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The Purple Demon Lord collapsed and the match was postponed.

We have defeated 4 Great Devils. As of present, this is most likely the highest record of subjugated Uniques in a year. 

That said, it is not all good news. 

The confidant of the Purple Demon Lord, Dyuvuleori, easily surpassed the strongest knight of Mejis.

According to Cara-jii who was analyzing this all: ‘Isn’t he on par with Lord Ragudo?’.

This reality was enough to make the atmosphere around the tops of the two nations get heavy even more. 

Yox is currently recovering. He apparently not only incurred damage in battle, but also had the organ that shapes internal mana injured. 

Speaking of which, it looked like he got an electric shock at the end. It was honestly so fast I couldn’t see it though.

Even Mix, who is in charge of throwing the towel, couldn’t follow it with her eyes. It would be impossible for the Earthling whose common sense is still caged.

“With this, there’s less of a chance we can storm the Purple Demon Lord.” 

“It would be hard to do so if he is on the level of Lord Ragudo.” 

Dyuvuleori has won the one-on-one, so he has been taken out from the competition this time around. 

Basically, even if we were to have complete victories on the remaining ones, the Great Devil that has strength comparable to that of Lord Ragudo will still remain. 

If it were only that, we could still manage somehow. 

We currently have Lord Ragudo and Gradona in this country. If they are on the same level, we would just need to throw those two to the fray. 

But that’s not what’s important. The number one problem is that the Purple Demon Lord called the Great Devils from the Mejis Nether, and managed to strengthen them to beings that are Lord Ragudo class in a short span of time. 

She brought out the special exception that if we can defeat Dyuvuleori, she would accept a one-on-one with her, so I want to believe that’s the upper limit of them. 

But in this current state where we don’t know how many there are and the difficulty to create such strength, their aggregate power is unknown. 

Even the one-on-ones against the Great Devils, there’s the possibility she held back so that we would have a chance to win.

Even if we can defeat Dyuvuleori, she might be able to ready a fighting force on the same level if she were to strengthen the remaining devils. 

Overwhelm with numbers and line up even in quality. I see, no wonder Yugura went straight for the Purple Demon Lord. 

Of course, the difficulty increases even more with Dyuvuleori and the other Great Devils added to the equation.

“To think Yox would be defeated this easily… Should we call for reinforcements…? No, if Yox couldn’t even hold a candle, then the ones we would be able to use here…” (Euparo)

The one who is sighing the heaviest is Pope Euparo. The one sung as the strongest in Mejis was defeated completely after all.

Cornering the Purple Demon Lord with just Mejis would be extremely difficult.

“Ekdoik, how was Dyuvuleori in your eyes?” 

“Problematic. If you don’t mind us striking each other down, I do have the means though.” (Ekdoik)

“Something like that is a no.” 

I feel like it is impressive in itself that he has a method if it is with the resolve of both dying, but let’s not touch too deeply on that. 

“That said, I doubt she can create many soldiers with that level of strength. Don’t you think we have no option but to reduce the number of Great Devils as of present?” (Euparo)

“I am beginning to feel like that has become somewhat problematic too.” 

It goes without saying that the number one objective of the Purple Demon Lord is to secure me. 

But the details of the matches take shape in a way so that she gets satisfaction from them. There’s almost no thought of winning in those. 

She will most likely begin including actual effort on that front in the latter half. No, she might have even gotten more composed after what happened before.

“If there’s the possibility, it would be for you to isolate the Purple Demon Lord, and take her head like Yugura—” (Euparo)

“That would be a poor move. Even if we were to succeed, the next time the Purple Demon Lord resurrects, she will definitely stop believing in humans, and will become an even clearer massive threat.” 

“Then, seal her somehow—” (Euparo)

“Pope Euparo, let’s leave it at that. It is fine that you are using my friend here to create a way to win, but I have no intention of pardoning methods that drag the people of Taizu in this.” (Marito)

Marito interjected with an annoyed tone and Pope Euparo went silent. 

Pope Euparo himself was the one who reprimanded Yox when he proposed an ambush because it would trouble Taizu.

He is beginning to lose his composure because of how serious the situation is. 

“…Right, I shall cool down my head for a bit. Now that Yox can’t move, our current forces can only deal with High Devils at most. We would be moving completely to the backlines. We will be contacting Mejis in the time we wait for him to recover.” (Euparo)

Pope Euparo said this and left. 

“What should we do?” (Marito)

“What do we do indeed.” 

“Can’t you think up a good idea with your special technique?” (Marito)

“It is unfortunately sealed at the moment. Also, even if I could, it would all be stuff to catch the Purple Demon Lord off-guard.” 

The method to comprehend the other party and stand in their position is something used to predict their movements and make them fall into traps. 

Something like isolating the Purple Demon Lord and assassinating her like Yugura did.

However, that would be the end of it. I wouldn’t be meeting her in my life, but it would just increase the amount of atrocious Demon Lords that can’t trust in humans. 

There’s no assurance that Dyuvuleori won’t try to get revenge for this. Any bad move could even make Mejis deem Taizu as dangerous, and it could affect diplomatic relations. 

“…If you say so, it can’t be helped. We have no choice but to continue the competition as long as there’s no big movements.” (Marito)

“Yeah, I will simply try to do what I can.” 

The discussion ended without any of us being able to think of any good ideas. 

I fell onto the bed that was prepared for me in the castle.

How to say this…it is suffocating. 

It is true that I revealed my identity because I didn’t want to continue doing this while deceiving the Purple Demon Lord. 

But the result of that was that she took on a competition she is not used to and collapsed from overwork. 

Even though I tried to think of a way that wouldn’t trouble Mejis or Taizu, I am simply thinking of a way to land safely. 

What’s with this irritation despite me having come to an isekai? 

Isn’t this basically a repeat of my life on Earth? 

The Colorless Demon Lord said that I have lingering attachments towards Earth. 

It is such a place, and yet, I have lingering attachments…?

“Aah, I want to become a rock on a mountain, grow mold, and live my remaining years like that…” 

“You have quite the peculiar desire, Counselor-sama.” 

I moved only my head, and there was Rakura peeking only her head into my room. 

Since when was she there? Aah, did she follow me after leaving Marito’s room? 

I am a bit embarrassed that she heard what I said just now, but it is Rakura anyways.

“What is it? I have no intention to tag along with your pranks right now.” 

“Please don’t say that. That person has been around you recently, so it was hard to get close to you, you know?” (Rakura)

Aah, speaking of which, I haven’t had a bodyguard since the time I began to stay in the castle. 

Ekdoik has been given a room too, so I am sure he would come rushing in case anything happens though.

Rakura entered the room with booze in hand and two wine glasses. 

“If you are going to go to sleep anyways, how about tagging along with me for a drink?” (Rakura)

“Yeah, that’s an option.” 

I am just going to be sleeping after this anyways, so this serves just right to make my sleep more comfortable. 

I silently took the wine glass and poured the alcohol. 

I can tell it is a good drink just from one sip. Let’s not ask where she got it from. 

“You seem to be having it rough lately, Counselor-sama.” (Rakura)

“I am fine physically though.” 

“As for me, I am fine mentally, but I am suffering physically.” (Rakura)

Devil hunting in the mountains. She has been ordered by Pope Euparo to be ready to move at a moment’s notice. 

It is true that for Rakura who is normally lazing about, these days where you can’t relax must be taxing. 

“My sleep has gotten better after the Gold Demon Lord-san came to our home, but everyone is sad that Counselor-sama can’t stay in the house anymore, you know?” (Rakura)

“Leaving aside Ilias, that must be the case for the Gold Demon Lord and Wolfe.” 

“No, no, Ilias-san was also sad, you know? At the times when she came back tired from the training of Lord Ragudo, she would get her motivation back from seeing you, Counselor-sama.” (Rakura)

Really? I feel like she would show up for just a bit every day, but that was the reason why, huh. 

Is it something like remembering her original intentions by seeing the person she has to protect as a bodyguard? 

“That goes for Mix-san, Nora-chan, and Ruko-sama, too.” (Rakura)

“If you call her Ruko-sama, Ruko-sama will get angry, you know?” 

“Of course, even I do too. There’s few people who I can drink booze with!” (Rakura)

“You have Gradona.” 

“Gradona-san just drinks as he pleases and collapses on his own. The only one who listens properly to my complaints and I can drink with satisfaction is with you, Counselor-sama!” (Rakura)

“So you are going to make me listen to your complaints?” 

“That’s pretty much the only thing you can do for me, Counselor-sama.” (Rakura)

“What a terrible thing to say, oi.” 

Even so, there’s a limit to the things I can do for Rakura. 

I am raising her reputation, but it is not like I am doing it by myself. I am getting the help of many people and, in the first place, it wasn’t something Rakura herself wished for. 

There’s only a few things where I can answer the self-indulgence that Rakura wishes for. 

If I were to throw even those away, I feel like she would be let down eventually. 

“Also, you still haven’t cooked since the time you promised me to!” (Rakura)

“I did get the butter though… I will tell you the recipe, so make it yourself.” 

“I don’t wanna. You make it, Counselor-sama. The food where I can just relax and eat tastes the best.” (Rakura)

“You… Well, I will keep my promise. I have to wrap this up quickly then.” 

After that, we chatted about trivial stuff, and then Rakura left tottering after we finished the bottle. 

She really goes at her own pace the whole time. 

That said, it was a good change of pace. Let’s move a bit tomorrow. 


Right now I am a Demon Lord. That’s why this nostalgic scenery I am seeing right now must be a dream. 

A memory from a distant distant past. An era where it was natural for humans and demi-humans to fight and there were even fights between humans. 

I was the daughter of a king that ruled over a kingdom. 

On the day I was born, my dad won a war. 

The day I stood up for the first time and spoke for the first time, dad won a war, too. 

With wars raging about every day, coincidences are not unusual. 

But people are creatures that treasure coincidences. Creatures that must cling onto something. 

I was hoisted as a symbol of prosperity, and a princess that brings about fortune. 

I can’t remember when I was brought to war. 

I was made to ride a horse and watch a battlefield.

I didn’t know where I was being brought to at that time. 

I just remember that it was simply noisy; so noisy, I ended up crying. 

Moreover, by the time I had a clear conscience of things, I had already gotten used to it. 

Dad treated me like a priceless treasure. He thought they would win a sweeping victory if he were to bring me to the war. 

It is only natural for a country that wins war after war to obtain power. 

If a country like that were to wage war against weak countries, it is a matter of course that they would have an easy victory. 

Even so, he still treated me like a priceless treasure, most likely because he was scared of losing. 

I didn’t fight. My role was simply to be brought to the battlefield and continue watching at a place where arrows can’t reach. 

That’s why the only enemies I can see are corpses. There may have been some who were alive, but I can’t tell such small differences. 

My dad was the only one who I spoke to, but he has never spoken to me at times other than war. 

All the many siblings I had only looked at our mighty dad. 

My mom was not present by the time I was self-aware. Because people said she gave birth to a symbol of luck like me, rumors began that the next man she gave birth to would be the successor, so she ended up getting killed by the other consorts. 

I have never thought it was my fault. I also felt no anger at my mother having been stolen away. 

No one showed any interest in me, so nothing was done to me. 

There were no people who would feel like talking to the symbol perched by the side of the king. 

Whenever I wanted something, I would order someone just like dad. 

The ones being ordered would simply obey silently.

They would move whenever I ordered it. But if I didn’t say anything, no one would do anything.

I couldn’t order a few select people like my dad and my siblings. 

They would make dubious expressions and ignore me. 

They would look after me sometimes, but they would always start by saying ‘it is the order of father’. 

Whenever they would do something for me, it would be with a reward in between. 

But I didn’t hate when things happened at times when I didn’t expect. 

That’s the world, that’s the kind of world this is. I have lived without finding it strange. 

One day, I was on my way to the battlefield like usual. 

An arrow was pierced on my chest by the time I noticed.

There were people who learned about me being the symbol of luck and targeted my life. 

Assassins showed up from the shadows, but even when I saw them, I didn’t feel any notable fear. 

Even though there’s no point in targeting me… I thought this as I fell from the horse and lost consciousness.

By the time I noticed, I had woken up at an unknown location. 

They did try to treat me, but my body had weakened. I was aware that there’s only a little bit of my life remaining. 

‘Whew, that’s a relief. It can’t activate properly without consent after all’ -the one I met there…was Yugura. 

He told me he coincidentally passed by and saved me when I was on the verge of death. 

‘You will be dying at this rate. I have no intention of saving you, a human. There’s no point in saving you if the fact that you will die a pathetic death again anyways won’t change after all, right?’.

Pathetic death -those words alone bothered me. 

Was my life pathetic? 

‘It was obviously pathetic. It is going to end in a colorless life where you don’t even laugh or cry, right? If I were in your position…man, no, thanks!’.

I didn’t feel bad about being denied. The only thing I had were questions. 

I asked: ‘Then, what is a good life?’.

‘There’s no point telling that to someone who is going to be dying anyways. Aah, but if you so wish, I can bestow a second life to you. How about searching for it at that time?’.

Feeling like it would be somewhat wrong to leave that unanswered, I accepted Yugura’s proposal. 

I became the 6th Demon Lord: the Purple Demon Lord.

The power I was given was incredibly powerful. 

Being able to do things I couldn’t do until now felt fresh. 

The unpleasant sensation of the Hierarchy Curse and the fearsomeness of the other Demon Lords was also fresh. 

Yugura freed me after giving me power. 

I didn’t have anywhere to go, so I hid the fact that I am a Demon Lord and returned to my country. 

Dad was surprised by my return, but he believed my story about me luckily being saved and treated.

I returned to my days as the daughter of the king. 

But there was a slight change in them after having lost me once. 

No one looked at me as the symbol of luck. 

Even Dad stopped trying to bring me to the battlefield. 

He noticed that he could get easy victories even without me being there. He finally noticed after losing me once. 

With the change where even heading to the battlefields was gone, my days became even more tasteless. 

Even though I gained this much power, nothing changed.

My question won’t be answered with this. Should I do something? 

But what? There’s a limit to what I can do. 

The only power in my hands was that Enticement. 

That’s why I didn’t think too deeply about it and tried using the Enticement on Dad. 

The mighty king suddenly kneeled towards his daughter and gave all his power to her. 

A change that I haven’t seen until now. I was surprised and felt freshness in it. 

I was surprised by how that dad of mine changed this much. 

But my siblings didn’t just stand idly by after seeing this. 

‘Just what did you do?’, ‘How did you trick him?’, ‘There’s no way you can fulfill the role of a king’ -is how they criticized me. 

Aah, the world changes this much with just one use of the Enticement? 

My siblings that were so uninterested in me were directing anger at me. Just how…just how wonderful this is.

I used the Enticement over and over. After Enticing my siblings, the next ones were the consorts, and once I did that, their relatives and knights condemned me. 

Their numbers increased and it was becoming too much of a pain to deal with them, so I ordered the Enticed people to do something about it, and used the Enticement again. 

By the time I noticed, the country had fallen. 

Civil wars broke out over and over, and it lost the ability to run as a nation. 

It wasn’t really that unusual of a thing in that era for a country to fall due to civil wars. 

The only thing remaining were puppets. They were still the same -unchanged. 

Is this the end of it? I want more changes.

The moment I thought this, Black directed their fangs at the world. 

The world trembled greatly at the army of the Demon Lord that held overwhelming power. 

I saw this and thought about trying the same thing. 

I increased my puppets, created a Nether, and employed devils. 

The humans resisted with reckless abandon. That figure of theirs resonated greatly in my chest.

That’s why I took away their power with Enticement and dyed the world even further beyond. 

I deceived Blue and sought even more change in a wider range and on a bigger scale.


‘Sorry to intrude when you are in such an excellent condition, but you are a bit too feisty’.

I was killed by Yugura who I met again. 

It seems like my way of doing things was too extreme. 

It is true that the humans might have all fallen in a not so far future if it continued on like that. 

But it was super vexing that he got in my way and it left an impression on me. 

Yugura was not present in the world I was resurrected in anymore, but the Demon Lords that are on my same rank were steadily resurrecting.

I don’t want to get interrupted. And so, I thought about moving more carefully now. 

I hid myself in Kuama, employed my power better, and stored up my forces. 

Increased the devils, digested the knowledge that Yugura gave me, and gained even more power. 

Those things went well -monotonously- and I finally thought about attacking Gold who was in Gahne. 

I thought it must feel really good to make someone in my rank suffer; thought that it might be nice to feel the Hierarchy Curse in a while. 

Those were easily crushed and I took an interest in him. 

He might be able to make my heart resonate just like the humans that tried to resist me. 

I wondered just how much of a reaction I would get if I were to control him with the Enticement. 

To think something like this would happen…

I was spoken to by him, a man that has no power at all and doesn’t even properly show emotions, and he extended a hand to me. 

With just that…even though it was only that small of a gesture…he reminded me that the world has colors.


The noisiness of the people walking around the city reverberated pleasantly in my ears. 

Was I sleeping? I get up.

It has been a while since my body has felt this light. 

Right, I…

“Are you there, Dyuvuleori?” (Purple)

“Here.” (Dyuvuleori)

Dyuvuleori immediately appeared at my call. He must have brought me all the way here when I fainted.

I have given him so many blessings, so he could have killed me given the opportunity. 

He said he pledged his loyalty to me, but it seems like that intention of his is true as of present. 

“Can you tell me what happened after that?” (Purple)

“The human was worried about your condition and postponed the competition. He said he will accept a rematch once you can have a fair match with him.” (Dyuvuleori)

How pathetic. I am not in a position to be talking about the shameful sights of the Great Devils. 

I didn’t know this immortal body had such low stamina.

No, even when I felt the limit of my stamina, my competition with him, my time with him was so fun I couldn’t help it. 

Fortunately, he will still continue the competition. I must use the time I was given in an effective way. 

“I see… I must have worried you?” (Purple)

“No way, those words are wasted on me.” (Dyuvuleori)

What am I saying? Even though I have absolutely no intention of worrying about Dyuvuleori. 

I must have been so happy that he was worried about me and ended up wanting to imitate him. 

“I will take it easy and rest for today, okay?” (Purple)

“Yes! Then, I will have the human leave.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Wait, he has come?” (Purple)

“Yes, he brought fruits and has come here, saying it is to visit you. I told him that My Lord has not woken up yet, but he said he wanted to wait for a while.” (Dyuvuleori)

What an inconsiderate devil. You should be reporting to me about the present more than the past. 

But he has come to visit. I am really happy with just that fact alone.

“Let him in at once. Brew some tea too—no, prepare a mirror and a comb first, got it?” (Purple)

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