Hahaha, he is still in the middle of it. 

Being able to communicate with words was an incredibly appealing thing for Wolfe, and her efforts and desire to learn the language was a sight to behold. 

On the other hand, my habits with Japanese have not gone away yet, and I end up depending on the convenient possession spell unconsciously. 

But well, I have only been learning for around a week or so, you know?

Don’t you think it is nice progress that I can say ‘Hello’ and ‘Nice to meet you’?

I did make progress, you know? There’s a good amount of times when this possession spell won’t translate some terms correctly. 

If I had to bring out a case of this, it would be with ‘sampuru’. Cara-jii didn’t understand the meaning of this at first. 

The reason is simple: the meaning that a ‘sampuru’ is a ‘sample’ was rooted in my mind. 

It apparently transmitted properly after I concentrated strongly on an example of it before speaking it. 

I noticed that most engrish words fall into such issues. 

I tried out using engrish words like ‘agenda’ and ‘legume’, and it didn’t transmit. 

Well, that’s all there was to it though.

“Hm~fufu~hm~fu~♪” (Wolfe)

Wolfe poured soup on her plate while humming and put her hands together like I did. 

There’s originally no custom of placing your hands together for an ‘itadakimasu’ like on Earth. The Yugura Church does have the custom of putting their hands together in prayer though. 

“Itadaki…masu!” (Wolfe)

Of course, the language was Japanese. I am not forcing her to, but she ended up completely learning this one Japanese term. 

I am impressed at how she eats such a modest meal with such glee though. 

It makes me want to make a bit more complicated stuff.

“Shishou, where are you going today?” (Wolfe)

“I am heading to Marito’s place. You go ahead and participate in the training of Cara-jii and the others or something, Wolfe.” 

“Oka~y!” (Wolfe)

And then, the last housemate -the landlord- arrived. 

Even though she should have washed her face, she hasn’t washed off her drowsy face. 

“Ilias, good morning!” (Wolfe)

“…Good morning, Wolfe.” (Ilias)

Ilias poured soup in the same manner and began eating. 

She stared absentmindedly at me stretching my hand towards the fruits, and spoke to me. 

“The first time I saw you, I thought you were a person that has a hard time waking up once you fall asleep.” (Ilias)

“My fatigue was at the very limits at that time after all. I normally wake up when I feel the morning sun on my skin for around 1 hour.” 

But well, I sleep like a log outside of that, so there’s rarely any occasion where I would wake up in the middle of it. 

Me sleeping at that time was close to being knocked out, yup.

Let’s hide the fact that I hold a grudge from being hit awake at that time. 

“I on the other hand thought that you would be the type that would be sharp in the morning.” 

“I can get in that mindset more easily once I change clothes though. That’s why I make sure to change into my armor at home.” (Ilias)

If I think of a knight’s appearance being the same as the suit of a salaryman, I can kind of get it, but it is more like a firefighter wearing their fire fighting clothes from home, yup.

I drew my own conclusion here as I begin to peel the skin of the fruits that Ilias and Wolfe will eventually be eating. 

“But hasn’t that instilled a strict image in the minds of the people?” 

“That’s…I can’t deny it.” (Ilias)

According to Saira-san, who is the representative of the people and knows the state of the knights well, the impression the citizens have of Ilias is: strict, serious, gallant, doesn’t look like jokes would get through her, you would die if you make her angry, etc.

She looked pretty down when she heard the last one. 

There’s the need to fix that image to a certain degree, so Saira-san and I are in the middle of planning a variety of things. 

“It is important to bring out results, but you have to be careful in how you portray yourself too.” 

“Hmm…and what exactly should I do?” (Ilias)

“If you are greeted, answer with a smile. That should be enough if it is you.” 

“Smile…hnn.” (Ilias)

That’s not a smile, is it? 

If you were to respond with that face at a greeting, the random citizen A would go ‘eh, did I mess up somehow?’.

“Looks like you need to practice how to smile naturally. You can pull it off once in a while though.” 

“Isn’t it difficult to smile on command?” (Ilias)

“Of course it is. More so when you don’t do it normally. You don’t lose anything from trying, so practice.”

“…What about you? Can you do it?” (Ilias)

“Of course I can.” 

I showed a refreshing smile. She was shocked. 

This rascal. There’s a heaven’s difference between my smile and yours, okay?!

“Got anything to say?” 

“N-No, just surprised you can make a face like that… I will work hard too.” (Ilias)

Ilias changed into her armor after that and headed to the castle ahead of us. 

I finished tidying up here and began some simple cleaning. Wolfe obviously helped out too.

It is to the point where Ilias herself would ask for her room to be cleaned. That said, it is not like Ilias hates cleaning. 

She normally would like to do this every day, but she returns home at evening or at night. With the current state where she can’t clean and do the laundry in a satisfactory manner, she does all of that stuff together in her free days. 

Cause of this, she would normally leave the laundry to the laundry store kind of place that’s on the way. 

We head to the castle after finishing the cleaning and laundry. We unfortunately don’t have a personal carriage, so it is on foot. 

I considered having Wolfe carry my body like the gorilla did in order to take it easy, but the gazes of the people bothered me, so I gave up. Let’s just accept it as light exercise after a meal. 

Wolfe was following by my side with a hum. A certain someone was humming while making food when Wolfe was taking a nap, and it seems like she heard it, and I ended up having to teach her. 

Since then, I would hear phrases I have heard somewhere in Japan every now and then…

The eyes around… It seems like they have gotten used to this to a certain degree. 

This is in part because black wolfkins have been coming every so often since a few days ago. 

There was an official announcement from the government as well, and they have recognized this situation as normal despite there being demi-humans. 

That said, it is not on the level of the reaction from Japanese people when seeing foreigners in Tokyo. 

If anything, I would say their eyes are like those of wonder from seeing someone from another district. 

Also, Wolfe stands out with her peculiar whiteness. It is to the point where you would want to ask her which bleach she used. She hasn’t though. 

If their reputation increases a bit more, she might become a beast girl popular with the neighbors, but it seems like they still feel apprehensive about speaking to a stranger. 

By the way, a certain someone has black eyes and black hair despite his normal appearance, so he would sometimes feel the gaze people would direct to foreigners. 

And we arrived. I showed the pass permit to the guard in front of the bridge, and we entered the castle grounds. 

The pass permit that Lord Ragudo gave me: an outstanding item that allows me to have audiences with Lord Ragudo and Marito without having to do almost any procedures. 

The reason it is ‘almost’ is because there would be times when they are in the middle of a meeting or would be busy receiving outside guests, and I would be made to wait. 

I headed to the corridor just like that and towards the office room. I greet the soldier and have him lead me inside. 

Inside, I see Marito facing documents on his desk. 

“Your Majesty, good morning!” (Wolfe)

“Good morning, Wolfe, good morning, friend.” (Marito)

“Will it take a while more?” 

“Let’s see. Please take a seat wherever and kill some time.” (Marito)

I sit at the chair prepared for me. There was a book of mine there.

At this time of the day, Marito is normally finishing up his paperwork. Due to the time he takes to end being erratic, he created a space for us to kill time in this manner. 

And so, I am having a study session for a while with Wolfe. I move to my original objective after that. 

“Was there any change?”

“Right. Being able to choose the subjects in educational institutions is mostly well received. I feel like we will be able to narrow the candidates for the subjects and apply them. But increasing the education level of the whole populace really didn’t get much of an approval as expected.” (Marito)

“Figures. If the period of time they use to study is extended, the children would have already grown to a point where they can help out in work. It would be too precious to lose such a labor force.” 

“If it were like in your world, anyone would be able to have hopes of becoming a high official. However, there were many who perked up their ears when it was mentioned that if there’s promising children, gold would be given to stimulate their growth, and they would be able to attend the learning institutions of nobles.” (Marito)

“Did the nobles not show disapproval towards commoners getting involved with work that’s mainly composed of nobles?” 

“It means that there are no few of such stances as well. But there were always opinions that stated this would also stimulate the self-respect of the aristocratic children and they would be more motivated.” (Marito)

“I see. But I feel like the nobles would end up bullying the lower class if this is implemented.” 

Right now what I am doing is responding to the questions of Marito. 

I was troubled in what to tell him regarding Earth, and he proposed to do things this way. 

Just how’s the governmental system? What kind of reaction will the people have at times like this? I answered the questions he asked even if they were only vague recollections. 

Of course, there was a lot of specialized knowledge missing within all of that. 

That’s why we would debate ‘why it ended up like that’ after hearing my answer. 

After that, if we reached a conclusion he found convincing, Marito would then ruminate about whether it could be of use in this country’s government and policies. Even if it is a justified method on Earth, most cases wouldn’t match with this world. 

That’s a given. They were things thought up considering the workings of that era and its background, as well as the changes in the environment after all. 

If I had to put out an example, it would have to be the election system. It is the system that lets the citizens vote for the people that will run the government. 

But the preamble for this to actually work is for ‘the populace to understand politics’. 

It is because of this existing that the populace can choose the candidate that has declared the reform that they desire. 

But the people in this world are not acquainted with politics. Their education system is underdeveloped, and they have only received the bare minimum education to perform their daily activities. 

They do have their job knowledge, but they have no opportunities to touch upon anything else. 

If that’s the case, the point of elections is dimmed. It will just become a competition of how many votes you can get, and it will become a nation where the ones who are good at those kinds of moves are the ones who hold the power. 

It would be far more effective for the king, who has learned the politics of this world correctly and has knowledge, to choose the next successor. 

In other words, it would mean that it suits the hereditary system. 

But it is not like all systems on Earth are useless here. The knowledge that has been thought up over the long years is not just for show. 

No matter if the times are different, there are still efficient political measures and policies. 

The king of Taizu is the one who does the selection; the work of Marito who is a professional in the structure of this world. 

“That said, when the worlds are different, there’s also a lot of ideas that feel really fresh. Accepting the marriage of people from the same gender would be hard in this world, but it is pretty interesting.” (Marito)

“It is an era where the people can give their opinion, so with the increase in the world’s population, the need for procreation has disappeared. Due to this, an increase in love from the same gender increased, and it was easier to apply it; there’s a variety of reasons though. Of course, the biggest reason being that they had to spend an outstanding amount of time and effort, and fought discrimination.” 

“A population of more than 7 billion, huh. I can’t imagine it. With that many people giving their opinion, things must be pretty hectic.” (Marito)

“Right. Where I was born, there’s a proverb that says: ‘10 people, 10 colors’. It is natural for the likes and natures to differ by the amount of people there are. There will be overlaps with an increase in numbers, but it is not like everything will be a perfect match.” 

And within those, there’s a good amount who you can understand yet can’t agree with. 

There are times when such dissonances will appear in your daily life as well. 

“I think that’s enough for politics. Next would be knowledge about the development of civilization. Can you tell me about these electrical appliances related to cooking?” (Marito)

“Aah, I spoke about the functions and uses for the rice cooker the last time, huh. Next would be…the microwave. This is…” 

Magic exists in this world. It is a world where electricity is not implemented, but it is not like the nights are completely dark. 

There’s magic stones that shine faintly like luminescent paint when being illuminated, and they would be set around as street lights. 

I can see a variety of instances where things that can’t be used without electricity were made possible thanks to the blessings of magic.

In that case, if I were to explain the functions of the electrical appliances on Earth, he may be able to judge whether they can replicate such things with magic.

That said, that theory cannot be put to practice without specialized knowledge in magic itself. 

Ilias apparently can use the basics of magic. I remember the time when she managed to light up the fire without using a kindle stone when cooking. 

It is currently impossible to fill the lifestyle of the populace with electronics, but the significance of these conversations will be big in finding out the practical uses of magic. 

“Fumu, it gets vague when it comes to the explanation of the principles.” (Marito)

“I have some rough knowledge of it, but I don’t have that much knowledge in science.” 

“I also don’t know much about magic myself after all… Maybe we need to find a trustworthy specialist?” (Marito)

“That would be nice.” 

Research is necessary in order to develop civilization. Then, when are such researches performed? 

Researching for the desired field is natural, but it wasn’t the case a long time ago. 

A big reason for research is to have superiority in the relationships with other countries. Due to this, there were dizzying advances on events like wars. 

There’s no way there’s no such thing in the history of this world. 

Magic is also obviously used here. But the research of magic has only been performed by a tiny minority. 

The reason for this is because of the existence of the magic seal stones. The military uses of magic were shaved off greatly due to this. 

If the worth of magic lowers, it gets taken out from the targets of research. This is the reason why the applications of magic are low in this world of magic.

However, it is not like there’s no specialists. 

Even if it is a profession that’s not evaluated highly, there are no few who have been charmed by the infinite possibilities of magic. 

“Wolfe, isn’t it about time for your training?” 

“Yeah, I am heading off!” (Wolfe)

We had Wolfe join up the training of the Ragudo Division when she came to the castle. 

Wolfe has learned how to emit and control her mana, so the next thing she began to learn was how to move her body. 

Since the opportunity was there, we also exited the office room, and moved to a place where we can see the training.

There’s a table and chairs readied at a part of the rampart, so we can watch the training grounds below. 

Marito has finished up his paperwork, so he has come to peek as a break. 

Wolfe and the Ragudo Division members are already having bouts.

“The growth of Wolfe-chan is fearsome.” (Marito)


Wolfe doesn’t skimp in her efforts, but her talent in battle is on a whole other level. 

Her beast-like way of carrying her body characteristic to black wolfkin, and the massive amount of mana that she can use to enhance her body. 

If it is just in plain strength and speed, she is already comparable to the Ragudo Division.

In this world, the difference in the amount of mana you have heavily influences your performance. It is because you can strengthen your body with it even without using magic. 

Wolfe possesses abnormal amounts of mana, so her individual specs are beyond that of her peers. 

That said, she hasn’t been able to defeat a single one in the Ragudo Division as of present. 

She had bouts against other knight divisions too, but she lost most of them as well. 

This is a plain difference of technique and experience. The knights have been trained on the daily in the use of mana, their weapons, and their decision making on gambles. 

They excel against enemies like Wolfe who move instinctively like an animal. 

On top of that, the Ragudo Division has a lot of senior knights compared to other knight divisions. 

They have already passed the peak of their own bodies. The reason why they are still in active duty despite that is because of the experience and technique they have nurtured. 

If it is against other knight divisions, they would use strategies that take advantage of the difference in the strength of their bodies, and there would be times when she would manage to get one hit in. 

But Wolfe can’t even get a hit in when it is against the Ragudo Division.

It can’t be helped, Wolfe. Those old men begin evading before you move, you know? 

They probably didn’t even need those techniques of theirs against the bandits because there was so much of a difference. 

But the height of their specs really show as the level of their enemies increases. 

The old soldiers of the Ragudo Division, their elderly appearance is proof of how they have polished the weapon that is themselves. 

“That’s on a whole other level.” 

“Yeah.” (Marito)

I move my gaze a bit to the distance. There’s Ilias swinging her sword alone. 

Swinging a sword several times bigger than her body without any issues. The trees around were shaking heavily from the wind pressure it was creating. 

That gorilla really is dangerous. The strength of Ilias is in a league of its own even within the Ragudo Division.

Her technique alone is on the same level as the seasoned soldiers of the Ragudo Division. 

She has an overwhelming amount of mana that surpasses Wolfe on top of that. 

Wolfe is apparently above her when it comes to talent alone. But because she spent her life until now in training, the aggregate amount of mana is literally inhuman. 

And with the synergy of her body strengthening through mana…it just doesn’t make sense anymore. 

I heard something insane before about how she managed to bounce off the spear of Cara-jii that can pierce iron with just her bare body when she buffed herself. 

She is not just a gorilla, she is a metal gorilla. 

Ilias normally does training alone. It is because it is necessary for her to hold back even against the members of the Ragudo Division.

With the other knight divisions, there would be people who would be crippled for life due to the difference. 

The only ones who can fight against Ilias, who is within the top 5 of this country, would be a number of knight captains. 

The fact that there’s still several other people on Ilias level is terrifying. 

By the way, Lord Ragudo can apparently defeat Ilias easily. The depths of this country are profound.

Wolfe had a bout with Ilias once, but the girl didn’t crawl onto the bed of Ilias that night. 

Considering this, Dokora was a pretty impressive guy for being able to fight against Ilias with one arm even if it was just for a brief period of time…

Marito is also acquainted in swordplay, and he has bouts against the members of the Ragudo Division every now and then. 

“How is the military power of this country compared to others?” 

“If it is in terms of individual quality, then we can without doubt puff our chests out proudly even within the continent.” (Marito)

“However, when it comes to power as an army…huh.” 

“We are straightforward to the point that we are easily toyed with by bandits after all. Also, our numbers are low. I would say I am confident in our legs.” (Marito)

The strength of the knights is not to be scoffed at and the horses are weird -that’s this country. 

You can reach the location you want to go to with a horse if it is a place within this vast territory after all. 

The first bandit lair was close and it was a surprise attack, so it was on foot, but horses were used on the Dokora subjugation. 

It is to the point where they can deploy the knights in the whole area of Taizu within the night. You should be able to understand how fearsome that mobility is, right? 

Even if I don’t know the speed of a horse, I still thought that speed was weird. 

“Oh, Lady Ratzel is looking over here.” (Marito)

“Yeah, she has been glaring this way for a while now. I have been acting as if I haven’t noticed.” 

I understand what she is trying to tell me. She is probably trying to tell a certain someone, who made Wolfe participate in the training yet is watching from above, to come down and join in. 

When Marito waved his hand instead, she hurriedly bowed and returned to swinging. 

I feel like she is gonna nag at me on the way back. Aah, the pain.

But the training I can think of is stuff like swinging a sword in a kendo dojo. It is by no means the kind where I mix along in that inhuman domain where I could die from an unfortunate accident. 

“That said, if I don’t join in on the training, I feel like she is going to complain to me everyday. That would be a drag.” 

“Isn’t that fine? Training your body and being able to protect yourself to a certain degree isn’t a bad thing.” (Marito)

“I know that though.” 

‘First, let’s begin with how to use mana. You concentrate like this and…tadah’ -is what Ilias said as she crushed a rock with her bare hand. It made me think it was hopeless.

‘Like this!’ -is what Wolfe said as she replicated that in her first try. I seriously felt it was hopeless at that moment. 

“Their training is different on a fundamental level just from the fact that I can’t use mana.” 

“Then can’t you just ask the Ragudo Division to take that into consideration? There should be a point to teaching you at least the techniques. I am fine with tagging along too, you know?” (Marito)

“Right. I can easily tell that I will eventually be forced to participate after all… Haah…” 

A sigh leaked out. I feel like Ilias would make a complicated expression from that in itself though… What should I do?

I am going to get glared at by Ilias if I continue just watching, so I resume my isekai exchange.

On the way back, I walked the evening cityscape together with Ilias and Wolfe. 

“How about just joining in on the training already?” (Ilias)

Ilias tells me her displeasure of the day with a straight stare. Well, of course she would tell me that, yup.

“Marito told me that too. Even if it is impossible for me to do the same amount of time as Wolfe, he said that he would create time so that I can participate.” 

“Right, right. As expected of His Majesty, he gets it.” (Ilias)

She nodded happily. Of course she would be if the highest person in the country agrees with you. 

“I personally would like to learn magic rather than swordsmanship though.” 

“Magic, huh. I have mastered the basics, so I think I would be able to teach you.” (Ilias)

“If you can teach a person who learns through theory, I would like  you to.” 

“Muh, I can. You have to give an oomph to your magic—” (Ilias)

“Did you not hear me, you incarnation of instinctive application?!” 

Yesterday, Dog’s Bone was on a holiday, but today is a work day. So, we headed to Dog’s Bone.

“Welcome!” (Saira)

The waitress Saira welcomed us energetically. In this world where most of the necessary nutrition can be compensated with the mana inside the ingredients, salt is simply a luxury good.

Therefore, Dog’s Bone was prospering greatly today as well due to their dishes with salt in this world where the seasoning of dishes is mostly thin. 

Unfortunately, I don’t see signs of other stores employing salt at full just yet. 

So I say, but the inventory of salt in Taizu itself isn’t that good. 

Dog’s Bone can secure an inventory of salt thanks to Ban-san who is an influential merchant even in this country, but the other stores haven’t been able to secure a method to obtain it. 

There’s been word-of-mouth, so an influx in salt will definitely happen, but it seems like the spread of it will be further in the future.

I will need to reduce the price of the salt until then. 

“Ooh, Nii-chan, I have finished a new product.” (Gozu)

The one who showed up saying this was the owner of the place, Gozu. The dish brought out was a hot chicken soup with noodles made from wheat flour. 

I consulted on whether ramen could be made and this is what was created. 

I tried it out at once. The taste of the soup is extremely good. Since there’s no stuff like bonito flakes and dried seaweed, the flavor is on the weaker side, but that’s compensated for with vegetables and spices. However, the noodles still leave a lot to be desired. 

Ilias and Wolfe are eating it in glee. This world doesn’t have the custom of using chopsticks, so it does give the impression it is hard to eat. 

There’s spoons and forks, but…maybe we need exclusive forks and soup spoons.

“For things like the thickness of the noodles, it should be enough to just match the tastes of the people in this country. Also, considering the ingredients put on top, I feel like you could add them to the menu.” 

“Isn’t this much enough?” (Ilias)

“Tasty!” (Wolfe)

“The condiments of the grilled meat, vegetables that suit the soup, and putting a variety of things on top of the seasoned boiled egg is a staple in my country of Japan.” 

“Fumu fumu, I see. So that’s how you complete a single dish.” (Gozu)

“That’s right. You currently don’t have a business rival that uses salt, but they will most likely put their hands on it in the future. When that happens, your menus will overlap. Then, it will turn into a battle of who can one up their dishes by adding a little extra something. If you test out a variety of things now to create a gap, it will get easier for you in the long run.” 

“I see. Then I will consult with the housewives. How about changing the ingredients weekly?” (Gozu)

“That’s nice. You could hear the opinions of the customers and it would be harder to get tired of it.” 

I was having a light chat with Gozu, but the voice of the housewife from the kitchen calling for Gozu made him return hurriedly. This power dynamic most likely won’t be changing in the near future. 

I was thinking about talking to Saira too, but it will most likely be a hindrance with how busy it is. Let’s confirm with her only on her free days and invite her to a meal in the future. 

We returned and took our baths respectively. You normally need to fill up the water, light up a fire, and ready up the warm water, but we are being helped out by the skills of Ilias here.

By her filling up the water using magic and lighting up the fire, we can ready the bathtub several times faster than normal.

These spells serve no use in battle due to the magic seal stones, but it apparently is a priceless treasure when camping.

There’s a lot of knights who learn basic magic because of such advantages. 

Being able to easily prepare drinkable water, light the fire, eat your food safely, and even prepare a bath, there wouldn’t be any worries in the hygiene department. 

Ilias is apparently high spec in terms of magic too. A magic metal gorilla. 

By the way, when Ilias is not present, I would heat up the water myself and just wipe myself with a towel. 

I tidy up my own bedding while I wait for Ilias and Wolfe to finish bathing. And then, I switch after, enter the bath, and wash away the fatigue of the day. 

When I got out of the bathtub and headed to the living room, Ilias was polishing her sword. 

I myself grab a parchment and pen, and begin working. I can see the surroundings with the illumination of the magic stones, but it is slightly dark. 

While I was thinking this, Ilias infused mana to the magic stone, and strengthened the light. 

“Thanks… Did Wolfe go to sleep already?” 

“Yeah, it seems like she wanted to say goodnight to you, but she fell asleep, so I carried her to her room.” (Ilias)

“I am glad to see that she managed to enjoy her day. Makes me jealous.” 

“You would be able to sleep just like that if you train, you know.” (Ilias)

“It would be a really appealing offer if I wasn’t woken up by pain the next day.” 

“That depends on your growth.” (Ilias)

“How much will an adult that doesn’t get taller anymore grow, I wonder.” 

The two of us chit-chat for a bit. 

Ilias finished the maintenance of her equipment while we were doing that. 

“Now then, I will also go to sleep. How much longer do you plan to stay awake for?” (Ilias)

“Aah, when I get to a good stopping point, I will go to sleep, but…it would be in around 1 hour.” 

“I see… So about this much.” (Ilias)

Ilias poured mana on the magic stone again and adjusted it. 

“Goodnight.” (Ilias)

“Yeah, goodnight, Ilias.” 

Ilias returned to her room. I resume my work after seeing her off. 

I finished my work in 1 hour as I told her. 

I wanted to put a little more work into it, but the light of the magic stone has weakened, so let’s end it here. 

I silently returned to my room and sunk into the bed.

—Dear acquaintances from Earth, this is how I am living safely in this world. 

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