LS – Chapter 332: Thus, readying

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“So you were here, Melia.”

“Captain Yox… Yeah, I wanted to help out as much as possible.”

It is a time when people from villages near the Mejis Nether are gathering and moving away incessantly.

The Black Demon Lord has resurrected and is going to invade again.

This information spread in the whole continent at a fearsome speed, and a lot of people began to get ready for this. One of the reasons this was possible was because of the Yugura Church.

The Purple Demon Lord-san is the Demon Lord that has the most connection to Mejis, but the one considered the most fearsome in the Yugura Church is the Black Demon Lord.

The people who have understood the fearsomeness of the Demon Lords’ armies through the war against the Scarlet Demon Lord would act against a threat that’s beyond that.

The ones who can fight will prepare to fight, and the ones who can’t will prepare to evacuate so that they are not caught in the flames of war.

I am feeling conflicted about how it is going more smoothly than before.

“We will be pointing our whole forces to the Nethers then. It is possible that the monsters that we  fail in killing will end up leaking to the villages. We did end up having to abandon a number of villages last time after all.”

“The populace has it tough…”

“No doubt about it, but it is not all bad. The other major countries will become one and face this threat.”

The Pope-sama has taken into account the worst case scenario and has given permission to take in refugees from other major countries.

Right now, Serende, Kuama, and Torin are preparing to accept people who are evacuating.

The public won’t be immediately exposed to danger even if the frontlines are broken through. Just that pressure alone being gone is already pretty comforting for the ones that will be fighting.

“Seeing all the major countries cooperating like this feels like a dream.”

“Right… Honestly speaking, I was training, thinking I would use this sword to cut down soldiers of neighboring countries. I even thought that resolve was my duty as a captain of the holy knights.” (Yox)

There’s anti-personnel training within the training of the holy knights. If I were asked who I am doing image training on, I would have to muddy the waters by saying I am fighting bandits and ruffians.

But, somewhere in my heart, I was aware that I should have the same resolve as Captain Yox.

“‘You thought’ -does that mean it is not the case anymore?”

“Yeah, right now it is my original desire: protecting the people of this country. I am confident I will be able to push through this desire to the very end.” (Yox)

“That’s impressive.”

“As if. If not for this situation, I would have simply ended up as just a hard-headed person. Leishia-san has been teasing me about that for years and I haven’t fixed it.” (Yox)


Onee-chan was the senior of Captain Yox. Onee-chan didn’t tell me about her fights against devils when she was alive, but she told me often about her comrades.

I do remember her saying fondly that he was hard-headed, but had talent. That he would definitely be able to become a leading figure in the Holy Knight Order in the future.

“Right, I came here to call you. You have a guest. They are waiting at the station.” (Yox)

“Eh, u-understood!” (Melia)

It is fine that I answered energetically and ran off, but I should have asked who came.

Who could it be? Maybe Ekdoik-sa—

“Ah, Melia-san! Here, here!”

“M-Mother-in-law-sama?!” (Melia)

It is related to Salf-san, but the one there was Natora-san. The mother of Ekdoik-san.

Judging from her attire, she must have come to help in the distribution of goods.

“There were holy knights, so I thought that it might be the case. I am glad I could meet you!” (Natora)

“What about you, Mother-in-law-sama? Why are you here…?” (Melia)

“My son and daughter will be heading to battle, so I can’t just take refuge and do nothing. Ah, also, I have a cute daughter candidate that calls me Mother-in-law-sama after all.” (Natora)

“Egh.” (Melia)

I wasn’t really trying to make it that obvious, but she caught on that I liked Ekdoik-san the first time I met her.

‘That boy is dense in a lot of fronts, so you have to show yourself more! Right, you can call me mother-in-law!’ -and that’s how it ended up like this.

I am also quite the piece of work for thinking that’s fine though.

“So, Melia-san, can’t you contact Ekdoik or Rakura…?” (Natora)

“Uhm… I think those two are with Blue-san and the others…” (Melia)

I have been told that Ekdoik-san is in a position where he has to raid the enemy demons, so he is currently making preparations to mobilize and thinking of the positioning.

But it would be dangerous if the information were to leak to the enemy, so it won’t be reaching me.

That’s what I explained to her.

“Those two have completely become VIPs. I am happy about the promotion of my children, but I am conflicted when it comes to dangerous jobs…” (Natora)

I actually wanted to fight together with him in the same place, but I don’t have the skills.

I am sure I would have simply been deadweight if I went together with him. That’s why what I can do right now is fulfill the duties I can do within the same battle as him.

“Mother-in-law-sama, there might be a call from Ekdoik-san when there’s communication to the place of the captain. If I happen to be present on that occasion, I will try to tell you somehow.” (Melia)

“Hmm…there’s no need to go that far, you know? It will most likely just be generic statements.” (Natora)

“Even if so, there’s still meaning in telling you.” (Melia)

“…Right! Then, I will be counting on you.” (Natora)

Mother-in-law-sama left a message to me and immediately returned to helping in the distribution of supplies.

She must be the same as me. It is exactly because their important people are working hard that she also wants to do her best.

What is Ekdoik-san thinking as he faces this battle…?

I am sure he was influenced by Comrade-san.

Even though it is such a big battle, what I want to win is something meager. The desire to live safely…


“I went to check Mejis as well, but the positioning of the army, turning the villages near the Nethers into bases; it seems like they are all going well.” (Belard)

Belard, who had gone to check on the progress of the nations, reported this to me.

The most important part of this battle is about how fast we can respond to the demons that appear.

This is one of those countermeasures.

We have devils like Belard, who fight by instinct, observe the state of each country, and have them give us their impressions.

“Belard, if you had the ability to turn the tables of the battlefield, how would you do it?” (Ekdoik)

“You should know how devils hunt already. Have their attention directed to the low rank soldiers, and then slice their throats the moment they think they have victory at their grasp. If I had to target someone, I would go for the archers at the back, or the mages that are providing support fire, but…as long as they are deploying their armies in the Nethers where vision is clear, it will be hard to approach from the sky. I would probably be approaching by hiding within the horde of monsters and dealing a hit on the center of the enemy lines…I guess?” (Belard)

“Right. It would be harder to find you if you are hiding within the army of monsters. In that case, we really should be wary of enemies coming from the sky while also patrolling the locations that we wouldn’t want destroyed…” (Ekdoik)

According to the Green Demon Lord, the Black Demon Lord won’t be taking command of the army. That she would simply boost the morale of the demons, and trample on their enemies with absolute power.

Then, what we have to think about is the mindset of those demons, but…reading the minds of enemies that we haven’t met or seen would be difficult even for Comrade.

“Also, about the state of Melia that you asked me about, it seems like she is concentrating on her work as a holy knight. She seemed to be talking to your mother about something, but left soon after.” (Belard)

“Mom was in the village near the front?” (Ekdoik)

“We are talking about Natora-san here, so she probably felt like she had to do something since you and Rakura are fighting.” (Belard)

“Aah, that might be the case.” (Rakura)

Rakura and Blue sighed.

I understand the desire to not want Mom to push herself, but she also feels the same.

It is not something we can stop her from even if we tried to.

“Rakura, how about being by the side of Mom if you are worried? You are not within the demon raid team. You should be able to run away together even if you don’t fight, right?” (Ekdoik)

“I want to, but I was actually called by King Marito… I am going to be acting together with Wolfe-chan…” (Rakura)

“Muh. Is that so… It can’t be helped then.” (Ekdoik)

Rakura and Wolfe are not included in the demon raid team.

It would be beyond helpful if they were in perfect state, but they did enough work in Serende.

I honestly would like them to evacuate just like the civilians, but…with the information we know about what Yugura plans on doing, I can’t really go at them too strongly.

“The raid team in the Mejis side will have both me, Ekdoik, Dyuvuleori, Captain Yox, and Archpriest Maya, right? If we defeat the demons quickly, there won’t be any need to worry about Natora-san. Melia as well.” (Blue)

“Why is Melia mentioned there?” (Ekdoik)

“I am impressed that you can say that after sending Belard to check how she is doing.” (Blue)

“We haven’t contacted her because of how busy it has been after all. I simply wanted to have a grasp of where she is going to be fighting at least.” (Ekdoik)

The job of Melia to monitor Comrade is gone now that he is not here. On top of that, it is a situation where Mejis needs as many people as possible.

Melia went back to her country as soon as possible.

Melia will be fighting as well since we will be going against monsters. In that case, there’s a higher chance she will also encounter a demon.

I wanted to know where Melia would be stationed in order to keep it as a location to be wary of.

“She is also a holy knight, so isn’t it fine to not be so overprotective?” (Blue)

“I simply want to do what I can. I wouldn’t be able to face Leishia if I don’t do that.” (Ekdoik)

I don’t think Melia is incompetent. But I would like to help her if the situation allows.

I would like to increase the factors that would allow me to do so if I can. Even if they think I am being unnecessarily nosy here, that’s what I can do to atone for Leishia.

“Aah…it is about that.” (Blue)

“What do you mean?” (Ekdoik)

“Don’t worry about it. Anyways, we have a lot of people over here. Are the other Nethers fine?” (Blue)

“The Taizu Nether has the Green Demon Lord and Niruryates to begin with. They are apparently going to be sending Mix, Lord Ragudo, and Gradona to confirm the situation of the battle just in case.” (Ekdoik)

“That would make sense for Green’s side. He would be fine by himself anyways. But the raid team in the Gahne Nether has Ilias, Haakudoku, and Girista, right? I know the strength of Ilias, but will the other two be fine? Or more like, Haakudoku has still not recovered completely from his injuries, right?” (Blue)

I haven’t seen Girista since the matter of the Scarlet Demon Lord.

Comrade apparently had contact with her in his free time, and was telling Mix the methods to contact her.

“Haakudoku is not a combatant. He is participating as support with his detection magic. Girista also excels at acting and keeping herself alive. Her quick-wittedness is above mine. Also, we are planning on having one more person come as reinforcement.” (Ekdoik)

“Reinforcement?” (Blue)

“Arcreal Aishia; the strongest man in the camp of Ritial.” (Ekdoik)

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